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Back in the day we added the ability to chart weeks and months in your stats section. It looked like this:

Old Stats Tabs

The bummer was whenever you clicked one of the links it would have to reload the entire page, slowing down the gratification of checking your stats over and over. No longer!

New Stats Tabs

Now when you click the tabs, which look like tabs instead of links, they’ll instantly load a new chart, or at least as instantly as we’ve ever pulled up the chart.

Also: The bars also now slide from the bottom, and there’s slightly different styling on the tables. The bottom-left box tells you when your best day was, instead of just giving you the number of views.

P.S. We haven’t done as good a job as we used to about blogging the constant improvements being made to the site. (We deploy changes to the site anywhere from 5 to 20 times a day!) It’s something I think we can do better in the rest of December, and hopefully keep up the good habit through 2008.

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  • Dec 17, 2007 @ 10:39 am
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  1. Nita

    A bit late to comment but wanted to say thanks. Easy loading is important as at times I use dial-up.

  2. blayde

    the new look for the stats feels more arranged imo, thanks

  3. Jersey Guy

    Thanks. Useful stuff. But far more useful would be the return of feed stats!


  4. Cross

    Great to known good job :)

  5. J. Gary Ellison

    Thanks for all your work!
    One suggestion: On the “Days” stats, is there any way you can use a different color on the weekends to help us trace the patterns when people log on? Sundays tend to be the lowest day for me, but it would be easier to see that if Saturdays and Sundays shaded differently. THANKS!

  6. secondchancetolive

    Great job Guy and Gals at Word Press. You all Rock!!!.

    Thank you.


  7. Harper

    Belaboring the already stated — but thanks much; it’s very nice.

  8. mehhekk

    oh thank u so much for this,realy i am enjoying wordpress very much that to in my launguage hindi,its boon to me,and my new found friend wordpress is,thank u for my own blog page,great love u all who have worked and working hard eachday to make wordpress one good and greta family.merry x’mas dear ones.all my kissess to u.

  9. dbilli

    good work!

  10. totaltrust

    Another great improvement as always. Thanks very much!

    Aneil Mishra

  11. globalspirit

    Early christmas present? However: Nice surprise – Thank you! Evelyn

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  13. Google Crawling

    cool features ;-)

  14. Dannie

    fancy! i like them new blings!

  15. cowsbythefence


  16. Victor

    Nice work!

  17. Patrick

    I totally noticed the changes. The blog stats page is the first thing I check out when I log in!

  18. masteroftheuniverse

    Now…..If I could only attract more readers.


  19. cyclepromo

    Nice small tweak. Reading the comments the quicker load is appreciated by people using dial-up. Must watch out for that North American (high-speed) bias when developing stuff!

  20. bruisinraincloud

    I am very impressed at the hard work that continues! Thank you so very much!

  21. knowyourneighborsmagazine

    Looks great!!

    I really like the new format. Sometimes when I look at the stats for the day, I get a small box in the lower right side of the graph area. It has no information, NONE. It takes alot of work to finally change it so I can see the graph for the day. Can you check that out?

  22. Saeid


  23. Deep Hazarika

    Nice approach with this. Hope more things are up your sleeves.

  24. thecanvasgrey

    Love it when you improve stuff! Thanks so much!

  25. huowa

    Cool, I was just checking my stats before reading this…then I read this article. Nice work for those who are into the whole blog stat thing.

  26. balloonz


  27. cowgalutah

    You guys are great! Thanks for the great place to blog.

  28. lnxwalt

    I had noticed some of these changes. Keep up the good work. This is another reason why I like better than some other hosts. Constant improvement and stats-stats-stats.

  29. slacker

    Much Better!

  30. chukmaty


  31. Glenys

    Thanks for all your hard work! WordPress is the best for blogging! :)

  32. techpaul

    I just want to add to the call for a return of feed stats.
    After all, I (and certainly at least a few other bloggers, are too) want to know how many people are reading what I take the time to write. (And not just a fraction or percentage of them, which is what we get now.)

    Since we’re not asking for something NEW, but a return of something you already had, (and you did kinda sorta promise…) why the delay?

    I echo the kudus already expressed above, and the Season’s Greetings… and I like the suggestion for going back further in history in our stats too.

    The very best to you all!

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  34. Pam

    The pop-up stats were surprising at first but works fine. Thanks.

    I notice there were two other changes with this–
    * the glyph for “more stats” for each post has been substituted by the text
    * borders have been added to each table under the heading row

    Because neither of these changes add any information and actually distract from the graphical presentation of data (i.e., “chart junk” in Tufte’s wonderful phrase), could they please revert to the previous? It also adds additional material which must be downloaded which takes time and memory.

  35. slimball2007

    Yay! Now WordPress Works much faster!

  36. miguelbtsa(Admin)
  37. Jeff Wilson

    Very nice

  38. Lolly


  39. veronicaromm

    works for me

  40. sparkle333

    I had noticed that already as well. The communication here is just wonderful, and that is something that many sites have a problem with-little or no communication. You are doing a great job on keeping us informed! Lonnette

  41. Ryan


  42. devildog6771

    great idea.

  43. usu


  44. faisalferoz


  45. digitalflute

    Really Great. Thanks!

  46. Old-Man

    I love it! My sites have taken off a lot quicker than I expected and stats are a real big assest. Thanky, Thanky, Thanky. WP has got to be the best!

  47. salerosa

    Nice!!! :)

  48. artistrybysandy1

    Excellant!! You guys are terrific!!!!!!!

  49. korejo

    so nice and i hope will be keep up

  50. Tanuki I

    Cool thanks! :P

  51. Cube

    im just another one to thank you!

  52. homayoooon

    cool&super thanks

  53. burikatdoll

    better. :) Thanks!

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