Good charts come in threes

We have been accumulating stats data for about twenty months and it’s a pretty massive amount of data. (Just ask Barry.) Today we present you with two new ways to look at your historical stats data. I proudly give you Weeks and Months!

You will find three new links above the main stats chart: Days, Weeks, and Months. Click them to switch charts. I don’t think there is much to explain about this so I’ll just throw screen shots at you. Enjoy!

Three charts

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Christ Almond

    Very nice work. I was wishing for this just the other day. Were you listening? Thanks.

  2. [KwZ]

    yay! finally! Really helpful and informative for everyone of us!

    Thanks guys.

  3. gitarTELi


  4. Grace

    Excellent. I’m addicted to my stats.

  5. trollboy

    Very cool! Of course the numbers on my charts are much, much, MUCH lower…

  6. minadesam

    impressive! is so complete I cant believe its free. Tks a lot.

  7. raincoaster

    I want your stats, dude.

  8. Tim Wheatley

    Awesome! Thanks. :)

  9. Dr. CaSo

    Sweeeeeeeet! Fantastic!

    Now the only question is: how far back does it go in months? One year? What about in weeks? Six months? And what about my top referrers and top posts ever? (It’s not that I’m never happy, it’s just that I don’t want you guys to get bored ;) )

  10. Humaro

    It’s absolutly fantastic to see how wordpress could evolve as well ! Congratulations, I’m proud to be one of your user ! :)

  11. ClapSo

    I love it! Thanks…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  12. pinaldave

    This is wonderful. I will stop going to Alexa looking for the same.


    Pinal Dave (

  13. cactusbeetroot

    Fantastic! Always nice to see new ways of viewing stats. =)

  14. Andreas Pischner

    This is just great!

    Now, if you could also add a feature which allows us to define starting and end date of those stats, it would be even greater!

  15. Troy

    This is good stuff. Thanks.

  16. Trent

    That rocks Andy! Great stuff!

  17. rahulnever2far

    Thats Great!!!! Thanks A Lot :)

  18. invictus

    I’ve just noticed the links and liked the new way the charts display the stats. Now we can see how our blogs have been doing in a year or even more. A very useful feature for seeing the trends and fine-tuning the blogs. Thanks!

  19. Mia

    I LOVE THIS! Thank you thank you!

  20. Gabriel...

    Thanks… uhm, how do I get my charts to look like your charts?

  21. Sankar

    More charts means more intersting ways to analyze the traffic… keep it going.

    My wishlist: I would like to see the post hit count of each post (which is already available in the dashboard) to be visible in respective post page… :)

  22. vjp

    Cool beans!

  23. eirsinitiate

    I love it! The monthly reading boggles my mind. Who knew so many people visited my blog?!

    You guys are amazing and I’m happy to see more blog stats chart-y-ness!

  24. Renato

    I saw. This is really cool!

  25. Salve

    cool! thanks for this! :)

  26. Kris

    Great organisation!

  27. mandythompson

    GREAT idea!

  28. Chris Brennan

    Excellent! Great addition!

  29. abarclay12

    I love things that come in threes. Niiiiice.

  30. BFP

    Thanks guys!

  31. Rae


  32. Julian

    Really useful feature guys! Keep up the great work.

  33. Carina

    Great feature! Thanks for the hard work you all put in to making WordPress great. It’s much appreciated =)

  34. Kevin

    Very cool. I noticed it about an hour ago, and said “hey, this is new.”

    Good job.

  35. readvitamin

    This is really Fantastic…..a very useful feature…

  36. Luke Hallam

    Outstanding! Thanks.

  37. Chanceler Silva

    Very nice!

  38. sheepoo

    Just what I was looking for :)

    Keep up the good work

  39. gulfcoastpolo

    nice, i saw this even before the article, very nice add

  40. mudge

    Hi, Andy,

    As a newbie, I’m depressed at the tiny numbers of my own chart, but grateful that the daily stats that roll off haven’t gone away, tiny as they are.

    Thanks, WordPress is terrific!


  41. Bruno

    excellent :)

  42. letters

    VERY good idea! I’d often wondered how to track the trend over a term longer than 30 days. Now I can do it at a glance. Well done.

  43. whymommy

    Ooooooooooooooooooh, this is nice.

    Thanks, guys!

  44. David Reevely

    This is excellent — I love that I can look back more than a month, and aggregate data, too. Thanks for the improvement!

  45. Becks

    This is a great feature. Thanks!

  46. Erwin

    this is a great feature. thanks for adding it to the stats page!

  47. the dude abides

    many thanks!

  48. iateacher

    OMG how awesome. You guys are always finding ways to make me like Word Press even MORE than I already do! Thanks!!

  49. Kopral Geddoe

    Hohoho, that’s some numbers :lol:

  50. natanzuelo

    Stats page keeps getting better and better!


  51. clotheshorseok

    Thank You! WordPress is the best place to host a blog!

  52. Dimas

    Thank you andy!
    Lovely chart ;-)

  53. insidesportsgeek

    Another great improvements, thank you.

  54. xtremo


  55. Neil

    Very cool! Thanks for the steady stream of enhancements.

  56. River Rat


  57. DaNnY bOy

    Nice work. In a few years time maybe a ‘years’ tab as well…

  58. mon@rch

    Thanks and thanks! For all of us who love stats couldn’t ask for anything better than a year’s worth of stats! I plan on using this feature most every day!

  59. Manuel Reis

    But we should be also able to see the stats for that especific week or month, as we see in the days chart… BTW, great post!

  60. Heraldo

    Excellent tool. Thanks.

  61. J

    quite cool! now more stats for me to obsessively look at!

  62. Milla

    Excellent, very, very VERY useful feature. Thank you so much! And BTW impressive stats… very well done, guys!

  63. ninglun

    Love it! This is something I had really hoped would happen.

  64. Todd Alperovitz

    Very cool feature… Thank you!

  65. commander other

    geez guys…i know my mind is a relatively short book and all, but did you have to read it so fast?

    but thank you very much for doing so!

  66. archiearchive FCD

    Cool. As a dedicated stats-gigolo, I have been looking back over my stats trying to remember what they were like a couple of months ago – then this morning – BINGO – it is there for me. Wonderful WordPress. Oh, may I hack in to your stats and steal 1% of them? :)

  67. Elehzya

    Oh, the things you all do for us :D Squee!

  68. januarys

    yes, yes, thanks a MILLION for that! i had my best day ever recently, and I started getting sad when I realized it would disappear forever when the display changed. THANKS!! From the bottom of my narcissism!

  69. cronies

    Go WP!

  70. Thamrin

    Thanks!! will makes me aware how far progress I made. Cool…!

  71. iread

    This is so fabulous. Thanks a ton.

  72. that's elbert

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    And oh yeah, thank you!!

  73. Rattling the Kettle

    Just noticed that — great feature. Looking forward to more stats improvements to come!

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  75. devo

    Thankyou. Especially love the months stats

  76. David


    We need the stats it is the only way to justify the time spent blogging:-)

  77. Richard

    Now I can abandon my excel spreadsheet! Thanks!!!

  78. Mas Kopdang

    well done, Captain..!

  79. jd2718

    How come my monthly chart doesn’t go up to sixteen million? For that matter, your weekend fall-off on the daily chart is about 125,000. I wouldn’t mind that on my monthly chart…

    Show offs! (But yeah, thanks!)

  80. .:Marianis World:.

    This is really good, Congrats!!! :-)

  81. Ben Rowe

    Brilliant! Great stuff fellas

  82. writeathome

    A great feature! Thank you for this new addition.

  83. cjwriter

    Thanks, Andy. This is great. I’ve been changing the digits in the Top Posts url to see my past stats, but this makes it a lot easier.

    I’ll take the stats for the second screenshot, btw, even with the dropoff. ;)

  84. abu ameerah

    Thanks WordPress!

    : )

  85. जगदीश भाटिया

    Very Good :)


    Greatly appreciated, useful feature indeed!!

  87. nishugoyal

    nice .. work ..
    i just joined one month back .. so i was wondering how will i compare stats of one month with another

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  89. TiDeS

    great… admin stats are now more fun to look at…

  90. Craig Hodgkins

    I clicked on these today and thought I’d simply not noticed them before. Thanks!

  91. intlxpatr

    You guys are so good about listening to us, and giving us what we really need. Even figuring out what we need before we know we need it! Great work, and thank you.

  92. mittins

    thanks ! my website analalalysist will be out of a job soon.

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  94. Zachary

    wonderful! Simply wonderful!

  95. Olli

    I really missed that feature. Very cool that you collected the data already, I thought its all lost… :-)

  96. Kunal

    this is nice :)

  97. Jennifer

    Thanks (again!) for the new feature. Just keeps getting better and better.

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  99. Kat

    Hey there! This is one of the things I wrote and asked for, and now my humble prayers have been answered. I woke up, and whoop there it is! Mucho thanks :)

  100. Editor

    Thats awesome!


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