WordPress Hoodies

A least for those of your in the Northern hemisphere, it’s been a little chilly recently. If you’re like me you’re thinking, “WordPress keeps my servers running hot, couldn’t it warm me too?”

Yes, it can.

WordPress Hoodies

You can now buy hip WordPress hoodies in our store so when you’re not blogging you can loiter around the neighborhood like the people in the picture above. As before, we ship locally and internationally.

If you find you’re still in the Open Source Hoodie mood afterward, you can check out this cool Firefox one from our friends at Mozilla.

Hint: Buy the hoodie a size larger than you normally would, they run small. They’ll begin processing the orders on January 2nd.

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  1. ummadam

    Those are nice! I live in Saudi and the inside of my house is freezing! I could use those for indoors year round (summer time AC. Winter…just cold!).

  2. Graser 10

    Sweet!! I’ll definitely check it out!

  3. deftoned

    Very nice.

  4. آناهیتا دانشور


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  6. A Student's Life

    Very Stylish

  7. Surion E.

    Of course! But make it cheaper :)

  8. Matt Mullenweg

    We’re already 10 bucks cheaper than the Firefox one! Hoodies are pricey to make.

  9. anonymityville

    i want one.

  10. peteremcc

    Or you could just sit on your server…?

  11. Mardies

    Unfortunately, I live in tropical country. But, it’s nice.

  12. Licealista

    ;D Ładny…

  13. fracas

    Nice! I didn’t know there was a store. Thanks for the heads up.

  14. Brad

    Thats really cool.

    Now I want one. But I can’t. Thats because it doesn’t fit my budget. $32.00 is just a little too much. ;)

  15. trollboy

    eh? the first thing i see at the store says its closed for the rest of the year!

  16. saniroy

    WP Store. It sounds nice :-). Congrat`s.

  17. Hawk

    Very kewl!

  18. dav3

    hey cool =) may I’ll order a hoodie


  19. hollowslayer0413

    heh, looks cool…

  20. madsilence

    Cool sweatshirt and a nice way to build a sense of community among WordPress users.
    I’ll have to check out the shop.
    Thanks. MadSilence

  21. Camilo López Darias


  22. trugiaz

    very nice, hope it could reach people in other hemisphere as well hehe

  23. Michael

    Awesome of you to support Mozilla too.

  24. Jersey

    I am guessing they have no large “W” logo on the back, right?

  25. cronies

    The hoodies look great!

  26. Kopral Geddoe

    Damn, I want that. :(

  27. David W. Boles

    I love how the brand is propagating from the virtual and onto the flesh, Matt. This is fine work in broadening the marketplace.

  28. Cross

    LoL I will buy one or two, I like the “W” Style!

  29. Patrick

    if they came with the model I’d order 10. nice look to these – ty they look very good.

  30. Niyaz PK

    Good. :)

  31. ocdiva

    A must have for any diva!

  32. yoshigirl97

    I like them. They sure do advertise WordPress!

  33. madhubalan

    very nice idea.

  34. Víctor

    Están muy caras, carnal.

  35. b1thought

    BAD ASS, i feel like a dork!

  36. rod.

    Do I get the cute blonde girl if I order a pack of 10 hoodies? ;-)

  37. Canadian Cinephile

    Yay, more style for the Cinephile!

  38. ganeshabba

    Happy new year all of you

  39. cantueso

    And then you also get yourself a WordPress tune or have Alberto Iglesias compose you one. He did Almodovar’s “Speak to her”.

  40. naikaditya

    do we get the lady too?? maybe as a promotional offer?? ;)

    Awesome product IMHO!!!

  41. Google Crawling

    Stylish ;-)

  42. spot_the_dog

    Yeah, brrrr…. it’s only 45 degrees here today. _Celsius_

    Got singlets?

  43. slimball2007

    Sweet :D

  44. Concerns1234

    Thats cool!……And happy New year!

  45. dontbesadblog

    Hey one and all,

    Good day. This is a brilliant idea- particularly for university students- hoodies are immensely popular and practical for that matter.

  46. anitz

    That is a neat idea!

    Look forward to another great year with WordPress!

    Ich blogge auf deutsch mit WordPress. I blog in German with WordPress!

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  48. imaligor

    TIGHT that is awsome i like the “W”style but… right now its been feeling more like summer down here…. i still want one! ( too bad christmas is over i should have asked for it then ) ;) 8)

  49. tulipfleurs

    I’ll definitely check it out. Have a great New Years to you Matt and all the WordPress folks out there!

  50. Krista Dominguez

    Nice! Is there any way we can get our blog address put on the back?

  51. hatmanpepper

    :) cool

  52. Andy

    WordPress keeps my servers running hot

    Ahem! ;-)

  53. oceallaigh

    To those who say “make it cheaper”. Look here. If the shirt meets your price targets, somebody (not the boss, natch) probably starved to make it.

  54. karsh

    I want one, but for $32, there should be a 2XL since AA hoodies run on the small side.

    Well that and the store’s closed now. Hmph.

  55. Ridzwan

    Wow, that’s an adorable hoodie! I’m so getting it once I get my credit card.

  56. manusiasuper

    Send me one!

    Send me one!

    Uh, I have to BUY it?? How come? They give me a free blog??!!

  57. msknowitall

    Does it come in pink?

  58. Chittaranjan


    The Red Tee + Blue Hoodie would be a lethal Combo out on the streets :P

    Pity they don’t come in Moi Size :(

  59. Tanuki I

    Cool. :P

  60. ns07

    these will be hitting the runways soon

  61. abarclay12

    I gotta get me one of those. And a sweatshirt too.

  62. routingbyrumor

    I gonna ask my Master ifs I can has a WordPress hoodie.

    Just kidding. Who needs a hoodie when I has fur !!!

    (You no thinks my nose too big, do you?)

  63. Reza. R

    i need one !!!

  64. helena55

    Sweet! Sweden is getting colder by the minute.

  65. legoless

    At last something worth spending my money on.

  66. caroldee

    32.$ is a bit high for me too.. I do love my wordpress though. I think the new snow falling is so cool .
    How about some cool confetti or little hearts at Valentines day.. oh maybe that
    would be over the top huh?? I do tend to get carried away… Thanks!

  67. qterchick12


  68. turbotad

    Definitely cooler than the black “midnight madness” hoodie I got for being one of the first 1000 to download Internet Explorer 4.0!

  69. Muffin

    I WANT ONE!!!

  70. mehhekk


  71. Viral Trivedi

    Shipping to India?

  72. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT

    Thanks. I will get for the children too.

    Rod Smith

  73. tnmom06

    thanks for the tip about buying them a bit bigger, they are cute hoodies :)

  74. tahir

    COOL :) but …

    At least shirts should be cheaper, so I can get easily.

  75. Kitty

    Yay, hoodies.
    I have to have one and will proudly sport that WordPress logo.
    Wordpress rocks!

  76. sunshineforlife

    Wow! that’s cool but I don’t need that for a tropical country. HOpefully T-shirts will be on sale soon.

  77. blessed1

    Those are cool. Do you make them in pink?

  78. robertjfkennedy

    brrr. It is suppose to be the coldest winter in 15 years. Send mine overnight delivery!

  79. daivined

    Looks good…

  80. mark371

    looks warm looking forward to getting one soon!

  81. Pink

    Very cute! …Now, if only it could match the pink-head.

  82. Nanang Suryana

    Cools…. check it out!

  83. abdulwahid al Maidany

    Why not…

  84. starbirdcanada

    Does the blond come with it?

  85. Wayne Bonney

    Very nice! I want one!

  86. radith

    is there any chance of discount for this…

  87. sallypeeps

    Not sure i’m into that kind of stuff… you should make handbags!

  88. Yellow Crown


  89. Zone720

    W sweatshirts FTW!

  90. Lee Kelleher

    I ordered a couple on 20th Dec, (expecting them to be delivered sometime in the New Year) … only to be very happy (and surprised) for them to arrive on the 22nd Dec!

    Kept me nice and warm over Xmas!

  91. andee

    Por que no hacen de esas en argentina? :’(

  92. aquamina

    Woww, I’ll the black one…; if free. He he

  93. John Denner

    Cool sweatshirts!

    i’ll take a dozen in every color

  94. Graser103

    hoodies!!!! Awesome!!!! i could definitely skateboard in that.
    Adam G

  95. Writer

    Good looking and fair price! Expected nothing less from the WordPress world! Thanks

  96. Daniel Schildt

    Nice, it’s good to know. While I probably won’t be buying one soon, I think there are many who would want to get one sooner or later. All good to WP shop. :)

  97. Geder

    I’m digging the style!
    And it’s FREEZING here in Santa Fe!
    Better get my checkbook out…

    “Guided by the Ancestors”

  98. flishface

    Nice. It’s fairly chilly in Florida this week. It got down to 22 degrees last night.

  99. lamar1

    i want one so i can feel like i belong…

  100. kawaiiprincess

    very cute…


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