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We’ve added’s slick filesharing widget for your sidebar customization pleasure.

You can share very large documents, photos, videos, and music files with your blog readers by uploading files to and adding them to the widget in your sidebar. The first gig of storage is free, up to 15 gigs is available for a fee. You can see one of their widgets in action on this page. And here are our instructions for adding the widget to your blog. Enjoy!

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Toni Schneider


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  1. David W. Boles

    Beauty, Toni!

    A convenient and conventional value added widget.

    Thank you!

  2. robyn

    right on!

  3. Sarah

    Really, really great :D
    I discovered this widget yesterday, making some improvements to my blog and I was not very sure how to use it.
    Thank you guys!!!

  4. K

    Thanks for this. I got it running on my blog for a few days already. I must admit, THIS IS BY FAR the most coolest widget I have used in Really great. Thank you.

  5. alicia5

    Wohoooo this is great for my readers!!!. Thank you

  6. Vin

    this is what i’d been waiting for. cheers toni…

  7. Woeful

    This is a very cool addition, thanks!

  8. Katie

    excellent! Thank you.

  9. grinder

    Super !!!! Thanks for this great addon. Will be very useful for music blogs like mine… \m/

  10. Brendan

    I NEED that.

  11. Okro

    Very neat! Its nice to get little things like this that make everything else just so much better. ^_^

  12. Louisa

    Wow! That is a great new feature :-)

  13. rjlight

    hmm. like this…maybe i’ll use this..hmmm

  14. deambulando

    genial!!!! thanks a lot really!!!

  15. miguelacho13

    great!! i was waiting!!! thnks a lot!

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  17. Chelsea

    That sounds awesome! Im so excited to try it out

  18. kazik

    It’s like small ftp server heh:) Thanks! Docs, music, photos…all for my friends visiting my blog:)thx

  19. Jolie

    Love it. Thanks!!!

  20. Jeff Ventura

    Now that is very cool.

  21. Yaser


  22. VDO Vault

    Wahhhh… has a 10MB file size limit and the file I wanna upload is 10.5 MB…this is really frustrating!

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  24. Christ Almond

    I started using this thing one minute after I read this post. That’s how exciting it is. I had just today put the finishing touches on a set of new electronic tunes, one year in the making, and I had been planning to sell some CDs but in a rush of generosity I decided to try this widgy and make my music freely available. The combined registration and uploading procedure is one of the easiest I have ever come across. Before I knew quite what had happened, my ten tunes were housed in a beautiful box on my sidebar. The way it springs to life when the page is loaded is very sexy. Thank you for making my blogging life so much fun. Love you, bye!

  25. Brent


  26. storymode

    That’s such an awesome widget! Thanks guys! Now to figure out how to make the best use of it without getting slammed by “the man…”

  27. Kevin

    I’ve been using for nearly a year now and already share files with my readers via That this is now integrated into is really one of the most useful new features for me.

  28. skykid

    Great widget. Thanks a lot .

  29. Davis

    Thanks a lot! ;)

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  31. vinodvv

    wow. Now I don’t have maintain a hosting just to share Javascript js files.
    Thanks a ton guys

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  33. L Boogie

    Finally…Good Good Stuff People….Good Good!!!!!

  34. apul

    I like, so thanks a lot. :)

  35. Chittaranjan

    Was there since a while :|

    Tx anyways!

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  37. rAfA vAlDéS

    cool new widget :)!!!

  38. didixi

    Doesn’t work… Widget doesn’t appear in my blog – just an empty place. Sorry, I do like it.

  39. didixi

    Works! Thanks!

  40. snowqueen

    This is an absolutely brilliant widget!! I can now upload whole short stories to my writing blog. Thank you so much for this – definitely the most useful widget so far!

  41. .:Marianis World:.

    This is a very good tool, but it’s not working. When I try to get my HTML code by clicking on the link of the sidebar widget, another window opens and Its says: “ is temporarily not accepting uploads. Thanks for your interest.
    Please email for support ”
    How can we fix this?

    Thank you!

  42. abu ameerah


  43. bricopacks

    This is very cool!

  44. vistawallpapers

    Yet another great feature by the WP team!
    Thanks a lot for all your hard work :)

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  46. ascetic

    awesome, should try this soon! Thanks

  47. treehouseguy

    Fantastic! Do you have any idea how much easier this will make my life? You guys are awesome.

  48. db

    How cool is this??
    Thanx guys – you’ve really been hard at work, and we appreciate it soooo much :D

  49. emoat is fine but is much MUCH better ;)

  50. newhoosier


    I just did a post on free software, now I can distribute it!

  51. mel

    yessssssss!!!!! Thank u!

  52. djoszee

    nice widget, although I’m missing a few things with wp embedding:
    – a list of color codes for all objects in each themes (i had to go the photoshop copy/paste method)
    – this wiki still shows a headerbar (at least it does on blix)

    Please reply,
    thanks in advance :)

  53. TiDeS

    Box@net — registration is closed off.. hmmm..!! It could have been a good update for my blog.. Phew..!! I cant register at box.. Can anyone invite me ..??

  54. yongsheng

    I think this is one of the most innovative ideas I’ve come across since my encounter with wordpress half a year ago.

    The beauty of customisation and the sorts… ah!

    lurving it!

  55. verbocity

    This is a very good addition to WordPress. I think I am going to be making use of it a lot. Thanks for the good job.

  56. kieranwar

    great widget. helps A LOT to share documents and the likes.

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  58. tigerplug


  59. moryabdi

    thanks .. great widget… :)


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