WordPress Video and Voting

Another Friday, another fun day here at WordPress.com. We’ve put together a new feature for you guys to play with: WordPress Video.

Here’s our intro video: (Thanks to Glenda for filming.)

Hopefully you can make much better video than we can. :)

Now if you have a paid space upgrade you can upload video to WordPress.com and we’ll convert it to flash and put it in a cool little player, just like Youtube but with higher quality. Of course you can still use any of the many video services we support, this is just a little more integrated, which was a very common request you guys have made.

This is a “beta” launch so it’s only available to those with a paid space upgrade and there are still a few features that we haven’t gotten in yet. If you’d like more technical details about how to use it, check out our FAQ. If you’d like to upgrade your blog to get more space and try out this feature, you can do so for as cheap as a nickel a day, just click “Upgrades” on your dashboard.

If you make something cool, be sure to let us know in the comments. We’d love to highlight the best stuff. We’ve set the bar pretty low to start.

Finally, if you have 5 seconds be sure to vote for WordPress in the Webware awards:

Vote Webware

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  • May 26, 2007 @ 8:12 am
  • Video


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  1. Matt

    I think the above was exported at 320×240 so it’s not as high quality as it could be, sorry I’ll try again when the beer wears off.

  2. Xeos Celeres

    Corona is my beer of choice, and WordPress my blogsite of choice ;) Awesome feature, though I feel it’s a little small, but a nice feature nonetheless.

    Definitely I’ll vote.

  3. Paul Stamatiou

    Looking great, a well-needed feature.

  4. raincoaster

    Slick video! But when are we getting the Beer Upgrade?

  5. Nika

    I voted!

  6. StevieB

    Beer Bad. WordPress Good! ;-)

  7. Rodrigo Venancio

    Checked and voted. Thanks and good luck!

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  9. mms911

    Thanks Brother Very Much For These Cools Features You Provide Us With Every Few Days.

    I Have Voted Of Course For WordPress.

  10. Waterstone

    Nice feature, much better than the youtube embed which expands the resolution and causes the movies to become pixelated.

  11. khaihiok

    Though I didn’t pay for upgrade, I like it!
    WordPress Video looks terrific.

  12. mikehedge

    wow…. Matt this is awesome… can you make your flash player like http://www.blip.tv ? it does high quality widescreen (16×9) really well…
    the problem with youtube is the lack of true 16×9 videos…
    Anyways. you are awesome good luck with everything.
    Also the video above is pixelated.
    Mike twitter.com/mikehedge

  13. mikehedge

    Matt, I like the rezise.

    480×272 makes a nice widescreen player size (only for true 16×9 stuff like http://www.blip.tv)

  14. oldgreypoet

    Brilliant! I’m just off to blow the dust off my video camera. Thanks, guys!

  15. natanzuelo

    Sweet, i’ll try it, but i gotta pay first :-D

  16. Kartik Mistry

    Ok. Voted!

    Now, what about giving ‘vidoes’ to unpaid users :)

  17. Murlin Chow

    u has mai votez! :D

  18. Javi

    Nice!, thx

  19. blayde

    Tx for the videos, and voted for ya as well :)

  20. Chanceler Silva

    Snap, for I while I thought there was a poll widget.

  21. simonesu

    well..i can see its fine ..great ! awesome :)

  22. Coops

    Yay! You guys just keep it coming!!

    I don’t have the paid upgrade, but I can’t wait until you make it available to everyone.

    For now I’ll just have to stick to slideshare :)

  23. Teixeira

    Waiting for the non paid version…

    (good job)

  24. ChenZhen

    Nice job guys! That is pretty decent quality.

  25. vinodvv

    That is a really kewl video. Just wanted to know what are the video formats you actually support for upload. Well I wanted to about the mp4 format, currently that is what Nokia N70 gives you.

  26. Elehzya

    Great! Consider yourselves voted for and adored ;)

  27. Michael Sync



  28. gwhiz

    Yippee! Great reason to buy that upgraded space to go with my bought, but yet-to-be-customized CSS. Thanks! Can we plead for the new Google Analytics now? Pretty please? (sad kitty cat eyes and all… or puppy dog eyes if more convincing)

  29. Nelly

    Dudes, you need some good ol’ German Beer ;)

    Cool idea with the video feature, though. Good stuff!

  30. David Westerink

    Lol, nice video you guys :P
    Anyway, I voted for WordPress just like you told me to :D

  31. theboycn

    what beer?

  32. Linh760Li

    Im the first one who vote for wordpress :)

  33. themrs07

    I just voted for wordpress.com, no problem.

    I used to have a blog on another site (who shall remain nameless) and it wasn’t user friendly, their support was non-supportive and it was just overall pretty sub-par.

    You all do a fantastic job here! :)

  34. miguelacho13

    great stuff..! cool

  35. Avatar DJ Flux

    Hey mates, your choice of beers is really poor…

    Have you ever tried Irish, Scot, Belgian or Czech beers?
    Real ale, stouts, pilsner…

    One of the few advantages of living in good ol’ Europe!

  36. Matt

    Yeah the choice of beers in the fridge was a little limited.

  37. gpessia


  38. emon

    Ah! You have no idea how good that makes a lot of us feel. WP is becoming a one-stop shop for a one-person media company. Soon, very soon. :)

    Thanks, guys! And congratulations on the millionth WordPressian!

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  40. arshat chaudhary

    We just keep getting better…dont we?

  41. masterclasslady

    You guys make me laugh. Love the video format. Kudos and thanks.

  42. Chittaranjan

    Me Voted!

  43. carthik

    You guys are so funny – Matt, you are the best – you never fail to make me smile.

  44. asegoviae

    What about “Voting”?

  45. Anita Marie

    WordPress- it’s just a not a bunch of words on a cool screen…
    now it’s on a cool screen with pictures that talk and move.


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  47. Dear Aunaetitrakul


  48. james

    Terrific stuff. Thanks so much for this and Google Apps as great add ons in the last few weeks.

  49. Nicole

    Awesome! I have some new videos in the works…this definitely makes me consider paying for the space upgrade.

  50. hazel8500

    very cool!

  51. Yaser

    Awesome awesome thanks! Definitely have my vote!

  52. marizen

    i was waiting for you guys to break out with a beer bong. haha j/k! (but really though ;-) )

  53. E@zyVG


  54. qbit

    Done. I’ve voted for WordPress in the Webware awards.

  55. senators in six.

    You know what goes great with beer? A sandwich…

  56. littlepatti

    That looks a bit “Canadian”, eh?

  57. tonyperez

    I am new to the video mania in general and needs to work my way up, but I am feeling great by joining this family. I am sure you always looking to improve things any way. Word press is sincere about doing things and I probably will start joining the pay for features anyway. It is a way to demonstrate support. Keep it up!

  58. Chelsea

    Already voted man! Love it all!!

  59. Public Eye

    Way cool! I’ll figure out what to do with it/how to use it one day or another. Voted, A #1.

  60. Elsie

    you guys are way too cute:)

  61. Elsie

    did exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for a looooooooong time, here’s my post with the corresponding videos! thanks guys:)

  62. Judy O'Connell

    We NEEDED this – fantastic!

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  64. Glenda

    OMG! None of you have yet realized that it’s a spoof of Diggnation minus the laptops, have you?

  65. empressmaruja

    I voted, too. *hugs*

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  67. Pas

    Proud of wordpress! Voted!

  68. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦

    Hey, Matt
    A very-very thank you for doingso MUCH for us!

    Keep doing your brilliant work,
    Vegetsu Gokazama {nick name}

  69. legoless

    Do you really have to PAY?

  70. icedmocha

    You got my vote!

  71. IxcheL

    WordPress the best …!

  72. larkascending

    Voted!! :D

  73. ivie


  74. tmulcahy

    Voted. This is a good idea. BTW, I agree with the people who say you need to drink better beer. If you’re going to drink bottled beer, then a good Mexican one is Negra Modelo, or Sam Adams has great beers, and Shiner Bock is excellent. I don’t drink much bottled beer anymore, so I can’t give you a comprehensive list. However, there are Porters, and Stouts, Strong Sctoch Ales and IPAs all over the place. Live a ittle! Have a beer with real flavor: taste the hops, the complexity, the deep aromas. Drinking a Corona is not better than drinking something from the big 3: Miller, Anheuser-Busch, or Coors, and those beers all suck big time!
    Of course, to really enjoy beer, make it yourself, or drink at your local brewpub, or at least drink beers on tap from local microbreweries! Enjoy the beer! not the alcohol alone. I’m not saying alcohol is not a big part of it, but without taste, you may as well drink dilute ethanol, if that’s all you want.

  75. Brent

    So you guys are boozing while doing this? That would explain some of the problems…

  76. nederhop074

    Vote from me

  77. Julio Fragoso

    voted dude…

  78. Sakimichi

    Voted for wordpress ftw!!!! You rock guys! Keep it up~

  79. jihadjoe

    Terrible video. Awesome feature. Oh, and I voted for you guys. :)

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  81. પ્રતીક નાયક

    Nice, Thanks.

  82. blogscapes

    I voted! Cheers!

  83. referenceur

    Cool ! it would be like Youtube ?

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  86. Elizabeth

    Voted for WordPress! :)

  87. malicenwonderland

    thank god there was no cat

  88. .::* Vanina y Mariana *::.

    Nothing for FREE on WordPress these days?
    I’ve vote for you! Good luck! :-)

  89. scwealth

    I will be back to see more later……………….

  90. cayabunga1

    Congrats if it really is your 1 million, I’ll toast to anyone’s success, I don’t know who the other guy is to vote for so I’ll vote for wordpress. As for the video and paying I think you are not thinking big. Google bought youtube why? Microsoft got on the bandwagon with other big hitters why?
    Recently Ebay added Video, shallow as it was through youtube why? Almost any news source worth reading has said video is the wave of the future. Is there a massage here? If wordpress really wants to set itself apart why not offer video for free to get all it’s participants on the bandwagon. The truth is not everyone will rush to this freebe even if it is free because it’s a new frontier and it is just one more thing that will be stretching the limited time that we all have. The good news is that wordpress will be setting the bar for all the other want to be’s.

  91. Roland

    I already voted for WordPress ;)

  92. Benoît

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for this one!
    Just a few questions before I order a space upgrade:
    Which Flash codec is used? Is it the wonderful On2 VP6?
    At what bitrate are the videos encoded?

  93. mysimsreality

    Voted! :)

  94. Budi Rahardjo

    voted for wordpress!

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  96. JV

    Voted for WP. :)

  97. Brian Purkiss

    AWESOME!!!!!! Looks GREAT! :-D
    I can’t wait untill it’s avalible for us users who don’t need the space!
    I hope we’ll be able to use video files hosted elsewhere, just like your audio player!

    And I voted!

    Thanks so much y’all!!!!!!

  98. Werner Trotter

    Voted yesterday, good luck in the competition.



  100. operatingsystem

    Great feature, thanks a lot!!!


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