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I know you want to check out some of those new themes on to see just how much they might make your blog shine, but you don’t want to activate any for fear your readers will get on your case about switching themes all the time.

… You have really obnoxious readers, don’t you? ;)

Well no need to worry any longer. You can now preview any theme from your blog’s Presentation admin screen just by clicking on the theme’s thumbnail. Your blog will load on the fly using the new theme without actually activating that theme for realies. Even better, you can click around most anywhere in your blog to see how your posts, pages, categories and everything else look.

Theme Preview Preview

Kinda fun, huh? Go nuts.

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. Elehzya

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cheers muchly! :D

  2. karlo mikhail

    Very useful! It takes long for me to choose an appropriate theme and it really seemed like I was shifting from theme to theme under the previous dispensation when this preview ability was not yet around.

  3. antosamudra

    very nice … tq :)

  4. sventje


  5. myepinoy


    Why didn’t you think about that before? Just kidding.

  6. DeNnIE

    waw!!!! very cool………

  7. Robin

    Great idea… I run several blogs and this will save me so much time. A couple of bugs will be reported through the feedback form.

  8. allmyscribbles

    Great. Thanks a ton. Very useful feature…

  9. vaniglia

    Great! Thank you =)

  10. Jin

    Thank you. Makes it a lot easier to test different themes.

  11. Kichigai-san

    At last! Thanks! ^__^

  12. Mocha!

    Nice…..are we getting any new themes soon?

  13. bruisinraincloud

    that is wonderful! Thanks for all the hard work!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦

    I really needed this one !

  15. lazybug

    That’s a very good addition. Thanks!

  16. scrunchyy

    Cool! Thanks!

  17. bovanne


    It always bugged me when I clicked, by accident, on another theme while surfing in my presentation menu.

  18. Nicola

    Brilliant – thank you.

  19. zzeed

    good one~

  20. Alasdair

    “you don’t want to activate any for fear your readers will get on your case about switching themes all the time.”

    So that’s you is it … grand idea :D

  21. Javyer

    Thanks Thanks !!

  22. maique

    finally. thanks.

  23. rjlight

    Oh this is so cool! I love checking out new themes and hated not being able to try out first. I hate leaving my 5000+ readers confused while I play.

  24. Rushi Vishavadia

    Being the theme junkie, I love this.

  25. Yassine Sabir

    That will certainly help a lot. Thanks best team!

  26. Reene

    AWESOME!!!!!!! Perfect! I’ve been wondering when it will happen!

  27. JenW

    Yay! I have been wanting this forever too :) Thanks!

  28. Teixeira


  29. that girl again

    See how sometimes the simplest, least flashy features get the most ecstatic response? This has been needed for a long time.

  30. coolsmurf

    very fine idea!

  31. TodayYesterdayAndTomorrow (TYT)

    I lovvvvvve you! :)

  32. Karura

    Yay, I’ve wanted this feature for so long, and now it’s here *goes away to mess around with themes*

  33. ish

    Great thing done!

  34. Kira-ness

    haha. minus blog hits for refreshing my page everytime i view the new theme. ^ ^

  35. togetherwillbe


  36. Richard Graves

    Pretty Sweet.

  37. Robin

    Wonderful! Thank you.

  38. nishugoyal

    something more like other blogs ..

  39. Shae

    Ooh, me likey!

  40. gulfcoastpolo

    nice work again guys

  41. K

    About time….

  42. booglets

    finally! this is much appreciated. one less worry off my ‘worry’ list. hahaha. I worry whenever I try a different theme, it gets pretty frustrating sometimes.

  43. mon@rch

    Was just wondering the other day how to do this! You guys Rock!

  44. effy

    I have soooo wanted something like that for a long time!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! It made my day! :)

  45. Sakib Al Mahmud

    wow! really great !!!

  46. Ujwala

    super neato! i’ve been wanting to try out new themes but was too worried about the mess i might have on my hands and recovering from that. nice one. thank you.

  47. The Canadian Cinephile

    Yaaaay! I like.

  48. ladybrettashley

    freakin’ sweet

  49. frances

    Thank you so much!

    Now I don’t have to wake up at 2AM in order to try out new themes and to avoid having my blog look silly.

  50. peixesloucos

    i really needed this feature! great job!

  51. supermoderator

    Im so happy! I think i am going to do my happy dance now! :mrgreen:

  52. FXSmom

    it’s about time ;) This is awesome!

  53. munggur

    incredibly great! wow… i love the idea and the real implementation.

  54. MOI

    awesome, awesome tool. Thank you!! Helpful for those of us who have theme mania.

  55. totaltrust

    Once again, excellent innovation and service from you folks — Thanks!


  56. fleurdelys79

    Thanks so much! Great feature.

  57. Tracie

    Awesome! Thanks!

  58. Mary

    Por fin!! Gracias! :D

  59. arkland

    Well, it just ueber nice!

  60. legoless

    yay! :mrgreen: i love this feature!!

  61. andyparkes

    Top marks to the WordPress team!

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  63. kotakinako

    Wonderful feature! Arigato~!

  64. urbanpixie

    Love it!

  65. trugiaz

    another great step!

  66. Barbara H.

    This is great, I had been wishing there was a way to examine themes first before switching over. Thanks!

  67. yopenguin

    hasta la vista baby! wordpress is awesome!!!

  68. aikachen

    YAY~! I love you!
    How much I wanted something like this all the time, because I’m changing themes so often …
    It’s fantastic! Thank you!

  69. samry

    thank you so much …

  70. Kate Scott

    This is the best! I hated that it automatically changed the theme. Thanks! :-)

  71. Bart

    fantastic! nice

  72. The Great Ganesha

    very nice. thx.

  73. fracas

    Awesome feature. Those of us who change themes as often as we move the living room furniture know our readers will thank you for it!

  74. museditions

    Great & Thanks! Due to my daily addiction to ICH Cheezeburger, though, when I previewed several themes I found myself saying loudly “Do Not Want!” (I’m not kidding about this). Forget about life on other planets—is there life beyond WordPress? :D

  75. frogx3

    nice, trick =P

  76. Roland


  77. Cin

    Wonderful! I’ve been wanting this for a while :)

  78. sauvik

    great … i like that…

  79. aubade

    Merci beaucoup

    thanks a lot :-)

  80. bombie

    Wow, this improvement is something I felt needed the first time I tried switching theme. Cool!

  81. mercenario

    LOS AMO!

  82. pattisoriginals

    Great feature – WordPress impressed me AGAIN!

  83. muadib


  84. growthumbs

    Thank you! This makes WP even better still!

  85. Matt Algren


  86. alison

    For themaholics like me! Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!

  87. dailypiglet


    wordpress is so very sexy.

    so are you guys behind the curtain that make all of this possible.

  88. Karyn

    Excellent! Thank You!!

  89. chanux

    I’m not amazed. Coz I know I’m on wordpress.

  90. forlogos

    way cool! thank you

  91. pir4ta


  92. brotherhank

    y’all are the coolest!

  93. gnn1

    omg THANK YOU!!!!!

  94. Farghana

    This is one thing I always preview and test the theme I want to implement before I serving it to my visitors. Great…!!! Thanks ..!! You all never cease to stop imPRESSing!!!

  95. onethefool

    Fantastic idea!

  96. lathanarasimhan

    I just changed my theme. Previewed so many before deciding. I thought this feature was always there. Really news for me!

  97. akaiyubi

    oh finally.. great great.

  98. megat

    simple & nice!

  99. nadafgk

    this is very fascinating feature. keep it up.

  100. incywincy

    and now you need more new themes so that we can play around with this new feature.

    great one, btw. it’s what i’ve been waiting for! :) (yes i have obnoxious readers :( )


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