The Whole Team

After WordCamp the whole team had an “onsite” at Stinson Beach in Northern California. With people from Australia to Louisiana to Bulgaria, it’s a pretty big deal for us to be all in one place.

We’ve be planning out the year, deciding what to focus on. Tough work, but it’s been tempered by lots of beer, wine, Bulgarian vodka, hikes, bikes, and sea boarding.

We had met in La Paz earlier in the year but the whole team wasn’t able to make it. This time we’re all here! Don’t worry, we’re watching out for meteors. If you ever wondered what the crazy team behind all this looks like, here we are:

Automattic Team

From left to right: Matt T., Nikolay, Maya, Raanan, Demetrious, Andy, Joseph, Toni, Ryan, Lloyd, Barry, Donncha, Matt M., Mark, Alex, and Mike.

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  1. bovanne

    Which one is the Bulgarian? Demetrious?

  2. cK

    finally i knew who are the guys behind the desk wordpress hehehe… :lol:

  3. natanzuelo

    A bunch of geeks, huh?

    You guys are great, ;-)

  4. Cisco

    Next time in Europe ;)

  5. Sylvaine Vaucher

    Wide and Narrow…don’t drink too much…you are so cute :-) Nice staff !

  6. H Palm

    Thanks to the whole wordpress crew – your work is much appreciated and I can’t wait to find out what you might have up your sleeves for the future!

    Keep it up!

  7. bubbler

    Hope you guys put on yer sunscreen.

  8. P-s-E-u-D-o-PEarL®

    Don’t get drunk, anyway :)

  9. delimoon

    Nice to meet you !
    Only one girl in your team ?


  10. Matt

    So far, but I’m sure we’ll have many more in the future.

  11. Marfa

    Why Bulgarian vodka?! :shock: The rakia is better decision! :P

  12. Michael Sync

    wow.. nice….

  13. dinsan

    vowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww excited to see the whole team together :)

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  15. Manny

    Kudos to all of you for making WordPress such an awesome place to blog. Thanks to you all for your hard work.

  16. Chittaranjan

    Cheers to the Automattic Team!

    BTW, Whatz the Surfboard called? :lol:

  17. diarreiasmentais

    Google for Portugal beaches! If you like nice food, nice waves nice weather….! Your invited!

  18. Henrik Sundholm

    Great team indeed ;)

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  20. coaks

    “You’re so wise. You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.” – Anchorman

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  22. bastrix

    Thank you for all the work! Romania loves you.

  23. કુણાલ

    gr8… feels nice to see u all guys… cheers… have a gr8 time…

  24. Chris Meller

    Now if we only knew what all of them actually did:D

  25. vermeulenblog

    Well, now there’s a face to Mark, the man who fixes everything! Great job, everyone!

  26. simonesu

    hehehe :P you guys need to keep fit now :P..nice team ..keep on all did great :) love it

  27. Chris Vance

    You gather people on a beach, and most wear jeans… Ah, technology companies. No excuses blaming the weather.


    Many cheers to the Automattic Team!

  29. trulymarsha

    it’s nice to finally see who the people are…the ones toiling over the features that we’ve been using! u could have share wtih us some of the beer, though. :-)

  30. Sakib Al Mahmud

    Superb Team

  31. Graham Martin

    Again with the EUROPE PLEASE! shouts. I’d be more likely to make Bulgaria than SF, and would definitely make the effort if it was nearer.

  32. ihatewheat

    Matt, you are a QT.

  33. Bob

    It is nice to see what the WordPress developers look like. Keep on Blogging!

  34. Lorelle VanFossen

    I was going to complain about Maya being the only woman, and then I realized that she is more than enough woman for all of you!

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  36. Daniel Alexander

    Thanks for creating/maintaining this beautiful platform!

  37. ocanto

    Good to meet you. I wish you the best :)

  38. Hajo Schilperoort

    Cool crew! I hope you enjoy… and thanks for all the stuff you guys & girl do when you are not surfing around.

  39. coollikeme

    I hope I get a team for my business as good as this group.

  40. artistrybysandy1

    LOVE California……that’s home…SF Bay Area!!!! Lookin good!!

  41. anaj

    That’s a very masculine team – props to Maya for representin’!

  42. blogscapes

    We finally get to see the team. cheers

  43. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦

    Hey Matt I wish I also had a team which worked for me! You r 1 of the most luckiest persons in the world . Dont let anybody seize you ! KEEP IT UP

  44. marsha loftis

    Oh my gosh, you all look normal. Not one tinfoil hat in the group… :)

  45. rasgo

    Very nice to meet you all having fun.

  46. austria

    you do a great job, guys, thank you very much!
    greetings from austria

  47. nyonyapearl

    Thank you for helping me use the ever so friendly WORDPRESS! KUDOS to all for your hard work. maybe next visit, come to Penang my little island in Malaysia.

  48. sryxen

    okey….ther they are…yeaaaa

  49. sauvik

    hello everybody…!!! nice to meet ye guys… :)))

  50. onyeonibiosaro

    I think blogging is an innovative and brand new way of sharing ideas for the good of mankind. It is indeed a welcome idea that LBS is eposing students to the potentials of blogging. It will add value to the lives of users.

  51. storydogs

    Thanks to the team for providing the best blog platform available,
    We love it!

  52. njtutorwhocares

    Is that a rose amid thorns or a thorn amid roses?

  53. megat

    Yeah great team guys! i know how difficult to make our frens altogether at the same time

  54. sevkattoplulugu

    owww. heavyy mans. ): cheerfully people.

  55. kateburns

    only ONE girl? you need a little more estrogen in that group! way to go maya-rock the girl power.

  56. opengiga

    really cool !!!

  57. whymommy

    I noticed that too! Hurrah to Maya — and to hiring more rockin’ women in the future!

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  59. Maya

    Yes, the only girl so far – not to mention 4 months pregnant in this picture, with all these guys. ;0

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  61. Pierre Cattan

    You are my heroes! Thanx folk’s :)


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