Feed Stats Strikes Back

You may remember Feed Stats: the beloved feature that we retired last Spring. Well, Donncha came up with something even cooler: a way to track syndicated views on each post.

By “syndicated views” we mean the number of times somebody viewed your post via a feed. We’ll call views taking place on your blog “on-site views”.

We have been collecting data for several weeks and it’s time to show it. Here we have the first manifestation of Syndicated Views, which appears on the graph for each post. It reminds me of frosting on a cake:

Stacked Area

Yum! We’re working on more ways to show this new data so keep your eyes peeled.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Cate

    Where is this feature? I can’t seem to find it anywhere…do I have to turn it on? Or is it not yet active on WordPress in general?

  2. Matt Mullenweg

    To see that graph you click on the little graph icon next to the post title on your “Top Posts and Pages” table in your blog stats. It’s been activated for everyone since the blog post.

  3. mandythompson


  4. liberty92

    Yeah!! I have really missed that feature & am so glad to see you bringing it back. Thank you!!!!!

  5. NF

    Awesome. Keep the stats advancements coming! :D

  6. christopher

    This sounds as though it could have potential for being useful information. However, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in the on-site views and the syndicated views as presented on the above graph, does this data display a graph where the syndicated line ever appears as less than the on-site views? or shall it only appear as above the on-site views?

    I’m certain with some tweaking it could be made more useful, but it’s still more data on syndication than we had before, and that is appreciated!


  7. bigcrow

    eyes are open! :)

  8. TAE

    Looking forward to this!!!

  9. Bertalan Meskó

    It’s going to be a fantastic feature! Nice job, m8s!

  10. deftoned

    Thank you for this. Those are some stats I’ve been wanting to see.

  11. Gloomy Slipper

    Great idea.

  12. Salesman

    It is finally back! Missed it so much…
    I believe more and more people are reaching out to other by feeds, so, thumb up!

  13. ♪Wolz14♪


  14. saeed

    That’s nice. I’ve been manual comparing the stats in Feedburner and the stats in WordPress to get a total for the views of my postings. Hopefully this eliminates that separate step. I’ll continue to compare the feedburner status over the next couple of weeks to see how the syndicated views #s compare to those in feedburner.

  15. kOoLiNuS

    nice, I missed them !

  16. bdoza

    It is more prudent. I would like this!

  17. Yaser

    Thanks – so cool. Although I’m on an intermission period.

  18. darkophoto

    Oh! It’s stacked! :)
    Just like raincoaster, I thought you had more Syndicated than onsite views. Perhaps some users might be misguided… How about non-stacked view too? Like, Syndicated views starting from the very bottom?

    Anyway, like I said — great feature, I’m glad the stats are improving.
    (gosh I’d like unique/returning visitors…)


  19. ryan_oke

    Nah, gitu dong.

  20. Vish

    YYAAAAAAYYYY!!! Thanks guys! I was totally begging for Feed Stats, and now you’ve done even better… love it.

  21. Ray

    Would be nice if you told us where we could view this amazing new tool!!!!

  22. danielnator1

    sounds good i was disappointed when the feed stats went away i hoped they would come back

  23. bloggernut

    Very nice!

  24. jb

    thank you. I’m just a tiny bit bored,,, a bit more than I used to be and these stats should take up that slack time that I’m dealing with… sitting at my desk wondering which web stats I should look at now.

    glad to see them back.


  25. Brad Beaman

    Thanks! Keep it up.

  26. dito

    Horeeee. Thank You so much Andy.

  27. Nanang Suryana

    very cool… :)

  28. slimball2007

    Awsome! :D

  29. Todd Alperovitz

    Well done!

  30. segaro

    Is this feature counting the feedburner subscribers of a wordprees.com blog?

  31. Moon

    Awesome :)

  32. Molli

    I missed my feed stats! Thank you so much for bringing them back – and better than ever at that! :-)

  33. vanscott

    Very nice addition!

    Thanks for including this feature I had missed RSS feed. Now we can see where our readers are coming from on an easy to read graph. —-Zentraveler

  34. whymommy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve missed the feed stat info….

  35. Victor

    nice work! I like it :)

  36. bicyclerepairguy

    I always wanted to know which one of my 3 viewers was via feed. Awesome!

  37. Cross

    Waiting for this new feature, Good Work WP Team.

  38. hongkongphooey

    Thanks a ton.

  39. RupertGee

    For those who can’t find it…

    MANAGE->POSTS->Individual Post: Stats.

  40. Gray

    i don’t think it’s on the Stats page on the dashboard, rather if you goto “Manage”, there’s a little graph icon next to each post. Click that.

  41. yacobyahya

    Yooo… You serve us better and better everyday… Ta v much…

  42. Nishu

    just if this change came a little earlier :(

  43. yusufsukandar

    very nice !

  44. Kat

    You guys rock, seriously. And Support and innovation have been consistent. It’s much appreciated :D

  45. cslife

    Very sweet feature! Thanks wordpress.

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  47. rics

    Can’t find it anywhere. Is that available for all users now, or it will be implemented soon?

  48. spykedup

    That’ll be so cool!

  49. Phoenix

    Oh god! I sorely miss feed stats! Bring it back!:'(

  50. chanux

    That is great! and long awaited :)

  51. JLB

    Excellent – I look forward to exploring the stats. Thanks WP folks!

  52. Tankspridd

    Yes! It’s finaly back!

  53. bahman.n@gmail.com

    Really thanks ;)
    I have 2 suggestion:

    1. Please show our feed sates on our “Blog Stats” in “Dashboard”.
    2. Please make a widget to let us show our blog feed readers in the sidbar of our blog.

    Happy blogging :)

  54. uemai

    You’ve been doing an excelent and fantastic job. Thanks!

  55. missprofe

    An excellent idea! I’m always curious to know how many are reading me from “the outside.”

    Thank you for your continued hard work on behalf of WP.com subscribers.:)

  56. nicko

    cool! i’ll have to check that out!!! *oP

  57. Mrs. Mustard

    I really missed my feed stats. Thanks for bringing them back!

  58. Claude

    Wonderful! I always wondered if feed views were counted… I noticed the change when it happened. Thanks for explaining;

  59. bbrathwaite

    I give. For the life of me, I can’t find out how to turn this on. Can you help?

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  61. Johnny Scharonne

    Wonderful! Thank you. I’ve been waiting for this a long time.

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  63. curves79lady

    Ooo very nice.

  64. van Nistelrooy

    I like this!

  65. ruzzel

    this is great it will help us track our post …

  66. Mark

    Gotta love syndication!

  67. allmyfree

    very.. very.. very.. good, so i can view alltime :) good job brother :)

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  69. Red


  70. Vinod Kuriyan

    This is great! Have really missed the feed stats ever since they were pulled. This gives so much more precise information!

  71. LumeaCealalta

    wow… wonderful :)

  72. plibbe

    Yeah, feed stats!

  73. Barpro

    yeah I love that feature.. its great to see the mountain of views peak :) or fall in my case.haha

  74. shinyobjectsandbumblebees


  75. satur9

    Sweet! It’d be *great* to have the feed stats back!

  76. 1ofHis


  77. Ron Coleman

    I haven’t followed this all that closely but was there ever a point where we got a substantive explanation as to why the feed stats were just removed in the first place?

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  79. deneenwhite

    Awesome…now where do I find this feature on my dashboard?

  80. Irfan

    very nice indeed

  81. karainmd

    sweet! Thanks!

  82. saucygrrl

    Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! I can’t wait for this feature…

  83. writersgroupblog

    Very nice.

  84. Bavo

    Nice job again, thanks !!!

  85. Sah War

    Awesome! And the “bringing back those things bit by bit, and some more stuff you haven’t imagined yet” part sounds delicious! :D Just what kind of new features do you mean(besides adding more themes to select from)? Thanks for caring about the user`s experience!

  86. vidmantasv

    verry nice!

  87. nemo

    Wow… Great feature!!
    Thanks for doing such great work and always improving the free service :)

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  89. Manuel Reis

    Thanks! Very cool features, but i’d rather see the overall feed stats… I miss them!

    BTW, are you panning on counting comments as well?

  90. jen38

    That is awesome Andy. You sly devil!

  91. soldier 12


  92. Jef Menguin

    thank you!

  93. Binh Nguyen

    This mean that the readership for feed is slightly more than on-site. Also showing that the readership is dropping down since new year. Look like people read alot during the new year days. Maybe reading friend’s where about and doing?

  94. Richard

    That’s a really great feature! I always wondered how I could tell how many feed views my blog was getting, and now I know. Thanks! :P

  95. GIZMO


  96. annmariewalts

    Very cool.

  97. freedomflyers

    Just a Big Thank You, Great !.

  98. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦

    Hey thanks
    I needed dat :-D

  99. zstorez

    Not half bad stats! Currently I am looking at some huge traffic spikes, always a good thing!


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