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I know you want to check out some of those new themes on to see just how much they might make your blog shine, but you don’t want to activate any for fear your readers will get on your case about switching themes all the time.

… You have really obnoxious readers, don’t you? ;)

Well no need to worry any longer. You can now preview any theme from your blog’s Presentation admin screen just by clicking on the theme’s thumbnail. Your blog will load on the fly using the new theme without actually activating that theme for realies. Even better, you can click around most anywhere in your blog to see how your posts, pages, categories and everything else look.

Theme Preview Preview

Kinda fun, huh? Go nuts.

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. Fredi


  2. perplexityshe


  3. Naoko Kensaku


  4. RegiVizz

    I just tried it! Fun new feature! Thanks!

  5. theorangemage

    Oh man, I was wondering when something like this would be enabled…just about any other theme-enabled thing on a PC has this ability.

    Works great, too! :D

  6. baronen

    Yeah, me like!

  7. Sporti -

    Muy bueno!

  8. freakcode

    That was the most needed feature. Thumbs up!

  9. undarsh

    Sounds good!

  10. lulu

    Wow! That was fun!

  11. lna13

    wow this is cool. Very good idea.

  12. vermeulenblog

    that is awesome!

  13. briosafreak

    Finally! Great job :kudos:

  14. invictus

    This was a really needed feature. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  15. Jasper


  16. daniel

    No more frills in switching theme anymore. That’s what I am expecting from wordpress. Cool!

  17. Richard

    I’ve been wanting this for a long time, but never asked. I’m glad someone did – or staff figured it out on their own, being the kind and giving bunch they are!

    Thanks big-time!

  18. Grace

    This is a most excellent feature. Thanks.

  19. Yaser

    Sweetly cool

  20. Yaser


  21. natanzuelo

    Thank you!
    I’ve been waiting for this :-D

  22. Lagenda Blogger

    WordPress rock

  23. iMargeIn

    Thumbs Up!

  24. Lizzie Moogle

    Excellent! Ive been thinking about this for ages :)

  25. webmaster

    Thanks – there’ve been so many times when I accidentally deleted my theme and customizations by trying to preview, or by just clicking in the wrong spot on the ‘presentation’ page.

  26. cuzoogle


  27. k_yohendi

    it’s a great feature, u should try it !
    thanks a lot, dev team!

  28. Andrew

    good news, especially given concerns about whether widgets and CSS will be messed up by experimenting with different themes

  29. Guy

    As Mr. Burns would say … excellent.

  30. thepearlady

    oh yay, I have wanted this feature. Thanks, WP. :)

  31. P-s-E-u-D-o-PEarL®

    Ha! That’s cool! Thanks, thanks.

  32. diamondfistwerny

    You’re spoiling me! Not a smart thing to do :P

  33. A Villager

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much :) Now I can check out the other themes :)

  34. blogscapes

    Great, thanks!

  35. Debugger


  36. 关义俊 gondolier

    this is cool.
    Thanks for the hard work!

  37. Phoenix

    Yeah.. I keep switching themes all the time and my readers some time take it to be a “sign”!

  38. trollboy


  39. kayinmaine

    I love you people at WordPress. *flinging hearts out of my chest at you* :lol:

  40. Anna

    This is perfect!!! Thank you!

  41. Jenn S. (a.k.a. Ducky)

    Finally! Thank you so much!

  42. La spectatrice

    This is a very convenient feature. Thanks! :D

  43. rowjie

    wow! this is nice!!! congrats!!! i am happy that you can now preview a chosen theme here in WordPress. :)

  44. Santosh

    great feature man… really needed.

  45. sora9n

    Once again you guys made my wish come true… :D

    Thank you very much! ^^

  46. Sankar

    This is a feature that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Good that is now here…

  47. rahulnever2far

    Thats great!!!! Thanks!!!

  48. vjp

    Looking good ;) Now, how about some new themes?


    this one is the better idea :)

  50. StDogbert

    Great! Was hoping this feature would be implemented soon.

  51. chill24

    thanks, just used it!!

  52. miquie's crew

    thank you so much …

  53. Dex

    this is what i was thinking when i first opened my account oo….thank you very much for this new feature…

  54. upuaut

    Very useful, I was waiting for it. :)

  55. StarSpry

    Awesome! Thanks :)

  56. Maxime S

    I was waiting for this for long!! Thanx

  57. MJ

    Great feature

  58. sleepyfrog76

    YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! This is something I’ve been wanting. I love to change themes, but I really like to try them out to see how they fit for me. I’m sure it drives my blogging buddies nuts. So… THANK YOU!! Wo-hoooo!!

  59. Pranni

    Very useful feature !!! Thanks a ton

  60. civilizer

    Darn fine idea, much obliged.

  61. NAyK

    Wow. That is one really really really helpful innovation! Thanks.

  62. Henpon™

    looks great :D

  63. denit

    oh yay!! THANK YOU!!

  64. globetrotteri

    Terrific idea. WordPress rocks! This is what keeps setting you above the rest!

  65. Tracy

    Great! Thanks!

  66. wanderlust

    >> Go nuts
    Aye aye, cap’n!

  67. McVaro

    this is a along-awaited, and much-needed feature!
    thank you very much! =)

  68. Ken Perrott

    Very useful. Thanks.

  69. Universalgeni

    This is great fun. A winner-feature. Thank you guys!

  70. TiDeS

    This is really perfect.. Would help a lot..

  71. ephemery

    Wow, this is great! Much thanks!

  72. bobbibbo

    what is that…?can i use that theme? if yes you are awsome dude..

  73. Kunal

    nice feature :)

  74. Art

    Now this is something cool! And useful. Thanks!

  75. Suresh Gundappa

    Brilliant and I love you guys for innovation and easy on users! keep up the great work!

  76. Driver


  77. oldgreypoet

    Great news, thanks!

  78. Austin

    There you go! I like that. I know sometimes a reader will click on one entry and the theme is one way then click back to the homepage and its a different theme because I’m playing around with it. I really like this new feature.


  79. Craig Hodgkins

    I love it, because I’m a real site tweaker. Thanks for all you WP folks do.

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  81. Matthew

    Thanks so much. I’ve been waiting for this. :)

  82. korrey

    Definitely this one is the feature I’ve been waiting for! Thanks!!

  83. Ana Peluso

    It’s great! It’s look a like a very special virtual environment preview!
    Very thanks!

  84. raincoaster

    Seriously cool. Thanks!

  85. amiripz

    That is really nice. Well done folks.

  86. enrico


  87. Srikanth

    This is one feature which WP lacked and for this reason i prevented myself from checking out different themes coz i have a fully loaded widgets in present theme.

    Another Request to theme team :
    Can we have more tripaned themes plzzzzz

  88. the rufus

    Just setting up some new blogs – great feature. Marvelous.

  89. Susan

    So I don’t have to try out new themes in the middle of the night and hope no one Down Under is paying attention? Sweet! Thanks

  90. sams4n

    Finally ….. =.=

  91. Reynie

    Nice !

  92. makj

    AT LAST!!!!

    That’s a REALLY GREAT feature!!!

  93. MadMark

    Very useful and appreciate!

  94. ideasmith

    That’s great. I love changing templates and hate answering the “What are you doing..AGAIN?” coments. :-)

  95. raptorsworld

    This is one feature I have been waiting for since I first got here.
    Thanks and good work WP team!

  96. deftoned

    Thank goodness! I’ve been wanting this for some time now! :)

  97. invisiblegirl

    much better now =]

  98. helar

    Love this… I do not switch themes often but this makes it much easier!

  99. amalzone

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! Thanks!!!

  100. blayde

    Great, now i can check it out without having to use it, thanks


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