Feed Stats Strikes Back

You may remember Feed Stats: the beloved feature that we retired last Spring. Well, Donncha came up with something even cooler: a way to track syndicated views on each post.

By “syndicated views” we mean the number of times somebody viewed your post via a feed. We’ll call views taking place on your blog “on-site views”.

We have been collecting data for several weeks and it’s time to show it. Here we have the first manifestation of Syndicated Views, which appears on the graph for each post. It reminds me of frosting on a cake:

Stacked Area

Yum! We’re working on more ways to show this new data so keep your eyes peeled.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. leafgirl04

    This looks to be very cool. Thanks!

  2. Cristina

    Awesome… rock on WP.

  3. Matheus

    where can I find it in the dashboard?

  4. Kevin Guertin


  5. Dave On Fire

    Wunderbar! I was always sad to lose the feed stats, and am very glad to see this new feature :). When/how will we be able to use it?

    PS any plans to count unique, returning visitors as well as page views?

  6. Matt Mullenweg

    Dave On Fire, we’re bringing back those things bit by bit, and some more stuff you haven’t imagined yet. :)

  7. andyspb


  8. Kitty

    Brilliant. Thanks.

  9. Graser 10

    Wicked idea! This is so cool! :)

  10. Raph

    Lol. Great feature!!

  11. Alek (askiba)

    Awesome! Thanks for doing this, I always wondered how many I got with RSS. I’m a young WordPress user so I’ve never used it.

  12. Julio Fragoso

    my stats are back ?? thats awesome !

    tx guys and keep it on !

  13. Dan (Fitness)

    This is a great feature. Although I’d really like it if there was an easy way to just view the raw numbers. I mean, what if your syndicated hits are lower than your site hits?

  14. rationalpsychic

    Hey, that IS cool.

    Ok. Now what do I do with this info or make the syndicated feeds more prominent?

  15. mehhekk

    wow matts this is great,now actualy i cn know how many people hv visited ma each post,kisssssssss to all u team guys and gals to ofcourse:)

  16. darkophoto

    You say feed stats, I say Thank you very much!
    Seems like you folks are working on these stats quite a bit, right? :)

  17. madhubalan

    wonderful feature, nice. i am expecting more features.

  18. cronies

    Cool! Ty Donncha n’ WP! :D

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  20. Graser103

    Thats awesome!!!!!
    Adam G

  21. Muffin

    Cool! Thanks WordPress!
    I Heart WordPress. <3

  22. یک فتحی

    it is cool

  23. the forester

    It’s not ready yet? You’re just teasing us?

    Want now! :-)

  24. dinsan

    cooooool !!!! will look for some more features here… :with feed stats..

  25. jessicadoyle

    That’s pretty cool! Just tried it out.

    Thank you :)

  26. iaoj

    Very nice addition, Thank you

  27. Viral Trivedi

    What’s the use of this feature? Just to make our heads bigger, hey! LOL, anywyas, features that can’t be even thought of by a laymen, you guys already incorporate them to the wordpress application….. Kudos!

  28. storymode

    I was really hoping that this idea would return. Feedburner hasn’t tracked anything for me in the two months I had it. -_-

    Thanks a bunch, WP!

  29. Luke Hallam

    You guys rock. Keep the good stuff coming.

    It is no wonder I vote for you on the Crunchies daily.


  30. Trent

    Will this be available with wordpress.com stats plugin users as well on just blogs on wordpress.com?


  31. Kim S. Clune

    Have I told you lately that I love you?

  32. Matt Mullenweg

    Trent, no plans for it currently on the stats plugin, but because of the way it works now it’s definitely something we could do in the future.

  33. arvind

    hey, thats really wonderfull,i had always wanted something like this

  34. Therese

    Perfect! I love this feature.

  35. raincoaster

    Wait… how do I read this? Does it mean that you have more feed readers than onsite readers, or do you only count the “margin?” I mean, was your top feed stat closer to 3100 hits or closer to 300?

  36. Matt Mullenweg

    raincoaster, it’s a stacked graph. So in the picture above there’s way more on-site readers than feed readers.

  37. celticprincess©

    That’s cool! Keep writing everyone.

  38. rod.

    Thanks guys! (yet once more) :-)

  39. Yudhi Arie Baskoro

    Great , just what i expecting for…
    many thanks Andy

  40. thought4food

    Oh lord! I think I’m gonna have an organism! You guys rule! Thank You X 100. I’m going to roll around in my frosting as soon as I see it the first time!

  41. sylvia

    Thank yo so much for doing this…I missed feed stats so much when you took them away. This is great. Even better actually.

  42. PV

    Wow! That would be a neat addition to blog stats.

  43. bloGEsam

    Wow! It’s great!

  44. katkmeanders

    What about simple bars, or the option to have it display as simple bars?

  45. intlxpatr

    I like this! I don’t see how to access this yet on my site!

  46. abarclay12

    I love feed stats. Very sexy.

  47. aman

    Fantastic!!! I was surprised when that feature was discontinued.

  48. Susan

    Yay! Thank you so much…I’ve really missed it.

    I knew there was a reason I voted for you guys!

  49. wanderlust

    wow, nice, brilliant. Waiting for more, now.

  50. The Lazy Aussie

    That is useful. I like it.

  51. womanek

    Yay! That’s great! :D

  52. arunchullikkal

    Kool let me try

  53. kazik

    Let’s look how it works:)

  54. max

    I was very sorry to see feed stats go I would like to see that come back.

  55. XiuX

    Nice, good job.

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  57. Dogmafobia

    One of the best news i’ve heard recently. I’m really happy to have feed stats back.
    ¡Enhorabuena, chicos!

  58. the rufus

    Maybe you show syndicated and on-site views one above the other. The sum will make small blogs like mine look a little more impressive – at least to me :)

  59. mouelhizied

    Super :)

  60. anitz

    Is this cool? I think this is cool…

    What I love about you guys is that you make it all so easy for small fries like me!

    Ich blogge auf deutsch. I blog in German.

  61. emalyse

    Looks promising.I had wondered if feed stats would return in one form or another. Ta for the preview.

  62. Carlos

    Wow, really cool! It’s great to have this feature back: it provides a much more informative view on the actual reach of one’s posts. It would be simply perfect if syndicated views could be also aggregated for the whole blog. I hope you consider this as a future extension. In the mean time, thank you for this new improvement!

  63. zcollvee

    Cool, Just what i wanted.
    Any way could you like add bookmark it buttons to the end of each post on each blog as a little extra?

  64. G

    Thank you!

  65. travelrat

    Good idea!

    I take it that it’s not active yet, though?

  66. The Magic Cauldron

    o for awesome !

  67. ilovemint

    Wow! That’s cool, thanks! :]

  68. Token 1.618

    Now that’s nifty! :-)

    T- xx

  69. grimo1re

    Yessss, I wants it!

  70. luxaurumque

    Just what I’ve been looking forward to … Thanks!

  71. CelebrityDeath

    Nice !

    Always helping with new features !

    Thanks so much.

  72. munggur

    You guys at WordPress are awesome. Always willing to give better stuff. Thank you so much. Yes, we are opening our eyes. Looking forward for this feature.

  73. Nita

    I guess this feature is icing on the wonderful wordpress cake!

  74. Unique Muslimah

    :D Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  75. Poppy

    BEST news –BEST feature I’ve seen since Feed Stats vanished. I don’t even care that the legend is positioned over long headlines. Brilliant, Donncha. Thanks to all involved. Well done. So good, guess I’ll stay, now. (–Left-overs from August melt-down still makes blogging difficult.)

  76. Rev. Peterson Cekemp

    Excellent resource!

    Thanks WP =)

  77. Tom Scott

    This is cool. Thanks guys, it would be cool to integrate Feedburner into these stats too.

  78. Brigitte

    Yay! How exciting! I was just thinking about how it would be great to be able to see if anyone was using the feed to view my posts. Hurray!

  79. peteremcc

    Is the syndicated line just layered on top of the onsite ones? Or is it actually larger?

    In other words, which is bigger in this example, on-site or syndicated.

    It’s not clear.


    cool features ;-)

    thanks andy

  81. Mas Kopdang

    Thanks Matt

  82. Werner Trotter

    Cool. I was really sad when you dropped feedstats. This sounds really promising. Can’t wait to see it in action.

  83. trevisan

    I was waiting for this moment

  84. gobansaor

    So, what’s the graph saying? Is it that the vast majority of vists were on-site OR that on-site and syndicated were more or less 50-50 with a slight advantage to syndicated?


  85. Shae

    Ooh, very cool! :D

  86. Aris


  87. Selene

    I’m glad that wordpress is constantly adding great new features.

  88. sitta

    I think that the figure you show is a bit confusing; is the number of syndicated views represented only by the thin strip of light blue shading (so that to get the actual number of syndicated views you have to subtract the on-site views from the total views for any date), or is the number of syndicated views greater than the number of on-site views, but follows a similar distribution?

  89. Ryan

    Hey guys, this isn’t showing up in my stats yet… do I need to do something different to access this feature?

  90. lekhni

    Can I sign up to beta test it? Please! I can’t wait :)

  91. Pas


  92. Peter

    Thanks for re-introducing this feature! I’ve got many feed subscribers and was really delighted to find out how many read my post via a feed.

  93. peacockchic

    Wow you guys rock. I love WordPress!

  94. kpowerinfinity

    Thank you. Feed Stats was one reason I had to start using Feedburner. A few questions though:
    1. At this point of time, it seems that they are available only for individual posts. Do you intend to make blog wide stats available?
    2. I really doubt this, but do you track if people view the blog from the feedburner feed?
    3. Do you intend to support Blogger-like feed redirection (to feedburner say) anytime soon?

  95. Matt Mullenweg

    1. Yes.
    2. If Feedburner leaves our pixel in, yes.
    3. No.

  96. Miguel

    Now that is a stat I would really appreciate having for the blog. Much more realistic than plain feed subscriptions.

  97. Matthew

    that is really cool. i know that helps me a lot. thanks!

  98. artseafartsea

    Sounds great!

  99. David W. Boles

    Frosting indeed!

    The information looks yummy!

  100. mividatimida

    and this is good because…
    never mind, it’s just that it is of no use to me, I’m afraid :(


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