2nd Birthday

You know, if I keep forgetting WordPress.com’s birthday she’s going to stop returning my calls.

Has it really been a year since I almost missed our birthday last time? How time flies. Next thing you know it’s a million blogs later.

It’s overwhelming to even begin to chronicle everything that has happened, but a year ago we didn’t have domain mapping, custom CSS, private blogs, auto-save, any language-specific homepages, the tag surfer, my comments, avatars, VIPs, friend surfer, space upgrades, Snap, click stats, audio embedding, a blog switcher, LaTEX, OpenID, contact forms, and dozens more features.

Today, the 20th of August, is actually less our birthday and more the date of conception, when the first blog on WordPress.com was created. (This one.) We were in an intense development and testing period, and had an invite system. The invites were being bought and sold on eBay for as high as $90! We opened to the public in December 2005, which we now know is the slowest time of the year, and it began picking up in January. When WordPress.com launched there was a lot of worry that it would suffocate its open source cousin, but the opposite has happened: it’s introduced a whole new audience to WP and WordPress.org is nearing its third major release in a year, a much faster and more mature development cycle than it’s ever had before.

Here are the stats from the last 10 days we published last year. We’ve…

  • Created 50,334 blogs
  • Added 269,035 static pages
  • Tagged 715,905 tags on posts
  • Gotten 920,363 comments
  • Written 678,842 posts
  • Had 96,095,493 pageviews!

Most of all though, we’ve learned a great deal about running a site like WordPress.com where so many of you express your creativity, joys, struggles, aspirations, and desires in ways we would have never imagined. Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin, and we’ll do our best to continue to delight you as we weather the terrible twos. :)

If you have a WordPress.com memory from the last year you’d like to share, write about it on your blog and link this entry, it’ll show up as a ping in the comments.

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  2. perplexityshe

    feliz complianos.

    I thought wordpress was wayy older than that.

  3. masterclasslady

    Wow – omly two years old and you have accomplished so much! Congratulations WordPress staff! Here’s to the future and it looks darn bright.

  4. diarreiasmentais

    Guys…I can only say that our blog is a success here in Portugal! We have a domain now but…we wil stick with WP Engine because…IT´S THE BEST OF ALL! Thanks a lot for this free service. WE LOVE WP!

  5. నువ్వుశెట్టి బ్రదర్స్


  6. Banana

    Happy Birthday!

  7. reinkefj

    Congrats, this is stunning contribution to the world of computing and the world in general imho. fjohn

  8. zolos

    happy birthday wordpress.com :)
    ‘Chronia Polla’ in greek ;)

  9. Chittaranjan

    At 2 most babies can’t even walk…..but WordPress is prancing around in zest…… :mrgreen:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    P.S: I look forward to the 20th as well….. :D

  10. sams4n

    Coooongrats ….

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  13. MobileMan

    Happy Birthday! WordPress.com

  14. elhanem

    Happy Birthday

  15. obliterated

    HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY :D I remember making the switch from Blogger to WordPress- it’s so much easier and nothing breaks down or what. GREAT JOB :D

  16. Eva

    Happy Bday WP !!!

    And a gazillion thanks to you clever guys.

    Have a cake.

  17. Troy

    Happy b-day to WordPress. Greatest blogging site of all-time.

  18. [jm.n]

    Woohoo! Happy Birthday WordPress! You’re a cheeky little devil that likes us to keep us happy with all the new play-toys (features) you dream up for us. I don’t have a year yet, but so far have not regretted my move from blogger. ;)

  19. engtech

    my humps,

    my lovely birthday humps,


  20. keshiex

    Happy Birthday. ITs AWESOME to be here!

  21. Kim Clune

    Back in January, my Lit Theory class tracked reactions to our reading list through WordPress. It was a fantastic format for out-of-class discussions and also providing a springboard for more in-depth class discussion. The class is now over but, having been introduced to blogging, I am hooked.

  22. takpesar

    Happy Birthday WordPress!

  23. navcity

    Have you started teething and throwing tantrums yet?! ;-)

    Just kiddin’. Happy b’day and save me some cake.

  24. Dmitri

    Amongst the mediocrity of blogging software, WordPress is a shining star. Keep it up!

  25. salahudin

    happy boiday!!!!!!!!

  26. katm

    Happy Birthday!

    Congrats to the entire team.

    I’m so happy every day when I come to check on my little blogs. I know in my heart that I made the right choice when I picked wp.com.


  27. scudie

    Happy bday! If there is one constant in my life, its wordpress.. you guys are amazing! (though you have become lazy of late :p)

  28. David

    Congratulations fot this great project. Happy Birthday!!!!

  29. marimann

    I heart WordPress! Happy Birthday! Eat some chocolate cake! Drink some….whatever! Drink some more….whatever!!

  30. azresistance

    Congratulations. WordPress has become a huge assett to world media and free thinking information sharing peoples everywhere.

    Well, with the exception of Turkey for now.

  31. prairieguy

    I am a very relative newbie to blogging and am quite happy WP is where I started. I cannot believe in a very short time I have already close to 2,600 viewers.

    Happy Birthday WP…may you have many more, especially since I would hate to lose all I have written in just the past month!


  32. munggur

    Blow the candles, pour the wine and a bit relax!
    Hip, Hip Hura!

    Thanks so much WordPress. 2 years and all the fans all over the world. 2 years and WordPress much mature than any other blogging platform. Great!

    Deserve to get all the compliment, award and loyality! Yehey!

  33. Maruti Borker

    happy birthday

  34. asiainfo

    Happy birthday! ur great!

  35. BurocraciaNeuronal

    Feliz Cumpleaños!!!

  36. savetheoc

    Congrats, lets hope it runs for another 20 years and onwards!

  37. Rashid

    Happy Birthday WP

  38. Mohammad

    ُso happy birthday or
    تولدت مبارک وردپرس!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Shailesh S. Khandekar

    Happy birthday WordPress!

  40. Tracie

    Happy Birthday WordPress.

    My greatest memory from the past year (although I haven’t been here that long) is finding you guys and moving my blog from blog*cough*ger to here. And I haven’t looked back since.

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  42. dougs2cents

    A year ago a friend told me about WordPress, and since joining I have searched other online journals, and by far you are THE best! Congrats, ane here’s to many more wonderful years and new experiences!


  43. vintagefan

    I heart WordPress.

  44. Bruno

    Joyeux anniversaire !!!

  45. Altaïr

    Happy Birthday WP … Viva Assassin ;)

  46. Alasdair

    2 years old and only banned in two countries … come on, I’m sure you can do better than that! Only joking … HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

  47. Richard

    If I had known, I would have baked you a cake.

  48. Constantine


  49. highpriestess

    Happy, happy birthday! =) Was feeling very lost when my previous blog crashed nearly 1.5 years back. But that was a blessing in disguise. I love WordPress. Just like how it loves me, =) Here’s to many many more birthdays!

  50. Jef Menguin

    Happy birthday. Many more birthdays to come!

  51. onemoreoption

    Happy Birthday!

  52. Nat


    In hope of many more prosperous years.


  53. angie

    Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

  54. pumpsandgloss

    Happy Birthday!! We love what you guys are doing…YAY!!

  55. laelaps

    Congratulations and happy birthday to WordPress. I definitely wouldn’t be as prolific a writer or made so many friends in so many places had it not been for WordPress and everyone who makes it possible.

  56. Unique Muslimah

    Fantastic work! I moved to wordpress after using blogger and I really have found my online home here. Thank you!

  57. David Russell

    Here’s to WordPress.com, for solving all of my bandwidth and server load issues while keeping my URLs intact.

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  59. cameira

    hello hello!!
    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you!……. lallala……..
    In portuguese: __________PARABÉNS !____________ :)
    I like and apriciate a lot what you’re doing!
    Hug to you guys

  60. Adi®

    You diserve all of this, guys!
    :) CONGRATS!

  61. mon@rch

    Happy Brithday for sure! Memories over the past year! Just the fact that WP.com has taken over my life and I can’t think about doing anything without wondering how I can do a post with it! Thanks for making this site so easy to use and can’t wait to see what else you are able to come up with!

  62. turkiye2023


  63. mercenario

    Feliz cumple

  64. bstar

    Guys, you must be on steroids. All that growth so fast can’t possibly be natural. Why, you are mere babies. Hey frabjuous days!

  65. Ross

    Bonne Aniversaire

  66. Belinda

    happy bday and keep it up!!! you guys work and try hard.

  67. Helder


  68. Joshua Davis

    Wow I didn’t realize WordPress.com was that young. I had only joined in Feb ’06. Keep up the great work guys.

  69. invictus

    Happy Birthday WordPress… You’ve been doing a great job, thanks for everything.

  70. آناهیتا دانشور


  71. americanuck

    Yay! Congrats!

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  73. aLej

    Happy Birthday WordPress…!!! U R the best!

  74. miquie's crew

    happy bday wordpress!

  75. almas

    Happy Bithday to wordpress.com
    thanks for all wordpress staff :)

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  77. alicia5

    Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!

  78. Manuel Reis

    I don’t have a memory of WordPress until October 2006, but it’s a lot better than Blogger! Congratulations!

    And thank you for our stats gift! Thank you for make us see the data in days, weeks and months!

  79. Rae

    Happy Birthday WordPress.

    H4ppy B!rthd4y \/\/0dp4355.

    Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu WordPress.

    Glücklicher Geburtstag WordPress.

  80. Becks

    Happy birthday WordPress! I’m new to this community but am so glad I have found it. Thanks for all you do for us.

  81. હરીશ દવે

    Happy Birthday! WordPress!

    Congrats! All good wishes! …. Harish Dave

  82. Music Snob

    We share the same birthday!

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  84. Onasis


  85. Victor

    Congrats guys. You guys are doing a great job!
    So any special treats coming to celebrate? =P

  86. Zeon

    Happy Birthday WordPress! Thanks for letting all of us have the opportunity to get one of the best blogging services for free!

  87. dobelden

    happy b’day WP :kiss: :D

  88. livingthequarterlife

    The 20th is a good day. It was me and my boyfriend’s three year anniversary.

  89. growthumbs

    Happy Birthday WordPress and Many Many more.

  90. rahulnever2far

    Congrats!!! Happy Birthday, WordPress!!!!

  91. GreenPanda

    I love my WordPress Blog! Keep up the good work.

  92. edtajchman

    I think it’s great, maybe in the near future we can have advertising for those of us that don’t have hundreds of thousands of hits weekly! keep up the good work…..

  93. sslover314kboxguy

    Happy birthday, WordPress.
    *blows out candles and makes wish*

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  95. justevolvin

    Happy Birthday! You guys rock!

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  97. alma

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I love WordPress (I don’t want to get emotional)
    Best wishes for this new year ahead

  98. Milla

    I am pretty sure that a year ago you didn’t have the huge amount of

    again happy

    users, friends, happy-customers, allies, deffenders

    you do have today.

    Take that win, you deserve it. You are doing a terrific job. You are setting the standards and a great example out there. Thank you so much for what you are doing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WP!!!!

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  100. Haniey

    happy birthday wordpress… i love WP very much..


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