Category to Tag Converter

Since launching tags the other week we’ve had a fair number of people who wanted to redo their categories as tags, probably because you have a bunch of categories you’ve only used once or twice.

Now under Manage > Import there’s a Category to Tag converter, which shows you how many times you’ve used each category and allows you to convert it to a tag so it no longer shows up as a category checkbox on your write page.


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  1. Ujwala

    This is something I definitely need :D My categories list beyond the posts on my page!! Thank you.

  2. shreevatsa

    Works perfectly with the categories I tried… thanks!

  3. slimball2007

    Hey Thats Cool Thanks!

  4. Maverick

    great feature. Saved a lot of labor.

  5. El Santo

    Sweetness! I’ve been fooling around with Categories and Tags all weekend, and this is just the thing I need. Thanks lots!

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  7. baronen

    At last! Thank you, Matt!

  8. legoless

    Wow! Great idea!

  9. oldgreypoet

    Brilliant, thanks! Now I can get my stuff sorted the way I like it.

  10. Milla

    OMG, you’ve just save me about 6 hours of manual work! Thank you SO much!!!!

  11. bookbabie

    Shoot, can we convert them back? I just changed them all to tags but now I’d prefer to have left them alone:(

  12. giama

    It’s a good thing you did that – it’s a bad thing that I did the work manually some days ago…

  13. Tinus Tussengas

    Thanks Matt!

    I’ve been waiting for this.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Los Havros

    Guys, you’ve outdone yourself! Even with a modest number of posts, it can still be a hassle manually updating each post, which is why I never bothered…until now. I was hoping you guys would do something like this, cheers!

  15. Gaia

    Good thing! Ahorra muchísimo tiempo!

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  17. Silver Arrows

    This is great, thanks! :)

  18. Ana Pires

    Well thought! This will be *very* helpful :)

    Thank you!

  19. verykaka

    Thanks Matt for the information! hopingly it will be a precious thing for me, and good luck always for you and all!


    This is an excellent tool. Thank you for adding tags and now for making it easier to move to them.

  21. yukina2x

    yeah…that’ll make things really convenient, thank you!

  22. Julio Fragoso

    that´s was awesome…

  23. Pezster12

    finaly !!!!!! wordpress rocks!!!!!!!!!



    That was amazing.

    Over 400 categories converted to tags in less than a minute.

    The “Write” page is so much cleaner and easyer to manage now.

    Thank you,

  25. leylander


  26. redheadrev

    That’s awesome! I wish I hadn’t done them all by hand already. :( Fortunately, I am a fairly new blogger, so it wasn’t too bad.

  27. FXSmom

    mucho gracias…but I already spent lots of time converting :(

    No worries though….I’m loving the separation of tags and categories so much I won’t whine :)

  28. dinsan

    thank u matt……….a thousand times !!!

  29. Rae

    I could really cut down on some of the lesser ones like [geist]. Thanks, :)

  30. Maltesh Ashrit

    thats gr8 !!

  31. Richmond


  32. importjap

    Bloody awesome, just what I needed. Thanks mate.

  33. anas

    Great, something I want was answered. Thanks Matt :)

  34. Kunal

    this is good

  35. Nita

    I have been postponing this job of changing categories into tags and now that its easier should get down to it right away!

  36. Jope

    Any news on mass editing/changing/adding categories? I’m really waiting for that one… :)

  37. museditions

    Thank you. My few (but very pertinent!) categories didn’t want to share ;)

  38. Vincent

    Just after I’ve been adding tags to all my posts…. :P

  39. wildeny

    Thanks for listening to our request. I’m going to try this out.

  40. Chittaranjan

    *stops doing the jungle dance*

    Thats precisely what I wanted….thanx a ton!

  41. designvent

    Many Thanks

  42. bizwriter

    Very nice feature. Thank you.

  43. cronies

    Cool, ty¡

  44. christian

    So good!
    Thanks, Matt!


  45. elizabethantonia

    yes! i’m glad i was too lazy to reorganize before now =) thank you, it will be much easier now, once i get around to it…

  46. b

    Ah, control.

  47. حسن إبراهيم

    wow. You guys are the best :).

  48. Anne

    You guys just rock.

  49. decoding

    Fantastic, I have just migrated most of my categories to tags.
    Categories are now readable again, and make much more sense.

  50. Ed

    It’s a good thing you did that – it’s a bad thing that I did the work manually some days ago… [3]

  51. abarclay12

    I just love converting tag. I could do it all day long.

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  53. trollboy

    Cool. It’s interesting to see what categories I use most.

  54. Keith Olbermann Is Evil


    Still not sure how I am going to deal with this Category-Tags thing ….

  55. dreamzmedia

    top stuff, dude.

  56. Brendan

    :D I wuv you guys.

  57. thepearlady

    excellent – thank you. :)

  58. Kim

    Most excellent! It literally took me five minutes to clean up my categories list. You guys rock!

  59. Woeful

    That’s what I was waiting for… You guys do a good job!

  60. ewordpress

    that’s a great features

  61. senthilrajaj


  62. senthilrajaj

    thats good

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  64. typingisnotactivism

    so obvious, so unlikely, so thoughtful. muy bueno Matt. WP i.t. iz teh biznizez.

  65. Graser10

    Wicked! Thanks wordpress, you rule!

    -Graser 10

  66. Raindreamer

    This is great! :D

  67. apek-kun

    Wow!thanks a lot!

  68. Lahcen Taouchikht

    thanks for informations! we need more please!

  69. blayde

    like wow, i never would have thought of that, but it makes perfect sense, thanks!

  70. storymode

    This is insanely great! Thank you WP for always thinking about the community!

  71. Gustavo


  72. solentdreams

    WordPress ***always*** rocks!

    So… is there a way we can convert them back if we want? … or even have both? ,,, just a thought.

    Anyway, big chunky “Thanks”

  73. Howard

    Fantastic. I asked about this when you announced tags, went away for a while and like magic you’ve made the tool. Great work guys.

  74. Jak

    not sure if i will use this right away, but it is definitely a great step towards increasing the intuitive nature of wordpress. great job.

  75. thcapt

    Thanks Baby

  76. angelacw

    I love both categories and tags. Thanks guys! WordPress is the best!!

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  78. recombinantsocks

    Yes, it’s progress but I don’t think it’s complete yet. WordPress have a cardinality problem but haven’t nailed it yet:

  79. mikekujawski

    Damn it…I should have read this post first, before all the manual labour…lol, oh well, now I know.

  80. Teasdale

    my tag / categories revamp took 96.2342% less time than i had planned

    time for wine

  81. contessascloset

    Thanks for the info!

  82. Viral Trivedi


    As rightly identified, I’ve some categories which have been very less used. Hence, it would be better converting them into tags of course. And with the toiling made easy, it catches my attention for doing so.


  83. Farghana

    You guys are just too good…!!!

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  85. Construction English

    I owe you a lot!
    Thanks all admin team!!!

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