How many words must one person type before they enter a state of deep rooted paranoia as a result of their inability to judge whether their post is too long? Too short? I have no idea, but we can all find out together with WordPress.com’s latest feature: Word Count.

Below the post text box, you can now see how many words you’ve typed. The number updates itself as you go (don’t be too harsh, it’s not always super bright) for that sweet hit of instant gratification.

Word Count

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. Darmok

    Ooooh, recursion!

    All we need now is a spell check, and wordpress will BE the internets!

    The Bagel of Everything, WordPress already has a spelling checker. It’s been there for as long as I can remember.

  2. amiripz

    An interesting feature for sure.

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  4. Mocha!


    More templates PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!

  5. narziss

    WordPress Rocks!

  6. Amal

    cool feature..but it doesn’t work for the Arabic language :(

  7. fabianguarin

    Less is more, keep the limits

  8. modobs

    That’s a great feature, thanks.

  9. munggur

    Nice little feature. I like it. It’s sounds like MS Word. Nah, it’s better… Thanks so much!

  10. chanux


  11. Watchdog

    sdrawkcab stsop ym etirw ot spleh ti taht dnif I

    I find that it helps to write my posts backwards

  12. Guillermo

    You guys are the bomb!!! this is cool! Thanx

  13. stretx

    very nice feature!

  14. navcity

    Nice feature… now all we need is a computer with telepathy so I dont need to type :-)

  15. the rufus

    Thanks – move on with nice things.

    Maybe you add them in the admin pages and allow sorting – so I know how much to write next time :lol: .

  16. liquidquick

    i do a lot of deleting… seems the word count doesn’t take that into, well, account. type five words, backspace three, type five more – word count says 10.

    i’m no human calculator, but…

    still, a neat feature for general guestimation.


  17. sauvik

    point noted :-)

  18. Pradeep

    It’s so much easier now to write all those nano fiction…:)

  19. bigcrow

    When I wrote and hit “Save and continue” the counter starts counting from 1, so I cant count how many words I wrote in the WHOLE post.

  20. The Blogger

    Fun, thanx!

  21. Richmond

    Okay, this really WOWed me.

  22. error1893

    good features.

  23. trugiaz

    WOW just simply WOW thanks for the update

  24. apek-kun

    wow..thanks man! :)

  25. Schnecke

    The feature is very helpful. Thanks!! ;)

  26. togidubnus

    Ah yes, I saw what you did there.

  27. Milla

    Very useful, as always. Thanks a lot!

  28. neilmckenty

    Hadn’t noticed it. But do now. Thanks

  29. GeoSpark

    Thanks for the update. How long until most people get bored? 200 words?

  30. treandpep

    Very interesting! Generally, I tend to vary in the length of posts, depending on the content, the information I have and the relevance I’ll give to the post. And thanks for this feature!

    What would be really great is the posibility of having editable layouts for those users who don´t have a personal server. I kinda like my template, but I’d rather prefer to tune it a while.

    Also, letter size and font buttons for posting would be superb!


  31. dogslol

    r u trying to get 87 responses?

  32. Jef Menguin

    This is a great feature, specially for those who are concern about their readers. I hope one day we can come up with a yardstick for excellent content. Is that possible?

  33. rokryan


  34. فلفل

    It’s new! And I love it, thank you!

  35. annaisjesus

    Yeah I like this. seeing I’ve written 234 words or whatever gives a sense of achievement.

  36. Kunwar Saini

    Thats great…Thanks a lot!!!

  37. dempto anda

    Thanks people! I’m your biggest sucker.

  38. farandulaymas

    That’s cool!!

  39. Sid

    cool :D

  40. epam70

    cool na cool

  41. flickrhoneys

    I think this is a good idea, but it is flawed – if you type not in words but in pictures, it should count 1000 words per picture…

  42. erolmichel

    o.k. – i begin to understand!

  43. ravengirl

    As a person who always writes too many words the word count will be very helpful – for my friends. Thanks

  44. melanieriess

    Gibts das auch auf Deutsch??

  45. siddiquizoha

    cutie : hey this is zoha that is soooo cool thanks byeeeeee

  46. amadnad

    that sounds like a useful feature.but any justification.why 87.why not more or less.

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