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There’s lots of talk of voting going on right now in America, but we’re here to talk about the best type of voting: the kind you can do early and often.

Automattic and WordPress are up for two awards at the upcoming Crunchies, Most Likely to Succeed and Best CEO. If you like the service you get here, this is a great way to show your appreciation.

Voting just takes a click, doesn’t require any registration, and you can vote once per day. Click on the links to vote for each, it’s really fast!

Most Likely to Succeed

Best CEO

Thank you! We now return to your regularly schedule programming.

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  1. David W. Boles

    Done and done. Good luck, Matt! We’re with you!

  2. walky


  3. Graser 10

    Nice! I’ll vote for you!

  4. Guy

    Done and done!

  5. Ruhi

    Most Likely to Succeed…agree on that. :)

  6. Janice

    How can I NOT vote!!? This is an awesome site & I’m so grateful that I found you!!

  7. magician2magici


  8. scudie

    Voted matt.. But i do feel that these awards are like the polls in high school. 10 years later you find that the guy you voted as most likely to succeed is getting your Big Mac for you.

    Please dont lose focus, and (dont know your financial position) get some kickass funding! All the best!

  9. P. A. Monteiro

    Voted in both categories. My lips are sealed on who I voted for (wink). Why no nomination for you Matt?

  10. savetheoc

    Ofcourse i’ll vote for WordPress, You guys are the best! :)

  11. uemai

    Well, today I’ve done it already!

  12. uemai

    … just because you deserve it.

  13. LuLu

    Voted! xD

  14. anitz

    Count me in!
    You guys do a great job, glad to vote for such fine people!

    Ich blogge auf deutsch. I blog in German.

  15. R. Malfatti Redazione

    I did!

  16. endieffendi

    None of these buttons work unfortunately:
    “Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /category/view/likelytosucceed.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server”

  17. sysblog

    Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /category/view/likelytosucceed.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server

    Apache/2.0.54 Server at Port 80

    Sorry… I’ll try again later.

  18. Rowjie

    of course, i will vote for wordpress! i really like wordpress! :)

  19. rasgo

    You are the best!!

  20. madsilence

    I’m new to blogging. WordPress is an easy to use and well supported blog venue.
    Can over 2 million users be wrong?
    You’ve got my vote.

  21. Editor

    Voted!…Well done guys!

  22. Dr. J


    Now what do I get? ;)

  23. Guh

    Bookmarked and voted for automatic and Toni Schneider. :)

  24. grimo1re


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  26. dinysays

    You guys definitely have my vote! Good luck…

  27. Akonx

    I have vote :D

  28. notorious70

    done :)

  29. writerchick

    Hey Guys,
    Hope you win – you do a fantastic job around here.

  30. Aguair


    You know I’m voting!


  31. freeluncher

    sorry, but I don’t know if WordPress’s CEO is good, bad or indifferent. For all I know he eats babies for breakfast. Truth is, I’ve never heard of a CEO I liked.. no offence.

  32. Chittaranjan

    I Voted!

    Hope the results won’t take till November to be decided :mrgreen:

    P.S: Why are they called Crunchies???

  33. abbydonkrafts

    I normally would, but the drama-fest just makes my brain keep saying “no”. Sorry.

  34. psychscribe

    ABSOLUTEY! You guys are the BEST :)

  35. JV

    Count me on!!

  36. Cross

    Voted. Cool and congratz!

  37. bookbabie

    I voted!

  38. maltesen

    Done – voted for WordPress both times :-)

  39. Suresh Gundappa

    you guys are the best in the business!

  40. Julio Fragoso

    how many times i need to vote to show my gratitude ?

    VOTED !!!


  41. nicopi

    I Voted ;)

  42. 53RG10

    I voted WordPress on both!!

  43. secondchancetolive

    You got my vote for both categories. Thanks guys and gals. You rock.


  44. Wayward Fundamentalist Christian

    I voted, good luck man. :)

  45. Token 1.618

    Now that was a very real pleasure!
    I so hope everyone else takes but a moment out to investigate to post and follows it thru’.

    Best wishes, sincerely,

    T- xx

  46. Ankur

    My vote’s for you :-)

  47. Constant Reader

    OK. I voted. And the CEO is HOT!

  48. Budi Rahardjo


  49. Gaia

    You have my vote… Obviously your a marvelous!

  50. Hunt54321

    WORDPRESS ROX! i am voting 4 wordpress
    it is the #1 blog host!

  51. Moon


  52. karlo mikhail

    You had my vote. :D Long live wordpress!

  53. hatmanpepper

    cool :lol:

  54. fightstalker

    Just voted. You guys always get Fightstalker’s vote.

    Rock on!

  55. Lauren

    I don’t get it–and I’m not even from Florida.

  56. Ryan

    Click and done.

    No registering really helps.

  57. Universalgeni

    Matt, please make the notice about this sticky so that we remember to vote every day. WP deserves to win! :-D I love what you guys do for us!

  58. Steve

    Most likely to succeed? Haven’t you already succeeded?

  59. Julian

    Already voted for you guys a while back ;-)

  60. Muffin

    PS: Good Luck!

  61. Humaro

    Voted ! :D

  62. deftoned


  63. elhanem

    i do

  64. MAV

    u have my vote

  65. wweadam

    Awesome! I’m voting for you on both! :)

  66. cowgalutah

    OK…we will! Good luck to ya.

  67. Michael

    Done, and good luck.

  68. Pezster12

    i voted

  69. andrewong2024

    I have voted for both categories!

    You guys deserved it :)

  70. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT

    thanks for all you do for me…. I voted: Rod Smith

  71. NF

    I voted. :)

  72. Grace

    I’m proud to vote for WordPress. Good luck.

  73. Lady Shanny

    You’re welcome. And thank YOU for providing such an amazing platform to build a community, express thoughts and read some excellent writing.

  74. Ridzwan

    For you, WordPress, I’ll vote everyday. ;)

  75. mleemonkey

    cool nice

  76. moscarey

    “You have voted for WordPress. Thank you for your participation!”

    No problems. Thank you Matt. Exitos!

  77. Woeful

    No Problem!

  78. Tanuki I

    I voted for you guys! I love the service here! I don’t even know the other ones so kinda obvious too. :P

  79. Graser103

    awesome i might consider it thanks
    Adam G

  80. hastaelgolsiempre

    Voted! Good luck.

  81. caplang[dot]net

    i’ve voted

  82. ragnar416

    All hail WordPress! As the man says, vote early and vote often. And for this election your votes might actually get counted.

  83. Viral Trivedi


  84. trollboy

    I can’t pomise I’ll remember to vote everyday, but I’ll vote as much as I can!

  85. blayde

    Voted for the obvious choice :D

  86. Federico

    I did it, I already voted, good luck

  87. Vanyel

    Count me in, voted for you in both categories.

  88. dinsan

    Done :)

  89. steffi

    Sincerely hoping that WordPress will win at least one of the awards! All the best and good luck!

  90. MoshutZu

    At least this I can make for you ppl. ;-)

  91. Víctor


  92. Gloria

    dunno…WP service has been excellent (thanks Mark and forum mods). But the lack of javascript and the way you can’t add space between paragraphs and other painfully simple formatting things … I think you’ve got a little ways to go yet. It’s just too restricted….but thanks for the great service!

  93. slimball2007

    AWSOME WORDPRESS! :D You guys rock!

    Feel The Joy :D

  94. Mori


  95. zcollvee

    When I first started blogging.
    I never liked wordpress.
    But now its better than every blog publising thing out there!

  96. doraemon

    Voted. Go WordPress! :)

  97. malctg

    I have cast my votes for WordPress. Who have given me the opportunity to put many years of writing, Out onto the World Wide Web. And allowed me the chance to publish my thoughts. Even if I never get well known. In my mind I have achieved my goal. Thank You.

    The Foureyed Poet.

  98. myepinoy

    i already did.

  99. ~m

    With pleasure.
    Done . . .

  100. Bruno

    done ! :)


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