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Have you ever pressed an elevator button more in the hope that it would go faster? A street crossing button?

I do that all the time, even though rationally I know that there is no connection between the two. It’s probably the same part of my brain that sometimes buys a lotto ticket when I fill up my car.

Here on I did the same thing, but on the stats screen. Sometimes there would be a bump in the stats and I was curious to what I owed the good fortune, yet I would click and click and click on the chart and nothing happened.

I like to imagine that a lot of you were also clicking on that chart hoping for something to happen, and that we had some sort of magic machine that could collect all the futile clicks and count them as votes. Luckily though we have a benevolent dictatorship here so there’s no need to vote, and when you click the chart it now does something.

The something it does is take you to a page that shows the stats just for the day you clicked on so you can see your top referrers, posts, clicks, everything you see on the normal page, just expanded.

We also tidied up the spacing on the tables and cleaned up the styling a little bit.

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  1. Patrick

    nice! this is something i have always thought would pwn

  2. Shefali

    I did that before this post appeared ! I love it :)

  3. Anita Marie

    A new toy.
    You guys are just as cool as Santa

  4. Evan

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Sarah

    Let’s click then. ;)

  6. pakosuperstar


  7. ChenZhen

    Now THAT is cool!

  8. Former

    OMG! Excellent!! Thank you, this is great, keep up the good work

  9. kaveetaakaul

    Hey thats great Matt..tried and loved it. Also loved the way you introduced your post..the internal dialogue that precedes a click..cute.

    I know it sounds as if nothings gonna be enough, no matter what you do.. but I wish the incoming links were updated more often. There are those which I never get to know of since neither does it reflect on pingbacks or the ‘incoming links’ stats.

  10. antobilang

    pertamax!!! :mrgreen:

  11. raincoaster

    Nice, Matt. Thanks.

  12. antosamudra

    nice :) thanks..

    i’m thinking of showing the stats to the visitors… hmm…

  13. abu ameerah

    thanks for the update! : )

  14. mittins

    rad news.

  15. Heather

    nice. thanks!

  16. Nita

    This is absolutely awesome! Thanks a lot for this wonderful feature. I am one of those who clicks and clicks and finally I decided that perhaps I have some sort of tic! Anyway, I like it when something happens and something very very useful is happening. :)

  17. azruavatar

    Thank you. I’ve been clicking the whole time.

  18. Michael Sync

    Oh.. very interesting…. great feature.. Thanks..

  19. tuttysan

    Cool! Thank you.

  20. Joel

    Hey, cool!


  21. [KwZ]

    Wow, I was looking forward to something like that. Again, good job.

  22. Cppd Officer

    Wow great update!

  23. abarclay12

    Nice. That’s a good touch.

  24. blayde

    Woo, stats page always has the neatest features, thanks for some more!

  25. sulz

    i did wonder if i did something to my browser because the spacing was just odd initially. ;) it’s an improvement though i still wish there’s a way to measure feed stats as well.

  26. Louisa

    Thank you! :-)

  27. Chittaranjan

    Thatz a Zing Thing!

    U Rule!

  28. diamondfistwerny

    That’s very cool! Thank You. And I noticed the tidiness before I saw this bulletin. I thought maybe IE had an upgrade or something LOL

  29. NAyK

    It’s like pandering to our obsession. Bad, bad, bad! :)

  30. lathanarasimhan

    This is great. Specially for people like me, new to computers. thanks.

  31. celticprincess©

    I, for one, really appreciate this because it gives me more information as to what my readers are looking for and reading. You just keep getting better;)

  32. Alasdair

    Oh dear! My stats addiction just took another hit, cheers Mat.

  33. Anne

    Thanks, that was a good idea…

  34. sams4n

    Nice … nice …

  35. catzel

    Thanks, this is a great update. Keep up the good work :D

  36. Adi

    WOW! This is really great! keep up the good work, WP!

  37. peixesloucos

    good job!


  38. anas

    Really good news, I haven’t open that page. I’ll try it. Thanks Matt.

  39. poppy8sd

    Now that is a lot of fun! I never tried clicking on the stats. Thanx Bunches! (Do all of us “A” types double-hit the “crosswalk” button? lol)

    Will it ever be possible to pick a date –backwards, to look up info? My Most Hits ever was December 20, but I missed it, didn’t see what readers were looking at. (Still miss Feed Stats….)

  40. nederhop074

    This is verry usefull!,
    Thanks wp!

  41. cityintheclouds

    Nice, I regularly check my stats- I dont know what I’d do without the stats page. Keep up the good work!

  42. grhomeboy

    Matt, it seems you kept a few jolly good secrets (a magician usually, it is said, keeps them under his sleeve) from us during the Greek Bloggers Camp in Ios island, Greece, last June!

    Yesterday the Window Live Writer, today this, a new theme a couple of days before, and the list goes on.

    But, hey, if uou were to reviel them all at once, then maybe wp should move to Patmos island, the Apocalypse’s island! Thank you Matt for all the goodies you and your team delivers to us!

    All the best!

  43. savetheoc

    Nice one! ;)

  44. Pat

    nice, thank you

  45. letters

    You realise this is no way to get a stats addict to kick the habit, right? ;-)

  46. Art

    You mean that looking at my blog stats and clicking on that graph like 100 times a day didn’t make more people read my blog???

  47. yupri

    thats really nice

  48. Vish

    I admit, I clicked the stats even when I knew it didn’t do anything…

  49. nothoney

    Very nice. Thank you.


  50. Lazza

    Absolutely great!

  51. La spectatrice

    Thank you! This is a new feature I definitely will enyoy. ;-)

  52. Alexandre

    Goog :)

  53. Onasis

    Nice improvement. Thank you!

  54. Jim

    now that’s something awesome. :) muchos gracias!

  55. andyxl

    Yup thats nice. But I still want feed stats back …

  56. adminor

    great update for me. Thanks

  57. kayinmaine

    This is what I love about WordPress. It’s always evolving and improving. Much better than that other place, you know, it begins with a “B”…

  58. ocanto

    Good feature. Well done :)

  59. dougs2cents



  60. SoCalMuchacha

    VERY nice…thanks! :)

  61. Rae

    Thanks for the upgrade on the stats, I’ll let my staff know ASAP!

  62. Ronnie Ann

    WordPress really is the best. I just love cool stuff like this to play with. Thanks!

  63. nishugoyal

    Nice change!

  64. Keith Olbermann Is Evil

    You guys keep making this toy just better and better.

  65. Sunny

    Thank you for the update. I always click on the Stats like you mentioned. :)

  66. Janick

    Awesome!! YAY! :)

  67. somegosoftly

    SO, when people start reading my blog…that will be useful. :)

  68. adminor


  69. furoshiki

    Dear Matt, you really know what pleases us, little bloggers addicted to our stats ups and downs. Nice update, thanks a lot!

  70. Sakib Al Mahmud

    Matt thanks

  71. Bahrom

    Great new feature!

  72. sungame

    Wow, this is exactly what I hoped would happen every time I clicked the stats…

  73. whymommy

    Coolness … great improvement!

  74. steffi

    OMG thanks for the cool feature!! :)

  75. Julio Fragoso

    nice dude. Very nice to see what i wanted

  76. Todd Alperovitz

    Great job! Keep up the good work!

  77. legoless

    OMG!!!!! Thats so kl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna try it right now! :) :)

  78. navcity

    sounds like a plan

  79. QuillDancer

    Yay! [enthusiastic applause]

  80. Lauren

    Before I ask, they will answer.

  81. elexor

    Like Feed Stats? Please bring those back.

  82. timethief

    This is a great feature. Kudos for Andy. :)

  83. Merri Williams

    Yay! This will help me better understand what my readers want! You guys *rock*!

  84. jonasan

    awesome idea, thanks a bunch

  85. Jonathan Tardif

    Now THAT’S cool!

  86. salahudin


  87. Sankar Viruthachalam

    Nice feature :)

  88. Mr President

    This is something I’d always wanted but never enough to actually ask for. Sweet. Nice addition.

  89. natanzuelo

    Nice :-D I spent a lot of time on the stats page :-D

  90. ramoody5

    thnx for ur graet work

  91. Scott

    Thanks for cheering up my weekend!!!! Now I won’t have to worry so much if I miss a day or two of checking Ye Olde Stats Page!

    You guys are just as cool as Santa

    It truly is Christmas in July! :-D

  92. susaneb

    very cool. Sometimes I would like to know who has been there clicking my blog…what they were looking for…getting into their whole personal intent. Can’t do that yet!


  93. Brad Trnavsky

    Awesome! Thanks!!!

  94. Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr.

    Thanks a lot!

  95. shawal

    Very…very…very good things…. Changing make a better you….

  96. spiritualoasis

    This is great! Thank you!!

  97. TeacherJay

    NICE! It would also be nice to see breakdowns by day/week/month somewhere on the site.

  98. nytexan

    This is great. You guys are the best. Thank you.

  99. ladynada

    thank you Matt. You look familiar.

  100. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦



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