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Some people noticed some blog feeds that were showing posts from other blogs. Thanks in part to their quickly blogging the issue, we located and resolved the problem. A few people concluded that their blog’s feed had been compromised. We just wanted to let you know that there was no hacking involved.

The problem was caused by a bug in a new piece of software we are building to keep your blogs and feeds working quickly under heavy loads. If you saw wrong content in your feed, nobody hacked your blog or your feed. It was a software glitch. We are sorry about that. Blog on. :-)

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Andy Skelton


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  2. Anita Marie

    You guys are better then The A-Team…

  3. anas

    Okay, no problem it meant. :)

  4. deambulando

    thanks ;)

  5. axewielderx


  6. abarclay12

    Hack is whack.

  7. abu ameerah


  8. cheezburger


  9. L Boogie

    Good Man Andy….And I shall Blog On..L

  10. Sandra

    Good, i was worried :)

  11. Michael Sync

    Ohhh. I seee.. thanks for informing us..

  12. Vish

    Thanks for sorting it! :-)

  13. zappi

    Ok :)

  14. Thomas

    Thank you for quickly addressing the issue, I was one of the people that had problems with their feed – I noticed a couple others had problems in my reader.

    I appreciate that you were open, and gave a decent explanation concerning the issue, not just writing the problem off as one of those things.

  15. nin_ers


  16. Sanix

    Ow .. you people keep on doing the great work .. Thumbs up :D

  17. Unique Muslimah

    Thanks :D

  18. paurong


  19. kopidangdut

    ok..! thanks for your explaination..
    blog on! Hidup Indonesia..

  20. Rae

    Cool thanks for clearing that up for us!

  21. Victor Pencak

    i use feedburner :P

  22. morewordsaboutmusic

    I knew I was worrying for nothing…keep up the good work.

  23. Daniel O'Brien

    Blog on indeed!! :D

  24. Mandmsarecol

    Sigh… that’s a relief! I was freaking out thinking that someone hacked into my blog! Thank for clearing things up! :cool:

  25. goldcoaster

    thanks for the explaination.

  26. Brian

    Whew… that means my lolcats are safe! ;)

  27. Alasdair

    Feed? Only when I’m hungry, cheers ;)

  28. પ્રતીક : Pratik


  29. Julio Fragoso

    i was worried..

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  31. 124c41

    Oh, thank you for the quick information on this issue! (And I feel startled this morning…) ;-)

  32. letters

    As one of those affected I thank you for fixing this. It was a REAL scare. I imagined some loser going in and deleting my entire blog.

  33. Jas

    Thank goodness for that, now bring back feed stats…

  34. preciousmetal

    very good grasshopper, you tiger now!

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  36. Ben

    Thanks Wp ;)

  37. Netty

    Thank you

  38. James17930

    I have no idea what this means :) .

  39. Merri Williams

    Thanks for several reasons. First, for being honest about the situation – unlike others who just shrug their shoulders and say, ” –it happens”, or just simply ignore the subscriber’s emails. Secondly – for being so quick to respond and correct the problem.
    Thirdly – for being the best. WordPress rocks!

    Blogging away here!

  40. Mocha!

    thanks for letting us know. More reason to stick with wordpress!!!!

  41. haryiips

    thanks for mentioning and apologising

  42. Katrina


  43. budroe

    Excellent! Thank you.

  44. 1ofHis

    Good to be aware. Thanks.

  45. MATT

    I didnt do it :twisted:

  46. wytammic

    Woo Hoo!!!

  47. Lavern

    Thanks now i know why.

  48. Sakib Al Mahmud


  49. bu5lil


  50. al5a9oony


  51. mK

    no worries guys, you are doin’ great job!!

  52. ╬æ♣♫☼•♥Cerdos de Mierda♥•☼♫♣æ╬

    It seems I can relax now…

  53. Zeon


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  55. Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett

    Thank you very much. I was getting all sorts of nasty things. I am glad it is fixed now.

  56. tissbw

    Thanks wp fo clearing that up

  57. allantverslendroit

    Nice ! You’re all perfect.
    Now I just miss a free complete stats counter.
    And you’ll be the greatests !

  58. blueautumnψ

    thanks guys… lov u

  59. Robert

    I think that ‘bug’ was a good idea. Can you please splice me into Cheezburger or Scoble’s feeds?

  60. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦

    Hey Thank-You Andy I was quite worried about the feeds..But now they are resolved!!

  61. cagribey

    Thank you

  62. adminor

    Now i know why. Thanks

  63. munggur

    wow. So honest! Moreover, all of you – the great team have solved all the problem in a very quick way. Thanks so much. Great!

  64. ctddd

    Thanks for getting on that so quickly~!


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