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You may remember a little while back we bought Gravatar. We now have the infrastructure to a point where we feel comfortable sending a lot more traffic to it.

So we’ve enabled Gravatar support for all of

What’s that mean? When you have a account you can have an avatar by your comment, but now if someone isn’t logged in or registered but they have a Gravatar attached to their email account that will show up by their comments too. You may see a few new faces around. :) Gravatars help build a sense of community around your readers, and keep people coming back to the comments.

Since doing this the requests to Gravatar have tripled to about 2,200 requests per second on average, with peaks to 3,000 per second.

Since there are 86,400 seconds in a day that takes us to 190,080,000 Gravatar requests per day, on average.

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  1. butnerblogspot

    thanks, love more stuff

  2. ebonk

    I like it, Matt. Good work! :)

  3. tanivillamora


  4. leylander

    salamat! =)

  5. unrealbr

    Thats nice!

  6. Milan

    Oh this is really great news!

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  8. mauricederegt

    Cool, now some support for bbPress too and I’ll be happy as well ;)

  9. Canadian Cinephile

    I like it!

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  11. mayooresan

    Wow good news for us! and a good value addition :)

  12. jeanniem

    It’s really user friendly – now if I only had a cool picture to use!

  13. Doc Syntax


  14. smoothintuition


  15. xcoolxwhipx

    cool! i like it!

  16. DADO

    it gets better & better, WP is The BEST
    All the best from Croatia

  17. veronicaromm

    mike m. i think you are really cute.

  18. aresi

    Simply Wicked!! What next Matt??

  19. naikaditya

    Just wanted to see how my avatar looks :D

  20. Dhima$ LN

    Gravatar, is the last airbender?

  21. littlepatti

    Merci, de Quebec, Canada !

  22. xavitron


  23. mdtrussell

    Very nice.

  24. Aleksandrs Kruks

    I use Gravatar, and I like it so much.

  25. girlsuicide

    That’s cool.

  26. brainsplus

    … great job, Matt … thanks a trillion

  27. zahra

    Very interesting
    thanks :)

  28. pangeanative


  29. hsigrist


  30. coastaldimension


  31. candaceclayton100

    Wow! I am a total newby to blogging, but so far its been fun! Love all the cool features!

  32. gidong

    great job ….

  33. mehhekk

    great work i am loving u guys and gals at wordpress team who work so hard to make this new love lover is wordpress.

  34. kitten4819


  35. genuine240


  36. wishbeukhti

    cool … :)

  37. iwalk

    they say picture worth thousand words! :)

  38. Breggol

    Cool. It would have been great, however, if the gravatar would also be displayed for the email address used in my account so that I do not need to add a separate avatar to

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  40. saskboy

    It would be interesting to devise a way for the access requests to be more efficient. Like an optional cache built into the local WP blog, so it doesn’t have to query the DB from far away.

  41. satellitefortvpc


  42. schlammschwimmer

    very nice!!!!

  43. BUSH

    this is awesome

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  45. imaligor


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