Theme Monday: Digg 3 Column

Here’s a shiny new theme to brighten up your Monday: a three-column, Digg-inspired layout by Small Potato.

It features two (count ‘em!) sidebars with widgets, a customizable header image with an overlaid border, and nifty green tabs at the top for your Pages.

You’ll find it listed on the Presentation tab of your dashboard, under D for “Digg”.

P.S. It’s Monday here in sunny Melbourne, for those of you on the slow side of the international date line.

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  • Sep 10, 2007 @ 12:11 am
  • Themes


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  1. smallpotato


    Thanks for letting me know and for featuring Digg 3, definitely a long time coming :).

  2. Xomps

    Great theme, Thanks :)

  3. kadarsah


  4. Erwin

    cool. I might give this one a shot!

  5. Pascal

    Hopefully it as better internationalisation than other themes…well, it looks just great!

  6. vjp

    Nice :) This is one I’ve seen elsewhere and it is a very nice theme. Colors are not quite to my liking but I may have to give it a shot. Been waiting for a 3-column theme with a customizable header.

    A 3-column Regulus would be the best option for me, though.

  7. ClapSo

    Do ya have it in a size 32, and darker?

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  8. shilohwalker

    Looks good, but I’d sure like some more dark themes… something like the Sapphire theme but with black or dark gray instead. Or something like MistyLook or onnections or Tarski that has darker colors.

  9. cod

    This is brilliant, I switched immediately. Thanks small potato!

  10. cronies

    I somewhat love the theme with 2 sidebars! Go WP!

  11. trugiaz

    nice one!

  12. thordora

    oooh! Purty….

  13. coolsmurf

    awww, a new theme…

  14. trollboy


  15. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    nice…but it doesn’t seem to aligh properly in IE…

  16. abarclay12

    I’d like to eat this theme up. Just eat it up.

  17. caplang™

    yes, i have tried it

  18. esharkj

    Woo.. awesome!! Good Job Small Potato.


    Interesting, nice one!

  20. जगदीश भाटिया

    Very nice!

  21. putradi

    yup … cool theme …. bravo … !

  22. grownANDsexy

    Interesting!!! Thank you for this wonderful free service. Very cool. Now all I have to do is learn how to create my own themes! lol

  23. Nita

    This theme is worth trying out! At first glance I like it.

  24. abrianna

    I previewed it too, but wondered why the calendar shows up at the bottom of the left hand column and at the top of the right hand column? Why does it show up twice?

    Nice theme though. Now if we just had some themes with purple….:)

  25. Nita

    I am back to tell you guys that I tried the theme, liked it and am using it. I prefer it over my old 2-3 sidebar theme Neo-Sapien for the simple reason that it gives me all that I want (more sidebars plus custom header) and more. In fact there were some hitches with Neo, like the theme not showing up properly on the old version of Internet Explorer. Also the html that I used in widgets would not always work. I am not saying this theme is perfect as I don’t like the green, but at least one can change the other colours. Also, the title of my blog is visible, unlike in Neo. Another disadvantage of Neo was that the first sidebar on the left was useless as the minute you put it any of your own widgets, the title of the blog (which used to appear in tiny letters anyway) would disappear altogether!
    This theme is clean and easy on the eye and I just love the way the text in the widgets is spaced out. I was waiting for a theme like this. The custom header could be bigger, but well, one can’t get everything unless one is designing the theme oneself and I don’t think I can.
    A big thank you. :D

  26. 4n4rsh1st

    yee verry good that cool
    but when translat to RTL system language like farsi or arabi ? ;)

  27. navcity

    As long as I can choose an image at the top its all good….I’d love to be able to design my own though.

  28. the angry black woman

    I’m testing it out now. So far, I really like it. We’ll see what my visitors say.

  29. Sagaro

    I love this theme… thanks a billion!

  30. Mocha!

    Thanks for the new Theme….I hope there are more to come!

    Keep it rockin’!!!

  31. Nishu

    gud work small potato .. but does digg really look like this .. i think it has only 1 side bar.. and tabs are below the title bar
    Also without so many yellow stickers here n there it looks a little boring

  32. joseantoniook

    Very nice. Two side bars is really great.
    Thanks a lot.

  33. LMP

    Excellent – just what I was looking for. Thanks :)

  34. mittins

    three is a magic number. this may bode well for the magic cauldron !

  35. obliterated

    Hooray for Small Potato!

  36. archiearchive FCD

    This looks like fun. I must give it a go

  37. mommy has tattoos

    love it. using it!

  38. Humaro

    The first theme with two sidebars at the opposite side isn’t it ? A friend tolds me about wordpress one or two years ago, I don’t remember ; I didn’t know that you could go so far with the blogs, you’re the best.

  39. rollmops

    Very nice theme, thanks for this!
    But how can i get rid of the border around images?
    I couldn’t find any option for doing this…

  40. salahudin

    sweet! i changed

  41. dandelionsalad

    Thanks Alex and Small Potato, I’ve changed my blog to this theme and so far like it very much. I especially like the permanent links to each blog post and the yellow blockquote, as well as the 3 columns. Cheers!

  42. insidesportsgeek

    Awesome !! Thanks WordPress team.

  43. Paul

    Small Potato, WordPress. I love you.

  44. Jeffrey

    Nice theme. But where is the tag line?

  45. tvfoh

    Nice, i have been wanting a 3 column lay out. Thank you.

  46. judyk

    New theme, new theme, new theme! Thank you.

  47. Julia

    I’m gonna get freaky and fool with this one. Thanks for a new theme!

  48. Shae

    MY NEW THEME! Thank you, WP! You rock MY world! :D

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  50. Jak

    very nice. especially the columns and image personalization… one thing, can you change the button or bg color?

  51. Thrills Killa

    Thanks! Love it!

  52. Ando

    I like it, but the right hand sidebar is outta whack. At least in IE. It’s like it isn’t quite wide enough.

  53. frances

    Nice! I’m using it now. :)

  54. jednoudolejednounahore

    Beutiful in czech: Překrásné! .-)

  55. lisa14

    I like the look of the green tabs for pages

  56. FXSmom

    That is sooo awesome!! I’ll be using that one soon.

  57. Phoenix

    Another blue theme? What else!

  58. Webmaster

    Someone will post this on digg for sure.

  59. Wascally Wabbit

    awesome!! jus love it!

  60. Cat

    I’m loving it, set it up first thing this morning!

  61. SoCalMuchacha

    At long last, just the 3 column layout I’ve been waiting for–switched right away! Thanks! :)

  62. cedequack

    A new theme is always a good surprise! Thank you

  63. Chanceler Silva

    Any chance of a darker version? It might well be the prettiest theme on WP now…

  64. CJ Blackwing

    The green page tabs are a definite plus, as well as those spiffy shades of blue. Great job! <3

  65. Victor

    Nice! I like it. Might give it a go sometime.

  66. Ken Perrott

    Does “a customizable header image” refer only to choice of image or can a sub-head be added as in Andreas 04 and 09?

    Good to see another 3-column theme – we need more.

  67. vascabruta

    Thanks for the Theme just what i was looking for, for my new site.

  68. Budi Rahardjo

    more more more … I want more themes. Is there a way we can request to add certain themes into

  69. Ando

    Ah, it seems the widget size was too wide. Changing it to 150 makes it work just fine.

  70. John

    Functional and attractive. Great colors. Huge thanks to WordPress for supplying it and the designers who made it happen.

  71. Rex

    I swtiched instantly….its great.
    However, I’m having slight problems with it as one of the sidebars does not upload fully

  72. ninglun

    I have adopted it! Thanks.

  73. Briggie

    great theme – there are too few 3 column themes! thanks. hopefully we’ll see more new themes more frequently.

  74. Alex Shiels

    We made a minor change to the theme that should help with IE when the sidebar content is too wide.

    Folks, if you’ve found a problem with a theme, please contact support, don’t ask here. Including a screenshot or a clear description in your report will save us having to ask.

  75. Alex Shiels

    There is no tag line, nor an option to change colours. That’s just how the theme was made.

    The best place to request new themes is on the forum.

  76. typingisnotactivism

    ozzie ozzie ozzie, i.t. i.t. i.t. . . . . ? ;)

  77. Root

    As to the width in sidebars for images what with all the margins, padding and doodads I reckon the max is going to about 150px on each side. HTH. Fine tuning and cross platform testing will be necessary. On a technical note like many Kubrick deriviatives all the font sizes are declared in px which is one of my pet hates because it seriously impacts both useability and accessibility :). But a nice looking 3 col. And A BBH. What more could we want. :)

  78. mommy has tattoos

    i wrote earlier how i loved this theme. i’ve added my own little tweaks and it couldn’t be more perfect. thanks guys.

  79. steffi

    hoping to see more themes!!

  80. Running Ragged

    Nice! I like 3 column themes. I just wish we had more of a variaty to choose from.

    Keep up the good work!

  81. ggk37

    Very nice. Two side bars is really great.
    Thanks a lot…

  82. Art

    That so ugly buttons put in the top. They bungle the subject that until is funny. Thanks.

  83. lovegodloveothers

    Very nice theme. Not quite going t use it just yet, as I just got used to my latest theme, but nice to know there’s something I can move to when I tire of my current one. Keep it up.


  84. Platt

    Looks nice.
    Hope there will be more 3 column themes in the future.

  85. Alex

    Cool theme, but I don’t think the sidebars are wide enough and I want my tagline to show.
    But all in all nice work.

  86. miches

    I changed it yesterday and its working very well, the number of my visitors growed inmediattely! Very good work, thanks for this layout small potato.
    Only one thing: sometimes part of the posts (photos, etc.) lapped over the righthand slide bar and I had a problem with putting the categories on the slide bar (for this I dont show them).

  87. kuyaz

    was changing themes everyday – was never satisfied til now. awesome. thanks! looks clean and professional… would be great if we could change colours and have tag line show but still, awesome job.

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  89. Maverick

    i love the theme and have switched to it.

    But the only disadvantage i could see with this theme is that it doesn’t show the tag line of ur blog in the header. Well, i could change the header which compensates partly for the problem, but then i would love it to show up under the title even when im using the default header

  90. grantman

    Its fresh, its clean and its now mine… don’t think I will be changing this one for quite a while..

  91. rumours

    Wow…lovely theme :)

  92. Anna

    I was changing themes often, too. I wasn’t satisfied with the one I was using. I want a custom header but the themes are either too generic or not generic enough. This one, I really like! I love three columns. Thumbs up!

  93. garybutterworth

    I love it! This is exactly what I was waiting for! :-)
    And thanks so much for making that fix to the column width in MSIE. You guys rock!

  94. archiearchive FCD

    Yes, I now have it fully installed and I enjoy the freedom to change the header. I also like the fact that it has an inbuilt smile! How many others have found it?

  95. anna hape

    the meebo box does not fit within the widget, and the tag cloud seems not nice.

  96. Brian

    Nice theme, guys! I do think the buttons at the top are too big and that every single theme should at least have the option for displaying the tag line. This one would be fun to alter with the CSS upgrade and I’ll keep it in mind for the future. ;)

  97. onemorecup


    Looks like it could be the one! I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

  98. plasticwool

    wish it be available for wp free users

  99. Alex Shiels

    plasticwool: The digg3 theme is available to everyone.

  100. flo

    Its organized and simple, which I love…but I’m not too crazy about the design.


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