Stat Chart Quick Switch

Back in the day we added the ability to chart weeks and months in your stats section. It looked like this:

Old Stats Tabs

The bummer was whenever you clicked one of the links it would have to reload the entire page, slowing down the gratification of checking your stats over and over. No longer!

New Stats Tabs

Now when you click the tabs, which look like tabs instead of links, they’ll instantly load a new chart, or at least as instantly as we’ve ever pulled up the chart.

Also: The bars also now slide from the bottom, and there’s slightly different styling on the tables. The bottom-left box tells you when your best day was, instead of just giving you the number of views.

P.S. We haven’t done as good a job as we used to about blogging the constant improvements being made to the site. (We deploy changes to the site anywhere from 5 to 20 times a day!) It’s something I think we can do better in the rest of December, and hopefully keep up the good habit through 2008.

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  • Dec 17, 2007 @ 10:39 am
  • Stats


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  1. raincoaster

    Very nice!

  2. cyberpunk2020


  3. diamondfistwerny

    I’m loving it! Thanks for all you guys do!

  4. caplang™


  5. anas

    it’s really great.
    Thanks Matt !! :D

  6. goldcoaster

    Great going – it’s super quick compared with before.

    merry Christmas to the team and cheers from Australia

  7. John Rana

    Nice update. Kudos, WP!

  8. Kunal

    just noticed this.. it is great..

    esp loved the way the charts slide from bottom to top, looks cool :)

  9. kazik

    Wow! Very usefull! Much better looking thing. Thx guys!!

  10. Sebastien Lachance

    Great !!!

  11. Dennis Wright

    Not news. Already blogged.

  12. anitz

    This is so exciting and I noticed right away… before this post even came I had noticed! A true stats fan will LOVE this!

    go wordpress go!

    Ich blogge auf deutsch, I blog in German with WordPress!

    Merry Christmas!

  13. lostmoya

    Great! More stats functionality is always welcome!

  14. mattdabbs

    Can you make just one of those 5-20 improvements per day bringing back feed stats?!? Thank you for all you do. WordPress is really a blessing to me.

  15. cheezdog

    *bark* YAR!

  16. Jim

    Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as the kids say). You guys are awesome (as the kids say) and every day I’m glad I switched from stupid, slow, and vile blogspot. Thanks for your brilliant work! Again!

  17. Mihael "D.B." Ellinsworth

    Thanks, Matt. I’ve already felt about a change just about 3 hours before, and I know that you guys from WP made a movement. It’s great. :D

  18. Keith

    You may think you “didn’t do a good job” – but I think you and the staff are the greatest. Despite WordPress’ growth – you still remain regular folks and I want to commend you for that.
    Thanks for all that you do – and you do it well.
    To the folks at WordPress – a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year (or Happy Hannukah, if that is the case). Happy Holidays!

  19. Sarah

    Thank you guys!! :D .. I personally am a fanatic of stats :)… and yes! it’s too much better now!.
    Thanks again! And if we don’t know anything from you till January….(I hope not..).. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! :D

  20. Mel

    yayy thank you! it was a nice surprise this morning to check my stats with the new updated look.

  21. theo48

    Good and useful improvement! Thanks! Theo

  22. zaidapdan


  23. cronies

    It’s better! Ty WP!

  24. rollmops

    Great improvement in our bloggers daily bread, the stats!
    Oh btw, can i have those 20k pageviews too? ;)

  25. cronies

    It’s cool! Ty WP!

    Btw, can y’all make the arrow turn to a hand when ya hover the “Weeks stats” n’ “Months stats, like the “Days stats”.

    PS: In the “Clicks” section, it doesn’t show “Yesterday”, it shows yesterday’s date.

  26. miroslodki

    Thxs for the upgrade Matt

    Can I ask if there are any planned improvements to track individuals visiting the blog?
    and their path through the blog site?????


  27. Chittaranjan

    Nice! Thanks for this Quick-Switch-Tweak.

    However, I noticed that with my Firefox (with the Flashblock addon), the graph window is skewed more towards the right of the page than in IE! Flashblock error maybe?

  28. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦


  29. Chittaranjan

    BTW, whose blog’s screenie is that? ~20K+ Visits!!! Impressive!

  30. Godlesswanderer

    Ooooh snazzy! Only one problem though, the stats seem to load on the right side of the screen instead of straight under the Days, Weeks, Months tabs. I’m not sure if it’s just a problem with me or with a few people but I just thought you should be made aware of it. :)

  31. Alasdair

    Ooooo, nice, sexy … stats [dribbles a little on his tie before wiping away with a handy tissue]

  32. intlxpatr

    Pretty cool having it all so fast, but the billowing effect is a little strange. I would still love to be able to take a look at my all time best entries by clicking somewhere.

  33. karlo mikhail

    Tried it just now. It definitely is better. Keep it up! :D

  34. जगदीश भाटिया

    Nice Development!
    keep it up.

  35. cheesetype57

    Alright, this change is very nice. And I really like the addition of it telling me when my best day was. Especially when you have the link in there so I can go see other stuff about it. That’s just some great thinking.

    As for the updates, why not just shoot for once a day instead of a major update? Really big things could always have their own post, but for not so big stuff an entire post isn’t really needed.

  36. jsbandura

    This is what makes WordPress the best… constant development and striving for improvement. Thanks for the non-stop work, guys.

  37. Daniel Lackey

    Holy cow, those do load faster. Thanks much!

    My only request for stats now is to see what engines folks are using for keywords to find my blog.

  38. Jim

    Excellent improvement. A big tip of my hat, if I wore a hat, that is.

  39. Merri Williams

    *Thanks*! This is very much appreciated!

  40. Leila

    Thank you so much. As I am an obsessive stat checker, this is greatly appreciated.

  41. abarclay12

    I love that little stat mountain diagram. Very sexy. And stat tabs?? Who doesn’t need a little stat tabbage in their life? Thanks Matt.

  42. turvyc

    Cool change! Also, that is a very good new year’s resolution.
    Wordpress rules!

  43. Manuel Reis

    Nice work, dudes. This just keeps getting better and better…

    Why won’t you provide the comments stats? Number of comments a day, etc…

    BTW, what about the feeds? Did you let that idea go away?

  44. iateacher

    Love it!! You guys are AWESOME! :-)

  45. Sebastian

    Nice one! I’m looking forward to 2008 :-)

  46. susaneb

    yes, I noticed the change right away….




  48. tekel

    Noticed the change right away this morning- and the new stats link to the individual day with the most traffic! Neat. Keep up the good work.

  49. Lauren

    You’re on to us and catering well to our obsessions!

  50. Tyler

    looks awesome

  51. tolas

    good to hear that. thanks for update !

  52. arunchullikkal


  53. G



  54. Canadian Cinephile

    Yay for more convenience! Thanks guys and Happy Holidays to all WordPressers!

  55. Sid

    Small drops make the ocean..
    :-D keep up the good work.

  56. rhgsig

    … very fine :) thx !!!

  57. moonbeammcqueen

    Nice addition– thanks!


    Outlook looks more smart and user friendly, Thanks Matt.

  59. بهمن

    It’s really useful, thanks.
    But could you please show stats of our feed, and also show the hits of your feed in the widget or in sidebar?!

    Happy writing ;)

  60. Rollin

    Much appreciated.

  61. Joel

    nice… matt looks redish

  62. malevi4


  63. grinder

    Great job guys \m/

  64. Ben

    I like the new look and changes…keep up the good work!

  65. Shae

    Thank you!

  66. museditions

    Awesome! You continue to feed our obsessions with stat-checking. It’s way fun to watch the graphs rising from the straight line now. And I like the clickable “best day ever” :) although mine was too long ago :(

  67. Jersey

    Cool, I was just checking my stats before reading this…then I read this article. Nice work for those who are into the whole blog stat thing. :)

  68. stephenpeterson

    Excellent, though I aspire to the day when my blog attracts 1/10 of the readership reflected in your sample graph.

  69. buckpost

    Great stuff. How about adding a historical feature so you can look back at most popular posts, referrers, etc. in previous months as well?

  70. d.

    It really looks wunderful! :)

  71. Fern

    I noticed something was different, I just couldn’t pick what it was. It’s great for stat whores like myself :P

    Thanks for your hard work guys!

  72. legoless

    I LOVE the way the chart rises from the bottom.

  73. Belinda

    nice job. and what a good thing blogger finally accepts wordpress. not quite sure what the purpose of the global dashboard is … hmhm … something to get used to.
    and any chance we can split up the blogroll one day? would be nice to be able to break it up with some widgets in between… :) vielen dank!

  74. محسن وزیری

    very lollllllllllllllllllllllll :D thank you very mach KING MATT!!!!!

  75. Grace

    I like that sliding action. Very professional.

  76. Graser 10

    Sweet! I love it!

  77. mudge

    Found the best day listing last night (I believe), and I also like the tabs for day week month. is the best! Thanks! – mudge

  78. turi8

    Finally some new Changes….

  79. trollboy

    much faster! thank you. This will potentially double the amount of times i can check those stats in a day! er, uh, I mean save me time…

  80. innisfree1916

    Very nice and very useful. Thank you.
    Go raibh maith agat.

  81. danny

    Thanks Matt

  82. Jef Menguin

    Mabuhay kayo!

  83. cougarjump

    I noticed this change yesterday. It is always a nice change to better from your team!

  84. Oldtimer

    Thank you! This is so much better. The “instant” start we had before (as opposed to the rising start) seemed to fail about half the time and had to be refresshed to get a good load.

    Good job.

  85. Oldtimer

    I take it back. I still have to refresh to get them to load. Oh well. Good try anyway.

  86. G...

    The upsliding effect is really sweet! Really cool what you’ve been pulling off! Thanks for your efforts!

  87. opit

    While it’s nice – login to google/Blogger with WordPress ID is what’s really nice. Blowing them out of the water with software that works – and even fixes their kludge comment lD.

  88. evylsmoke

    you guys rock. period.

  89. jeremiahandrews

    Greetings from a snowy Montreal
    I think you guys do a great job. This is for me, the best blogging platform that I have ever used. Thanks and Merry Christmas.


  90. Pingback: Pequena alteração nas estatísticas « Mundo WP
  91. Moon 5

    We’ ll see… :)

  92. Rose

    I’m sorry, but I don’t LIKE my stats to rise up in animated fashion. Please give me some way of turning that OFF. It’s skeeving me out.

  93. -30-

    I’m a stat freak. Not many visitors in my little corner of the world, but I check many times a day to see if anyone stopped by. I’d wish you’d do something to either fully enable Statcounter, or provide the same in-depth stats yourself. Other than that, I love WordPress. /hugs

  94. Liz

    Thank you for all you do.

  95. Viral Trivedi

    Best o’ luck for the rest of december and through 2008. Thanks~

  96. godscript

    thanks this is very nice, I’m addicted to stats!

  97. કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી

    I forgot to say earlier, can we have ‘stats’ per language? ie stats for

  98. bajapoet

    Awesome thanks :)

  99. deftoned

    very nice. thanks!

  100. fowgre

    I love everything that I can do with it, and I probably use it a couple dozen times a day, so tyty. Having said that, I’d really appreciate being able to see back further into the past sometimes. For instance, if I were to check it out now, I’m guessing that I can’t see anything prior to 11/20 or thereabouts. It’d be cool if I could drag the display sideways (or up and down) the way that you can with the Google Maps display. No biggie, I’m happy, but seeing how it’s Xmas and all… ;-)


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