June Wrap-up

June was a pretty groovy month, here are some of the hot stats:

  • 122 thousand blogs were created.
  • 135 thousand new users joined.
  • 4,039 support requests.
  • 1.7 million posts and 687 thousand new pages.
  • 2.5 million comments.
  • 28.2 million spam comments blocked.
  • 2.2 million logins.
  • 240.8 million pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 71 million on self-hosted blogs.

Here are a few things we haven’t talked about before:

  • About 13% of our pageviews are on mapped domains.
  • After English the top languages are Spanish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, and Indonesian.
  • About 29% of traffic is to people’s home pages.
  • The most popular desktop client is Windows Live Writer, followed by Ecto.
  • You guys use about 3 terabytes of bandwidth a day.
  • People now has a blog on WordPress.com.
  • CNN’s Political Ticker broke the single-day traffic record following the Democratic presidential debates.

We also brought online a new datacenter with Server Beach in San Antonio.

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  1. raincoaster

    Um, I think I was most of those logins. What can I say? I like to check stats.

  2. blayde

    Woohoo 3 terabytes a day, thanks for letting us suck that much juice out of the internets!

  3. eli

    it makes me really proud of you guys when i look at the footer of one of those HUGE blogs (people, cnn) and see the “powered by WordPress.com” tag. hip hip hooray!

  4. dahi

    Very good,May it be easy …

  5. કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી

    Cool stats!!

  6. lojol

    By my crude calculations there is on average 1 comment made for every post or page. On the most popular blogs there are plenty of comments, but personally I think it would be good to encourage more viewers to comment on less popular blogs, thus increasing their popularity.
    Is it possible to make comment writing easier? For example, why not mark which fields are necessary and which are optional when submitting a comment; maybe some viewers are put off by the amount of information requested.

  7. anas

    wow, great achievement. Congratulations ! :)

  8. amiripz

    Terrific performance in June.
    Great really.

  9. kopidangdut

    congrats Matt and thanks to the nice guys in back stage!

  10. Andhika Nugraha

    Alright! Indonesian is in sixth place!

  11. D. Peace

    Those are amazing stats. Congratulations.

    I’m always impressed that, as well as the WordPress team is doing, they’re always trying to make things better. Kudos.

  12. Jordan


  13. Rade

    3 TB.. woah.. That’s Quite a lot! :D

    Thanks guys, you’re doing a great job!

  14. alicia5

    Wowww, amazing!!! Thank you WordPress.com!!!

  15. Justin

    wow…almost 30 million spam comments blocked! Thank you!!

  16. Galactic News Network

    I’d love to find out, how many hits did CNN’s Political Ticker get?

    As for the stats, they’re great! Rock on WordPress!

  17. Fernando T.

    Muchas y buenas noticias a las que tengo que expresar mi satisfacción porque el español sea de los idiomas mas utilizados en los blogs. De ahí mi post en esta gran lengua que nos aúna a tantos millones.

    Un saludo y felicidades a toda la comunidad WordPress.

  18. Sankar Viruthachalam

    That’s a lot of numbers :) Keep it going…

  19. Julio Fragoso

    This stats are awesome…

    I am there talking Brazilian Portuguese at my blog.
    About design, XHTML, CSS, Ads, Friends, Technology and more.

    Ah, it is my portfolio as well. =)

  20. Spyder

    yay ecto! :D

  21. themrs07

    122 thousand blogs were created.
    135 thousand new users joined.
    4,039 support requests.
    1.7 million posts and 687 thousand new pages.
    2.5 million comments.
    28.2 million spam comments blocked.
    2.2 million logins.
    240.8 million pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 71 million on self-hosted blogs.

    Two words: Holy. Crap.

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  23. The Bagel of Everything

    “2.5 million comments.
    28.2 million spam comments blocked. ”

    Are you sure those decimals are in the right places?

  24. R.

    You guys amaze and awe me. !!Thanks!! :-)

  25. Kichigai-san

    Uuughs… we’re heavy :)

  26. rm Redazione

    Nice numbers, but they are going to grow.

  27. haryiips

    really outstading achievements of the wordpress.. As per i can say.. WordPress really rules the parallel compititor blogger had no comparison till yet with the wordpress.

    Hey matt one suggestion i wanna add here is that for the Wordcamp meet, could you please decide to make forum or the post therby sharing the discussion that will take place.

  28. haryiips

    the above request is made as per for the bloggers who are unable to join the party… hope to see the response soon.

    Gob Bless WordPress and Matt both…

    WordPress Rocks.

  29. zoey12008

    i love wordpress

  30. Milla

    Wow! It’s almost overwhelming! You’re doing wonderful. Please keep record of your successful actions, so you can keep doing them. This way you’ll keep rocketing higher and higher! (To infinite and beyond!!!) ;-)

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  32. abu ameerah

    WordPress is just tooooo cool!

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  34. therealdonquixote

    Congrats on everything there. Sounds like you’re moving up to the top of the totem pole!
    Good on Ya,

  35. Erwin


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  37. kylydia


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  39. walterbean


  40. enkerli

    A good deal of data to swallow. Any graphs to help us understand the significance of these data points?
    Interesting to know about home page visits. Monitoring our stats, we don’t necessarily see these as separate hits. And now that we don’t see RSS reads, we have very limited data on broader reading habits.

  41. Andrew

    Congratulations on another big month.
    So mapped domains account for 29% of pageviews, eh? Care to tell us what % of active wp.com blogs? It’ll be rather lower than 29%, perhaps not even in double figures, methinks.

  42. Rae

    That’s alot of people.

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  44. Sakib Al Mahmud

    great :-)

  45. Mataika Rusiate

    241 million views thats a lot.

    1.7 million posts and 687 thousand new pages . . . humongous!!!!

    How much storage space have you used and how much do you have left?

  46. anggara

    Go ahead Indonesian Blogger

  47. celebes

    Spanish is the second top languaje.

    Oleeeeeee …! ;-)

  48. arshat chaudhary

    We just keep getting better and better! :)

  49. paurong

    it is very nice!

  50. natanzuelo

    Somos el segundo idioma mas hablado! :-D

  51. krysjez


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  53. Broadband news

    Always impressive stats!

  54. BestbitFUNtyp0

    Very impressive stats. WordPress rocks. It kicks the ass of those other blogs. Keep kicking ass WordPress, keep kicking.

  55. Timmy

    Incredible! Thanks guys!

  56. Clavis Prophetarum

    This is really BIG…. Excelent achievments!
    Portuguese is the 3ª language… Excelent!
    Keep the good work!
    (and the large bandwidth…)

  57. Jeffrey


  58. forchilli

    3 terabytes of bandwidth.

  59. 1ofHis

    Growing like crazy! Good Job!

  60. Ra

    Wow! that’s pretty amazing… You guys are doing a superb job!

  61. Suhit Anantula

    Really good job guys. When I joined I was skeptical as to how you would go on but you are going from strength to strength with new innovations every month.

    I am part of the 13% of mapped users and I love the service.

    Keep up the good work.


  62. familyforest

    Congratulations! You have been busy!!

  63. ╬æ♣♫☼•♥Te Puteo Acá♥•☼♫♣æ╬


  64. lovestrengthbeauty

    *smile* you guys are really something! thanx for the wrap-up… so helpful (more postings coming up!)

  65. nin_ers


  66. floacist

    Good stuff.
    I can’t remember what month it was when I joined. lol Well, I created my blog sometime around April – May I think. I created an account about 2 years ago.

  67. confusedgam3r

    Cool! :D

  68. Alix Axel

    Just amazing!

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  70. kev

    Thanks for the tip about Windows Live Writer… it’s AWESOME.

  71. fleurdelys79

    Wow. Very impressive! Congradulations!

  72. bamasteelmagnolia

    I knew I picked WordPress for a reason…you guys are the best…grats on a cool month!

  73. Bandith

    Bravo!! WORDPRESS :-*

  74. kotakinako

    I Love wordpress.

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  76. Teh Energy

    Great stuff. Thats a lot of bandwidth being used …

  77. Former

    You guys Rock!!!
    Keep it up!

  78. munggur

    Great! The statistics is awesome. Yet, for me the best thing is not the statistics but the user experience. It’s funtastic. I really love it!

    I love to post article through Firefox – ScribeFire. That’s much better than WLW and Ecto. How many people using those Firefox – ScribeFire? I wonder…

    Congratz! You guys give us the best blogging platform. And free? That’s the best news so far.

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  80. sulochanosho

    Really the WORDPRESS.COM is doing a commendable job at its command. The Walled World is
    collapsing and turning into an open Wall-less Gateless World. It’s not just the mere computer to computer connectivity, but the people to people connectivity and interaction, exchange and dissemination of views and visions from the minds and hearts on a timeless global scale that matters. And that job being facilitated by WordPress.com is really heart-opening. Only
    live and spontaneous exchange of human minds and thoughts, the triggering of taking and transforming huamanity on a new height of consciouness and awareness on a global scale is possible.

  81. thineshfeeds

    rocks hard

  82. andalas

    well done guys
    thx a lot

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  85. Black Falcon

    Now I know why we can’t advertise on our sites. We’d probably burn down the servers…

  86. nysdelight

    Superr…keep up the blogging…

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  88. snydez


    and there’s still a lot spam to fight :)

    28.2 million spam comments blocked.

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