Domain mapping and Email

Minds boggle and records break: we just upgraded an upgrade!

Since its inception, the Domain Mapping upgrade has lacked support for email. No longer. Everyone who has mapped a domain to their blog (subdomains excluded) can now take advantage of the Google Apps email service, which is free to use and takes just a few minutes to configure. There is no extra charge to add email to your blog; it is included in the domain mapping upgrade.

Setup is as painless as we could make it without actually drugging you. Technically, we just install MX records into your DNS zone so that your emails can be delivered to you. We don’t have any control over your mailboxes or your messages. See the instructions for directions and details.


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Andy Skelton


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  1. eoinpurcell


  2. Michael Sync

    wow.. thanks.. i was waiting this feature for long time.. i even sent a request to support about this.

    thanks a lot.. wp

  3. 0nkulis

    great news thanks!

  4. servaas

    I just mapped a domain and wondered how I could get you guys to set up my mx records for google apps use…thx for being faster than me….

  5. intlxpatr

    Holy Smokes. You guys are amazing. One improvement on top of another!

  6. Inexistent Man


  7. David W. Boles

    I’ve been waiting for this since last October. YAY!

    Outstanding, Andy, and BIG THANKS!

  8. Roffi

    pertamax ga ya??

    I will upgrade soon! cool features!

  9. cityintheclouds

    Nifty, but I’ve already done that with my main domain name. Will bear it in mind for future reference though. Keep up the good work!

  10. David W. Boles

    Oh, and Google Apps are great. I’m writing a book on Google Apps for Thomson/CoursePTR:

  11. Cristiano

    Great upgrade. I was missing this thing. Thanks guys!

  12. pinkjesus

    Pink Jesus thanks you for the email integration. Praise Pink Jesus!

  13. David W. Boles

    Domain Aliasing works with GAYD! I’m verified and sending mail on my domain again. Yay!

    You might want to update your process to include that option: “Point MX to Google Apps” and leave it at that.

    Some of us don’t need to enter any verification information. We just need the MX record modified.

    I’d love to get rid of that empty and looming verification box in my Admin panel waiting for me to fill in and click save that will never happen.

  14. Judy O'Connell


  15. Anita Marie

    I like painless setups well done

  16. Editor


  17. deambulando

    perfect!!! its all that i need!! thanks!!

  18. plubius

    Thanks =D

    I have to get my domain up and running.

  19. amiripz

    So, where it is going to work for us ?

  20. reasic

    Awesome! I’m doing it, I’m doing it! :P

    Google: ” We are checking domain ownership. This may take 48 hours to complete.”

  21. Universalgeni

    Please do not write just for the local duck pond over there. I don’t get all that slang and closed insider information. The relaxed form is very nice. But please remember, that you are an international business. What are you talking abort? An international English would be nice…

  22. Rui Martins

    I´ve done it!
    Now let´s wait for the dns propagation…

    Thanks a lot for that improvement!

  23. Kunal

    nice … upgrading an upgrade :)

    by the way, has the millionth blog been made?

  24. Rui Martins

    It worked and it is on the run, now!

  25. Luthfi

    nice :-)
    but $10 still too expensive …
    Free charge if we use our domain in when will wordpress do the same?

  26. Kaan

    great news.
    i waited long for this upgrade. thanks.

  27. Mocha!

    Ok…more stuff from WP admin. Nice one! Keep ‘em coming.

  28. Tom

    That’s great – thanks for the meta-upgrade :)

  29. Kambiz Kamrani

    This saves my life. Thanks for doing this guys!

  30. feartheseeds

    “subdomains” almost sounds like a sandwich… any chance the upgrade will include a subsub? I really could use a sandwich…

  31. just4ikarus

    hey, that’s cool …

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  33. Vegetsu Gokazama

    Oh, Andy
    I wish if subdomains could also have an e-mail for


  34. Pas


  35. .::* Vanina y Mariana *::.


  36. Woeful

    Many people are going to be very happy about this. Well done!

  37. Neville

    Wxcellent, WordPress, you’ve done it again! Cheers! :)

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  39. vinodvv

    Wow, Killer feature…
    You guys rock

  40. engtech

    Wow. Registering a domain is FAST now. It was live within 20 minutes.

  41. Josh Miller

    Works for me. Pretty sweet.

  42. Stephen Elliot

    My initial reaction: Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this!
    My second reaction: Blast! I just printed business cards yesterday with another email address, but I really wanted to use my domain.

    Oh well. Thanks guys! =)

  43. Hameed Khan

    Thanks! Its like you people can read our minds. I just switched to Google apps two days ago. It like great to have my blog domain on google apps too :)

  44. carthik

    Nice! Very nice. Keep upping the ante on hosted blog services. You should really have a list of “only at” features that sets your apart from Typepad, blogger et al.

  45. josh

    I may now be ready to map my domain! Now I just need to reclaim the domain form my hosting company, who registered it in their name. Is this common practice? Will they let me go without a fight?

  46. 0xcafe

    Wow! Great stuff ! :P

  47. kazik

    Very usefull :-) Thanks! Hope it will come in handy in the future (for me) :-)

  48. Linh760Li

    It’s really useful. Thanks a lot.

  49. shortexact

    Oh man, thank you so much. You guys rock.

  50. Lucas

    Maybe I should upgrade some time.. :-)

  51. natanzuelo

    Awesome! I’m planning to use it!

  52. abu ameerah

    Thanks guys!!!

  53. ramoody5

    cool thats wat I was waiting for

  54. MarkMan

    Barry, big thanks to you! I got it working and please thank Andy for the help as well! I

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  56. referenceur

    Nice Idea ! Thank you !!!

  57. tazspaz

    hmm…I hate to do this but …

    I have been using this for both a blog and a domain I actually have forwarded and masked to a new domain name.

    Maybe I’m off base?


  58. nederhop074


  59. Eleftherios Kosmas

    very useful! congrats

  60. penguinsrock12


  61. Paul Denton

    yeah, but if you disable cookies none of the blogs on personal domain works

  62. mudin001


  63. americanuck

    THANK YOU!!!

  64. William T. Foxtrot

    Man, I don’t usually leave thank-yous here when you guys add a new feature, but this is DEFINITELY one I’ve been waiting for. Thanks a lot, I’m really happy that I switched from hosting my own WordPress blog to having you guys host it. You take care of your bloggers :-) .

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  67. Saqib Ansari


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  69. scudie

    In my language, tamil.. ‘Kalakita machi!’ (loosely translates to ‘you rock, guys!’).. thanks guys..

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  71. Colin

    wow … I had set up another domain for email to get around this … this is awesome!

  72. Brian Purkiss

    OH AWESOME!!!!
    I’m going to set that up right now!!!
    Thanks y’all for setting that up!!!

  73. Brent

    Does this only apply to email, or will other GAFYD services work as well, like Docs and Spreadsheets, etc.?

    This would really be a good thing. I was just ranting about this last night, albeit with humor in mind.

    Good stuff. Thanks Andy.

  74. Netty

    Good idea! :)

  75. erikcurtis

    This is great. How about allowing mx pointers to other mail hosting services? The one I’m looking at is Google apps are great but the don’t offer any way to sync my online calendar with my Windows Mobile smart phone.

  76. Peat

    Hot — if I already have my domain mail hosted with Google, will it work as well?

  77. themrs07

    You work so hard. :)

  78. raincoaster

    Yeah baby!

  79. Coops

    And when I heard of this feature I thought it was months away. I should never have doubted. YAY! :)

  80. muriella

    wordpress, u rock!

  81. Henrik Sundholm

    Great ^^

  82. Calvin

    Wow! I’m really going to have to consider the domain mapping upgrade! Thanks.

  83. vjp

    Nice feature. But I, too, wish we could use it with subdomains, which is how I have my blog mapped.

  84. Alarka

    Nice. Also, “V for Vendetta” is in your face, eheh! :P

  85. fnerd

    Outstanding. I’ve been longing for this feature. I’ll never go back to virtual hosting ever again!

  86. p4ndu_454kura

    Wow! Cool!
    Now I can make my own map :mrgreen:

  87. Murlin Chow

    i no has paid upgrade. :( must get! :)

  88. haozi0622

    Tag, tag, tag…

  89. steven


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