Theme Tuesday: Black Letterhead

You asked for dark themes. They don’t come much darker than Black Letterhead by Ulysses Ronquillo.

It features a minimal 2 column design, a sidebar for widgets, and an optional custom image header.  Look for it on the Presentation tab of your dashboard.

P.S. Please report theme issues to support, not in comments here.

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  • Oct 16, 2007 @ 6:19 am
  • Themes


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  1. cronies

    I’m still lookin’ for a theme that can have an image more than 640 px. I’m goin’ to test it now¡ :D

    Ty WP¡

  2. Chittaranjan

    Beware of the Dark……

    And this one IS Dark….wohooo! Tx Guys….

  3. Julio Fragoso

    hey, you guys do the best for us wordpress users. always !

    this theme is great.


  4. legoless

    Cool theme! I’m sticking with Blix, though. :mrgreen:

  5. munggur

    I like a minimalist theme like this. Yet, Hemingway is still better than this theme. Anyway, it’s awesome that WP never take a rest in giving us new and newer themes. Great job, man!

  6. Clow Angel

    That’s a pretty sweet theme. =) So thanks!

  7. blayde

    Ooh, black, basic but nice

  8. javierferrer2025

    Beautiful and stylish!

  9. JV

    Well, in the line with Cronies , I too need a theme where I can post such large image.

  10. dinsan

    nice.. but do we have a header image ?

  11. secretgeek

    That’s… dark.

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  13. raincoaster

    That looks niiiiiiiiice!

  14. JLB

    new themes are always good – thanks!! :D

  15. Alex Shiels

    dinsan: yes, as the description says, it allows a custom header image. A large one, too – 760×200.

  16. Troy

    Thanks, guys. Great theme.

  17. denhurd

    wow… this is great!! Thx!

  18. GreenPanda

    My brother would definately like this one!

  19. ama

    hey, i was wondering if you have somewhere a way for us to know what themes are used most, what least, etc. i’m very curious. sometimes i go through blogs just to form my own statistics, but there are so many… i would like to have a sense of esthetic trends in blog look. thank you for all you do!

  20. hariprasade

    really nice theme actually i am waiting for black background themes.

  21. si momi

    very pretty. but I always need the theme that has pages.

  22. Sakib Al Mahmud


  23. Jim

    I love new themes too. Maybe it’s just because I’m older, but black with white lettering is really hard on the eyes. So maybe some new “light” themes for we age challenged?

  24. Graser10

    Wow, nice theme. I might try it!

    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:

  25. jimmyjames91

    Choice is good! Choosing the Dark Side is better! LOL. Thanks for the theme!

  26. ElShaddai Edwards

    Perfect for Halloween… thanks!

  27. obliterated

    Very nice, I like :D Thank you.

  28. Andreas Pischner

    I really dig dark layouts. However, I also really dig readable text. Combining both seems to be really hard, and I’m afraid this theme fails to do it as well.

  29. helenl

    Dreadful. Unreadable. Enough black!!!

  30. Amyth

    @ Andreas

    I think this one has readable text… despite the fact that the theme is black.. its not too bad.. give it a shot! :) .. I liked it..

  31. The Bagel of Everything

    I so read that as “Black Leatherman”

  32. Mia

    I love this theme so much I want to lick all of your faces. But I wont, because I probably have cooties. I never liked the black themes before but this one is hotness.

  33. Amrita

    That’s lovely, but I’m going to stick with what I said last time i.e. what’s needed are more themes like Neo Sapien that have a lighter foreground. The all black themes are gorgeous but horrible for people who post a lot of text on their page. Well, it’s not horrible for the blogger but it is for the reader. So, yes I’m a demanding wench and pretty please: can we have darker themes with lighter foregrounds? You guys never let me down so I know it’s just a matter of time. :) Thanks.

  34. chokkklitsoul

    It’s cool. I am like some of the other posters, We need a theme with a larger header picture.and more versatility with fonts sizes and colors.

  35. khairulnizambakeri

    I tried it already.
    Yes, it is dark and classy.
    Perfect mixture of black and orange.

    p/s: Wish i can post a larger picture.

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  37. b.elle


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  39. Alex Shiels

    Header text color selection and hiding is fixed. Again, please report theme issues to support, don’t post them here.

  40. vjp

    I’m with Jim on this one. Beautiful – but hard on these old eyes.

  41. trollboy

    Black orange and biege… Good colors for Halloween. I like it!

  42. zlash

    really darky nice, thx!

  43. abarclay12

    Nice theme. It’s dark, but good for Halloween.

  44. goldcoaster

    Not for me but it is good to get new themes. I would like some that are a bit wider though.

    – GoldCoaster

  45. Robert

    Muy bueno esta tema, ahora si esta melhorando.
    Estoy contento por mi blog esta mais caliente.
    Por favore entre em mi blog, em brieve será um sítio.
    ByeBye !!! ou

  46. thordora

    Just used it-LOVE IT! :) Thanks folks!

  47. tuttysan

    I love my theme, also in black. Gives me a lot of versatility and good contrast with pictures and video.

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  49. Kopral Geddoe

    At last, a subtle, humble black-based theme that’s suitable to both very serious writings as well as the casual side of the universe. :)

  50. Elizabeth

    I look at this theme, and I ask myself, “How much more black could it be?” And the answer is, “None. None more black.”

  51. tamunobarabi

    If well pruned my theme can be made to accommodate a whole lots of fascinating features.Make it a bit wider.Always as needed versatility and good contrast will make it look great as well as break a boring outlook always.

  52. scudie

    oooohhh.. sexy theme guys, now if i can only figure out how to make that heading in small letters instead of all caps.. hmmm..

  53. John Botscharow

    As a person with some serious vision problems, I find this theme one of the easier ones to read, That’s why I switched my theme to this one. However, I do wish it did not have the orange text – or at least the option to change the color. Light colored text on dark backgrounds, that’s the ticket for me.

    It is a beautiful design, TY!!!

  54. Anurag Bansal

    I love this theme..
    I have always been looking for such a clean theme on wordpress
    Thanks guys..

  55. Robert

    I forget the name of the other theme that is red-on-black — I tried it out once and liked the overall look, but not the big giant block of red at the top. This one fixes that issue. I’ll stick with the one I’ve got now, but I’m thinking of starting another blog and this one is already at the top of the theme list.

    Nice job! Keep ‘em coming!

  56. d2c

    Just in time for Halloween! Good job guys.

  57. landdgrantblog

    With my macular degeneration the black background is perfect. The color combination is perfect for me.


  58. elwoodin

    Very nice theme….but I am still waiting for some Patriotic ones that I could use for my blog, that have the option for a good sized custom header on it.


  59. Shae

    It’s really nice, but I would have loved it even more if it was a trio :)

  60. mbelgedez

    It’s nice, looks clean…
    But it’s seems Hemingway’s still better (???)

  61. Erik

    Nice and clean looking. Love the dark theme! Wish we had a dark theme that supported pages though… :(

  62. @tof

    Ive just created my blog, and am going to update it :D . Really liked the theme, and am using it too !

  63. rathiamit

    the given theme is stunning

  64. John McKlain

    The best combination is Sandbox+Custom CSS :D

  65. Alex Shiels

    Erik: what do you mean? All themes support pages.

  66. Richmond

    I love it!

  67. the rufus

    Hmm, looks great – maybe the red font could be a little less orange but darker.

    I’m mostly writing in German – so what I’m not happy in themes is a mix of German and English for links, tooltips etc. But this theme is going one step further: it seems to mess up the links for next and previous entries in longer lists :mrgreen: .

  68. in2thefray

    Great work WordPress. I’m using this having switched from neo-sapien. I like darkness ? I really like it when viewing a post by itself. take care

  69. Shae

    I’ve decided to give it a whirl. :)

  70. hellandbliss

    Loving it sick. Wish we could change the orange colour though.

  71. zombiethoughts

    Great halloween theme!

  72. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦

    Nice theme Alex ,Thanks for it! Ill give it a try!
    You can change the orange color to Red

  73. Buenaventura Durruti

    Yeah love it but wish I could change the orange in more than the heas=der.

    And the blocktext is bit dim – needs to be a shade lighter (or maybe it’s just that my eyes are going dim as the lullaby goes.

  74. bfe1


    Find a theme which everyone will love and keep coming back for more.

  75. yongsheng

    emo theme, but acceptable anyhow :)

  76. smack

    Perfect for halloweener!

  77. wannabevegan

    Very nice – will probably be my first template…

  78. sleepyjane

    Oh I love this one!

  79. rpmcd

    It’s a good theme, a bit boudoirish though. I might use it if the orange was changed to a sky blue but then i’m strange like that…


  80. lizwired

    Exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks!

  81. bersama0805

    cool themes… i like it..

  82. verzase

    nice.. theme

  83. catcam

    Well, well done.

  84. Ieda

    It’s nice to have more options. Thanks.
    (though it’s hard to read big chunks of text).

  85. Sheeda

    I am officially in love with this theme. Definitely trying it out. :D

  86. vikiz

    I’m new to set up my wordpress space today…and excited to check out the Black Letterhead theme. But found that the text colour preference can’t be changed despite the great feature of customised header! How nice if text colour preference is allowed??


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