Akismet Interface

We’ve got two improvements to the Akismet interface for you guys today.

The first is on the spam screen, there are now tabs that filter by what type of spam it is, namely a comment, pingback, or trackback. This allows you to scan more quickly through pingbacks and trackbacks, especially.

New Akismet Tabs

(Remember that just because it’s linking to you doesn’t mean it’s not spam. Beware of compliments too! Always visit the URL, see if it’s mostly advertising or looks auto-generated.)

Also to help keep the size of your Akismet queue down, we’ve started to discard spam on posts older than a month, which our statistics show are overwhelmingly spam. Of course if your spam queue doesn’t get that large and you’d like to turn this option off, just check the new option under Options > Discussion:

Discard old spam

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  1. anitz

    Ok, my spam is starting to climb… so perhaps this will be very useful indeed…

    Thanks for your great work!

    Ich blogge auf deutsch, I blog in German



  2. Nita

    I think this feature is going to be useful. Separating the pingbacks/trackbacks is a good idea. thanks.

  3. dr. gonzo

    I just came back after a year long absence and couldn’t believe the amount of spam this tool caught, there was almost none when I left. These changes should help, thanks.

  4. bdoza

    Akismet is already great. Now it will be more powerful.
    Thanks for the creativity.

  5. Julio Fragoso

    same here anitz… my span never been so low…

    Tx for Akismet e tx for this new upgrade.

    WordPress keepz ruling

  6. Silver Arrows

    Thank you! This will make despamming a lot easier

  7. brainstuck

    Great !

  8. Stef

    Good improvements! Most of my spam comments are on one or two posts from months ago, so maybe the guys who do that will finally get the message! It’s nice to see no spam waiting.

  9. Jamie

    Yes, thank you. And thank GOD for Askimet.

  10. thordora

    me likey! Thanks!

  11. Merri Williams

    Cool! Thanks so much for this filtering mechanism, because I *hate* having to scroll down through a lot of the junk you guys catch for me, just to make sure I haven’t missed something. This will be a *TREMENDOUS* help! WP rocks!

  12. extremusmilitis

    great one again Matt, thanks :P

  13. David W. Boles

    Good work, Matt! I appreciate the ability to NOT discard spam on old posts in case a legitimate comment gets wrongly marked as Spam.

  14. Jenny

    I don’t get much traffic. So I’m not so overwhelmed by spam as others may be. I’ve always been curious about the ones that were auto-deleted before I could see them. Thanks for the option to look at them!

    You just keep getting better and better…

  15. karainmd

    Thank you!

  16. nicopi

    Thanks ;)

  17. thomas knoll

    Thanks for the “don’t discard spam on old posts” option. (does it mean “don’t discard all comments on old posts as spam?”)

    As a new WordPress.com user i’m still worried, that the many spam-comments, the spam-count says to have deleted and that i never had the chance to see, because they never showed up in the spam-queue are *really* spam… I wish every suspected spam-comment would show up in the queue, so i had the chance to decide myself…

    Though my secret hope is, that the spam count rises – without showing spam in the queue to moderate – just for marketing purposes :)

  18. Matt Mullenweg

    If you get a legitimate comment on an old post, it should work just as before, but if you get a comment that Akismet thinks is spam and this option isn’t disabled it’ll discard it without saving it to the database for you to review. Since most false positives happen on recent posts, this allows you to focus on reviewing just the comments that are most likely to be real.

  19. arsenalist

    Not really a great addition. What would be more helpful is if you only show the first 5 lines of a post with the option to see the entire post if need be (throuh a nice ajaxy button). That way we won’t have to scroll through a mile long page just to check 10 comments.

  20. Matt Mullenweg

    Arsenalist, if we did that spammers would just put the spammy parts at the very end.

  21. Rose Dewy Knickers

    One thing everyone can do, is report SPAM pingbacks and trackbacks to Google. Page rank on Google is calculated by volume of links and visits and when they find spam sites, they de-list all links on the site. If your blog is targeted and your content is stolen and then linked back to you, your blog will be hurt by Google’s actions as well. Protect your blog and report all incoming SPAM links to your blog.




  22. the forester

    What would we do without Akismet?

    I was surprised to find more trackback than comment spam in my queue: 226 trackbacks, 136 comments. I don’t look in there often, hadn’t realized the trackback spam had become so popular.

    Thanks for the fun tool!

  23. urbanreality

    Thank you !

  24. iMuslim

    Completely unrelated question… Matt: when is the Xmas hat coming off? It’s the middle of Jan! :)

  25. Matt Mullenweg

    You’re right about the santa hat, maybe later this week…

  26. Aryan

    great !!

  27. greenbaggins

    Thank you very much for doing this. I get a ton of spam in the filter, and quite often a good comment is held there.

  28. kylydia


  29. Dan | thesamovar

    Is ‘Always visit the URL’ sensible advice? Don’t people set up pages with malware on them and then post comments and send pingbacks coming from these pages as a way to lure people to sites that will infect their computers? I would tend to say instead: if in doubt, don’t visit the URL.

  30. writerchick

    good idea. any way to track down these sploggers? they are out of control and i don’t know what to do about them.

  31. Wayward Fundamentalist Christian

    Sweet. :)

  32. MAV


  33. Hawk

    Sounds good. However, I just attempted to delete three spam messages and it is still indicating I have three on the tab after deleting all. Hmmm, seems like there is a bug somewhere.

  34. Vish

    good idea, guys.

  35. b


  36. Toni

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the option to automatically delete comments that say “Paris Hilton,” “Jessica Alba,” or “Angelina Jolie” more than 20 times in one comment? Those are by and large the majority of what Askimet catches. :)

  37. Keith Olbermann Is Evil

    Yet another great improvement. Way to go, guys.

  38. Manuel Reis

    cool job!

  39. Graser 10

    Sweet! This is helpful!

  40. Rattling the Kettle

    Thanks for making an already great tool even better!

  41. Aguair


    Ok, and about those annoying spammer robots, anything to block them?


  42. Vitor

    nice update.

  43. dissfunktional

    Perfect! We can get rid of these pings and trackbacks! wahooo!!! Couldn’t always via comments, hopefully this solves that issue. Thanks guys!

  44. planetultramarathon

    “Always visit the URL, see if it’s mostly advertising or looks auto-generated.)”

    Dont know if I agree with that Guys. Couldnt you be leaving yourself open to all sorts of scripts etc to end up on your computer….

  45. the rufus

    No comments – no Spam :)

  46. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Good development

  47. Kitty

    Excellent suggestion about checking the url before letting a comment through. Since I partially moderate comments, letting one of these guys through the door could lead to them posting what they want on my blog.

  48. Liz


  49. CelebrityDeath

    Perfect, keep improving.

    Thank you !

  50. museditions

    I tried it and I loved being able to sort through the pingbacks separately! I found a legit one amongst the strangies. Having avatars show up in the in the queue is great, too–thanks!

  51. Yaser

    Thanks as always!

  52. DespairsRae

    Cool! I just cleared two people out of our Spam box. ^^

  53. elproyectomatriz

    Thanks Matt,

    Very useful.

    Best regards from Spain

  54. leylander

    Thank you Very Much for this! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  55. coolieperson

    just a question, but what are pingbacks and trackbacks?

  56. Cross

    Great improvement, really I wanted this for many weeks ago while my spam was growing.

  57. Yudhi Arie Baskoro

    Great works Matt,

    Spam always attack me somehow

  58. akhdian

    2nd comment
    Very good :)

  59. Kevin Guertin


  60. cronies

    Cool! Ty WP n’ Akismet! :D

  61. Ryan

    I hate spam!

  62. Ryan

    I <3 spam!

  63. Kate Foy

    Thanks. Good addition by the WP elves.

  64. lnxwalt

    Looks good. More good work from WP.com! You guys rock!

  65. DAVE ID

    Sweet Tweak!

  66. Cahya Yustia Rio

    Akismet is useless. I desperately want to turn off this feature, but I can’t. Akismet blocks many comments that is actually not a spam.

  67. Nanang Suryana

    Thanks for your great work!

  68. Moon


  69. Zachary

    Wonderful! This anti spam feature is the very reason why I use wordpress. You guys are just giving me more reason to stick to wordpress. Keep up the good work!

  70. Niyaz PK

    Great work indeed.

  71. Viral Trivedi

    I dont experience much spamming happening on my blog as such, but this is definitely going to be a boon for the very popular blogs!

    Thanking you on behalf of all o’ them!

  72. Ben

    Anitz, this does nothing for the amount of spam you’ll receive. It only changes how you manage it slightly.

    What I’d love to hear is why I’ve seen two recent cases where Akismet has flagged comments from people who regularly comment as spam (it didn’t anytime previously) Their comments held nothing I would consider suspicious.

  73. susanta

    Very informative. Akismet is really a best soft for preventing spam.


    Matt, thanks for the new updates with great features.

  75. reedz

    just a new user!
    i keep rollin!

  76. deftoned

    Thank you for this. I’ve been getting more and more spam of trackback kind, so it will be good to sort through them more efficiently.

  77. mashedmusings

    great feature. Thanks. :)

  78. jimbytes

    Hi Matt!
    This is a great addition, particularly the discarding of comments on older posts. Your stats are definitely right cos I get this all the time on my old stuff. Thanks a million for the fantastic functionality, should simplify the lives of many ;-)

  79. doanchi

    Well done, my friend. Thank you for that and for all you’ve done.

  80. daverik

    Good stuff!

    I wouldn’t advice to “always visit the URL” considering that most of the time they are links to adult content or worse…

  81. Aphra Behn


    When you say that you are discarding spam on posts older than a month, do you mean spam or do you mean all comments? Just a question for clarity really.



  82. Howard

    I like the idea of breaking things up by type, but when I scan say Comments I’d expect the ‘Delete all’ button to delete just the Comments, and not the other sub-categories as well.

  83. vishnupriya

    Thank you.
    Great work !

  84. ajcann

    Another brilliant improvement. Akismet really is the bees knees!

  85. madhubalan

    very nice work. i am loving it!!!!

  86. teky

    thank u people

  87. kangtutur

    the never ending creativities… saluut! :lol:
    thank, for fixed problem with akismet!!!

  88. Robert_K

    I agree with Thomas Knoll. It would be nice to be able to check the comments in the spam-queue, just to make sure you don’t miss any “normal” comments.

  89. slimball2007

    Awsome Thanks!

  90. Brigitte

    I’m getting about 1 spam comment a day (after being here 3 months), on my old site I got dozens, so any way to combat it = yay. Also, who wants to waste space on trash? ;p

  91. straw000

    Thanks a lot!

  92. charleen

    I’m liking it thus far….

  93. bahman.n@gmail.com

    Good ;)

  94. luna

    Thanks Matt :) my spam too, is starting to climb, so this will be very useful indeed.

  95. lekhni

    This is really useful. As it is, Akismet catches all my spam. Now it even organizes it neatly :)

  96. وحید

    WordPress is getting better and better. Everyday better than yesterday.

  97. Binh Nguyen

    Why don’t we create something that is smarter than this current Akismet and block spams before they even enter the database? Imagine you have to moderate 1000 spams/day how much headache it becomes. You might even quit blogging.

    What’s the difference between PingBack and TrackBack? Is it one actually linked to your post (TrackBack) and the other one only ping you without a link (PingBack)?

  98. Graser103

    i love the new improvement
    it makes things so much neater and more organized
    great job
    Adam G

  99. liquidat

    Nice, but: the main problem with the spam interface is still there. It is still impossible to go through larger amounts of spam and delete them page wise. I would like to have a button to just mark/delete all the spam currently shown to me in the page I’m looking at. Doing this I could delete page after page but go through it before.

    Most e-mail web interfaces do it exactly like that, btw.

  100. engtech

    Nice… the upgrade doesn’t break Akismet Auntie Spam.


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