Theme Friday: Ocean Mist

We’ve got a cool blue new theme for you with a big customizable header, great for highlighting your photography.

It’s called Ocean Mist and you can now find it under your Presentation menu.

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  • May 19, 2007 @ 4:46 am
  • Themes


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  1. yogakarma

    Wonderful I just started to use it.
    It is awesome.

  2. khaihiok

    I like and use it!

  3. zero2x

    Nice :), I will try it.

  4. Elehzya

    Oooo pretty!

  5. Andrew

    Very cool, I think I’ll be using it! Thanks!

  6. Roffi


  7. hafiz

    Looking really pretty :) I’m testing it..

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  9. euis ♣

    seems lovely.might try it out soon.

  10. Zeon

    Looking good!

  11. ChenZhen

    Yea that is pretty cool. I think I’m stuck with my current theme though.

  12. Michael Sync

    good.. . thanks.

  13. sulz

    it looks absolutely gorgeous, and everybody loves bigass headers!

  14. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    Nice on the eyes. But a pity pictures all align to the left so makes my words looked mis-aligned after that. Great job done though!

  15. Coops

    Ok. Will be changing themes tomorrow! (Just have to find a good header…)

  16. Javyer

    La verdad es que es muy bonita y agradable a la vista ^.^

    The truth is that the theme is very pretty and pleasant at sight ^.^

  17. fracas

    This one just might have me switching it up a bit. Awesome!

  18. charleslemark


  19. sulochanosho

    Really a cool and mouth warering mist and mystique theme! Thanks.

  20. nederhop074

    It is…. awesome

  21. elusivek

    very nice! will be trying it :)

  22. Brian

    I love it, but can’t wait to hear all the comments about “another blue theme”. :)

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  24. internettes

    It have a cool picture – nice

  25. Anita Marie

    This is AMAZING keep them coming

  26. cbjkelvin

    Nice looking…………Maybe i’ll get it a try…………

  27. Nelly

    It looks awesome but I stay with the misty look :D

  28. Chittaranjan


  29. benny75

    very very good
    I Applied it to

    Benny the Dog

  30. delimoon

    Hello, thank you for this new theme. But it’s still not the right for me. I’m expecting one in the style of your”rounded” theme. Full page, dark back page, but with a customizable header. Sure you’ll offer it one day…I’m patient ;-) If you do that, I will be the most happy girl of the world…!!!
    Thanks and have a good party…I’m not near SF this year, but next year at the same time I’ll be there.

  31. lovesthewind

    Very nice …

  32. Maltesh Ashrit


  33. didixi

    I use it and I like it too! Thank you Matt. Btw, have you ever thought of theme for photogallery blog ? I would appreciate one with such a predestination…

  34. tigerplug

    Thats brilliant guys, I think I’ll start using that. Thanks for the great service and keep up the good work!

  35. The Curator

    Too bad I’m already with MistyLook!

  36. Neville

    That’s another great theme. Thanks again, WordPress.

  37. that girl again

    Great, people have been complaining about the shortage of blue themes on for some time now. ;)

  38. Luthfi

    Cool :-)

  39. ampin

    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  40. Jade

    pretty nice! i love the light blue theme.

  41. Tana

    I love this theme. Thanks.

  42. Julio Fragoso

    every theme that you introduce, i use it on my blog…

    thanks once again

  43. Nikolaj

    This is so nice. I’ve always loved this theme.

  44. faltiska

    I don’t like fixed width themes; I think everybody has higher resolutions these days, why not use the full width of your screens?

  45. vjp

    I love this theme. I’ve seen it on other WordPress blogs (the self-hosted ones).

  46. Brian Purkiss


  47. cyclepromo

    The theme is looks good. I was trying to find something that highlighted photos. A good photo makes a difference.

  48. Nita

    Am definitely going to experiment with this one. thanks

  49. abdusalam

    It’s looks like best theme i ever see, I’ll try to use it.

  50. themrs07

    Very nice indeed. Have you all ever considered having a contest (or something similar) for new themes? Might be something to chew on? Don’t know. It’s always interesting to see what people come up with. = ]

  51. Helen

    faltiska sounds like a punk…?

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  53. rbms

    My first choice … brilliant

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