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There’s lots of talk of voting going on right now in America, but we’re here to talk about the best type of voting: the kind you can do early and often.

Automattic and WordPress are up for two awards at the upcoming Crunchies, Most Likely to Succeed and Best CEO. If you like the service you get here, this is a great way to show your appreciation.

Voting just takes a click, doesn’t require any registration, and you can vote once per day. Click on the links to vote for each, it’s really fast!

Most Likely to Succeed

Best CEO

Thank you! We now return to your regularly schedule programming.

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  1. Adam Adshead

    Vote Cast! I’ll make it a daily ritual. :)

  2. Nanang Suryana

    lets click… :)

  3. Paul

    Vote casted. Hope you get both of ‘em!

  4. cronies

    Voted. ;)

  5. Nekru

    Voted on both; WordPress rocks!

  6. Raph

    Voted! :)

  7. Fábio

    voted ;)

  8. Erwin

    love the service, of course. I’ve put in my votes!

  9. maurina

    congrats! :D hope you guys win! WP RAWKS \m/

  10. simplybeing

    I am so grateful for WordPress — just voted and hope to somehow remember to vote again each day!

  11. Ed

    As a free user, voting is nothing but a way to say “thank you”.

    done :-)

  12. Ruxx

    Of course we will vote for you and also we are sure that you will win ;) .

  13. dicky

    done! great job I only miss the adsense widget in

  14. Elisabeth

    As a recent convert, glad to vote for WordPress.

  15. veronicaromm

    Of course you guys get my vote. Good Luck.

  16. ciudadlojagencia


  17. Gloomy Slipper

    My voices: WordPress and WordPress ;)

  18. landismom

    Done! (can I possibly be first?)

  19. bsdguru

    It’s cool that you guys are in the Crunchies! :)

  20. kpowerinfinity

    Great work guys. You deserve to come right on top!

  21. graphitereverence

    go WordPress(:


    I already cast my vote for WordPress:P

    Thanks WordPress.

  23. mashedmusings

    Done ! Done!! Done!!!
    Best wishes. :)

  24. Herianto

    I like wordpress… :)

  25. LaBelleProvince

    I love WordPress and think it’s one of the best services online. You get my votes.

  26. carlosdeago

    thnx wordpress its good to shout

  27. travelrat

    Done it!

  28. yuE

    DONE~ and wordpress rocks!

  29. mouelhizied

    (please look what an you do about the bug in wordpress arabic :) )

  30. iaoj

    WordPress is most impressive site. I have already casted my vote for WP. Thank you, Best Regards for you

  31. elengreywriter

    I voted for WordPress, with pleasure. Best of luck!

  32. آناهیتا

    Just WordPress!

  33. Julio Contreras

    ¡Por supuesto!… ustedes se lo merecen
    Of course!… you guys deserve it

  34. nass

    u’ve got my vote!

  35. ♪Wolz14♪


  36. markgorman

    I’m in

  37. Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

    Woooo you go guys!

  38. diarreiasmentais

    WP ROCK!

  39. sarasotacommunities

    i think i just voted all over myself. WordPress rocks!

  40. austria

    you are great! I did it!

  41. Chanceler Silva


  42. sandrajo

    Proud to vote for WordPress!

  43. familyforest

    We voted for you ….good luck!!

    Thanks WordPress.

  44. Rasheed

    You got my vote and you deserve it. WordPress is simply fantastic!

  45. Hard knock life

    the least i can do.

  46. madhubalan

    i only vote for wordpress. very famous tamil slogan for wp: enghal voteu wordpress ikku, wordpress valgha!!!!!!!

  47. js27

    boo-yah baby! voted!

  48. Viral Trivedi

    Remembered..! did it again today… I hope I retain memory to do so daily like today!

  49. Raymond Lee Quijano

    voting done!

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  51. amplifiedwisdom

    stay at no. 1

  52. loranablog

    you’re da best!

  53. soldier 12

    You have my vote on both of them

  54. changeandaction


  55. FMS Global News

    I did my part!

  56. wishnuzaki

    done !

  57. mehhekk

    voted matts,u guys realy rock,wordpress is great.

  58. صالح

    I did it

  59. merrimerri

    I think you deserve EVERY vote for best the BEST of ANY blogging site..
    You guys are just fabulous!
    Have a great new year !

  60. Niyaz PK

    Oh.. I missed out.. i am always late…. let me check out if I can vote now…..

  61. designerwebsite

    can i ??


  62. p4ndu_454kura

    I’ve vote for WordPress, I hope you’ll win the awards.

  63. dito

    I have done, thank you Matt

  64. waterxwarriors

    i dont know how to vote.but i like to vote.

  65. koloplus

    vote 4 u guys.

    Best job.

  66. Kumar A.P.P

    Ofcourse, i’ll vote for WordPress… Count me in.

  67. darkophoto

    Is this thing over? Can we vote again? :)

  68. allmyfree

    i’m coming…! vote !!! :)

  69. Stiletto

    My blog has been marked as Mature, for whatever reason, and I am strongly opposed to censorship. So no, you guys will not be getting my vote. The Report as Mature button attracts people who are bound to abuse the system. It sweeps all blogs into one category; thus generalizing us.

    Like tv, if people are uncomfortable with what they see, if they don’t like it, flip the darn channel.

  70. Stiletto

    Actually, at least let me give props where props are due. You guys do seem to work tirelessly and effortlessly and answer emails promptly.

    However, my previous comment stands. I’d like to see you guys work just as hard on implementing a system for us “subversive” folks to tag surf among ourselves silly – without worry or risk of censorship within that sub-community. The vanillas can stay on one side, the rest of us on the other. Otherwise, you guys do a pretty good job, let’s just see how innovative you can get.

  71. anadu


  72. wessely


  73. Phat^Trance

    you guys got my vote

  74. cantueso

    This is not well explained. I voted for two crunchies. There weren’t any names, and on the pages that opened up there was no place to vote. Anyway, I learnt a nice new word, “crunchie” and now I’ll go looking for how it has to be used.

  75. awsan


    it’s my fiv choose!

  76. ewart1awinter08


  77. freedomflyers

    A Big Thank You, I’ve vote for you.

  78. dånÿïëL

    Nice !
    I will vote !

  79. skseo

    also my vote!!!

  80. garamchai

    I hope my votes count at least in this (s)election.

  81. anaayana

    My vote here! ;)

  82. makemysense

    it’s well versed and deserving. hoopla

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