Get Random

Here’s just a little easter egg for you to play with:

Try adding ?random to the end of your URL and it will redirect you to a random post on your blog.

You can link to that address like any other, either in your post or a widget.

Here’s the link in action on this blog.

I hope you have a very random Thursday. :)

Update: Based on a suggestion in the comments, I’ve added this to the admin bar so when you’re logged in and you hover over “blog info” the first menu item is a random post link.

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  2. K

    Great addition Matt. I was hoping there’s a widget available for this, but the link code works easily anyways. It’s good for the sidebars. Thanks.

  3. Khalil A.

    Lol, awesomely funny.

  4. Anita Marie

    Whoo Hooo!
    A New Desk Toy!

  5. tekokote

    this is funny ^^

  6. Andrew

    Random Thursday? I clicked on the above link, and suddenly it was Saturday…

  7. TheShortFatKid

    Very fun. I forgot I even wrote some of the posts that pop up when I use this.

  8. JD

    There must be a way to incorporate that into the sidebar link to a random post. Something along the lines of recent posts, except for random posts…I can’t quite think how, tho

  9. Joe


  10. ismailimail


  11. adam

    can we add this to the blog info menu in the top right of the blue bar?

  12. adam
  13. the forester

    Very cool! I love it. Whoever suggested this had a great idea.

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  15. ifphc

    This is really cool!

  16. Gaia


  17. Brendan

    Wow, that is utterly useless. But I guess it could be fun. ;)

  18. NeverRed

    Kewl… I really love the umm randomness of it!

  19. LMML

    One more addition to make wordpress even more interesting in using with my studentes.



  20. robyn

    I like it!

  21. Matt

    Adam, that’s a great idea. I’m deploying it now.

  22. therealdonquixote

    Sweet, I like the fact that its a URL so we can customize it with images!!

  23. cheezburger

    I Can Has Cheezburger?RANDOM — FTW!

  24. engtech

    Here’s the greasemonkey script I created a few days ago for putting the Random Post on the admin bar (directly on the admin bar, not under Blog Info).

    Redundant now, but such is life. :)

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  26. therealdonquixote

    Quick question, can you make it into a “page” template? That way we can have “Random Post” in our top nav bars?? Now THAT would be awesome!!

  27. empressmaruja

    Now that’s a fun one.

  28. Grace

    Hmm. Interesting.

  29. Farrell Kramer

    Super, then we can go from random post to random post. Kind of an intrablog stumble…

  30. moscarey

    good job Matt :D

  31. hamlet

    what a funny addition :) thanks..

  32. NAyK

    Thanks, it’s an exciting possibility. I’ve deployed it here ( ) on the right side bar. I used a text widget.

  33. Brian Purkiss

    I’m going to put that on my blog right now.
    You guys rock!

  34. ananta

    this surely what i’ve been looking for, great, thank man!

  35. jeffchin21

    I agree with therealdonquixote. Can you make it a “page” link so that we can recirculate/introduce readers to random old posts?

  36. bassclar

    The “snap shots” preview is evidently not random on these random links.

  37. engtech

    @therealdonequixote: if you have the CSS upgrade you can move the random post link anywhere you want.

    I have it in my sidebar with the rest of the stuff like my tag cloud, sidebar, sitemap, etc.

  38. calupict

    It’s just sooo funny. I really like it.

  39. Jim

    goodie! :)

  40. Kunal

    now this is one fun addition :)

  41. pakosuperstar

    it’s ok.

  42. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Aha.. thanks Matt.

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  44. azahar

    I have it in my sidebar as a text widget link. Nice idea, Matt!

  45. Chittaranjan

    Cool feature that…fun too!

    BTW, care to tell how the ‘Randomness’ is calculated :mrgreen:

  46. bigcrow

    aaaa…. Fuuuun… :lol:
    I’m playing with my friends :))))

  47. bandith

    Can you give me some more example to try? I have tried it but no result found. What is its syntax to add in the post?

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  49. Lady Jane

    Fun feature :)

  50. بهمن

    lol :)

  51. Sarah

    I was missing this kind of stuff so much… until now!

  52. Nita

    I like this one a lot. Planning to add it as a text widget. :)

  53. itsmeritesh

    hey isnt this the thing used to mimic the features of stumbleupon. Techcrunch talked about you developing a stumble like feature. good add though.

  54. outeasy

    I tried it and I’m stuck in a Cheeseburger and can’t get out!

  55. verbocity

    It is fun and interesting. Already I’m thinking of what to do with it. Great idea. Thanks for sharing the tip.

  56. Søren Holmberg


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  58. Inexistent Man


  59. gamerconor

    THATS FREEKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. paurong

    :D :D :D :) :) :)

  61. gamerconor

    This is so good, I like it soo much that I made a moving gif pic and put it on my sidebar! WORKS A TREAT!!!!!

  62. aikachen

    I love it! : D

  63. Reynie

    Great ! :-)

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  65. ChenZhen

    I added this to my sidebar too. Pretty neat.

    Does this have any effect on site stats? I mean, if you post the ?random url on other sites and someone clicks it, will it show a hit for the post they happened to land on?

    I guess I’ll have to try, but if it does, it could complicate reading your statistics a bit.

  66. Indigo

    I love this option!!!!! THANK YOU!

  67. w8agt


  68. Carlos

    wow! that’s great!

  69. osterreich


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  72. thepearlady

    Love it, Matt…good one. :D

  73. majic

    Nice. hopefully, this’ll send some love to the less popular blogs

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  75. john

    Cool feature… :D

  76. vistawallpapers

    Very nice :D

  77. yongsheng

    ok… this is farny :)

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  79. BatakNews

    good job. thx. :)

  80. ideasmith

    Very cool! A great way to increase readership of old posts.

  81. randommel

    anything random is good by me :)

  82. oldgreypoet

    I like this. My readers love it. Something I wanted years ago but couldn’t bring myself to javascript. Thanks for doing the hard stuff for me and leaving me to the writing!

  83. kjenzz

    yay.. this is cool.. love this new feature. thanks! ;)

  84. ibaraki

    good job…

  85. chanux

    matt’s cool…Oh…Wordpress is cool!

  86. fergis

    I enjoy the ability to blast randomised content at my audience like a bizarre Marvel comic mutant.


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  88. Milla

    Very useful useless toy! Loved it! Thanks Matt! ILWP!!!! :D

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  90. ihatewheat

    Matt, I kind of have a crush on you.

  91. carlenefofene

    Gotta love random…..very sweet indeed!

  92. Gizmy

    This is kinda fun, I found posts I haven’t seen in months!

  93. dharmagypsy7

    I am going to have to try this but I only have two posts so I don’t think it will as much fun.

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