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A few months ago we added News Departments to the front page and I promised there would be “a new place where you can browse fresh, hot content in any department you like”. Well, it’s here.

Actually we deployed the new “More »” link quietly last week just to see how many visitors would notice and click: hundreds per day. That means a lot of people are missing out on all the fun!

The News Page lets you browse recently popular posts in a bunch of categories and we will be finding more ways to help you browse as we think of them.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Graser 10

    Woah, keep it up WordPress! :grin:

  2. anas

    Well, thanks to make us easy and easier agan :)
    Nice job

  3. abarclay12

    I like this new addition, and I also love Andy’s mustache.

  4. محسن وزیری

    this is very nice !thank you

  5. Grace

    Yay. Thanks. That’s “More” fun.

  6. Gustavo


  7. Nobodyknows

    Man, this is awesome. Thanks for the update and upgrade.

    (But I’d kill for an Education department.)

  8. raincoaster

    Good, outstanding. Now what you need to do is add a page where people can see all the different categories, or at least a randomly rotating selection. I’ve already noticed that the News page has ensured that all of the Top Posts are from those few limited categories. This isn’t good for the global conversation.

  9. abu ameerah

    thanks alot!

    : )

  10. Oldtimer

    If you want to keep it quiet, you need to be less obvious! I saw the “more” link very early on. Wondered when you would announce it.

    I think some of us are still struggling with the category/tag situation. Many of my links were tag related as in “see all (tag) posts” . Then the tags were renamed categories and many of my links failed. Redo. Now they work either way, but still I have lots of categories that the converter won’t see so they have to be manually converted.

    Just the same, the tag/category change and the “more>>” link will help broaden our reach. You guys do good work.


  11. Julio Fragoso

    this is a great add by you guys…

    Awesome !

  12. devo

    Fantastic improvement. Love it.

  13. cronies

    I didn’t notice it, ty for letting us know ’bout this.

  14. parafonos

    Well that is GOOD NEWS Andy !!!

  15. zylla3

    I’ve finally got he courage to start my blog today, and “More>>” is one of the many overwhelming things I discovered that did not really overwhelm me. Sigh!!! Thanks for all the amazing things I’m slowwwly comprehending.

  16. Thunk Different.

    well, i’ll be!

  17. museditions

    Glad you posted this. That’s a teeny little “more” link, and I did not notice. I seriously love the News Page!! I can view posts on “Science” and “Mysticism”, or “Music” and “Spirituality”, for instance, all in one place. Thank you very much.

  18. devildog6771

    Great idea! Thank you.

  19. timethief

    I like the expansion and I found the link a few days ago. I would like to suggest that “Personal Development” is a department that ought to be considered for addition. Thanks for all your work. :)

  20. PV

    Exactly what I was looking for & found yesterday. A constantly updating news feature without having to refresh the page would be a great add on.

  21. alicia5


  22. The Guru

    Interesting, I’ll have to see if I can find this here new feature.

  23. Viral Trivedi

    Have to thank you guys for any and all efforts you make; regardless of the individualistic usability. So, Thanks!

  24. Austin

    I didn’t even notice it was there. When going to the main page I thought, now why would only one blog entry make the news page per category? One for health, one for politics, etc. I guess not seeing the “more” link kept me in the dark about more news. Oops!!

    Austin (not blind or blond)

  25. tahir

    Cool feature.

  26. asaverle

    Not bad at all. Didn’t notice it before.

  27. asaverle

    Perhaps though it should be divided by language like botd so we foreign bloggers dont feel rejected. Is there any future plans about that?

    Sorry for the double comment.

  28. Maninas

    Excellent! Thank you!

  29. legoless

    Cool idea!
    P.S. cool avvy, Andy! ;)

  30. Wolz14

    awesome cool

  31. Heather S. Ingemar

    Very nifty. Thanks guys!

  32. Daniel Trezub

    Great! Now we are waiting this in another languages, as promised :)

  33. trollboy

    An Art or Design section would be a nice addition!

  34. Diego Urioste


  35. Jane

    Thanks WordPress. There doesn’t seem to be a “news” section for us “wildlife” freaks… Coming soon???

  36. Sakib Al Mahmud

    Thansk A Lot Dear Andy

  37. Vish

    Ah crumbs. My categories are random. Mind you, it would be cool to browse everyone else… Cheers guys!

  38. Paul

    Very cool! I’ll definitely be clicking on “more” a bunch!

  39. cyclepromo

    Thanks for the new feature. Thats very social of you, if you know what i mean.

  40. ena

    What about Nature and Gardening, The Environment. No news for them???
    Hope you will add these very important categories.

  41. necrophagus

    awesome :D

  42. goldcoaster

    Thanks but is there any way that users can customise the news page – eg. i don’t really care about US based sports and that seems to be mostly in the sports section – nice if we could locaise things down to country level.

    – GoldCoaster (Australia)

  43. Kunal

    now this is brilliant :)

  44. kidtales


  45. Peter Cruickshank

    Cool feature! Now, if there was only a way to find the stories written by UK or European bloggers in amongst all the USA stuff…

  46. slimball2007

    Great Idea.
    I could really use something like that! :P

  47. rumours

    Non stop WordPress

  48. jessicadoyle

    I agree with trollboy. An art, design or creative section would be welcome :)

    I’m new to but not to WordPress. Just want to say thank you for being you, WordPress.

  49. imani

    One for cars but not for books? :/

  50. Erwin

    this is awesome, guys. Keep up all the good work.

  51. Natalia

    That’s really cool .. So I don’t have to surf around.. Thank you

  52. soxgirl4life

    looking forward to posting!

  53. gajamoo


  54. phyllisshik

    Good of u guys, my eyes ddnt fail me coz i nnoticed the link on my first log on.Keep it up!!!

  55. vincent1989


  56. kitong

    cool, thanks bro..

  57. arun1234

    It’s gr8 to be here.

  58. anijoa


  59. aruntechm

    I like it, very impressive…

    Thank you

  60. ferozsahid

    its cool I like it keep it up

  61. prodip

    Thanks WordPress.

  62. slimball2007

    I was wondering if
    you could make another 2 widget sidebar
    theme with the pages on the header?
    I really would like 1 theme like that. :)
    Thanks! :D

  63. familyforest

    Nice but I had not seen it until I saw this.
    More could be more prominent.

  64. Mati

    Thats great, thanks

  65. monikrulz

    Pretty cool!

  66. matthewalbert

    I am very impressed.

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