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Thanks in large part to your support, Automattic and WordPress won both of the prizes it was nominated for, WordPress winning Most Likely to Succeed and Toni Schneider of Automattic winning Best CEO. Woot!

Like I said from stage, to us the awards aren’t an accomplishment, they’re a challenge. You believe in us, and it’s our responsibility to live up to the honor you voted us into. Thank you for your support, everyone.

The event was a lot of fun too, like an Oscars but for geeks, some of whom accepted their awards in hoodies and jeans. I also think only at geek awards do you not have to worry about speeches going on too long. :)

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  1. thebeanbag

    Yay! Congratulations :)
    Lol at short geek speeches.

  2. Odale

    Congratulations! You earned it and we Thank You!

  3. Wayward Fundamentalist Christian

    Congrads dude…. y’all earned it. I loved WordPress when I had my domain. I believe my drupal was the cause of my hack. Lesson Learned. Free hosting always has it’s risks.

    Now change that silly avatar, Matt, Christmas has been over for, what now? 26 days?!!

  4. Sabah Hussain

    Awesome! Contratulations to you and to all of us.

  5. celticprincess©

    Congratulations!!! You guys are the best and deserve it.

  6. Haniey

    congratulation! i vote for WP!

  7. Richmond

    Nice new Avatar.

    I was not able to vote. I wasn’t online for like three weeks. Im sorry.

  8. americanuck


  9. Víctor


  10. qazse

    It is well deserved.

  11. lnxwalt

    KQKL! (Cool!)

  12. Gloomy Slipper

    What can I say? Congratulations. People didn’t vote without the reason.

  13. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan


  14. anitz

    A hearty congratulations from Germany!

    You all deserve it, awesome work!

    Ich blogge auf deutsch mit WordPress. I blog in German.

    (and no, I do not think you are geeks!)

  15. Chittaranjan

    Yay! Congratulations……

  16. raincoaster

    I certainly figured you were a shoe-in for Most Likely to Succeed. I mean, when your competitors are recommending to their staff that they use WordPress for their blogs (and they are, I heard them!), you gotta know you set the standard in the field.

    But Matt, who designed your outfit?


    Be happy Matt,
    No problem ;)

  18. juleslife

    Well deserved Win mates! Cheers!

  19. Jozii

    Congrats WP :D

  20. deftoned

    Congrats! xD

  21. R.

    Kudos, on both awards! :D

  22. sadorg

    Congratulations! :D

  23. luisindepels

    in dutch we’ll say proficiat!

  24. danalingga


    Hope this service will be forever. :D

  25. J€LL¥

    wat prize did u get? anyway good on u wordpress! :)

  26. vineetgupta

    Congrats!! Keep rocking!

  27. Michell Bak

    Congratulations, Matt and the rest of the WP team :-)

  28. ezporter

    Congrats WP! Nothing but great things from here on out, I just know it.

  29. æis


  30. Pr. Dorin

    I am very happy for your and our excelency! WordPress is a incontestably leader on the online market and I am very happy that I contribute to it’s development.

  31. Federico

    Congratulations Matt!

  32. psburton

    Strong work and with the wealth and fame to follow remember to buy your folks nice stuff, lots of nice stuff.

  33. Srikanth Perinkulam

    Congoz WP team! :-)

  34. ~m

    congrats and deservedly so.
    You guys rock.

  35. Richard

    Well done! You deserve it. :P

  36. the forester

    Hurrah! I like it when my vote wins! I’ve definitely appreciated the professionalism and dedication to progress here at WordPress. Press on!

  37. JunP

    Congratulations WordPress!

  38. susanta


  39. RupertGee


  40. christopher

    Congratulations on the recognition for what we already knew about you guys!!

    Hope to have a relationship with wordpress for a good long time!


  41. slimball2007

    Congrats WP!!!!!! :D

  42. hatmanpepper

    yay! wordpress is winning :)

  43. cronies

    Congrats WP n’ Toni Schneider n’ yw! :D

  44. singapor3


    You guys deserved the win!

  45. R. Malfatti Redazione

    One wins because he is the best. We, the people of WordPress (staff and users), are the best. And I think that tomorrow we’ll better than today….Is not it?

  46. Morris

    Congratulations guys, and thanks!

  47. servigratis

    Deserved prizes, indeed…

  48. Galois

    Congratulations! I vote for WP too.
    Best regards from Spain. :)

  49. whyamistilltyping

    *tips hat :)

  50. Camilo López Darias

    Congratulations, Word Press!

    and…Thank YOU…

  51. Hawk



  52. Werner Trotter

    Congratulations. Two well deserved prizes.

  53. the rufus

    Well done – keep on :!:

  54. Yaser


  55. Khürt

    Congratulations! Well deserved.

  56. fookembug


  57. bookbabie

    Your welcome, I really enjoy my WordPress blog. I switched from LJ because the format here was clean and easy to use. Thanks for all your efforts to make this a good place to call home on the web:)

  58. darvish

    Congratulations to you all who work so hard to make wordpress so great :)

    Peace and Blessings!

  59. khairy1974

    Well deserved award to WordPress…..

  60. cheezdog

    YES!!!!!! GO WP!

  61. fujimori

    standing applause for WP..!!!!

  62. Narayanan Aier

    Awesome! Congrats! Hope u guys keep up the good work!

  63. oberon92

    Well done! You deserve it.

  64. Tanuki I

    Congratulations! :P

  65. jeremiahandrews


    I was honored to vote. Congrats.


  66. flynnsblogs

    Whoo-hooo! Congratulations to you and us geeks, nerds and dorks. :D

  67. Cross

    Thanks to you, because you make our blogging experience better than never, Congratulations WP && Automattic Team!

  68. Muffin

    cool, congrats! I wish I could win something…

  69. ضَرَبان

    All The Best .

  70. Graser103



    Adam G

  71. hairballs

    congradulations on your win!

  72. Arvind Juneja


  73. infinitygoods

    Congratulations!! It’s exactly because you consider these awards to be a challenge that you absolutely deserve them. Glad you won’t be sleeping on those laurels and will continue to come up with more great improvements as usual.
    Wishing you all a great day!

  74. bruisinraincloud


    Well deserved! :D

  75. Spurs1996

    Well done! I voted for you! You definetely deserved it!

  76. WBMT

    earned and deserved! congrats, WP is god-send. Guess what my 08′ budget is for web developement/mangement & updates…zero!

    thank you, thank you, thank you! from an independent filmmaker

    What Black Men Think

  77. Marie D.

    Congrats! That is well-deserved!

  78. insidesportsgeek

    w00t ! BIG congrats WordPress Team.

  79. tmulcahy

    Cool! I had no problem voting for Word Press as most likely to succeed; seems to me it already has, and will be around for the long haul.

  80. Father Joe

    You have done great work and deserve recognition.


  81. یک فتحی

    Congratulations our matt!
    oh,also new Avater is very nice.

  82. skykid

    Congrats! Well deserved indeed .

  83. mdking

    Hey, I voted for you. :) Big Congrats!

  84. janien

    Congratulations, WordPress! ;-)

  85. storymode

    Much congratulations to you on accepting the challenge! You all are doing a wonderful job!

  86. dandare

    Well done! you deserve it, for all your hard work :)

  87. Coolgirl


  88. massmeeting

    Congratulations, Matt!

  89. Jen

    Congrats! I voted :)

  90. Michael Graham Richard

    Congrats! Now you *gotta* rise up to the challenge :)

  91. mamaneeds2rant

    Way 2 go! I Love geeks! <3

  92. sugali

    Congrads! well done, keep up the very excellent work and most of all a heaty Thank You

  93. Cy1i7|-|ri4

    w00t for you guys!! Congrats

  94. Belinda

    well done, i enjoy wp. still hoping for the links widget to split up … :)

  95. FXSmom

    way to go :)

  96. darkophoto

    WOW, you mean our votes actually counted? :D

    Congratz, WordPress deserved it so well.

    Hip hip… Hurray!

  97. advertboy

    love the service WP provides and thus voted for you guys… was well deserved!

  98. Julio Azevedo

    A hearty congratulations from brazil………

  99. Rafael Martel

    You deserve it guys! Thanks for creating this! Congrats!

  100. familyforest

    Yeah!!! Congratulations WordPress.


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