Get a Hot T-shirt

Have you every wondered what the world would be like if you were wearing a WordPress t-shirt?

Look at how happy they are! They’re red with excitement, and your friends will be red with envy if you get one.

At the official you can order the new red t-shirt in either manly or girlie styles and they ship almost anywhere in the world. The shirts are high-quality American Apparel, and are screen-printed. Styles are available for a limited time, we’ll probably do about 2-3 a year, and once they’re gone the style will never be printed again.

Everybody looks good in red.

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  • Jul 26, 2007 @ 5:53 pm


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  1. axewielderx

    They look good! Wish I was not so frickin’ broke right now…


  2. Erwin

    cute color!

  3. raghuinfosol

    Looks Good.

  4. Sagaro

    Okay Matt, quickly pssst… what should I say/do to get the tee for free? Eat a grasshopper? Paint my face red? Tattoo I *love* WP on my arm? Or maybe just say “please”? Just lemme know :P

  5. VxJasonxV

    Who are the models in the pictures?

  6. Matt

    VxJasonxV, I don’t know! (But I wouldn’t mind knowing.) The t-shirt company took the pics.

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  9. legoless


  10. Brian

    Great idea. Only problem, it looks like a University of Wisconsin shirt. :D

  11. disgruntled

    And look, they even make you cheerful in London in this miserable wet summer… but can they stop it raining?

  12. Rae

    I doubt anyone around here would know what wordpress is, let alone a blog, but the shirt looks fiery red hot.

  13. breezaki


  14. Roads

    Those views of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral and the Gherkin are looking pretty grey behind the new WordPress T-shirts today.

    So let’s hope for some of that famous Silicon Valley sunshine, all along the South Bank soon.

  15. januarys

    i like the shirts. and nice job with the one-time-only thing… it kind of makes me want to get a red one RIGHT NOW

  16. Keith Olbermann Is Evil

    Why not the classic WordPress blue? (A rather darkish steel blue, #4682B4.)

  17. bonjee

    …another air-tight proof that what one wears causally determines who one is and how one feels about it.

  18. jihadjoe

    I might just actually get one of these…

  19. natanzuelo

    So geek! So awesome!

  20. emalyse

    Funny how women are meant to only come in one size whilst the men get everything from small to xxl.Ah life…

  21. Matt

    emalyse, the women’s shirts come in all sizes too, I just think they sold out faster. The list on the side is their stock, you can still order in almost any size.

  22. maltesen

    Cool T-shirts

  23. urbandiner

    In London first?

  24. Moe

    I think it’d be fun to have WordPress sweatshirts. :-)


  25. Chris Hoskin

    I’m a spurs fan (Tottenham). Our biggest rivals play in red, so its a no from me. Any other colour and i’m in.

  26. alma

    I Want ONE!!! NOW!!!

  27. skywindows

    So let me get this straight… I pay you $17 to advertise your company?

  28. Matt

    skywindows, you could wear it inside-out if you like.

    You could also pay $50 to advertise for Mr Fitch and Mr Abercrombie, but we don’t sell those. (Yet?)

  29. nosugrefneb

    Yeah Brian, that they look like Wisconsin shirts is a huge problem.
    Go Illini.

  30. Ehab

    Lovely :D

    Ignore the rabbits matt ! I will put this in my wishlist :D

  31. alicia5

    I need one of those!!! I love the color…

  32. that girl again

    I bet you’d sell even more if the logo wasn’t so fugly. Save money in the short term, lose it in the long term. Shame ;)

  33. navcity

    Weather in london is crap but the t-shirt is bright as summer itself…I’m not one for labels though

  34. Stas Sushkov

    Give a buzz if anybody from romania got one! I’ll try to be the first… :)

  35. Stas Sushkov

    Will you add any other paying methods? Like (e-)money transfers?

  36. haryiips

    awsome waiting for such fortuity….

  37. .:Marianis World:.

    Love that T shirt! Want one!!!:-)

  38. Woeful

    Interesting, why red when the WordPress color theme is blue?

  39. Brian

    Aw, man, I thought this was gonna be a contest to get a free shirt…

  40. PWnet

    I’ve bought one under the pretence I will become incredibly happy and have pretty girls clinging to my arms.

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  42. dr55

    Cool ! ^_@

  43. onemorecup

    “I just got to get me one of these”…

    …Capt. Steve Hiller (Will Smith) to David Lewinson (Jeff Goldblum) when they take off in the alien space ship.

  44. fiberoptic

    If there were a few colour opportunities it would be better.

    And can we make our blogs full address written on these t-shirts

    It would be smarter with blue and gray colour for example.

  45. howlinfox

    I think everyone who’s a member should get one for free to promote the site. Translation=I’m too broke

  46. wildeny

    :? Not sure about red. I would much prefer the color theme used in, BLUE.

  47. Manny

    I also wonder why the t-shirt wasn’t in the same blue as the header. At least it’s not in a certain shade of red. I’d be shocked if I wore this to the gym and someone would ask if I’m a blogger.

  48. r8chel

    If I buy one, will I always have to wear matching lipstick? :P

  49. cyclepromo

    If the back is blank you can easily add your own domain address for those who want to promote.

  50. Mischa Kuznetsova

    red?? i LOVE!! i was expecting it to be white and blue haha..

    but i LOVE the red!!!!

  51. Sriharsha

    I’d love to ‘ve one how to get it …

  52. pinoy atbp!

    Yah, why not in calssic blue? Anyways, how about giving away the tee’s as raffle prize? It will be cool ;)

  53. dinsan

    awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. brianvimx

    Does it come in black?

  55. theemptyvessel

    why the hell are they so expensive!!

    i want one for free, please please please

  56. Cristina

    Red, the color of Christmas.

  57. halshop

    Not everyone looks good in red. How about anything but red or yellow?

  58. abu ameerah

    Now that’s not just cool…

    That’s WORDPRESS cool!

  59. P. A. Monteiro

    I like the red colour but then again I’m an Ohio-State and an Arsenal fan, so I would. Plus, I’ve generally been partial to read. I agree about the Wisconsin comment though I never noticed it till now, probably because of the alternate colour of the logo. Just glad it’s not Michigan maize and blue. ;-)

  60. thefrontsteps


    London ain’t got nothing on the miserable San Francisco fog. It’s been relentless!

  61. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Hang on.. Why it has to be red? :p… I am too dark to be in red.. LOL

  62. killerthought

    Are they printed in any other colors aside from red?

  63. killerthought

    I’d love to have one.

  64. Lance

    I’m waiting for the matching undies…

  65. niveditaprabhu

    heyy no fair…shit!….its shuld b free…..
    vr all too broke man!

  66. tandanda

    gee, lovely T-shirts, but ain’t no chances of getting one….i am from Zimbabwe….

  67. subbu

    I hope blue one comes out too…it would look cool with wordpress logo on it..

  68. Chittaranjan

    Black ones available?? If them Tees get sold out, will there be Caps?? And then some Mugs or maybe Bumper Stickers??

    *reins in overenthusiasm*

    Those Tees are coool…..too bad the largest size won’t fit me :mrgreen:

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  70. Galen

    I think you’re trying to make fun of my name with that color, especially my last name, since it has that color in it, and there ain’t no way of hiding it now. Thanks, you blew my cover, which was all red anyway. I know you are trying to unmask me. It matches my darkest suspicions about this entire “blogging” charade, and everything. I’ve caught all of you with your hands out, and the game is now up in the air, isn’ it, and most important, haven’t I? (Now you don’t all have to answer at once… yet!)

    I really like T-shirts, especially ones with no holes in ‘em, but what if I want to buy one (or more) and NOT wear it (them)????!!! Wouldn’t that just be *wrong* somehow?

  71. 1ofHis

    Red’s my favorite color!

  72. lengyue

    i love it

  73. Keith

    LOL – I know that red is the “hot” color, but disappointed that the T-shirt was not in WordPress blue. :)
    So, my question would be what killerthought asked: Any more colors besides red. In any color everything WordPress is HOT!

  74. guruche

    Its good

  75. nishugoyal

    seriously nice color choice !!


    Interesting, nice stuff!

  77. empressmaruja

    I’m not used to wearing red, but I might wear that.

  78. betterthanhuman

    O’ WordPress shirt, how I love thee.

  79. Mocha!

    Niiiiiceeeee…waiting to get paid I purchase mine! LOL @ Lance on the matching undies…not a bad idea though!

  80. Mocha!

    Is that the ‘gherkin’ I see on the background? Don’t tell me you were in London promoting WP??? I would have loved to be there….getting a freebie perhaps ;) !

  81. Mentality

    It’s really the women that looks great with the shirt. I might buy it if she came with it.

  82. Alexander


  83. jeremiahandrews

    Um, I have just a small question. $17 for a shirt and $17 more to ship to Canada! I have an ebay store and I know it costs less than $17 to ship a shirt int’l… I’d like one, but I won’t pay $17.00 for shipping!!

    Jeremy in Montreal

  84. finiarellife

    nice, but why not blue

  85. Shaun

    been there done that got the T-shirt ;0)

  86. moskd786

    well its awesome,it would look great if i m wearing one

  87. kristinbell

    I’m really fat and I need a larger size. :( I want to be a wordpress advertising monkey too. Can’t you make them bigger? I know, 3x should be big enough, but it isn’t, okay? I always get left out of the cool shirt club. Wahhh. Don’t tell me to lose weight or I’ll have to sit on you!!!! Seriously!

  88. savino

    Cute :P

  89. nano


  90. sauvik

    awww… i love red…but.. how do i get one…?

  91. pierrickmoritz

    I want it !

  92. disgruntled

    front steps – I’d swap you some of our rain for some of your fog. More flash flood warnings on the way this weekend … WordPress have got this one right: we need some pillar-box red to cheer us all up

  93. Donlyn

    Sorry, don’t do t-shirts. Would do button-downs. — love the design – always on the look out for good design!

  94. Adi

    great, but.. can U make that t-shirts blue? :)

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  96. maplepoet

    I want this omg it looks so cute <3

  97. cheesecake06

    simple and nice t-shirt. :)

  98. skirtchaser

    I’d be sold on the undies as well, and how’s the fit? Fatman fit or stylish/muscular fit?

  99. txbluebonnet

    Cool…but, red is a bit too bright for me…

  100. maxwellhammer

    “Have you every wondered what the world would be like if you were wearing a WordPress t-shirt?”

    That’s the best, and at the same time, worst sales pitch I’ve ever heard. They’ll either buy it or spit on you.


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