Thank you for your vote

Thanks in large part to your support, Automattic and WordPress won both of the prizes it was nominated for, WordPress winning Most Likely to Succeed and Toni Schneider of Automattic winning Best CEO. Woot!

Like I said from stage, to us the awards aren’t an accomplishment, they’re a challenge. You believe in us, and it’s our responsibility to live up to the honor you voted us into. Thank you for your support, everyone.

The event was a lot of fun too, like an Oscars but for geeks, some of whom accepted their awards in hoodies and jeans. I also think only at geek awards do you not have to worry about speeches going on too long. :)

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  1. Mia

    And to celebrate: new light pink theme for everyone!

    Or maybe not…but congrats anyway. You guys deserve it, I’ve used like every blogtool out there and this is by far the best one.

  2. uemai

    Like I said before, you deserve it.


  3. Red

    You’re welcome.

  4. The Bagel of Everything

    Too bad there wasn’t a “Best Hair” or “Class Clown” award. :)

  5. windmtn

    You believe in us, and it’s our responsibility to live up to the honor you voted us into.

    Well said!! I salute your perspective and vision. May this recognition inspire you to even greater achievements!

    best wishes.

  6. Bruno

    Félicitations WP !! :)

  7. Jope

    Great news, congrats! :)

  8. garamchai

    Awesome! Congratulations!!!

  9. luduran

    felicitaciones, Matt y WordPress

  10. Milla

    Very well done, guys!!! I am vey happy for you!

    Rain, I believe he’s wearing a Mexican/Central-American “hoodie” probably hand woven on a loom by Mayan heirs…. It’s called “Kangaroo” on some of those countries because of the pocket on the belly… I find it beautiful. Any problem with “ethnic” outfits?

  11. luna

    Congratulations…! :)

  12. Victor

    Congratulations. Looking forward to what’s coming in the future ;)

  13. sexywhispers

    Great job! ~~Dee

  14. mon@rch

    Congrats and for representing us in great honors!

  15. نورنانا


  16. Liz

    Congratulation! The prizes were well deserved. Thank you for all you do for us.

  17. julieluongo

    (And geeks go on and on…only we do it on blogs.)

  18. Merri Williams

    Congratulations on a *well*-deserved award!

    You guys got the votes because you deliver on what you promise – a terrific blogging platform with *outstanding* service! A vote for WordPress is simply our way of saying *thanks* for all you do. WP rocks!

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  20. Monique

    That’s really awesome, and definitely well deserved! :) Congrats!!

  21. Joseph Weissman

    Awesome! WordPress for President!

  22. bmgmom

    Congratulations! You guys are great!
    Keep up the good work!! ;-)

  23. kangtutur

    Selamat Matt, di Indonesia Aku bangga pakai WordPress!

    “As an Indonesian blogger, i use WordPress proudly. Congrats, Matt” :lol:

  24. eufonia

    ¡Felicidades! Bien merecido

  25. misterclu

    l like your new Avatar.
    You look like an adult now.

  26. Julio Contreras

    ¡Felicidades Matt!, you guys deserve it… ¡buen trabajo!

  27. Puni

    Congratulations. You’ve made it possible for so many to ‘express themselves’, this is so well deserved :)

  28. pixeltheatre

    Congratulations to everyone at WP! Well deserved.

  29. nfxfsx

    Awesome! Congrats on the wins!

  30. Nanang Suryana


  31. Viral Trivedi

    Woopie… Mighty great… congratulations fella! albeit, not as much surprised coz it was to fookin happen, yeah! And hey, you know wat, Thank you for all your services, brother!

    hadippa… Balle balle!

  32. famoon


  33. kobe.bryan

    and I keep pressing words
    for wordpress

  34. mashedmusings

    Congratulations. It was well deserved. :)

  35. tessa


  36. Arif Diamanta

    You guys earned it, and thanks for everything for you guys..

  37. Leo Agusto

    Felicidades viejo

  38. Amit

    so when’s the party? ;) :D

  39. Johan

    Congrats! WordPress is always the best!

  40. Initial-M

    Congrats to d Entire Team of WordPress :-) !!!!!!!!!

  41. luus


  42. chanux

    Let’s say Hurrrraaaaayyyy!

  43. JV


  44. sandrajo

    We are all proud of “our success!

  45. maztikno

    Congratulations, WordPress! and Matt. :D

  46. mocne


  47. Johnny Scharonne

    Congratulations! Have a nice 2008 year, WordPress!

  48. munggur

    Two thumbs up! and the rest of the fingers keep on typing words, absolutey, in wordpress…

  49. Angel Pradel

    ¡¡Enhorabuena a todo el equipo!!

  50. kinispolarbear

    Happy Martin Luther’s Day. Come horsebackriding with me when you’re in the area.

  51. Adrian

    Congrats to you all people of WP! Keep up the good work! ;)

  52. T4n|n0 Ru|3z


  53. Só Maria

    It’s more than deserved guys!

  54. kharisfajar

    Congratulations! Have a nice 2008 year, WordPress!

  55. Anita

    WP rocks \o/

  56. curves79lady

    WordPress is well worth the award.

  57. austria

    yippie, yippie, yeaah
    congratulations, well deserved!

  58. acupofjoy

    Hooray! Congratulations!

  59. LaBelleProvince

    WP is wonderful; you deserve the recognition.

  60. sansoucy

    Cool! Congrats! :-)

  61. dorai

    Congratulations. It was well deserved recognition for the outstanding work you do.

  62. Mr Ouzas

    What sensational news!!

    But…will more advertising start to show up on the blogs to finance this?

  63. hanin

    Congratulations. You guys deserve it.

  64. hariprasade

    Congrats Matt for this, we to win the best enterprise startup in chrunchie …:)

  65. rezaecha

    Congrats to you u much

  66. Mocha!

    Congrats WP…..keep on rocking and making our stay here more than desirable. Keep up the good job you guys are doing. You deserve the win.

  67. dv2n


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  69. keeptonyblairforpm

    Congratulations. I have always been impressed by how quickly you got back to me on queries and helped resolve them. That doesn’t always happen with internet companies.

    Well deserved plaudits.

  70. wits

    You deserved to win. Congrats!

  71. tst821108

    Congratulations, WordPress! and Matt.

  72. tristansstudylab

    Preety cool dude!

  73. shells

    Congrats! I’m a new WP user, and am getting very hooked these days! What more can I ask for? I want more user interface! Thanks, all folks at WP!

  74. natanzuelo

    Congrats :-D
    PS: I voted you guys.

  75. Freddy Hernawan

    congrat bro.. (in bahasa, selamat yah matt :) )

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  77. kalengkrupuk

    Congratulations..! You’re all entitled to the awards!

  78. charlie kennedy

    well deserved indeed.

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  80. routingbyrumor

    What did the Automattic contingent wear to the Crunchies ( ???

    If they were wearing hoodies, you can bet they were WordPress hoodies ( !

    – RoutingByRumor

  81. ezmum

    Congratulations for the well deserved awards!!!

  82. Akmal Wasim

    But you deserve it. The best on the web. Lucky me, I chose the best:)
    keep it up wordpress and automatic

  83. Akmal Wasim

    But you deserve it. The best on the web. Lucky me, I chose the best:)
    keep it up wordpress and automatic

  84. ladybear

    And the crowds cheer! ~HIP ~HIP ~HOORAY!


    You deserve it! Congratulations!

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  87. miquiecrew


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  89. வே.மதிமாறன்

    Congrats WordPress Team


  90. otbiking

    congrats. I really enjoyed updating my blog when bike-travelling. too bad it’s blocked in China…

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  92. inborsa

    Congratulations: Keep going!

  93. lzws


  94. mrzed

    Always B da best…….!!

  95. NF

    Congratulations! I’m proud to say I voted. :D

  96. cers


    das haben wir doch gerne für Euch bzw. für uns gemacht

  97. titipun

    Congratulations! Have a nice 2008 year, WordPress!

  98. Daniel

    Nós que agradecemos.

    We who must say Thanks.

  99. telaf

    wordpress is the best thing out, without it lots of animals would still be lost in Darwin and surrounds

  100. anesya

    assalamu`alaikum semuaaaaa!!!


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