Contact Forms

What did you ask for? Contact forms. What you get? Contact forms!

Now people can send you an email without you ever publicly displaying your email address.

Here’s how: put


in any post, and a simple contact form asking for the sender’s name, email address, website and comment will be inserted. When someone submits a message through the form, you receive that message in an email.

Your email address is never shown, and the sender never learns it (unless you reply to the email!).

As an added bonus, all the messages people send to you through the contact form are filtered through Akismet. That should help reduce the amount of spam you get.


  • The email is sent to the author of the post with the contact form in it. So if you have multiple authors on the same blog, each can have his or her own contact form.
  • You can put contact forms in Pages as well as posts. In fact, you’ll probably find them more useful there.
  • The email you receive will tell you if the message was sent by a logged in and verified user or not.
  • Make sure to uncheck “Allow Comments” in the blue “Discussion” box when you make the contact page. Thay way, people won’t get confused about the difference between the contact form and the comment form.

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. Mesut Web

    Very Good…

  2. range

    Now that is cool and useful.

  3. K

    What can I say, this is something we’ve been looking forward to. Easy to use. Great addition. Thank you.

  4. Eleftherios Kosmas

    extemely usefull… previously only a few themes @ had a contact form page

  5. mysimsreality

    Very cool! Thanks for making this possible. :D

  6. Rattling the Kettle

    Can I put it in a text widget on my sidebar?

  7. mdawaffe

    Rattling the Kettle,

    Currently you can only put the form in a post or page. You can, naturally, link to that form from your sidebar, but there’s no way to put the form itself in the sidebar at the moment.

  8. Grace

    This is great. Thanks, guys.

  9. Harlequin Boy

    Great news!

  10. christos winter

    You guys like seriously rock…Sainthood???

  11. kOoLiNuS

    well, Thanks !

    {as usual what more can one say to his “sysadmins” ? :-P }

  12. TheShortFatKid


  13. Woeful

    This is a good day regarding useful additions. Thanks Again!

  14. jeffchin21

    freakin’ awesome. WordPress keeps getting better and better, and I not for one day regret ditching Blogger for WordPress! (only been here for 19 days!)

  15. Jon

    Awesome! Y’all seriously deserve an award for all your hard work!

  16. Neil

    Now, that sounds cool

  17. David W. Boles


    Thanks for the added layer of privacy protection!

  18. Mike

    Thanks!! Any possibility that this could be a standalone plugin? :D

  19. ellaella

    That’s wonderful. Thanks! I’ve already put it on my About page.

  20. bigcrow

    Gotta try this one :-)

  21. Deya


  22. deambulando

    thanks its perfect!!

  23. Cat

    Been waiting for that in a while. Thanks.

  24. moscarey

    Good!! Thanks for all!

  25. Tylor

    Awesome, I just added my own contact page. Now we’ll just have to see how much it is used.

    Thanks all.

  26. Chelsea

    Neat, although I did make an email account seperate just for my blog, so this isnt going to help me too much haha

  27. kazik

    That’s the stuff i have waiting for!! Now staying in contact with me will be more easy :) Thanks a lot guys:)

  28. Stephen

    Very nice!

  29. Phil

    EXcellent ~!

    Contactability with minimal vulnerability to the blog author.


  30. Amy

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this kind of thing. Thank you so much! :)

  31. Yaser

    Awesome!! Thanks!

  32. enkerli

    It can be useful, especially with Akismet support. And the fact that users are identified goes well with what seems to be the current thrust toward community-building for in general.
    A minor issue I have with the plugin for self-hosted WordPress as well as with this version is that the form doesn’t include a subject line. Not that much of a problem, especially if we rarely receive messages this way, but it does make it harder to identify those messages. We do get the title of the post in which the contact form is found, which can be helpful.

    Thanks for continuously improving!

  33. landismom

    What? And give up the 100 spam a day I get in the gmail account that’s linked to this site? Blasphemy!

    No seriously, this is a great feature.

  34. plubius

    Yippeeee. I’ve been wanting something like that for quite some time.

    Thanks =)

  35. grinder

    Awesome. Thanks !!!! \m/

  36. Jim

    Thank you!!! :)

  37. VDO Vault

    This I like and have working just fine…I do like the suggestion to be able to put it in the sidebar though (hint hint)

  38. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    Good idea! I’ve added that in. At least it keeps off the numerous spams I get and I don’t have to ‘disguise’ my email address anymore. :)

  39. majic

    Sweet. I was looking for this like last week. You guys aren’t watching me are you?

  40. Merri Williams

    Thanks *SO* much, guys! This is *terrific*!

  41. bubbler

    Gets better everyday

  42. Shefali Kulkarni

    This is cool!

  43. Rae

    Pwning. Thank you!

  44. ryan_oke

    Hmm… Asik mboten nggih? Déréng kula cobi jé. :roll:

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  46. robyn

    Right on!!!! This is so great!

  47. lord123

    thank you

  48. veekter

    WOW! I’m impressed, I requested this just last week and here it is!
    Very good job, I’m glad I switched to WordPress.

  49. gustz

    Excellent! Thank you very much :)

  50. riversaredamp


  51. Brent

    ‘Bout time! Good job!

  52. Kunal

    cool :)

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  54. Brian Purkiss

    Thank you so much!
    You guys rock!

  55. Thor

    Great, Thanks!

  56. Farghana

    hey that’s coooool!!!

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  58. rollmops

    Great, that is a neat little addition with big impact!
    I created a single contact-page as a child-page of my About-page, and that’s it – just perfect! Thank you guys!!

  59. MadMark

    That is great!!! It will reduce all the spam traffic!!

  60. Γιώργος Μαργαρίτης

    Excellent! I needed that!

  61. kelliope

    Very awesome! Can’t wait to start using this. :)


    XCELLENT !!!!!!!

  63. amiripz

    What a nice addition this is.
    Well done guys.

  64. vinodvv

    This feature rocks, I have been looking for this for a very long time. Thanks a ton

  65. Sienna Wildfield

    We’ve added the Contact Form to our Contact page, along side our email addresses to give visitors contacting options.

    Having a contact form allows visitors to email us without having to go into their email accounts. This is especially useful when visitors are using a computer system other than their own PC, and their email accounts aren’t as easily accessible.

    Thanks for an awesome feature to enhance our blogs! Rock on.

  66. azoto

    Very good and useful !
    Thank U ! :-)

  67. Pareen

    too good

  68. بهمن

    Good, Thanks.

  69. upuaut

    Fantastic! It’s a very useful stuff and it works well.
    Thank you, guys. :)

  70. 1ofHis


  71. outime

    Sweet! Good job guys! Thank you

  72. Mel


  73. Farrell Kramer

    Great feature! Works nicely as a page.

  74. 1ndigo

    Very nice guys.
    Thats gonna be very useful

    Great job

  75. udayms

    Its really cool…. Would have liked it better if it had fields like from, location, subject etc ;) … But, then I guess those individual-specific needs. Leaving it blank and open might be the best way! :)

  76. Loki



  77. Robert

    cool. i have been waiting for that for a very long time!

  78. adinanecula

    Very usefull feature

  79. BestbitFUNtyp0

    whoa. That is super hot.

  80. blayde

    Really useful, thanks.

  81. Reynie


  82. eric

    whoa! this is great. thanks so much! you guys are always looking out for us. i love the idea of being able to be emailable without giving away my address to crawlers. yuck.

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  85. Sheryl

    This item is incredibly timely, since I have a post pending this week that was going to include my email address since the replies I needed would be better as private messages than as comments. Thank you for reading my mind!

  86. Neville

    Nice one. Another reason why I’m sticking with WordPress.

  87. paurong

    is that useful? yeah, it is.

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  90. Chittaranjan


    Should’ave put in one here so that we could say our thanks to you personally :mrgreen:

    But I think the form should be adjustible….also there’s no place to put in the Author’s name and Email ID!

  91. Amy P

    Sweeet! :D

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  93. tender [hooligan]

    Fantastic! I’ve been waiting for this!

  94. Julian

    Just an update to my last post – I’ve got the contact form as a page and using the page widget it is on the sidebar… but it is under the title ‘pages’ so a contac t widget would still be a good idea!!!

  95. Sean

    This confuses me, but at the same time, helps. Perhaps I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

  96. snowqueen

    Two really useful tools (this and in one month! You guys are hot. Thanks.

  97. simnor

    brill brill brilliant

  98. girlfriday

    way cool. thanks.

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  100. hdswordpresscom

    I guess this is pretty good.


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