We’ve added a feature today that makes it easy for you to link words in your posts to definition pages on For example let’s say you mentioned someone like Artie Shaw or something like Turmeric in a post. If you click the AnswerLink “A” in your editor:

AnswerLinks will find words in your post that might benefit from a definition and ask you if you’d like to turn them into links like Artie Shaw and Turmeric. Easy as that! gets their definition data from places like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the American Heritage Dictionary. They are the default definition link that shows up whenever you do a Google search. There’s a little more information about this feature on’s site.PS: This feature was developed by Alex King and is also available as a plugin for users.

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Toni Schneider


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  1. Rae

    We’ve been getting alot of links from that( lately. I was wondering when and if it would become a wordpress feature. =D

  2. india7

    thanks loved it

  3. Miguel Vieira

    Nice, but… I’d rather have a Wikipedia button. Just my 2 cents.

  4. marimann

    What a great thing to have available! Thanks for thinking of it!

  5. whiteoakumc

    Nice feature. Some new themes would be good too!

  6. Mornatur Arquenóro


    Wonder if that could be done, for an instance, with Wikipedia…

  7. Suresh Gundappa

    brilliant and creative!

    Hats off to you guys and I am amazed at yoru creativity to add value to bloggers! that’s why I am on wordpress! the best in Blog world!

  8. the rufus

    Wow – thanks a lot. I started to scan all my articles – high score so far is 87 answers!!! :mrgreen:

  9. Γιώργος Μαργαρίτης

    Very clever!!!!!
    Thnx alex King!!

  10. tulipfleurs

    Great . . .sometimes I link to Wikipedia, but I’ll try this feature next time. Thanks, and have a good one! :-)

  11. mahendrap

    This is so coooool! Thanks a lot!

    Just a couple of days back, I was tagged to write about strengths of a writer, and a key point in my post was about the importance of definitions! I’m very grateful to Alex and the WordPress team.

    When will you guys bring a ‘W’ button for Wikipedia links? :-)

  12. Maltesh Ashrit

    Gr8 stuff….

  13. markorega

    good job on the cool feature

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  15. Kimiko

    No thanks. I prefer the real Wikipedia.

  16. કુણાલ

    thts a gr8 handy tool …. i often had to give links to wikipedia myself.. now its easy … thnx to Alex …

  17. andrewong2024


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  19. Rolf

    I will definitely give it a try!

  20. Beatrix

    nice tool, but check the link is actually the definition you want, it came up with a few ‘random’ definitions, that definitely made less sense than more!.

  21. Lauren

    Whoa! Now we can be just like CNN! I just looked up Addison’s disease at and judged it to be competent, so this feature saves a lot of explaining. Thanks.

  22. showmescifi

    what would be really neat is if that feature worked with Snap properly so users wouldn’t actually have to leave the blog they were on.

  23. victory2020

    this is great news. will give a try.

  24. whig

    This is nice, and so is Turmeric. :)

  25. Canadian Cinephile


  26. Jak

    great feature. thanks for the thought. prob a sweet partnership for you guys as well i would hope. i would suggest adding a wikipedia option as well.

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  28. jimmyjames91

    You guys are just piling on the love! Thanks for another great feature. Look forward to using it for say when, I mention Mersenne Primes for some reason or another.

  29. siddharths

    This is great !! However sometimes we only want to link it to wikipedia page. It would be great if similar feature can be provided for wikipedia !!

  30. R. Christian Minson

    Excellent! I love the genius of being able to go down your own rabbit hole of knowledge with a simple click on a link. Keep up the innovative work.

  31. Christopher Barzak

    Cute, but honestly I would rather have the Incoming Links actually working, as well as a return of the blog feed reader statistics. Those were useful. I appreciate gadgets like this one, but I’d like to see a return to some basic essentials, and to get the things that are supposed to work working again.

  32. piratenblog

    i do not think anyone will read till here, but i would like the same for wikipedia very much (and perhaps for a specified language of wikipedia too?)

  33. cougarjump

    This additional feature can enhance my post if properly manage it!

  34. burnz

    Nice additional tools. Great work!!

  35. Jeffrey

    This is neat. Thanks.

  36. Johnny Scharonne

    Sounds helpful, since I do things like that in practically every post. Thank you.

  37. Julia

    Handy dandy. Gracias.

  38. sultaraeglos

    Cool feature; it’ll come in handy.

  39. destroyer


  40. Amyth

    Good stuff…. easier than finding it on Wikipedia and then adding a hyperlink every time… Thanks! :)

  41. Richmond

    This is the best ever since I always use use some Medical Terms in my blog. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. (I wanted to kiss you but I know you wouldn’t like it anyway hehe.)

  42. sams4n

    Woooow so coool thx!

  43. Melissa

    awesome! :D

  44. jd104


  45. Mark

    thanks… but its not good enough to use yet. It removes all the formating to my post.

  46. Bill

    Thanks for this!

  47. thcapt

    It is what I am looking for , Thanks

  48. ~NeonFire372~


  49. Harshad Joshi

    My blog is used as a reference blog on, so I am happy to find this plugin.. :)

  50. Manuel

    Why didn’t you do it with Wikipedia in all languages???


  51. Mark

    Looks like a useful feature to me.
    Thanks! :D

  52. nicaman2006

    WordPress rules. Thanks

  53. Brian

    Did anybody say “wow” or “thanks” yet? Hmm… How about “cool”? That too? Damn, I got nothing. Good stuff guys, another awesome time saver.

  54. [KwZ]

    Hey, what about UrbanDictionary?

  55. sewenz


  56. Vladimir Iachimovici


  57. khairulnizambakeri

    Can you add the same link for Wikipedia?

  58. puni

    Super. Thanks

  59. Viral Trivedi


  60. prasad143

    damn good, Thanks to team…..

  61. prasad143

    good option guys

  62. the floacist

    No offense, but this tool is rather worthless.

  63. Brian

    Well, I tried this out, and while it is certainly a cool idea, it seems like it, well, munches up the format of your post! (And adds a weird a paragraph tag at the top!) Anybody else have this issue? I tried it several times, and the formatting was always messed up in the end. Otherwise, it’s very cool, and does a great job of adding reference links!

  64. expreacherman

    Good idea guys —

    But I think too many folks rely on Wikipedia — which has proven itself to be in egregious error many times… due primarily to Wiki’s “open editing” of information. Anybody can change most information.


  65. infokito

    a great facility from wordpress :)

  66. Eddie

    This is an excellent feature added for bloggers. I’ve used similar features like this before and this helps a lot. Cheers :)

  67. Sienna Wildfield

    This is a G-R-E-A-T time saver. I also experience a paragraph tag when adding the code, so I move the code from the top to below my title, where I need a paragraph tag. Thank you for yet another great feature on WordPress.

  68. Construction English

    Thanks for very good job!

  69. christygriner and you shall receive.

  70. christygriner

    I mean, and you shall receive. Nice new tool. I like it!

  71. Gravity

    The new feature is cool, but is not necessarily helpful, it shows some random definitions that are not always accurate. I think I’ll keep using Wikipedia and Snapview.

  72. yacobyahya

    Wow, great. I’ve tried it. Thank you so much…

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