Free Space to Three Gigabytes

Much of the work we do at Automattic is behind the scenes, infrastructure you’ll (hopefully) never notice or see, but we’re always thinking about how the improvements we make to the foundation of the site will allow us to build more interesting things on top of it.

Today, one of those developments comes to fruition — everyone’s free upload space has been increased 60x from 50mb to 3,000mb. To get the same amount of space at our nearest competitor, Typepad, you’d pay at least $300 a year. Blogger only gives you 1GB. We’re doing the same thing for free.

Our hope is that much in the same way Gmail transformed the way people think about email, we’ll give people the freedom to blog rich media without having to worry about how many kilobytes are left in their upload space.

How are we able to do this? Over the past year we’ve developed our file infrastructure, replication, backup, caching, and S3-backed storage to the point where we don’t feel like we need to artificially limit what you folks are able to upload just to keep up with growth. We’re ready for you. :)

What about the space upgrades? They’re still important. You still need a space upgrade to upload certain file types, like movies, and we’re also increasing the limits of the paid upgrades, so if you bought a 1GB upgrade before it now adds 5GB for no additional charge.

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  1. Mihael "D.B." Ellinsworth

    Uhmm, Matt. How About anyone who have a domain+hosting ? Will they get the space, too ? *Stupid Question* :P

    Thanks to WordPress, now I don’t have to think about capacity. :D

  2. Matt Mullenweg

    The space upgrade is just for blogs that we host here at, so if you’re hosted elsewhere it doesn’t apply.

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  4. dissfunktional

    Glad you took that hat off . Decent avatar upgrade too ;)

  5. iomeneandrei

    It’s really a good thing. Thank you!

  6. O

    this is SUPERCOOL!!

  7. speakindia

    Thats a really good move. But I wonder where do you get the money from to run this service. Will WordPress blogging be a paid service in future, cos there are rumors that gmail might become a paid service in say about a 2-3 years.

  8. Matt Mullenweg

    Don’t worry, we wouldn’t offer anything for free that we weren’t confident offering for free for a long time. We still have paid upgrades for additional space, but the 3GB is free, free, free. (And I haven’t heard anything about Gmail being paid, either.)

  9. 37prime

    OH YOUR GOD!!!!!!!
    This is great.
    All I have to do now is to find more content to store here. :-p

  10. julitros


    Now what about letting people upload audio & video for free? (It’d be the next logical step, wouldn’t it?)

    Cheers and thanks!

  11. dinsan

    cooooooooool. !!!!

  12. anitz

    You know you guys are the best, THE BEST!!!


    Ich blogge auf deutsch, I blog in German

    and thanks for all you do!

  13. andrewong2024


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  15. O

    no way,
    if gmail becomes a paid service, why should we bother using instead of the giddy old hotmail?
    or if wordpress becomes a paid service, shouldn’t we bloggers rather move to freaky windows live spazes?

  16. Christian

    That greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! You guys really rock!

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  18. 关义俊 gondolier

    This is great.
    It’s really very happy when i saw the status~!
    thanks alot

  19. speakindia

    Thats great Matt. You guys are powering our desires and I think wordpress is the best place to blog. Thanks a ton.

  20. یک فتحی

    Dear matt!
    matt = my heart. merci specially!

  21. Ruhi

    And just today I was looking at my blog upload space! Looks like you got into my mind and realized what I was thinking. :D This is awesome news. Thanks Matt.

  22. Alexandre Gamela

    The main flaw about wordpress (one that i could live perfectly with) has been resolved. Best blog host ever, you’re running a great company.Thanks, and i know ypu’ll keep up the good work

    (Now i’m having second thoughts about moving my blog to my own hosting…)

  23. planetultramarathon

    Wow! thanks wordpress…..


  24. stretx

    Great. That is the reason you’re the best.. :)
    Stay Cool!

  25. nutronic

    Does it mean we can upload our podcasts here ?

  26. Nathan

    This will be a great help, thanks to you guys for adding the extra space. :) This has to be the best blogging service on the net, free or not.

  27. CelebrityDeath



  28. Matt Mullenweg

    You still need a space upgrade to be able to upload MP3s. A nice thing though is that bandwidth is not metered, so you’re not penalized for the amount of traffic you get.

  29. regev

    Sp far I’ve only used a tiny fraction of my upload space, but thanks for your efforts!

  30. Mike Deakin

    3gb is cool, I doubt I’m ever gonna use that up!

  31. Daniel Fallenstein

    Seriously cool stuff! Especially since my recently purchased Gigabyte for Podcasting just miraculously quintupled. Peace of Mind for lots of episodes to come. Thanks Guys!

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  34. The Shepherd Sons

    Bad move! I’m going to be uploading a crazy amount of pictures to my blog now.

  35. intlxpatr

    Wooo Hoooo, all the photo space I need!

  36. arvind

    wow..thats really amazing..

  37. fracas

    Thank you! Awesome. I shall get busy using it now.

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  39. cheezdog

    MORE PIX! <3 WP

    Thank you Matt and the awesome team at Automattic!

  40. aerosol

    This is really good news.
    Thanks, people. Keep up the excellent work.

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  42. cod

    Should have posted this before you guys asked for the votes!!

    Geez, you guys aren’t cut out to be politicians :D :D Thanks a mil.

  43. Cynanthia

    Whoa, thank you so much! :D This was great!

  44. ezporter

    awsome thanx!

  45. Fylliper

    =] More uploading for me! Yaaaaay! =]

  46. Mas Kopdang

    Your “quantum progress” give us the only one choice: wordpress.

  47. anizyn


  48. straw000

    That’s awesome. You guys rock! :D

  49. sungame

    Wonderful! Even if I would of course love the opportunity to post video, I appreciate the extra space for photos very much. Thank you, guys!

  50. M. C.

    This is GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks! :)

  51. Mei

    Just great!

  52. MoshutZu

    All my respect.

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  55. Lore

    Wonderful! Thank you very much guys!!! Grazie! :D

  56. Dolugen

    Wow, so much space to rock in! Thanks, WordPress!

  57. singapor3

    Hey thanks!

  58. Ranabottola

    A M A Z I N G ! ! !

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  62. Julio Fragoso

    simply wow !

  63. Michell Bak

    THANKS! :-D

  64. Gloomy Slipper

    Wonderfully. Now I have everything what I lacked.

  65. rhgsig

    thanks a lot :)

  66. Gary Day

    Cool, thank you.
    This totally changes the way I can manage things.
    I’d go as far as to say it’s a relief.

  67. माझी दुनिया

    gr8 ! gr8 ! gr8 !

  68. mamozzi

    Gooooood!!! Really Thank you! My comics blog is happy for this additional space!

  69. Jeffro2pt0

    And here I thought Christmas was done and over with. Apparently not!

  70. Initial-M

    This s Awesome!!!

    Thanks alot WordPress

  71. Molli

    That is incredibly generous! Many, many thanks :-)

  72. amin

    Thank you Mat.
    very great!

  73. zagabå

    lovely :-)

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  75. james mary evans

    Ah yes, I was worried. Thanks!

  76. ParalyserX

    GREAT! Thanks! You’re cooooool :D

  77. ish

    Sweet! This is one really cool thing you guys have done.

  78. cyclingjase

    Man! What am I going to do with 3 gig??? That’s going to take some essay writting to fill that!

    I though 50mb was generious. 3 gig?? Loving it!

  79. marielsgarden

    Hooray for WordPress!

  80. Paso

    good news! wow 8O

    many many thanks guys!

  81. ian in hamburg

    Of course, anyone who really needs all that space is going to be very happy, but I
    I always used to wonder how long it would have taken me to reach the 50MB limit. After a year of blogging, uploading photos and of course a boatload of text, I reached only 10% of the old limit.

    And about videos: now that the space is available to do so, what advantage does a video upload to your blog have over a link to youtube? I would like to try it out.

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  83. The Bagel of Everything

    Yay! I was up to half my free space already! I love it.
    Before I signed up for wordpress, I thought all the bloggers proselytizing for it were being paid somehow. Now I understand — it really is the best!

    Think there’s anyway we could organize our images? Perhaps add a search feature or tags? I hate having to dig through 59 pages of images trying to find one I know I’ve previously uploaded.

  84. Camilo López Darias

    Great notice, Matt!

    No doubt, Word Press is the best!

  85. Naomi

    Woohoo! Noice… ;-)

  86. withmalice

    Absolutely phenomenal stuff.
    Thank you x100.

  87. Sunnite

    This is great. Im realy excited about this, after only ten days of blogging I was reaching 88% yesterday night but I was justthinking “I cant pay, what should I do?” I even considered ooking at places such as blogsavy but they are so much worse at 25MB. Now you really got me hooked to this place. Thanks!!!

  88. patriciya


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  90. Andrea


  91. Prasanna Pandit

    Awesome! Now I will no longer have to link my photos through flickr just to save my storage!

  92. ali786

    oh my god
    Thank you my matt !

  93. hombrearmonica

    It’s a great news, Matt. Thank you very much.

  94. ^^TnT^^

    Thank you very much WordPress :)

  95. esquilax

    That´s awesome. I noticed my used space had recently reset to 0% and thought perhaps I got 50MB to upload per year. I much prefer the real explanation, thanks!

  96. bigcrow

    Oh yeah! Now i can host images here, on wordpress :-) This means no limit, for me :) Cool!

  97. snowdobby

    OMG!!! NOW MY SITE HAS 8GB! I would like to ask something… if you put movies on your site, will the creators of it sue you, cuz u have to have copyright? PLZ ANSWER!

  98. Matt Mullenweg

    snowdobby, the space is still subject to our Terms of Service:

    If you do something illegal your blog could be shut down whether you have an upgrade or not.

  99. تورک دونیاسی


  100. bdoza

    Thanks Matt. You have increased my breathing space too.


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