We’ve added a feature today that makes it easy for you to link words in your posts to definition pages on For example let’s say you mentioned someone like Artie Shaw or something like Turmeric in a post. If you click the AnswerLink “A” in your editor:

AnswerLinks will find words in your post that might benefit from a definition and ask you if you’d like to turn them into links like Artie Shaw and Turmeric. Easy as that! gets their definition data from places like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the American Heritage Dictionary. They are the default definition link that shows up whenever you do a Google search. There’s a little more information about this feature on’s site.PS: This feature was developed by Alex King and is also available as a plugin for users.

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Toni Schneider


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  1. Alex

    Wow! Thanks!

  2. Rollin

    Sounds good. Will try. (Someone visit me, damnit.)

  3. Graser10

    Nice job, wordpress!

    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:

  4. Ankur


  5. circulating

    I love…!! thanks for this handy nifty tool…

  6. GreenPanda

    This is definitely helpful!

  7. Andrew Alliance


  8. Michell Bak

    Sounds like a nice feature – thanks team!

  9. Graser10

    This thing’s awesome! Thanks so much wordpress!

    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:

  10. dma1


  11. Chris Hoskin

    Sounds good, and I’ll use it.

    Would be really cool if the ALT text defaulted to “ Definition” and the link defaulted to opening in a seperate window…..

  12. timethief

    Thanks Toni :)

  13. Austin

    Hey, there you go. I like that. It makes it easier. I link to definitions all the time.
    Austin @ Sundrip

  14. luna

    I’ve just used it…and it’s a nice feature. :) Thanks !

  15. Brett


  16. neath


  17. trollboy

    nice one! Thanks!

  18. Aguair

    Thanks, It will prbably help some, but I still want more themes!

  19. Wolz14

    cool thanks

  20. Len Gilbert

    Nice concept. I tried it in a test post about Wikipedia moving to San Francisco. Besides SF, Washington DC, New York, and St Petersburg, FL were all mentioned as was “Wikipedia”, founder Jimmy Wales, and London, but Answers only suggested a link to “Asia” that was buried in the text. The feature could still use some work….

  21. Anurag Bansal

    WP rocks…

  22. iaoj

    Thank you Alex and This feature sounds awesome.
    Great- Thank you:-)

  23. Lyndon

    Cool beans! Thanks!!!

  24. abarclay12

    I love Alex King. He’s a genius. I’d like to link all my questions in the future straight to his brain.

  25. hardrockhideout

    Wow…that is a pretty cool feature. I may have to try that one out!

  26. Dan Taylor

    Alright, I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been inserting links to wikipedia myself. Thanks.

  27. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT

    you guys are the best — the tags have significantly increased my readership — and so now a hard copy newspaper column goes out on the web and readers pick up back issues whenever they desire, rather than my trying to find back issues and email the readers. Now they will get definitions too.


    Rod Smith

  28. Driver

    that’s really brilliant!
    but why not go wiki?
    anyway, LUV U GUYS

  29. Pezster12


  30. grhomeboy

    Nice feature, thanks for providing this additional service. Much appreciated.

    Trust will add in boosting a blog’s readership [have not yet tried it, but intend to do so shortly - trust the answer will be opened in a new window] as opposed to abstract reader’s attention.

    Thanks again for thinking for us – ahead of us.

  31. slimball2007

    I dont know how to use it but cool!

  32. FXSmom

    That is really cool!! Thanks :)

  33. livingjourney

    For me this is the best feature! I usually find all my own definitions and this has made it heaps easier.

    Thanks heaps WordPress!


  34. Scavella

    Oh, THIS is cool!

  35. Sakib


  36. Maverick

    great feature, However by default all of them open in the same window. I’d love to have an option where I can say it to open in a new window or the same window.

  37. El Santo

    I haven’t found an application to use it yet … but it does sound like a nice feature. I like it.

  38. കേരളഫാര്‍മര്‍

    Thanks a lot

  39. miquie's crew

    COOL!!! thank you.

  40. moscarey

    Thanks Toni, thanks alex. good work.

  41. leylander


  42. ellaella

    Seriously cool and helpful. Thank you!

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  44. alicia5

    You are always doing good tools for us. Thanks!!!!!

  45. rayshan

    It’s a great feature and a great product placement strategy for


  46. Art

    That. Is. Awesome! Thanks!

  47. Julio Fragoso

    cmon guys

    this is insanely perfect !!


  48. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    Sounds really great! Now i need not go googling for definitions. Thanks!

  49. enkerli

    Mentioned it in a blog entry before using it (or seeing this blog entry). It does look interesting though I wish it could be customisable for use with other sites (including our own blogs, making it a bit wiki-like). As it is, it looks more like a way to send traffic to than a way to easily input links.

  50. Jef Menguin

    Sounds good to me. Thanks!

  51. IR

    This is great! I’m a huge fan of Look forward to using it lots.

  52. salahudin

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you guys pwn.

    how about a WIKI link/thingy like that??

  53. Trish_Fan

    awesome feature =D

  54. podniebem

    sounds great! pity it’s only for English

  55. Nita

    Wow, this is great! I usually turn to the wiki for definitions and this saves me a lot of trouble!

  56. cronies


  57. extremusmilitis

    Cool, nice one ;)
    Thanks a lot

  58. Woeful

    As a librarian, I really appreciate this feature!

  59. உதய தாரகை


    Nice feature…

    Thanks guys..

  60. clems86

    cool Thanks!

  61. Lijin

    Great Feature Guyss…. :)

  62. letters

    Vielen Dank, merci and thanks all in one.

  63. museditions

    Wow, I’m constantly linking to dictionaries, wiki, and ‘about’ mostly for tech and science terms for my philosophical audience. Super, Thanks Toni and Alex!

  64. blayde

    Woohoo, nice feature, a wiki wouldve been great as well, but this is awesome nonetheless

  65. Kunal

    this is a useful feature :)

  66. s s

    i don’t know what to say, that’s a total knock-out. i was so surprised when i saw this icon in the tabs!

  67. Santosh

    thanks guys

  68. raymonde

    Good work guys! :-D

  69. mittins

    now i can learn about what i write about :O
    first stop egregious.

  70. dreamzmedia

    sounds ok but …. not too keen….will see how it goes for others first….

  71. Bala

    Interesting, But it suggests only for very few things, rather if we can select the word and check for suggestion, it would had been great

  72. kalesco

    I would have loved this feature with wikipedia :)

  73. Ayu

    Sounds good! Now my bf won’t have to consult his personal dictionary again. (read=me!)

  74. ideasmith

    Amazing…you think of things that we didn’t even realise we needed!

  75. Chittaranjan

    Link? Or Pop-up showing the definition??

    Will try it out soon….Thanks

  76. Monique

    Love it! After moving from my own domain, I think this is the one feature I missed the most. Yay! :)

  77. michaeljung


  78. Anne

    Can’t wait to implement this one. Thanks for yet another great feature.

  79. susaneb

    …fun…I will try it and thanks for this!!

    Susan in Italy

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  81. abu ameerah

    nothing short of brilliant! thanks! : )

  82. outeasy

    Now that is cool, thanks, heY!

  83. Lady Luck

    Sounds terrific! I’ll be linking everything from now on! I wonder how many links one could get in a single post?

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  85. cotojo

    Thanks team, sounds like another great idea and very beneficial :)

  86. trugiaz

    Cool stuff

  87. Brent

    Interesting. That will save me about 20 seconds or so of work, the next time I link to…because as we all know, it is a huge pain to go there first to check if there is an entry for something even on there, and then copy and paste the URL of the search string into the WYSIWYG editor.

    Any WLW plugins for this yet?

    Sorry, my bad – it is no longer sarcastic Wednesday. Today is Thursday…

  88. icedmocha

    Great idea. Thanks!

  89. Carlos

    omg, that’s amazing :)

  90. Manuel Reis

    Very very very very very Cool!, but you should have also a IMDb button…

  91. centrocampista

    Handy! thanx WordPress :)

  92. lukadium

    Nice feature,thanks Tony

  93. invictus

    Great feature, thanks!

    Clue: If you get a “Sorry, we do not have any AnswerLinks to suggest at this time” at first, don’t give up and try again and again. It eventually finds the links.

  94. MorningGlory

    Great idea,something I’m sure to use.When I ran it on my last two posts,it removed all the spaces after my punctuation marks.As a result all my paragraphs look like this one.With no spaces.Kind of hard to follow,don’t you think?It happened both times I tried it,so I have to think it has something to do with the AnswerLinks.Has this happened to anyone else?

  95. Samuel

    Hmmm, nice.
    I would like something like this pointing to wikipedia :). I’m still doing that manually…

  96. natanzuelo

    Nice, thanx :D

  97. ramoody5

    thanks yo\

  98. Red Kid

    nice!! =D me like it!! :P

  99. msayed2004

    Nice , thanks

    But what about a wikipedia button (the English one or a combo box with all supported languages) ?!
    Anyway it is just a suggestion :-) .

    Thanks again.


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