Gravatars Everywhere

You may remember a little while back we bought Gravatar. We now have the infrastructure to a point where we feel comfortable sending a lot more traffic to it.

So we’ve enabled Gravatar support for all of

What’s that mean? When you have a account you can have an avatar by your comment, but now if someone isn’t logged in or registered but they have a Gravatar attached to their email account that will show up by their comments too. You may see a few new faces around. :) Gravatars help build a sense of community around your readers, and keep people coming back to the comments.

Since doing this the requests to Gravatar have tripled to about 2,200 requests per second on average, with peaks to 3,000 per second.

Since there are 86,400 seconds in a day that takes us to 190,080,000 Gravatar requests per day, on average.

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  1. Brad

    Sweet. Nice addition! The value just keeps getting better and better…

  2. anitz

    Great, you put a face to half my community!
    (What a stat: 190 Million Gravatar requests a day… blow my mind!)

    Keep up the great work!

    (Ich blogge auf deutsch–I blog in German)

  3. Graser 10

    Wow, thanks.

    ~*~Graser 10~*~
    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:

  4. ruhi

    Awesome stuff!! :D Will make my sidebar prettier.

  5. CMPC

    Pretty cool, that´s why i saw something weird this morning. Thanks a lot :)

  6. Brent

    Awesome dude! Thanks Matt! I was wondering if you guys were going to end up doing something like this. In fact, I was just thinking about that the other day.

    Great work!

  7. Grace

    Impressive, most impressive.

  8. David W. Boles

    Cool news! Avatars make online life less anonymous and more personal.

  9. trollboy

    oh cool. I thought it was just a feature you guys added. I didn’t realize you bought the company! I’ll have to create one.

  10. Tom

    Cool thanks – are you planning on integrating this with OpenID?

  11. Khürt Williams

    Very cool! Thank you.

  12. thegirlinthecafe

    Hi Matt, this is great.

    Will we also work the other way around? Do we get to see gravatars on self hosted WordPress blogs too?

  13. ChenZhen

    I’ve had a gravatar for commenting on other sites and it works really slick. Maybe we’ll see less of those mysterious while silhouettes.

  14. ChenZhen

    OK , I just logged out and tried it. One small detail. The gravatar shows up in the thread, but not in the widget for “recent comments”. Bummer.

  15. iaoj

    Have to thank you WP guys for Gravatar and all your efforts. WP really deserve credit. I always feel extremely glad to see new features by WP. Thank you again for this wonderful Gravatar. May all your hopes, wishes & dreams come true on coming Christmas and at the event of coming New year 2008. Good luck- very nice. To visit my blog, Indus Asia Online Journal, please click the link;

  16. FrankZabbath

    whoohoo! :D
    And keep up the go(o)d work!

  17. cyclepromo

    I just posted about the traffic numbers and I’m thinking the same thing here. What kind of infrastructure is WordPress using to keep everything running so smoothly?

  18. Muffin

    I don’t know what this means but YAY! Keep up the awsome work wordpress, love your blogging tool!

  19. mymine

    thanks Matt.

  20. cowgalutah

    oh now I get it!

  21. alicia5

    I love communities!! Im happy with yours news. Thanks WP.

    Alicia Yabeta

  22. vjp

    I noticed that gravatars were working here at WP last week. Good job, guys!

  23. Jauhari

    This is what’s I really need it ;)
    Thanks Matt

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  25. cronies

    Cool! Go WP!

  26. mcp185

    just want to say think you doing good work Adeel Chowdhry all the best

  27. Ryan

    Awesome numbers. Keep it up.

  28. The Gorilla Guys


    If I gave a crap it would be that much better!

  29. |eemz

    Nice going! hurray!

  30. Henrik Sundholm


  31. Adrian Lawrence

    Yap. this feature may definitely build a sense of belongingness, and family to all shades of wordpressers. Keep innovating, keep wordpressing!!

  32. Paul

    Awesome idea! This definitely gives some incentive for folks to come back to blogs and comment.

  33. EscRiBiTioNiSt®

    I still find ways to see how Gravatars work.. Do you have a sample page?

    BTW, I signed up my e-mail addresses and avatars in Gravatars.


  34. EscRiBiTioNiSt®

    Found it! I know how it works in However, still not sure if it works in other sites.. Will try.. ;)

    Thanks Matt.

  35. Munch

    Neat! Only getting bigger and better! I love what you guys have been doing. Thanks so much.

  36. Kunal

    cool addition :)

  37. ladynina

    coolness. i like.

  38. Richmond

    You really know how to take care of us. Thanks.

  39. paresh

    Thats great news ! Me registering at once :)

  40. cantueso


  41. Viral Trivedi

    Wonderful deed, boyz!

    Hey, now tell me one thing… So, how do the non-registered readers get to know about this new facility? Any education program going on? I mean, there are quite some visitors to my blog who are regular ones… So, I’m asking in their context that how would they know about the gravatar and get it linked to their respective email accounts so as to have their pretty faces be seen? Is self-awareness, knowledge sharing and/or word-of-mouth the approach?

    But any which way, this is going to be a boon-like for boosting up the feel good factor… Empowering communication… Hey?

    Cheers, my friends!

  42. Raúl Retana

    Thanks you Matt !!!

  43. Chittaranjan


    Gravatars would make WP even more colorful and lively than it already is!

    One Q: If the Email with the Gravatar registered to it is the same as the WP-registered Email?

  44. fajro


  45. dinsan

    good job, something that I expected.. and to be frank, you did it very fast, than I expected… :) will try that out

  46. Pas


  47. Rowjie

    nice! that’s great!!!

  48. உதய தாரகை

    Its a great feature.

    keep growing..

    WP my ever loving blogging platform. I’ve introduced these WP to many people and they feel cool with WP.

    The way WP interacts with people and technology is out standing and exclusive.


    உதய தாரகை

  49. gioxx

    Thanks for this nice feature Matt! :)

  50. antobilang

    Sip, WP emang makin cihuy! gak perlu login, eh.. foto kita bisa langsung nampang! :D makasih kang matt dkk

  51. ideasmith

    This is great! It’ll make a nice change to see faces instead of the blank boxes next to the comments from non-bloggers/non-Wordpress bloggers.

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  53. Sakib Al Mahmud


    really great and I love Gravatar ;-)

  54. curves79lady

    *thumb up*

  55. ticogil

    It’s fantastic!
    Another (of millions) reason to be with WordPress!

  56. CristianG


  57. helenl

    Thank you. This is a very nice feature.

  58. Carlos Jumbo G.

    very nice!

  59. Guh

    Yeah, gmail!

  60. superbullus

    aha!!! that explains why people who don’t have a wordpress acount have pics in my comments… thanks!

  61. legoless

    190,080,000? 8O

  62. Brigitte

    That’s awesome! I finally broke down and got one a few weeks ago, so I’m excited to see more custom icons around here.

  63. showmescifi

    Some deep thoughts…Does a Gravitar have more Gravitas than an Avitar?

  64. kylydia

    I love Gravatar. You guys rock.

  65. anshul

    Wow! that’s a lot of traffic! Any chance you can combine this with pavatar? Like each blog is an openid, it could also be your pavatar url… Just a thought…

  66. G

    Very interesting!

  67. Alex

    Wow, this is neat! Talking about new faces, it was about to anonymous recognition…

  68. IsShouKenMei

    Gravatars: For Non-registered WordPress Commentators recently announced that their newest service, Gravatar, will now be implemented throughout Why do I care to blog about this? To inform anyone who leaves comments on IsShouKenMei (or any other blog community) that you can no…

  69. Richard

    Well it looks like it’s now time for me to gravatar.

  70. slimball2007

    thats amazing WordPress keep on going!

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  72. The Monochromatic Knight

    Excellent addition!

  73. femeniina


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  75. محسن وزیری

    Hey MAT sorry Hey KING MATT You Are My Love! You Are Better Man :D

  76. radioclub

    Wow, thats is cool :D

  77. Sam Carson


  78. Cross

    That’s great very usefull. Good work WP team!

  79. markgorman

    that’s quite a lotactually.

  80. sketching

    Wow thats allot of Gravatars!

  81. amrinz

    just test if this avatar work

  82. Housam

    nice :D

  83. johnblogger

    Im logged in and without a picture as an avatar i have a gravatar!

  84. raincoaster

    When are we getting our avatars functional on external Gravatar-enabled sites? I’m lazy!

  85. Bas


  86. Sleeping

    Really impressive :-)

  87. arenasimulasi

    No matter logging in with wordpress account or email, our avatar both still can be seen.

    Thanks Mat

  88. Jak

    Have Gravatars been popular on any other networks? Will their use expand?

  89. arvind

    thats really cool feature..thanks..cheers

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  91. yorgyb

    What a huge number there are…

  92. loonaseas

    love it thanks

  93. ChenZhen

    I think it would be a good idea if there was a message near the comment form that gravatars are enabled. I just get the feeling that some netizens just enter some phony email sometimes.

  94. bipro

    thanks….nice feature

  95. exoptimist

    Oh, look at me.

  96. abarclay12

    Thank you Matt. I love gravatars. Very sexy.

  97. Julie

    wow, that’s a lot of requests!

  98. vetamandra

    test gravatar

  99. idiotz

    wew. sweetest thing :D

  100. kyramas

    Gravatar all the way ! yeah !


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