2nd Birthday

You know, if I keep forgetting WordPress.com’s birthday she’s going to stop returning my calls.

Has it really been a year since I almost missed our birthday last time? How time flies. Next thing you know it’s a million blogs later.

It’s overwhelming to even begin to chronicle everything that has happened, but a year ago we didn’t have domain mapping, custom CSS, private blogs, auto-save, any language-specific homepages, the tag surfer, my comments, avatars, VIPs, friend surfer, space upgrades, Snap, click stats, audio embedding, a blog switcher, LaTEX, OpenID, contact forms, and dozens more features.

Today, the 20th of August, is actually less our birthday and more the date of conception, when the first blog on WordPress.com was created. (This one.) We were in an intense development and testing period, and had an invite system. The invites were being bought and sold on eBay for as high as $90! We opened to the public in December 2005, which we now know is the slowest time of the year, and it began picking up in January. When WordPress.com launched there was a lot of worry that it would suffocate its open source cousin, but the opposite has happened: it’s introduced a whole new audience to WP and WordPress.org is nearing its third major release in a year, a much faster and more mature development cycle than it’s ever had before.

Here are the stats from the last 10 days we published last year. We’ve…

  • Created 50,334 blogs
  • Added 269,035 static pages
  • Tagged 715,905 tags on posts
  • Gotten 920,363 comments
  • Written 678,842 posts
  • Had 96,095,493 pageviews!

Most of all though, we’ve learned a great deal about running a site like WordPress.com where so many of you express your creativity, joys, struggles, aspirations, and desires in ways we would have never imagined. Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin, and we’ll do our best to continue to delight you as we weather the terrible twos. :)

If you have a WordPress.com memory from the last year you’d like to share, write about it on your blog and link this entry, it’ll show up as a ping in the comments.

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  1. ageekgirl

    Happy Birthday, WordPress! Thanks for allowing me to start a journal again! Many happy returns, and may your next year be even better than the previous ones.

  2. Cristina

    yay for birthdays. birthdays are always great, even if your not sober at the time.

  3. Humaro


  4. Javier Neira

    I remember that almost a year ago, a friend told me about wordpress, so I created an account and decided that it was time to leave Blogger. I was absolutely right, I never regreted.
    Happy Birthday to everyone who works on WordPress, you make blogging so easy man!… Thanks!

  5. Mitch McDad

    HAppy Birthday! Keep up the good work.

  6. Pembebel

    Hehe. Don’t have a ‘last year’ yet. :D

  7. raincoaster

    Happy birthday!

  8. pakosuperstar

    long life ! wp in my heart

  9. A B

    Happy birthday WordPress….
    You will definitely see lot of such days in future…
    Your future is definitely very bright.

  10. frogx3

    Happy birthday guys, wordpress.com rules… I’ve been here since the beginning in 2005 but 4 weeks ago I started again with my blog, the service is wonderful..

    Keep going to the top…

  11. trollboy

    Happy Birthday WordPress!

  12. Kopral Geddoe

    Ja, makes you wonder what kind of awe-inspiring progress you’ll initiate by the time of the 3rd birthday ;)

  13. cema

    Well, although I lack any exact memoirs, I remember my first post, coming into the world and going, ‘Hey, here I am.’ Since then I’ve grown heavily, bought my own domain, and managed to nab some decent views. Thanks and congratulations WordPress!

  14. Lijin

    “Happy Birthday…..wordpress.com” :)

  15. peterhgregory

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear WordPress.com,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    And many mooooooore!

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  17. cronies

    Happy B-Day WP! :D

  18. Javier Aroche

    Happy Birthday, WordPress.com!!

  19. Pezster12

    good job wordpress u rock

  20. ghodgeon

    Happy Birthday!

  21. celticprincess©

    It’s only been 2 years? Well you certainly have made me feel right at home and I started blogging on here 2 months after you brought this to the public. I love it here and have met so many great people. I even brought a couple together, inadvertently, of course, that didn’t know each other and ended up getting married. They just told me they are expecting their first baby. So your linking and bringing communication to the World, you just can’t ask for anything better.

  22. nishugoyal

    Belated Happy Birthday WordPress. !

  23. Kyle

    Happy birthday :D

  24. உதய தாரகை


    Happy birthday to you..

    Happy birthday to you…

    Happy birthday my dear WordPress..

    Happy birthday to you…

    – Rise Star

  25. Kunal

    I was one of the lucky ones to get an invite in October itself… I switched from blogspot to WP then, and it has been the most enjoyable experience ever…
    Happy Birthday WP :)

  26. Snowcrash

    Happy birthday to best blogging site on the Internets !

  27. destineeisrad

    She’s a Leo like me.

  28. bassclar

    Congratulations. But there will always be people like me asking for more feaures. (my pet feature: a decent way to display source code on my blog)

    Keep up the good work!

  29. KeenEye

    WOO HOO!

    Hau`oli la hanau!

    Thank you for all that you do to maintain a perfect blogging platform.

    You are SOOOO loved.

  30. startlingmoniker

    My big deal is finally making the Top 100,000 on Technorati! Not too bad for a music blog!

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  32. brainsplus

    happy birthday … proud of ya

  33. caplang™

    congrats, Matt! :D

  34. Mario Vellandi

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

    Thank-you for everything…you truly are the best!

  35. abu ameerah

    2nd Birthday huh? Let’s hope that wordpress.com doesn’t go through the “terrible 2’s” …

    : )

  36. ninglun

    Blogged it. Thanks for all you have done and congratulations.

  37. resistrevolt

    Happy Birthday! That’s totally awesome. We love your blogging software.

  38. anggara

    happy birthday :)

  39. Tim B.

    Happy Birthday. What a great time I have had (especially compared to iWeb & .Mac).

  40. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday WordPress.com! You guys share the best party favors ever.

  41. onairosjs

    Congratulations from many people around the world. Like the air the words that WP allows circulate around the world are like freedom, we only note the lack of them when it is too late for taking advantage of it.
    From Perú, Argentina and Uruguay receive our best wishes

  42. lukadium

    I really enjoy the wordpress atmosphere, happy birthday wordpress, May you live a long and busy life!

  43. Paul

    Happy birthday ‘WordPress’s date of coneption, when the first blog on WordPress.com was created!!!’

    Though I’ve been bloggin for less than a year, I couldn’t be happier to have chosen WordPress as my blog host!

    WordPress>Blogger (or any other host) anyday.

  44. Grace

    Congratulations. I can’t imagine my life without you anymore.

  45. nerone

    best wishes.

    I started on wordpress.com in november 2006. what i learned was learning by blogging. i actually enpowered me to increase knowledge on certain things, by sharing them with others. best thing that could happen with a tool is that it works!

    thanks for all

  46. dinsan

    Happy Birth Day Sweetieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Love you lots ( more than Matt lol ;) )

  47. E@zyVG


  48. amiripz

    Happy Birthday to WordPress.com, to the managers of the site and to all of us bloggers who write to this excellent blogging platform.

    Hope you guys continue the good job you are doing.

  49. Zeezat

    Best wishes…

    I can remember wishes I made on last birthday of WordPress..

    It was very happy share the joy on our powerful wordpress’ birthday! Many Many happy returns of the day! May I wish to grow more and more each day to empower the wordpress community with new ideas. Keep going!!
    Again, Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear WORDPRESS Happy Bithday to you… :-)


    Wishes to empower the community and the word with the power of words.

    Cool sharing heartfelt wishes.


  50. David

    I like what you guys are doing.

  51. oldgreypoet

    I was elsewhere a year ago but I’m glad to be here now. With luck and a following wind I’ll be here to share a lot more anniversaries. Happy birthday!

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  54. gioxx

    Happy BDay WordPress.com! 1000 of this days!

  55. rowjie

    Happy 2nd Birthday WordPress! May you have many more birthdays to come! :)

  56. legoless

    happy bday! i <3 wordpress!!!

  57. harshaonline


  58. photographerno1

    Happy Birthday Keep the Word Press Apsidistra flying all you great whizz kid guys and gals,

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  60. priya2007

    happy birthday

  61. MadMark

    Happy Birthday and good luck for all the things that will come!!

  62. nederhop074

    Congratulations WP!

  63. srinix


    Happy Bday to WP!!!!

    way to go…..Keep rocking!!!!

  64. nylusmilk

    Happy 2nd Birthday, WordPress! :D

  65. reyhlph

    Happy Birthday WordPress!

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  67. impulsoverde

    happy birthday, excelent job in only two years

  68. the rufus

    Happy Birthday, WP! You take up sooo much of my time :) but I like it. There are so many things one can see around in all those blogs – wonderful.

    So many features were added last year – WOW? Have you ever thought about multi languages for a blog? i.e. writing the pages and some articles in more than one language. I’d very much appreciate that (ok – I’ve created a workaround but it’s really a workaround :lol: ).

  69. Admin

    Happy Birthday, WordPress! You are the best!

  70. Leonid Mamchenkov
  71. تحلیلگر آی تی

    Just congratulations to my dear WP!!!

  72. litium

    wordpress is the best! happy birthday

  73. cloudburst

    Heh! It’s my blogiversary too! Happy birfdy to WordPress and me! :)

  74. C4RL05

    Happy birthday and thanks for such a great job.

  75. ideasmith

    Happy birthday WordPress! You’re a great service and a great set of people!

  76. VQ

    here’s my wishes of long life.

  77. antosamudra

    happy birthday … and Thanks :)

  78. majoro

    well looks like all the good words have been said. Happy birthday.

  79. trugiaz

    Cheers! merry birthday to WordPress

  80. Kichigai-san

    HB WP! :D

  81. TiDeS

    Happy BirthdaY ….

  82. Marfa

    Happy birthday from me too, WordPress :-)
    I wish you many and many candles over your cake! ;-)

  83. antiutopia

    i share my birthday with wordpress?
    yay!!! :D

    From Tehran with Love

  84. drivebymedia

    happy birthday
    you don’t look a day over 18 months!!!

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  86. familyforest

    I just had to do something special for your birthday.

    Hau`oli Lā Hānau”

  87. Michael Sync

    Happy Birthday! wp.com!!!!

  88. ioculus

    Happy birthday! I wish you all the best! WordPress.com is the best place in internet :)
    In my country we say: “Sto lat!”, which means: “One hundred years!” One hundred and then even more to WordPress! :)

  89. Danny Barros


    GREAT GUYS!!! :)

  90. Shae

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WP! You rock my socks!

  91. insidesportsgeek

    yay ! Happy Birthday WordPress Team !

  92. Mocha!

    Gosh….a toddler already?!? Damn….time sure does fly, esp. when you are having loads of fun.


  93. rockstarshyne

    happy birthday wordpress! best blog site ever. i love this site! and it’s not blocked at work! yay :)
    keep it up guys. here’s to many many more.

  94. Wonderwandeling

    Hi there all, Thanks to this “wordpress-thing” I really discovered the poet and writer in me. And once I had the “ground-rules” down, I enjoyed every post and page I wrote and saw on the screen. Wishing you all that you wish for yourselves. Happy birthday!!! Christine.

  95. Shoaib Alam

    congrats :P :P
    all the best! :D

  96. lna13

    happy birthday! So glad everything is going up for WordPress. It is allowing me to have a great blog, and i love every new features released. Keep the good work and take care!!


  97. b1gfeet

    Congrats, i started my blog beginning this year on wordpress, because it’s such an easy site!!! Had been looking at others, but this one is the best ;)

  98. anas

    Congrats !
    Great fight we have done, keep on spirit
    Btw, August 20 :? it’s close to me :)

  99. Sakib Al Mahmud

    happy birthday WordPress!

  100. Guy

    wordpress.com, why you old son of a …


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