August Wrap-up

There were three big features in August:

There was a lot of action going on behind the scenes, but most of that will be revealed later.

How about some stats?

  • 154 thousand blogs were created.
  • 176 thousand new users joined.
  • 1.14 million file uploads.
  • 2.2 million posts and 851 thousand new pages.
  • 3 million comments.
  • 25 million spam comments blocked.
  • 2.5 million logins. (That’s about a login a second.)
  • 308 million pageviews on, and another 112 million on self-hosted blogs. (420 million pageviews total.)
  • 704,855 active blogs in August, where “active” means they got a human pageview. (New stat!)

Just a note that we’ve changed how we’re counting blogs, we’re now retroactively adjusting for blogs that were deleted or removed. (We killed 41 thousand splogs last month.)

Some stats tanked though… we used to do about 24 thousand theme switches a day, and after the theme preview was introduced that dropped to around 11 thousand. However people love theme previewing, they do it about 40 thousand times a day!

For the geeky among you, is now using about 260 megabits per second of bandwidth average, with spikes as high as 820 mbits earlier today from the Apple Gizmodo liveblog. (Which did up to 941 requests per second all by itself during the keynote.) So last month we used about 80 terabytes of bandwidth.

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  • Sep 6, 2007 @ 12:37 am
  • Wrapup


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  1. jeopardygame

    The numbers are massive! Great work as always Matt and the WordPress Team!

  2. cronies

    There was a lot of action going on behind the scenes¿ Yay!

    Go WP!

  3. Troy

    Wow, some good stuff.

    Great work as always, WordPress.

  4. Mas Kopdang

    well done..!
    wordpress come to be the market leader of based free-blog service

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  6. Andrew

    Nearly 3 terabytes a day is a serious amount of bandwidth. Congrats.

  7. dgcom

    Seriously – this is VERY impressive! Great work!

  8. Andrew B

    THUD *jaw hitting the ground about the bandwidth usage*

    Thats like something crazy…I’m so glad that the servers are able to keep up with all that ….

  9. Nishu

    Congrats! I agree that theme preview was really a nice feature. And Apple Gizmodo liveblog getting 941 requests in 1 second is really an interesting news.

  10. Kunal

    so on the whole the themes are being considered to be changed more :)
    just people were reluctant to make changes … preview is surely a great feature ..

  11. kOoLiNuS

    So last month we used about 80 terabytes of bandwidth.

    *Coff*, *Coff*

  12. fritoy

    80 terabytes of bandwidth.

    Wow give those hamsters a extra treat.

  13. Viper007Bond

    That’s a lot of bandwidth…

  14. intlxpatr

    But you got rid of Feedback! And you never said a word!

  15. Humaro

    Let’s go work for september now ! Cheer ! :)

  16. Do Hai An

    Hope these stats increase more & more

  17. deambulando

    uau! very nice stats guys!

  18. Collin

    Damn! 80 terabytes???

    I would have to see the bill for that if it was my ISP! That’s some impressive stats guys.

  19. lathanarasimhan

    What ever those bytes mean! I understood that I have to use the catagories you have mentioned for tagging to get featured. My blog did feature a few times last month for food.

  20. P. A. Monteiro

    I know we users keep saying this but may you continue to grow and shine in the future, like you have over the last few months. Bravo!

  21. opengiga

    wow !!! great

  22. Alex

    Keep up the good work!!!

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  24. Priscilaψ

    It was a great month… Congratulations to us!!

  25. marimann

    Wow, the numbers are impressive. WordPress is a fine place to be, and I appreciate all of y’alls hard work at making it so. Bravo!

  26. aniMOte

    I noticed the theme previews, they rock.

  27. brainstuck

    just WOW!!!

  28. Cler Oliveira

    Wow! WordPress is always growing up!

  29. Wascally Wabbit

    I switched from blogpost a month back and I have no regrets. I’m totally enjoying it. Gr8 work ppl !!

  30. zythophile

    420 million page views divided by 705,000 active blogs equals an average of 600 page views per blog per month … and each blogger makes an average three posts per month … and gets four comments a month …

  31. River Rat

    Another great month gone by…

  32. Da Vinci

    Hello Matt,

    I want to ask one thing. How many of 308 million pageviews are from Turkey? Do you have statistical data about this?

  33. alicia5


  34. pakosuperstar

    we want polls…

  35. trollboy

    Some high numbers there! The theme previews and stats are great, I’ve been playing using them…

  36. nerfgun

    80 tera… wow.

  37. patratosu

    Thank you, wordpress team!!!

  38. Rae


    That’s.. wow.

  39. Aldananlar

    Some stats tanked though… we used to do about 24 thousand theme switches a day, and after the theme preview was introduced that dropped to around 11 thousand. However people love theme previewing, they do it about 40 thousand times a day!

  40. miches

    You are really good!!! I got a problem uploading my post and sent you a mail to support – reading the above post in less than 5 minutes you responded my mail and resolved the problem!! You are really good, something more like only a professional!

    Thanks for this, I am proud to have my blog in wordpress!


  41. chaoticmortal4

    Cool! I see. Also, the word count: can you guys get it out for too?

  42. chaoticmortal4

    And besides, I bet everyone wants to see what themes look like, right? Which reminds me… roll out themes more.

  43. abu ameerah

    you guys are Awesome!

  44. dewo

    Luar biasa, 80 terabytes/s…

  45. Sankar

    Impressive numbers :)

  46. Kim Clune

    I’m a preview junkie.
    (Alhtough I never commit.)

  47. museditions

    “There were three big features in August:
    The new News departments.
    Theme Previews.
    Being able to see stats.”

    Loved all three! You folks are awesome, giving us new stuff to play with and make our bloglives easier. Many thanks. We wait with bated blog…

  48. cpnmc

    Thats alot of bandwidth!
    80 terabytes!

  49. Construction English

    Thanks for giving us FREE blog at
    My blog only two months old, 20.000 visits….

  50. autorul


  51. Mocha!

    GREAT THINGS FROM THE WP STAFF….Keep it up guys!!!

  52. Pascal

    We love the stats! Thanks for wrap-up!

  53. legoless

    Wow, great work guys!

  54. HooX

    Man, and I thought I had a busy month at the office! I have catchup to do. Nice work guys. Thanks for the continuous support and brilliant ideas! 8)

  55. Frequent Flyer

    Sweet i think im ferst post… SWEET!

  56. Watchdog

    Dang, ‘dat sho is a lot o’ stats.

  57. Pezster12

    cool wordpress rox my socks :lol:

  58. abarclay12

    Yes, but August was far too hot. Can wordpress do anything about global warming? Or at least can you guys pay so I can run my air conditioning more often?

  59. bigfacekuan

    ok i know

  60. wighairpro

    just checking this out

  61. photographerno1

    matt the coolest cat
    now dont ask me whats that!!

  62. munggur

    Awesome stats! Nice to know that I am included as a one of millions of blogger that shape WP. Keep goin’ Man!

  63. laolangpro

    tinh thanks

  64. Richmond


  65. onemoreoption

    I prefer the previous “Top Blog” and “Top Post” main page. I wish you could incorporate both “Top” and “Subject” categories on your main page.

  66. evilgoddess

    I just joined and currently still have a blog over on LJ but I wanted to check this out. So far, so good. Keep up the good work.

    “Curiosity Killed the Network Engineer, known as Trudy”

  67. John Carrick

    These are Testing Times.

  68. Ana Pires

    That’s amazing :) keep up the great work!

  69. adornment

    Thats some stats !! Fondoo !! WordPress rocks !!

  70. flo

    Thats really cool, I love reading about statistics.

    Question; pageviews? What does that mean?

  71. flickrhoneys

    3 million comments… now here’s 1 more :D

  72. ekimdrachir

    Thats freaking awesome!! Good job, great to hear your site is having so much success! I joined because I thought it would be a good place for me to just talk and let my words flow. Its hard to do these days because of the speed by which information is being shared. I feel like one day ill just explode. Ohh man that would be interesting.

  73. darvish

    You guys are great :) Thanks for everything.

  74. 4griffins

    wonderful info..

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  76. markgorman

    Could your stats go back further. Say a year?

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