New Theme: Neo-Sapien

For those of you wanting darker themes, we’ve got a neat one called Neo-Sapien from WP Designer.

It has a very prominent custom header and not one, or two, but three sidebars you can put widgets in. You can find the theme under your “presentation” tab in the dashboard.

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  • Apr 16, 2007 @ 9:57 am
  • Themes


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  1. eteraz

    It’s good. It should appeal to the narcissists. Well done.

  2. David W. Boles


    Love the colors!

  3. MadMark

    A very beautiful theme!

  4. K

    Beautiful indeed.

  5. 0nkulis

    looks really cool, except i dont like dark themes :(

  6. spvn

    For some reason I don’t really find this theme very attractive. The colour scheme looks a bit weird, with red over black but with the header of the red. In my opinion it looks really “messy” and inconsistent. I guess I’ll stick with Freshy :D.

    Still, thanks a lot for constantly updating the themes, I’m definitely looking forward to even more :)

  7. sulz

    nice! i love the bold, contrasting colours. and love the bigass header!

  8. abu ameerah

    oh that’s tasty…real tasty.

    not bad. thanks!

  9. Sukhbir

    Oh man. Way too good.

  10. Mia


  11. litium


  12. Anita Marie

    It’s Odd …It’s Macabre…
    and it’s another great one for my site!

  13. Phil

    WordPress is great about continually introducing things we can use. I’m not easily impressed – but I am with WordPress.

    I love visual imagery and appreciate good photography so I’ve been watching for a theme that allows images/pictures to be used in the header without the severe cropping many require. This one has a prominent picture at the top. I like that about it.

    I like the vibrance of bright red and black. I just hope it doesn’t detract from or clash with the subtle colors in a lot of the pictures I like. I guess we’ll find out.

    Sidebar column widths really scrunch some of the entry titles, don’t they?

    The search bar almost disappears (look again, it’s still there) :-)

    If you mouse-over the dates in red on the calendar you can see the post titles for that day. That could come in handy.

    In most of the themes I’ve used thus-far, a click anywhere in the header picture takes you to the top of everything. In this theme only the “Home” tab at the top does that.

    I’m looking forward to checking this out, It’s well-done!

    Phil —

  14. damiengwalter

    Excellent. Looks great.

  15. mmabjj

    First reply?! The image is from a Japanese movie (I think…) … the name escapes me now…

    Looks nice.

  16. lisbonlioness

    Hey, that’s cool. Well done!

  17. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    nice! I’m using it now.

    Great job!

  18. HipMommy

    Looks great, but I am having a hard time getting the picture to show, and the widgets where I want them. May take some work.

  19. Trée

    Excellent addition. You guys never cease to amaze me. Thanks Matt.

  20. stmaverick

    Alright! Thanks WordPress, for all these uber-cool themes! I love this one.

    ~verus rara avis~

  21. zhanzhe

    Three sidebars ? Wow, that’s very awesome!!

  22. jaganath

    Thats a huuuuuge header! Looks nice.

  23. strategicalliance


  24. freakcode

    Really impressive. Yay!

  25. dinsan

    looks good

  26. Chittaranjan

    Dark! And boy…does that header stand out or wot!!!

    Thanx a gazillion guys.

  27. Joost Keesmaat

    Great Looks!!!

  28. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    but but but, there’s no blog header…have to input that with my header which doesn’t look very good. :(

  29. River Rat

    Very cool!

  30. beyazdefter


  31. mcory1

    Very nice. Might have to try that one out.

  32. Louisa

    Looks pretty, but I still like mine best ;-)

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  34. naturalblu

    this is really really wonderful theme, but why it doesnt show my blog title?

  35. robyn

    right on!!

  36. womanek

    No so bad I must say. But I’m sure, that I won’t use it ;)

  37. cynq

    Looks really good….

  38. vistawallpapers

    Very impressive!

    Thanks Matt :)

  39. Patricia Pimienta


  40. Taufiq

    WOW! looks great! trying that on now…

  41. axewielderx

    It looks pretty cool!

  42. mr fausty

    oh i love 3 sidebars theme but i hope this theme work good for RTL ( right to left ) language !! ( arabic , farsi , and and &&& )
    thx matty matt ;)

  43. gamerconor


  44. Jakop Dalunde


  45. gratuit

    Super ;-)

    merci… thanks

  46. Grace

    Kinda creepy-looking but cool.

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  48. NAyK

    Thanks again. You finally gave me a reason to change my site as well as the content!
    For a quick review (and usage sample) of the Neo-Sapien theme see this link:

  49. Calvin

    It is a bit dark – but pretty cool.

  50. katm

    Looks really good. Very bold.

  51. Neville

    That new theme looks great, WordPress. Thanks again:)!

  52. Nosferatu

    very good i like the movie : Casshern, you should see it :0

  53. Mia

    Can we have some more girly themes tho? Maybe light pastel colours?

  54. ChenZhen

    3 sidebars and a custom header? Is that a first?

  55. ~m

    I like the looks of the theme but like other comments there’s no blog title…
    As far as I can see that’s the only thing that may keep me away from it.

  56. missprofe

    It’s up on my page. Really crispy!

  57. darknaruto

    Really cool, i love dark colors and the header too, it’s from one of my favorite japanese movies, called Casshern it’s really awsome, keep doing like this Matt, i’m gonna use it right now. Thanks a lot for create something so cool.

  58. Gracie

    YEAH!!!! bout time!

    thank you.

  59. Phil

    I tried it for a day – liked it a lot but went back to MistyLook.

    Love this place. You’re always introducing options. I appreciate that.

  60. Shikin

    ubber cool!

  61. Brian Purkiss

    Very nice. I like it. :-D

  62. Walker

    I love black and red, I just wish my blog was appropriate…maybe a Black and Blue version?

  63. Nita

    can’t stop grinning since i saw this theme. Just what I was looking for. I am going to experiment a bit before I finally put it up but use it I am going to. Thanks and thanks. :D

  64. Feta

    This is by far my favorite WP theme. I’m using it right now.

  65. kefrens

    Love the banner coming from Cashern (the movie) !

  66. pedhet

    O my god, I like it !!

  67. joayad

    This is cool! just a great contribution… love it!

  68. zlash

    rly nice theme, but I have a little problem with the positions of the sidebars xD

  69. dearhaniey

    yup…i agree with mia…WP lack of neat girly themes…

    but this one not bad…

  70. Sam

    Looks a bit evil/freaky… But I’d hav 2 admit it’s quite cool

  71. dmosbon

    Have used it for my blog…for now it stays. The best theme I’ve had on my blog & I’ve had a few!

  72. nederhop074

    nice, nice, It is a bit dark…

  73. JLB

    Thanks for sharing – new themes are always fun to play with!

  74. alejna

    Wow. Multiple columns and a customizable header. That sounds like what folks have been clamoring for! Thanks for this.

    I like the dark look, though I’m not sure my site is ready for that much red.

  75. Nita

    I switched to the new theme but the title of my blog wasn’t there – so I added it to the image. Let me see how this works.

  76. grinder

    Nice theme… Thanks \m/

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  78. Stiletto Girl

    This is great and I love it but I may have to quit it….I cannot line up my widgets for sh1t.

  79. tuffy


  80. rmtaylor

    well not right now, for i’m feeling a little bit simplistic at the moment, but its good to know hat its there should i need it!! looks great!!

  81. Jay Hughen

    Bold. Appreciate the effort.

  82. Red

    Love the colors. Hate the layout.

  83. Maltesh Ashrit


  84. apek-kun

    that’s Casshern banner!!
    love it..thanks!!

  85. neveryawn

    Looking at the picture Matt put above, I really like it. When I tried it out… not so much.
    In the pic above the body column is centered and the left sidebar looks to be a decent width. Plus there are only 2 sidebars. When I tried it out…I wanted to fill only 2 sidebars, it added content in the 3rd sidebar by default. and the left side bar is unreadable because it is so narrow. Plus the whole presentation isn’t centered which drives me crazy. Does anyone who got it to look like the pic above have any advice?

  86. empressmaruja

    I have a weird feeling that I need that.

  87. Ginger

    That is so cool, but one of my friends just snagged it.

    I would like to request a theme that has readable font on the posts *and* the comments, that also has some dark to it, but a light colored post field. I am currently using Sapphire 1.0, like it a lot because it goes with my custom header, but I am getting complaints that the comments are almost unreadable due to the tiny font size.

  88. Joel

    I like the variety of themes. One thing though – would it be hard to make a few of them handle wider pictures without trimming off one side of the picture? I am finding it hard to find a theme that can handle nice, large, pictures on pages.

    (I haven’t really worked with CSS, so I am not about to start editing it myself).

  89. Navigator

    i am in search for a more beautiful and elegant theme. i guess i wanna give this a try anyway i can revert back to my old theme…thanks for constantly updating this…

  90. insomnity

    nice dark theme. thanks.

  91. plubius

    Loving this.

  92. jamalashley

    Looks great. And three sidebars to boot!

  93. bryan95

    Very interesting and cool. Very dark and gloomy so, i guess it’s not for me =(

  94. waspbettle

    really nice I like it but I don’t like dark themes

  95. joshandben

    luv the new theme! it roks!!!! the movie is also good.

  96. technocrat0aditi

    red n black ….thats my favourite combination…..

    too good one.

  97. zahidbey

    Good Job….

  98. Matt

    Looks Great!

  99. Ahmed Ismail

    A little bit vampiric but cool

  100. aeileen

    ouuu sexy colors! great layout as well :D


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