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A couple of weeks ago, we added support for embedding RockYou slideshows. The feedback has been very positive and people have been requesting more slideshows, in particular ones from and

Slideshare is a great service that enables the sharing of PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations. There are lots of interesting presentations on their site and you can upload your own and then embed them into a blog post or page via a simple shortcode that’s listed next to all of the presentations on their site. allows you to upload photos and turn them into a slideshow which you can then embed into a blog post or page. They have created a nifty link for us that lets you create a show and then embed it to when you’re done. We also support guestbooks in a similar fashion (they allow your friends and readers to leave photos and video comments).

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Toni Schneider


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  1. Anita Marie

    Yes a neat new toy!
    I can’t wait to try it out.

  2. Søren Holmberg

    Awsome! I have a billion things in PowerPoint that I would like to share with my readers.. Nice nice nice!

  3. rAfA vAlDéS

    that’s cool, i think, but could you enable the Soapbox embedding? I like its videos but i can’t put them.

  4. K

    Now that’s nifty. I remembered one wordpresser was trying to use this on his blog and couldn’t figure out what to do. Although this is included in the FAQ, apparently the code didn’t work. So now that it can be embedded, this is a great addition.

  5. paolo.ferrara

    Wonderful! That’s what I wanted, that’s what you give me! I love wordpress…

  6. disembedded

    Thanks, Toni!

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  8. Venture Skills Team

    Great news on Slideshare I have been using it on and off for the last few months and they have just added a few new interesting features such as the ability to download slides as powerpoint format.

  9. Lensflare

    Great addition! I’m sure this one will be a hit for photography lovers.

  10. kazik

    Thanks a lot!!

  11. stargirl90

    yay slideshows

  12. Josh

    WordPress Rocks!

  13. easyrew

    I’m sure they’re great new additions – but do you have any plans to add Flickr slideshows?

  14. 1ofHis

    Sounds good. I’ll try it. Thanks.

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  16. Nanyaar?


  17. adam

    surely you mean “lets”, not “let’s”.

  18. anzures


  19. joseantoniook

    Hi Woprdpress Crew,

    Marvelous job. That is why I love wordpress.


  20. hamlet

    perfect..! thanks..

  21. Cristiano

    Good stuff! Congrats!!!

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  25. Jeff Ventura

    Any support for Apple’s Keynote?

  26. Inexistent Man

    Great. Thanks.

  27. spvn

    Excellent. I’m sure this will come in useful for me one day as the Splashcast support did… :)

  28. amiripz

    Fantatic new things for WordPress users.

  29. zahidbey

    wordpress is the best…thanx

  30. percem


  31. thinkmobile


  32. Holger

    That’s a great thing. Thanks!

  33. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Ha.. That sounds great. Thanks to WP :)

  34. vinodvv

    Wow, that’s a good news from WP for users. Thanks a ton guys.

  35. robyn

    embedding slideshows is a good move! thanks, yall!

  36. elusivek

    thank you very much!

  37. carthik

    I’d be one of those who requested slideshare posting. Thank you very much!

  38. Mocha!


    Is Odeo in the pipeline?

  39. riihele

    Hei Toni.
    BRILLIANT! I have used on another site and have a few of me ‘ready made’ shows there stored. Thank you. Have a grand weekend. Keep well. Rii :)

  40. icedmocha

    I discovered WordPress and at about the same time. It’s great that I can now use them together at last.

  41. Ian Williamson

    Just the stuff successfully people do


  42. Dmitri

    Gave up on PowerPoint in favour of PDF a long time ago. Never looked back. : )

  43. multijay

    The shows look fantastic. Thanks for the work to make them available. Now if I could only get a playlist or a Lijit widget in my sidebar, I’d be grateful.

  44. giubot

    A very good job !
    A few suggestions for the future embedding services:
    - Google Maps
    - RSS into post
    Thank you a lot.

  45. Chelsea

    Awesome job!
    I always thought it would be really neat to have a sidebar widget or something for polls on your blog. It would be really helpful for getting feedback.

  46. Joachim

    I’m having trouble using the codes. I’ve tried in various ways, but they simply don’t seem to work on my pages. Any ideas ?

  47. Judy O'Connell

    Fantastic to have slideshare!

  48. didixi

    Great and thanks! I’m using this option now.

    One question: why the option of choosing a front page (for a book-blog format) isn’t working?
    I’ve got no possibility to choose a front and chapters page.

  49. mms911

    I liked the cooool features that these sites have.
    Thank You Brother very Much

  50. sadrachemi

    دبیر شیمی هستم

  51. ceramicamaise

    Para compartir con todos vosotros…

  52. togetherwillbe

    love it. But check out [] have better slideshows.

  53. hajai

    what about supporting scrapblog in wordpress?
    that would be nice ! :D

  54. Stephen

    Hate to be a pest, but what about Flickr?

  55. rjlight

    guess I’m gonna have to get on the bandwagon — thanks wordpress gurus – you’re great!

  56. Farghana

    tast on e good news.n another great addition for us…..simply love it…n m all eager to add my first slideshow soon.

  57. magaliemarion

    A small problem, I’ve seen about blogs that insert slide shows, people who follow blog by rss, don’t see the slide show in the agregator google reader, what about on wordpress ?

  58. sistemasoperativos

    Tried and it is nice, thanks

  59. ailo

    Yeah the slideshows are really coll, great job!

  60. Mark

    Odeo is already here, however I wouldn’t bother.

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  62. srinix


    WordPress rocks…was waiting for this for quite sometime now.


  63. snpnmnmi

    I can’t seem to get signed up at, no matter what I try. How many requests do you need before you add flickr? Add me to THAT list!
    Thanks for all your work.

  64. whirlybird123

    This is so cool! I will keep using WordPress to blog!

  65. jaronliu

    can we have flickr slide show embed? that will be totally awesome…

  66. Corbin

    Enabling the Flickr flash “badge” would be a great improvement, as well as allowing us to imbed slideshows from Webshots . In my opinion those two are more used and more useful than or, can’t we get widgets and embed codes from websites and applications we already use rather than having to switch to other means??

    Thanks though, WordPress is the best implementation of blog software. Keep up the good work.

  67. imabaik

    very good,I can express all I want in wordpress blog….it’s cool.

  68. claudecf

    How about including flickr slideshows? That would be really great!

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