Good charts come in threes

We have been accumulating stats data for about twenty months and it’s a pretty massive amount of data. (Just ask Barry.) Today we present you with two new ways to look at your historical stats data. I proudly give you Weeks and Months!

You will find three new links above the main stats chart: Days, Weeks, and Months. Click them to switch charts. I don’t think there is much to explain about this so I’ll just throw screen shots at you. Enjoy!

Three charts

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Andy Skelton


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  1. akaiyubi


  2. Richmond

    as if I have that massive clicks. hehe

  3. Rene Haller

    Very useful. THX a lot!

  4. mbchandar

    Kewl! i like it.

  5. kOoLiNuS

    thanks guys !

  6. Nita

    You guys work so hard it makes us feel what we are doing to deserve this!

  7. wanderlust

    god works very fast these days. I was wishing for this just yesterday.

  8. cougarjump

    Thank you for your good work!

  9. comunicati

    absolutely wonderful! :D

  10. Los Havros

    Thanks very much! A very useful feature for stataholics like me :p

  11. ioculus

    That’s great! Thanks a lot!

  12. Asher

    This is really cool, cheers for the feature.

    An idea would be to expand it so when looking at weekly/monthly hit stats, the referrers also change to weekly/monthly – would be useful.

  13. Chittaranjan

    Three-tiered-stats call for Three-Cheers!!!

    Thanx a ton

  14. nederhop074


  15. globalspirit

    I’ve just recognized this wonderful tool!! BIG Thank you!

  16. jace

    Thumbs up! (:

  17. fourtysomething

    Really good work! Thx guys!

  18. vettiliveinnorthcote

    thanks folks! i really love this new feature.

  19. Kichigai-san

    Stats are always welcomу =)

  20. Andrew

    super feature, nice work :)

  21. deambulando
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  23. Cristina

    Very nice, you guys!! Helpfull.

  24. Kunwar Saini

    Really nice feature! Thanks a lot!

  25. planetultramarathon

    Absolutely brilliant. Saves having to add up and do totals in one’s head! Ten out of ten! Thanks!

  26. diarreiasmentais

    once again…you guys RULE!

  27. kristinbell

    Have I told you lately how much I love you WordPress????? :)

  28. 7th Columnist

    Just what I wanted! Thanks. :)

  29. dhfaouzi




  31. ymawaki

    great!!! think about country and domain too tnx

  32. Administrator

    Thank you Sir!

  33. Jazz Club Argentina

    Excellent! So we can have a better idea of our works… thanks.

  34. anas

    Really nice, I surprised about it. I have been thinking and wanting about that since I see the stat at first. Thanks guys.

  35. mattdabbs

    I love the stats you provide. Let me make one suggestion regarding presenting the data. A chart/graph should show data proportionately. If a line is twice as high up the graph as another line it should represent twice as much data. Our stats graphs don’t work like that and it basically means the graphs don’t mean a whole lot other than to rollover the numbers.

    Example: The daily stats in the graph above. The bottom is not 0. It is 400,000. The line doesn’t show how much higher or lower your traffic is proportionate to the other days because halfway up the chart is not halfway between 0 and the max of 640,000 (in this instance).

    Fix: Make all charts start at 0 instead of fluctuating numbers or at least make that a toggle option for users to select.

  36. jeffchin21

    Awesome! Love the longer view stats…but now how about being able to click on a certain month, or week and drill down to a lower level? Great work guys…

  37. dougs2cents

    Wow, that is some pretty impressive stats. I noticed this yesterday, and I was hoping for a feature like this. Thank you, W.P.!


  38. munggur

    That’s what I want for a long of time. How could you read my mind? Excellent! Thanks so much.

  39. savetheoc

    I love you guys, this feature is definately the best you’ve done, its great!

  40. Onasis

    I saw it two days ago. It’s a nice improvement.

  41. imadethis


  42. rachelcreative

    Oh wow! Brilliant! You guys are fantastic. Thank you thank you thank you :-)

  43. benny75

    Thanks! Cool! It helps me to get a better view of my blog stats.

    wp rulez!

    Saluti celesti

  44. marimann

    Very much liking new stats…the hits just keep on comin’……


    good ..

  46. talea

    Yay yay yay. Not that my blog gets enough attention to actually need stats that monitor it three different ways, but I’m still obsessed with my numbers anyhow. This will only feed my insanity.

  47. andrewong2024

    This feature is very helpful! Thanks!

  48. James Hofheins

    I dig it – thanks so much!

  49. neath


  50. cacklinrose

    This made me smile. Thank you for all you do!

  51. 媽媽阿四

    Just when I wanted it! thanks a lot!!

  52. muccamargo

    Very nice! I was waiting for this. Thanks!

  53. sphyrnatude

    Oh Yeah! I LOVE this! ‘specially since I’ve got a nice positive slope…..

  54. kexi

    My dad just started my blog. In 17 years when I’m a grown up I’d have impressive stats – so thanks in advance :lol: .

  55. totaltrust

    The mind-readers have done it again — thanks so much!


  56. totaltrust

    How do I capture a screen shot of my chart? I’ve tried all the usual approaches to capturing an image, and none of them work.


  57. engtech

    ooh, that’s actually kind of depressing.

    I peaked six months ago and have been in steady decline ever since.

  58. engtech

    Any chance you’re going to add stats to the “manage pages” view?

    (We can see stats on manage posts, but not on manage pages)

  59. dorine

    I noticed – it’s nice! Well done :)

  60. lovesthewind

    Built-in stats are a great feature and I love it!

  61. scrunchyy

    Thank you!
    This is a fantastic feature.

  62. Paul

    Awesome! Thanks for this feature. :)

  63. alison73

    I like them. I have two blogs; one for my personal stuff and another for business, so I can now see how my posting policies affect the number of visitors over the last few months.

    Keep on adding worthwhile developments.

  64. bdoza

    Fantastic ! Comprehensive stats! Can’t even imagine a better one. Special thanks for this nice innovation.

  65. admin


  66. Woeful

    This is really nice. Well done!

  67. D. Peace

    Outstanding. :) Thank you.

  68. wiirocks14wordpresscom

    omg cool ty :D :mrgreen: :lol: :) :p

  69. salahudin

    FINALLYY!!!!!!!!!!! SWEEET!! you guys pwn

  70. thedanielrichard

    Loved it! Especially nice to see a steep increase in my blog views in the Months tab. :)
    It’ll be cool to watch the line reaches double from what I had last month.

    Thanks WordPress!

  71. Black Coffee & Bourbon

    phenomenal! checking my blog stats is like crack… and now it just got more addictive!

  72. Daniel Downs

    Excellent! Keep up the good work.

  73. Mike Conrad

    Cool feature. Thanks!

  74. anordinarymom

    I like these new charts. However, is it possible to rename the y-axis (bottom part) of the weeks graph? It seems like it would be more helpful to have it have the month in there somewhere. The 21st week of the year doesn’t mean much to me?!?

  75. lemmonsaid

    SUPER addition. Thank you very much!

  76. Brian

    I saw this early this morning, and that’s the only think I really thought was missing in the site admin controls. (Though I’m sure you’ll cook up a few more…) Thanks!

  77. NAyK

    *nodding approvingly* wow.

  78. familyforest

    wonderful….nice to be able to look back to see what’s happened
    and what’s happening now…

  79. freeluncher

    beautiful, thanks.

  80. Howard

    Fabulous. Thanks!

    @totaltrust: if you’re running Windows press Alt-PrintScreen – this copies the screen to the clipboard, and you can paste the contents into a graphics program and clip out the fragment you need.

  81. legoless

    I just noticed that! Then when I went to my Dashboard I saw this post. Cool! :cool:

  82. onemoreoption

    Thank you.

  83. pumpsandgloss

    yay!!! We love it!!

  84. navcity

    Quality not quantity perhaps ;-)

  85. B Shantanu

    I was waiting for this for weeks (actually months)!…thanks, great feature.

  86. museditions

    Thank you for this. Like the different views & data compilation. Now, I’m just looking forward to having enought visitors to make this worthwhile…. :)

  87. Iain

    Bewdy Mate!!! :)

  88. Balajoe

    Superb! I been thinking on how the blog has progressed on monthly basis and this revamp chart will be a BIG help. Thanks!

  89. vasilis

    Nice job guys. Helpful charts for sure. Great thanks all of you.

  90. Yassine Sabir

    My best section just getting “bester” !

  91. bruisinraincloud

    thanks for all the hard work that you do.

  92. tookshire

    It’s scary when you do the things in my head.

    Thanks for the work!

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  94. goldcoaster

    Thanks for this. It looks like you have taken pics of my charts, according to the numbers?

    It would be nice to have feed stats as well, will you bring them back?


  95. FXSmom

    That is way too cool!!

  96. nuytsia

    Well done guys!

  97. jackson

    i LOVE it. thank you for doing this. i always wondered why the charts didn’t have more viewing flexibility.

  98. Maltesh Ashrit

    Saw it before reading the post.

    Excellent job :)

  99. Andy Piper

    Any chance you guys can add an interface to let us get at the raw stats data as a CSV file or something? That would be awesome.

  100. Aranka

    Oooh, I knew I wasn’t going crazy! Really cool!


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