Avatars in Dashboard

Now when you go to your comments, moderation, or Akismet screen you’ll see avatars or gravatars for people who have them. Like so:

Avatars in Dashboard

Also check out the effect when you approve or unapprove comments.

Hopefully this livens up your comment moderation experience a bit! (We seem to be all about livening up lately, we need new catchphrases.)

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  1. deftoned

    Another nice addition. Thanks!

  2. C.T. Daniel

    good work

  3. rod.

    Thanks guys!
    You rock! :-)

  4. Sleeping

    Very nice :-)

  5. بهمن

    Great, thanks ;)

  6. Kunal

    nice feature :) looks great

  7. karlo mikhail

    Cool! Merry Christmas WordPress! :)

  8. Kunal

    Just noticed, I do not of it is a bug, but I am just seeing the default image for all people who do not have Avatars. The Avatars are not being shown for people who actually have them.
    Do check…

  9. fowgre

    Would you characterize this as simply a ‘fun’ enhancement, or is there some functionality associated with it also? For instance, it’d be interesting to hear if people think that comment submissions with photo-realistic avatars are less likely to be spam. If so, this could help to speed things up when I periodically check the Akismet list for non-spam posts (even though I rarely ever find any… Akismet is terrific). BTW Matt, nice Santa avatar… since you like to give us goodies so often, maybe you should adopt it permanently ;)

  10. Matt Mullenweg

    It’s mostly for fun, but if you were browsing Akismet and you saw a face instead of the default avatar I bet it would catch your eye.

    Kunal, I just checked your comments page and it showed the unknown ghost guy for people who weren’t signed in and didn’t have a Gravatar, and avatars for people who did.

  11. Fylliper

    Niiiice guys! And Merry Christmas!


  12. fcnuernmaus


  13. Manuel Reis


  14. Nita

    I think this is good as it makes the comment page more attractive. Also a great help for Akismet. Thanks. :)

  15. Julio Fragoso

    this is a great one…

    thankz guys once again

  16. cronies

    New catchphrases? Cool!

  17. saniroy

    Extravaganza. Thanks WP!

  18. What cat?

    Great! Now, I hope you’re enjoying this while going through these comments…

  19. arvind

    thats a great job.. thanks :P

  20. arvind

    just checked out ..looks great….

  21. rumours

    Merry Christmas!

  22. anitz

    You guys are too good to us!

    Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten: ich blogge auf deutsch!

  23. Thrills Killa

    Thanks Matt. Now if we can only get a custom favicon now. :-)

  24. qbit

    Too many not important features. When statistics about feeds, like 6 moths ago?.

  25. raincoaster

    It’s going to make a HUGE difference when scanning Akismet. Thanks!

  26. David W. Boles

    I noticed the change at 4:30am today, Matt, and for a second I wondered if my eyes were not quite awake yet. Ha!

    Avatar preview is a welcome change because you can immediately see if an Avatar is offensive or not before you approve a comment for publication. We don’t publish comments if Avatars are offensive — guns, deaths, bloody slashings, misogyny, etc. — so this new feature saves us a lot of time.

    Is there any way we can enforce the Gravatars rating system on our WP.com blogs now? We used to be able to set up a standalone blog and choose the Gravatar rating you wanted to show — or not show. If you ran a “G-Rated” blog you could choose to have only “G-Rated” avatars load and “R-Rated” and “X-Rated” avatars would not display. I miss that feature.

  27. curves79lady

    Nice :-D, liking this.

  28. Hawk

    Very nice addtion and very kewl!

  29. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦


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  31. A Jill of All Trades

    Thanks!! Keep ‘em coming!

  32. rvinside


  33. daybydayflips

    Thanks!! That’s great!

  34. LaBelleProvince

    Thanks so much Matt.

  35. Chittaranjan

    Yet another nice addition!

    BTW, would the spammers also have Gravatars?? Ain’t most of them just some Bots :|

  36. rotus

    I will have to send my avatar out for a haircut.

  37. Dudu Maroja

    I noticed today.. btw.. when will we can custumize the default avatar\gravatar for the people who doesnt have one.. in my blog shows a ugly empty square…

  38. Phy

    It does help in Akismet, I agree. Just another cool feature. Thanks!

  39. ish

    Good addition indeed.

    And yeah, you can start “rocking on” instead of “livening up” in case you’re bored with it.

  40. s8220365

    this is a good feature

  41. yuE

    even in this festive season, the wordpress team is still working hard.

  42. storymode

    Great addition for those who pride themselves on moderating! I’ll only see it here and there though, ahaha.

  43. wits

    Thanks, Santa!

  44. arsenalist

    It’s an OK feature at best. Very little value-added.

  45. EscRiBiTioNiSt®

    Hi Santa Matt. Thanks for the update :)

  46. rasgo

    Merry Christmas to you all.


    My card to you!!

  47. Cassandra


  48. æis

    Cool addition!

    I like your Christmas themed avatar.

  49. Алексей

    клево, чуваки ;)

  50. કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી

    What about showing own avatar in Dashboard? :)

  51. aquamina

    Good work. Cool

  52. bizwriter

    Useful feature. It lets you pinpoint faster comments that have been added to Akismet by mistake.

  53. bishopofathens

    Its always nice to know that if I can’t offend someone with my poor writings skillI can keep them in awe with my mug-shot.

  54. legoless


  55. skywindows

    This is a great feature…

    Now I want the option where if there is no feature, the comment automatically gets deleted.

  56. skywindows

    Sorry, not feature,

    If there is no picture, the comment gets automatically deleted.

  57. Sakib Al Mahmud

    that’s great and cool ;-)

    thanks dear matt

  58. slimball2007


  59. Craig Hodgkins

    Now we can see what our spammers look like! Well, maybe not.

  60. tuxytron


  61. محسن وزیری

    oh my god it is nice!very nice!matt you are my love!

  62. Red


  63. miguelbtsa(Admin)
  64. E@zyVG

    Nice small additions such as these make all blogging stuff even nicer … tnx.

  65. museditions

    Great hat, Matt, it’s you! Yes, I like the Akismettiness of it all, too. I do associate the avatars with the bloggers, so it helps my concentration to see them everywhere they can be. Thanks for the gift.

  66. R. Malfatti Redazione


  67. Lauren

    Now, let’s not always see the same faces….

  68. Butwheaty


  69. Graser 10

    Great Work!

  70. K

    That is a cute gift this Xmas. Merry Xmas, Matt.

  71. -30-

    Thank you! (uh, Matt, you guys can take off for the holidays now. Stay safe!)

  72. Camilo López Darias

    Good Job, Matt.

    Congratulations and Merry Christmas for everybody!

  73. Dogmafobia

    Very nice!

  74. markgorman

    cheers matey.

  75. perspectief

    Well, well, I didn’t know my readers were so good-looking untill now… :-)

  76. ♪Wolz14♪

    Awesome! Please bring me more very good news.

  77. azahar

    Yes, it will help with browsing Akismet – nice!

  78. timethief

    Cool … Merry Christmas to you too. :)

  79. €hatarra$chwager


  80. flyawaydream

    i fell in love and couldn’t go on loving that person.

  81. Canadian Cinephile

    Yay for this!

  82. Neddy

    Wish I could have a different avatar for each of my screen names.

  83. sikelabent1

    in want one!!! ;)

  84. jessapearl


  85. hollowslayer0413


  86. sketching

    Thank you. this is a very cool feature. keep up the good work.

  87. trugiaz

    I believe this is nice, haven’t seen the effect though. Thanks a lot

  88. Viral Trivedi

    You’ve been adding up features at rocket speed of late! This feature is definitely going to liven up it more promptly..!

    Merry Christmas guys!

  89. manusiasuper

    Helpful inovation! Sometimes person like me deleted a friend’s comment in Akismet accidentally…

  90. trollboy


  91. atibogo

    Pretty cool!!!!

  92. Cody

    That’s awesome, thanks Matt. I agree too, I like the Santa hat. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE :)
    Or like we wrote on the sign where I work (Coldstone): Happy Christmahanakwanza.

  93. taka8739

    cool man..wat a nice addition…hehehehe…

  94. dreamsprite

    Oohh :O

  95. DespairsRae

    Thank you.

    Nice avatar, it compliments the holiday season :P

  96. moonjunkie

    get me some of that.hehe

  97. wilddreamers

    You guys always work magic, thanks and merry xams and if you guys ever find santa claws, please let me know.

  98. Richmond

    a fair gift for christmas.

  99. Richmond

    Nice Santa costume… I never thought santa would be so slim.. hekhek.

  100. Keith

    As I have stated all along – you guys are on top of things. And if you are looking for a descriptive word/term – how about “tweak” and “tweaking” – because that is what folks at WordPress do – try to make things better and succeeds! :) Merry Christmas!


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