Dignity for Pages

“Posts, Posts, Posts!” Pages wails and runs off stage left. —Lost episode of The Brady Bunch

Just like a freckled little sister, too long have pages been suppressed and ignored. Pages have kicked and whined and fought unflaggingly for their rights and finally they won. Glory be.

Now, the Top Posts lists in your Blog Stats and your sidebar widget will include your pages. :-)

Sorry, Jan, we still can’t find a shred of dignity for you.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. brahnamin

    poor jan –

    still living in the shadow of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

  2. ChenZhen

    Wow that was fast! I just asked thru feedback if this was possible yesterday!

    You guys rock!

  3. onemoreoption


  4. phoenix

    I just noticed this today, and was pleasantly surprised. Great feature!

  5. Christian

    Good job!

  6. Andrew

    aha, dignity!

  7. anas

    Great make we easier to know how good we write

  8. Anita Marie

    Pages owes you…but on the other hand it might not demand anything considering how you all whacked feed stats


  9. ninglun


  10. lojol

    Yes, very good move. Pages are definitely underrated and deserve more recognition.

  11. Jeff

    Yes, my poor pages have felt neglected far too long ;) And I think this explains why my Blog Stats graph has just gone up!

    Next, I would suggest having a Top Pages Count, or (even better imho) folding then into Top Posts and Pages.

    And also, of course, we need a Top Pages widget, separate and/or integrated with the Top Posts widget. This is all your fault, or course … come up with one good idea and three more get suggested! Thanks again …

  12. Julio Fragoso

    this is great guys…

    you guys are amazing

  13. Chelsea

    thats awesome!

  14. Søren Holmberg

    Could we also have some more advanced statistics on pages/posts. Like which surfers went to what page/post. A sort of unique tracking of visitors. That would be loveley!

  15. rumours


  16. lorigloyd

    Great idea!

  17. Rhys

    cool! … But the Brady Bunch?!?!

  18. True Life

    Nice, that sounds useful… contrary to the feed stats (good riddance).

  19. Lauren

    And all the militant pages say: Yea, and hooray for our side!

  20. abu ameerah

    awesome…absolutely awesome!

  21. Ryan

    Cool! And ChenZhen, do that with some other features; maybe it’s luck :)

  22. that girl again

    I can see why people might want them included in the stats, but putting static pages in the ‘Top Posts’ widget is a bit weird. They are not Posts. They are Pages. Do people really not understand the distinction?

  23. Game Master

    I think Jan only said that in one episode…

  24. peterhgregory

    YESSSS!!!! You’re listening and delivering! Thank you!!

  25. cheezburger

    Pages v important for non-linear posts! :)

  26. Eleftherios Kosmas

    nice one especialy if you have a lot of Pages

  27. zammy67

    yes!my top club penguin posts will be on the side?COOL!:)

  28. Guy

    Awesome! I always wondered about the stats for my pages.

  29. salahudin



  30. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Aha… all new ideas are coming up, eh? This sounds great! Thanks everyone.

  31. hafiz

    Great feature! I think I’m going to write more Pages, then!

  32. tercermundista

    this makes me happy… although i will say for a second i thought this was Hilary Duff related. Ha!

  33. mercenario

    Gracias wordpressses guys :)

  34. Tom Allen

    I just noticed that a few hours ago. Me like!

  35. sora9n

    Whew, long after I’ve been wondering about my pages’ stats… :D

    Thank you for this! ;)

  36. alicia5

    Jojojoj, my christmas present!!! thanks… you are great!!!

  37. Jef Menguin

    thank you!

  38. Anne

    Excellent! Thank you very much!

  39. Anne

    Half of my “most read” is pages… wonder if it has been the case all the time! I almost forgot I had pages so this is a really useful change.

  40. Yaser

    awesome, thanks!

  41. ocanto

    Good news, good work :)

  42. Rae

    Nice, thanks!

  43. photographerno1

    dignity for pages
    freedom from rusty cages

  44. Brian

    Thanks! I’ve really been wondering about that! You guys are on top of this whole blogging thing, aren’t ya? ;)

  45. generally

    Oh, finally it’s here!

  46. Sarah

    That’s really cool!!! Thanks everybody!!

  47. Michael Sync

    :) cool..

  48. TheButterZone

    Ha, I was wondering why that suddenly appeared!

  49. broadcatching


    Pages join the bigtime!


  50. administrator

    at last, thanks.

  51. natanzuelo

    Haha, ok, we’re aware now, thanx :D

  52. Richmond

    I think my link page is the collest… well it isn’t that original but i havent seen one just like it… so it must be original.

  53. Agent Daba

    cool, but it would be even better if you let the “search” widget search both posts and pages instead of just posts!

  54. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Another positive step toward the evolution of WP, our favorite blogging platform. Fingers crossed.

  55. Nita

    This was a much needed addition.

  56. Kunal

    funny post :)

  57. ramoody5


  58. planetultramarathon



  59. Kat

    Thanks for this. I’d always wondered if anyone gave a hoot about these pages, and now I can see they do. I saw the stats listed today and sure appreciate y’all dispelling the mystery :)

  60. Ra

    great job you’re doing!!!

  61. sysrq868

    Nooo! I want to oppress my pages!

  62. savetheoc

    Nice work :D Poor little freckled sister! :P

  63. Andreas Pischner

    An excellent, long overdue improvement, even though I still mourn the loss of the feed stats feature (which was eminently useful to me)!

    Now, if pages could also be included in searches from the search widget, things wood look even brighter!

  64. Brian Purkiss

    YAY!!! Finally!!!
    Thanks y’all!!!
    You rock!

  65. mamabright

    thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



  67. ChenZhen

    that girl again

    I can see why people might want them included in the stats, but putting static pages in the ‘Top Posts’ widget is a bit weird. They are not Posts. They are Pages. Do people really not understand the distinction?

    I was thinking the same thing. When I made the request, I was really only asking for the stats. I was a bit surprised to see one of the pages show up in ‘top posts’. It’s not a real big deal, I guess, but the way I use links to my pages pretty much guarantees that they’ll be in there quite a bit now.

  68. materialmama

    Hurray, thanks! I love the pages feature and use it quite a bit.

  69. jerjer

    Great feature !
    I had problem know how my pages were doing.
    Now. you guys show it to me right the way….. fantastic…
    Thanks very much

  70. Carolyn

    Ditto to other positive comments! And thank you for your work involved in making it so. This feature is extremely useful in my case. I’ve wondered all along if my pages weren’t of more interest, especially to new visitors, than the posts; now we’ll find out! Regarding another comment about having some sort of distinction between pages and posts, no one else sees the stats for my blog, so until you figure out a way to make a distinction, I know which is which, and I’m really the only one who cares.

  71. Aphra Behn

    Cool, though I guess it’s ungrateful of me that the cumulative stats for pages start today. I’ve had one page which has been a gateway to my site for a lot of my readers for the last 4 months and it would be very useful to know how many hits it had had.

    Thanks. It’s very useful t be able to track pages.


  72. The 2 Witches


    :::Happy little dance:::

    I love you WordPress tech dudes and dudettes.

    Mama Kelly

  73. Heather S. Ingemar


  74. skyblu

    Thanks ever-so-much! My pages are where the search engines direct visitors at least 7/10ths of the time. Now it shows it.


  75. scrunchyy

    My blog is based on pages. This feature tell me what pages visitors are using.

  76. Mark

    This is mad late since I have one page that’s been getting hundreds upon hundreds of hits lately . . .

  77. Pam

    I use pages as gateways to collections of posts, to introduce visitors to blog structure (how to comment, how to navigate, etc.) and for “timeless” info (if you see a dead bird, call….) so being able to see whether pages are used and how (and to get them visible to search engines) is good.

    Thank you.

  78. Kreah

    Thanks for including the pages! I’ve been wondering how my pages are often visited and now I can see it! You’re cool!

  79. krislinatin

    my pages thank you!

  80. f1fanatics

    Great, thanks. Pages are just as important as posts in my blog.

  81. tigerplug

    Good stuff! Keep it coming! Man, I love wordpress!

  82. Johan Swarts

    aaaah, i can’t tell you how happy i am that i started blogging with wordpress, and not blogger or some other platform with no tangible user support.

    you guys r0x0rz!

    ok, so i just told you ;)

  83. Johan Swarts

    (but pleeeezzz plzzzz plzzzz give us back the feed stats. i need them.)

  84. Mark

    Nicely Done! :D

  85. askfisher

    My “to-do” list for today included checking up on why or why not I should add a page to my site. I found this right away! There are no accidents! Thanks, everyone.


  86. dr55

    Great idea!

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