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We have a nice little workflow improvement for those of you who use the Contributor role on your blogs. Contributors can now submit their posts for review by an Editor. When Contributors are done editing their post, they press the “Submit for Review” button to put the post in the Editor’s pending review queue.

Submit for Review

Editors can list all of the posts that are pending review on the Manage Posts page. Just select “Pending Review” from the Status dropdown.

Pending Review

Editors then have the option to either publish the post or set the status back to Draft if they don’t think the post is ready for publication.

For more details, see this writeup from Mark Jaquith.

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Ryan Boren


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  1. Sandra

    Lovely ;)

  2. Mark Wilson

    Like I always say… WP rocks.

  3. timethief

    An excellent feature. Thank you.

  4. fookemandbug

    Nice feature!

  5. shiborigirl

    cool- thought about adding contributors but wanted an easy way to review!

  6. benji86

    Nice feature. Keep on the good job

  7. dr55


    thanks dear by ryan

  8. webmacster87

    This is just what I need for a blog that I’m working on launching! The downside is that it’s a self-hosted WordPress blog.

    Any chance that this feature could be found in a plugin before this becomes part of the next WordPress release?

  9. alicia5

    Ohhh Great!!! I can use this tool now!!!… Gracias!!!

  10. roflgoat

    Very nice! This is why I love WordPress. It just keeps updating and you guys keep getting good ideas.

  11. Sanix

    Great work .. I love the contributor role for guest writers..

  12. chanux

    Group bloggers are elated (err… editors). good work wordpress.

  13. Onasis

    Nice improvement.

  14. M. D. Friedman

    Thanks for looking over my blog.

  15. goldcoaster

    This is good, rather than using the Draft. Great for multiple contributor sites. well done

  16. swftoys

    Most helpful especially for corporate use!

  17. onemoreoption

    Very nice feature.

  18. John Lloyd

    Nice! Now, if I could only have contributors….



  19. dewo

    Great feature. Seem wordpress would be a collaboration tools.

  20. Anita Marie

    THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. calupict

    This is very useful for the blog with multiple user. This could make distinction between the ranks more significance.

  22. Anne


  23. whymommy

    Wow, neat option! Love it!

  24. diamondfistwerny

    Cool. That works great for us! Thank You!

  25. Jim

    wow, cool! now i understood its purpose. :)

  26. Humaro

    Nice idea !

  27. walky


  28. Daniel Trezub

    Fantastic! Again :)

  29. uptownflavor

    This is a really cool feature. I would always accidentally discover that my contributors had posts in waiting because they forgot to email me that they had submitted a piece. Surprises are nice but this is better!

  30. harshaonline

    Very nice

  31. natanzuelo

    Nice :-D

  32. Jin

    Nice. Very nice.

  33. enkerli

    The concept is simple yet this can have important consequences. It really makes the role distinction quite clear.
    Good job!

  34. miguelacho13

    interesting..! thank you

  35. fracas

    I can see that being a wonderful feature for a lot of people! WordPress rules!

  36. Nanyaar?

    Nice feature!!

  37. Editor

    Very nice

  38. abu ameerah

    brilliant! thanks…..

  39. Art

    I don’t use the contributor role on my blog but I can see how this would be a useful feature. All these new improvements are awesome, by the way. Keep up the great work!

  40. dhfaouzi

    Thank you. It’s necessary to separate the pending posts from the published posts.
    I suggested other improvements by the feedback tool.

  41. singkongpipe

    this continuous improvement of yours is really amazing…

  42. Chittaranjan


    But to check this feature, I’ve to add some contributors :|

  43. cakmoki

    nice ! … I’ve tried it :)

  44. Lijin

    Great feature Ryan..


  45. rhgsig

    fine :)

  46. சாத்தான்

    Great feature!

  47. Sylvaine Vaucher

    Quite a good idee

  48. Secretstar

    Thank you :-)
    That´s great.

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  50. Death Berry Inc.

    It’s a great advantage for me as the editor on someone’s blog. thanks. :D

  51. farlane

    Hey webmacster87 (and others). I wondered about this functionality for self hosted blogs as well. Found an excellent roundup of what’s available from Lorelle:

  52. blayde

    Great, now all i need is contributors :D

  53. David Russell

    This is one of the reasons I switched to (and domain mapping) from WordPress self-hosted (although I don’t actually have anyone else writing on my blog) – although I lose plugins and the ability to modify templates, new features are added more frequently and don’t involve my messing around with FTP servers to get them. Top job guys :)

  54. Sylvaine Vaucher

    And…but to be moderated….I finally find how to put my link with my WP blog instead of my personnal site. Sorry if I dont find it before. (Just for testing preview :-)

  55. Julio Fragoso

    very nice

  56. Craig

    good job!

  57. 1ofHis

    Very good.

  58. syahid ali

    useful idea. cool blogging stuff here.

  59. Michael Morgan

    As Mr Burns would say…eggs cellent!

  60. dandoun2kitty

    WP rocks it has what half what i need. Thanks for everything

  61. Ben

    this is really a great one ;)

  62. eenkid


  63. Mocha!

    Nice one….again, another reason to stick with WP. You guys rock!

    Are there any more themes coming out? Three columns ones esp.

  64. typingisnotactivism

    nice one! have just started to host other contributors so will have to work this one out.
    Hey WP, seeing as you guys.n.gals are always so ahead of the curve… can we expect a “just make this post completely pwn” button anytime soon? 8 ) kthxbai.

  65. kevencage

    Its a very good feature,good job

  66. Administrator


  67. Michael Sync

    Nice one.. Thanks.

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  69. ╬æ♣♫☼•♥Cerdos de Mierda♥•☼♫♣æ╬

    Give me more!

  70. chrismcdevitt

    Nice… my other halfninjas will be happy to hear that.

  71. createblogsite

    I loved to use wordpress blog…WP rock WP!

  72. andalas


  73. freshgroundknits

    Awesome, thanks!

  74. sams4n

    wow good job! :)

  75. asupremenewyorkthing

    This is great. Now, after I write some crap, I can send it to my editor. Since I’m much more critical as an editor than I am a writer, I will probably not have any new blog entries for the upcoming few months.

  76. insidesportsgeek

    Awesome, thank you WP.

  77. cheezburger


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  79. Salve

    all good!

  80. પ્રતીક : Pratik

    Good, Usefull function.

  81. musaddik

    Cool & hot !!

  82. tissbw

    This is really nice featue

  83. Brian

    Very cool, very cool indeed. Now I just need to get people to contribute to my blog! :)

  84. SlooseLA

    Great feature! I am going to get everyone working on it right away! Thanks WP!

  85. kapilrana

    Hi its really very gud and creative idea and easy to use too nice to use dat:)

  86. cagribey

    Thank you Very good.

  87. Name Protected

    A Brilliant idea if I get others maybe to contribute to Blog!

  88. adminor

    it’s a useful feature!

  89. linu7777

    Awesome..great job..

  90. samvega

    hope I’ve submitted correctly! :)

  91. sirlemons

    That’s the worst feature ever (kidding)!!! It’s Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Rezdwan Hamid

    A great idea and one that makes organization easier. Thanks!

  93. James Hofheins

    This is a great feature. Really helps me keep control over my own blog. Not every site can say that.

  94. Daniel Brusilovsky

    Great new feature! Thanks WP!

  95. himanshu

    wow..thats some great feature..
    I like that..

  96. bibletoolguy


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