How many words must one person type before they enter a state of deep rooted paranoia as a result of their inability to judge whether their post is too long? Too short? I have no idea, but we can all find out together with WordPress.com’s latest feature: Word Count.

Below the post text box, you can now see how many words you’ve typed. The number updates itself as you go (don’t be too harsh, it’s not always super bright) for that sweet hit of instant gratification.

Word Count

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. krislinatin

    This is sweet!
    Thank you!

  2. abu ameerah

    a helpful feature. thanks! : )

  3. XiuX

    Nice feature, Thanks

  4. Steve

    I wish they’d had this way back when I was in high school. My English teacher would say write a 500 or 1,000 word piece on such and such. Glad the days are gone of counting the words with my finger :P

  5. Alex

    Hmm…I saw this feature earlier, so its not that new, but awesome none-the-less!

  6. gpessia


  7. museditions

    I noticed it, and I like it! Now I don’t have to revert to such as the dreaded MSWord for this. Can we have excellent content count now please? :)

  8. Jeff

    I think it’s great that you moved it from where it was next to the Preview link. They overlapped a bit and it looked all funky.

  9. Ana Pires

    I just noticed and came right over to see if it was something new or if it was something I stupidly missed. It’s new! And I love it, thank you! :D

  10. Grace

    Very helpful. Thanks.

  11. tefuzz

    alright! I can use this…I’m always second guessing my posts

  12. theonlinecitizen

    Excellent! As an editor, this really helps! Kudos!

  13. homesweethome

    LOL, any prizes for the highest word count?

  14. James Hofheins

    Less is more.


  15. Gustavo

    Will help me to dont type too much…

  16. Ryan

    Cool, thanks.

  17. storymode

    Another nifty feature that I may have use for in the future.

    Thanks again, WP! ^_^

  18. rahulnever2far


  19. Nicola

    Excellent thank you.

  20. Budi Rahardjo

    Maybe there should be a character count as well? (You just can’t be satisfied, can you? ha ha ha.) But, seriously. When I submit articles to magazines, they use character count instead of word count.

  21. Wolz14

    cool very helpful! thanks

  22. Brian

    I just noticed this the other day, very cool! Thanks!

  23. cronies

    Go WP!

  24. solework

    You guys just keep getting better and better!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you WordPress!

  25. Steve

    So, what’s a good number to shoot for? I’m partial to keeping it 250-300.

  26. Robert

    Very helpful. Thanks so much!

  27. natanzuelo

    Cool :-D

  28. Troy

    This is great. Thanks to all the good people here at WordPress for working hard every day to keep us bloggers happier than ever. :D

  29. ieba

    WordPress can count my words dynamically as I type, but it can’t maintain a space in front of a sentence (to indent a paragraph.) It keeps deleting any nonbreaking spaces it finds, even when I put them in manually or use the special character tool. No matter, wordpress deletes them en-masse when I go to edit my post.

    I think the priorities are mixed up.

  30. syafriadi


  31. Mas Kopdang


  32. The Bagel of Everything

    All we need now is a spell check, and wordpress will BE the internets!

  33. brightfeather

    Thanks. I really appreciate this addition. :)

  34. ideasmith

    This is really great for 55-word writers!

  35. miquie's crew

    awesome!!! and thank you so much!

  36. thedarwinexception

    Good God. My latest post counts in at 6,453 words.


  37. b

    Noticed that the other day (and thought I had been overlooking it). I like.

  38. fowgre

    I noticed it almost right away and thought it was interesting, but not very practical. Tell you what would be useful though… a good/better/fantastic quality meter (you’ll notice I didn’t suggest bad/worse/terrible since WP bloggers are all above-average) ;)

  39. dinsan

    so sweeeeeeet :)

  40. steffi

    thanks for the feature.
    finally, i know if my post is too lengthy..

  41. Nishu

    Nice work ! But the description is really funny ..

  42. blayde

    w00t, word count, neat, essential and tells you whether you are writing a one lined statement, or a proper full bodied post, thanks.

  43. Kunal

    now I’ll know when to stop babbling :P

  44. Andy

    You ought to have kept the nested screenshot thing going for at least a few more levels ;-)

  45. jeques

    every now and then an idea comes along that simply works better.

    I wish everybody well ~ Jeques

  46. lnxwalt

    Cool. I noticed this recently. Good stuff.

  47. Judy O'Connell


  48. phpmaniac

    I appreciate this feature, Thanks

  49. archiearchive FCD


  50. Sabah Hussain

    I think going with WordPress was a great idea. You guys are constantly coming up with all sorts of updates/features that keep adding to the WordPress WOW factor. Keep it up fellas!

  51. آناهیتا دانشور


  52. Nita

    I sure need this as my posts are long!

  53. kOoLiNuS

    yep, nested screenshot in the post were great, maybe you should have played it like Andy has said.

    Also, maybe the word counter was more visible at right of editing buttons like I noticed it was placed last week. But for sure you have tested it intensively so you should know what’s better ;-)

  54. brian t

    Yay! I actually requested this, and here it is. Word Count is an essential tool if you are writing to an assignment target – or if you get paid by the word.

    PS to ieba: using spaces to layout text is one of those things that’s frowned, because it can go wrong if you change formatting e.g. if you select a new WordPress theme. What you’re seeing is WP working as designed, not a fault. Strictly speaking, you’d use CSS for that, not spaces.


    cool !!!!! now can restrict the number of words ……

  56. todaii

    Not, realy helpfull …:(

  57. perplexityshe

    oo :-D

  58. The 2 Witches

    Another wonderful addition to wordpress’ features. Thank you!

    Mama Kelly

  59. briosafreak

    Good show

  60. Lady

    I love using word counts. It matters, especially when you write for a living and the number of words is dependent upon how much money you can make. Thanks!

  61. Christian

    Good job, guys!

  62. Manny

    I like this feature. I’m sure it will come in handy from time to time. Thanks.

  63. unintendedpurpose

    Nice, thats kinda helpful ;-)

    Just to remain in limits ;-)

  64. Karura

    I now know that the super long post that used to make my browser time out when editing it is 7000+ words…

  65. Paurong

    very nice.
    very nice.

  66. opengiga

    nice features…

  67. charleslemark

    good addition!

  68. Fabio Bracht

    For the first time ever, you guys added a feature that is actually useful but kinda misses the point. What’s the point in counting words, when words can be as short as “do” and as long as “pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism”? I’m a journalist and I write for magazines, and they always demand the text to be “C characters long”, not “X words long”.

    I think a character count (with and without spaces) would be far more useful, since a word count serves only the purpose of comparing two posts to see which is longer.

  69. Alex

    This was so smooth that I didn`t noticed and i`ve enjoyed full part.

  70. Alex

    Keep up the good work!!!

  71. Sunny

    ์Noticed the feature a while ago. Thanks for the good work!

  72. Phil

    Great tool!

    Sometime when you have nothing to do, perhaps you could add a couple of flashing icons:

    [_] “Only 20 words? You sure you have anything to say?”
    [_] “A-Hem! This is really getting long! Make your point and wrap it up, Pal” :-D

  73. jessdatur53

    the shortest

  74. anas

    Ups, that’s very nice

  75. marimann

    I love to see the word count, being just anal enough to want to know how many words I generated at a single blow. Thanks, guys.

  76. dlennis


  77. aniMOte

    Big fan!

  78. Red

    Noticed it.
    Love it.

  79. frozentootsies

    Frozen Tootsies, being merely a squirrel, thanks you for this feature which makes blogging more convenient for creatures without opposable thumbs. After all, we squirrels must finish our drive for world domination – see http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A1904519 – and every little bit helps.

  80. savetheoc

    Sweeeet :P

  81. BurocraciaNeuronal


  82. Cler Oliveira

    Great tool! I’ll call it 87!

  83. muccamargo


    Thank You

  84. Vi

    This is great! I’m a big fan of the 55-word meme and I used to type my entries in Word, count them, and repost them here. This eliminates that. Thanks! :)

  85. abriendo

    I always write less than ten words!
    Thanks. BYE!

  86. Cin

    Great idea, especially useful when participating in word-count specific memes…

  87. Lucas

    W00t! This feature rocks, baby! Now I’m typing much longer posts to get that counter see counting on ;) Kudos to WordPress.

  88. Dan



  89. trollboy

    excellent! This could also help many a high school student… I remember having to count the words in essays manually. With my pencil. When the Tandy was new and cool…

  90. MobileMan


  91. Robin

    I like this. Thanks. :)

  92. Sai

    Nice! Had noticed it…

  93. Rae

    YAY! No more counting the individual words with a pen pointed at the screen!

  94. fleurdelys79

    I love it! Thanks!

  95. Yassine Sabir

    comes in handy!

  96. Sankar

    This is cool and simple :)


    As always yet another nice feature!!

  98. justopia

    Oh no, just when I thought I was getting myself over the compulsive addiction to write every day and to not go to bed without publishing, I have a new feature to hook me — word count! I wonder if this will make me less verbose or more? Thanks and keep up the great feature additions!

  99. Jeffrey

    It gives wrong counts on my Chinese posts, and I don’t know if it will work for other non-western languages.

  100. planetultramarathon

    but the meaning of life is 42 not 87….


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