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Here is another feature from the “meant to fully support that a long time ago” department.

Summarized stats are now available for referrers, search terms, and clicks.


Many people find the new results to be longer and more enjoyable. Your experience may vary.

Oh, and a tip for the truly stats-obsessed: we don’t update the database more than once in every three minutes, so you should count to 180 before hitting refresh. :wink:

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Andy Skelton


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  1. monster7of9

    I saw this feature before this entry and I love it.

  2. raincoaster

    Oooh, thanks!

    Uh, and thanks for the tip. How fast can I count?

  3. Raph

    hey cool!

    Lol stats obsessed XD

  4. Anshul

    Ha ha….

    177..178..179.. F5

  5. deftoned

    I had been hoping for something like this! Thank you!

  6. museditions

    Oh, excellent, Andy! Those things had gone away, and being able to resurrect them for “All Time” is great. I’ve gotten some search terms repeatedly, and it’s nice to be able to look at the results of those all together. And then there are the bizarre ones. How do they find me and when? You’ve given us a new, useful tool. Only once every three minutes? What am I supposed to do all that time? :)

  7. straw000

    You guys should have done it a long time ago! This is such a cool feature! : )

    Three cheers for you guys! : ) Thx a lot!

  8. Sunnite

    I love the “all time” feature, its great and so useful. I do remember seeing this asked quite some time ago indeed, in the forum, by one lady politician who said she wanted an “all time top post” feature (too lazy to do the search but it was in there) ! Good move :)

  9. C T Hall

    Impressive, and good to know about that 3 minute refresh rate :)

  10. Johan

    That’s great! But for me page views is more important.

  11. the rufus

    Oh, that’s why I only get higher figures every three minutes – I wondered already about that delay :)

  12. Julio Fragoso

    meanwhile here

    F5… …180sec… …F5…

    good to know that.

    thanks Andy and WPGuys

  13. Judy O'Connell

    Very nice, very helpful, very interesting too! Thanks for adding this feature, especially “All time”. Really puts a different perspective on how information ebbs and flows around the blogosphere.

  14. dinsan

    very helpful :)

  15. | Balu |

    hmm interesting!

  16. pkab

    Thanks for new All time statistics feature.
    Could you also provide information from categories perspective?
    so I can create a list of posts per category.


  17. riveroflifelisajoy

    I’m so embarressed! You noticed that I am STATS-OBSESSEE!?! lol! gREAT! tHANKS FOR ALL THE HELP!lololol! i LOVE YOU PEOPLE AT WORDPRESS!—LOVE riveroflifelisajoy!

  18. dandelionsalad

    Thanks, I love stats. This also makes it easier to find a particular post from some time ago.

  19. nederhop074

    yes yes!! very nice thanks!

  20. Kim S. Clune

    I can now see how many times people have searched variations on the term “foot licker” and found me? Do I want to know?

    Fabulous feature otherwise! Perhaps I could focus on how many times folks DIDN’T use that term. ;) WordPress, I love you.

    180, 179, 178, 177, 176, 175, 174, 173, 172, 171, 170, 169, 168, 167, 166, 165, 164,163, 162, 161,160, 159, 158, 157, 156, 155, 154, 153, 152, 151, 150, 149, 148, 147, 146, 145, 144, 143, 142, 141, 140, 139…

  21. Bill


    I love stats!

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  23. Tudor


    Will give more ammo for a lecture (and post) that I’m planning on ‘how blogging will improve your career’. It will shown how bloggers can really learn about the world out there and their impact on it.

    Thanks once again.

  24. فتحی

    F5 F5 F5 F5 ….
    ( February 2009!! ) F5 F5 ;)
    It is cool. thanks for all refreshs!

  25. 37prime

    Getting better all the time.

    Is it possible to have an AJAX version of the stats?
    That’s because there’s no Flash support yet on the iPhone.
    Apple, get to work!
    Adobe, you too!

  26. Tanasije Gjorgoski

    Can we get ‘home page’ views stat also? Please?

  27. archiearchive FCD

    Great idea – only one thing – could you update every minute? Not that I am stats-obsessed or anything :)

    I love WordPress!

  28. Poppy

    I’d say “thanks” but my wedge of WP, clearly, doesn’t work the same way as others’ and this feature close to…bottom straw. So I’m off to look for help.

  29. Nita

    I had no idea that was my top referrer! Thank you!! And as for the search terms summary, that’s a great help and so is the clicks summary!
    Thanks for this feature.

  30. Ruymán

    Only one word: Fantastic!

  31. anitz

    *rolf* you guys know me! Stats nuts. And you are just turning into such a great load of people, I think I will have to leave WordPress if you keep working at this pace… because I am so very hooked and find I am ignoring other things…

    Anyway, this is great news to close some of those “marketing” holes we might otherwise oversee. Thanks!

    I blog in German, Ich blogge auf deutsch.

  32. The Bagel of Everything

    Thanks! I’ve been doing it manually by changing the url. A clickable link is much more convenient.

  33. Roads

    Can you please add that excellent ‘week, month, quarter, year, all time’ functionality to the ‘hits’ count as well?
    It might be quite interesting to have for ‘comments’, too.

    Many thanks.

  34. homeyra

    “you should count to 180 before hitting refresh” :) :) :)
    Thanks! and noted.

  35. madsilence

    Interesting and helpful, but what’s a quarter?

    Help! I’m addicted to checking my stats several times a day!


  36. Ferran - Un que passava

    Great news! I’d been waiting for something like that since the day I migrate to Thank you!

  37. borisj

    I was starving for this one for al ong time! Many, many thanks!!! What about doing the same with the click stats!?

    Regards from Germany!

  38. aqua12

    Very nice, thank you

  39. R. Malfatti Redazione

    Thanks! This tool is really precious. WordPress is becoming more intelligent every day.

  40. karlo mikhail

    Pretty impressive.Thanks! :)

  41. Mama Kelly

    I found this feature the other day when doing some research on my stats and I literally squealed with delight. You guys (and gals) over at WordPress are just awesome.

  42. kazik

    Now, that’s what i was looking for for a long time:) Thx!

  43. cjwriter

    Thanks, Andy. This is a great addition; certainly much easier than changing it in the address bar like I’ve been doing. :)

    One thing: when I click on search terms, if I select anything over 30 days, many of the search terms disappear, especially ones only used once or twice… is it supposed to do that? It doesn’t for the top posts which have only been viewed a couple of times.

  44. christopher

    three minutes! what iff that three minutes is when a new record is hit? LOL

    The stats are great for figuring out when I’m doing the right things, I can’t imagine anyone needing a faster re-cap than you guys give us—thanks!


  45. markgorman

    good move. Thanks.


    Mr Anorak

  46. dan7el

    PERFECT. *-*

    Thanks :D
    Stats rocks

  47. Kat

    I saw this yesterday and was quite stoked by the option for “all time.” It gives me a better sense of stats on articles in the big picture. WordPress just keeps getting better and better. You guys rock!

  48. Red

    Oooh, fun.

  49. ~§☺Wolz14☺§~

    Sweeeeet!!! I love it. Great job WP!

  50. dorai

    Cool. Something I always wanted. I tried to get the years summary by changing the URL parameters. But this is cool. I almost missed noticing it.

  51. Paul

    Oooh, neat! Thanks for this! It’s nice to be able to check the backlog once in a while…

  52. cronies

    Cool! Ty “meant to fully support that a long time ago” department n’ WP! :D

  53. Talula

    Great new function. I will use it to do more posts on things referrers are interested in and will now know which to avoid for those questionable mature referrals, which cause me to LOL when I think of their faces when they see my child & teacher-friendly-only topics, in place of whatever they thought they would find.

  54. La spectatrice

    Thank you so much. I’m one of those stats-obsessed. :oops:

  55. abyssalleviathin

    Awesome! Keep up the good work! :D

  56. LOTGK

    178, 179, 180….

    Thanks, very nice.

  57. Chittaranjan

    To Summarize my thoughts: Very Good Indeed!


  58. Josh

    I don’t know about the 180seconds thing but its nice to be able to see the all time stats for tracking trends and things. I don’t suppose those can be downloaded can they?

  59. lnxwalt

    Thanks. That’ll be really useful.

  60. ahmadmg

    من الجيد معرفة ذلك

  61. apek-kun

    But me don’t have many visitors..
    Thanks a lot anyway..

  62. Dave On Fire

    When are these things coming available? I still haven’t seen the feed stats you were talking about a few weeks back.

  63. tezeu

    Very, very nice. I know now why I’m considered the “anime boy” because of the “all time” featur.

    Thanks for the new stuff.

  64. whymommy

    Great! Thanks! Another cool new feature!

  65. Renato

    That’s very good. Cool!

  66. Admin

    All time?!?!? This rocks!!!

    I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.

  67. angie

    Thanks! We need more and more detailed stats in this world. Off to F5!

  68. هشام

    its perfect ….

  69. Merri Williams


    Thanks, guys!

  70. Daniel Downs

    Love stats. Thanks!

  71. Srikanth Perinkulam

    Three minutes huh! That’s cool! :)

  72. Juan Paulo Gultiano

    Nice one. This feature decreases some of my anxiety with regard to blog stats. Haha. Thanks! :)

  73. Carlo Maglinao


  74. bookbabie

    Very cool and a little eye opening too, thanks:)

  75. Licealista

    Thanks! It’s nice suprice!
    Mayby you included all search keywors for all days. Not only mostly searched… :)

  76. sugali

    This feature is entertaining. Thank you much

  77. blayde

    Awesome addition, now i know how good my site is doing and where my overall best sources are, great for optimisation, thanks.

  78. wolfger

    Am I the only person who can’t seem to find this feature anywhere?

  79. Ankur

    Thanks so much, for a stat junkie like moi, this is purrfect!

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  81. Michelle Rafter

    Darn, another reason to obsess over my stats, or in my case as a newbie blogger, lack thereof.


  82. El Santo

    I’m loving all these new features. It certainly makes up for the maintenance downtimes we’ve been having lately. ;)

  83. aerosol

    Very nice. I’ve been able to check my all time stats using using the “30 days” option and the address bar, but now it’s so much easier -plus, all the other options too.
    Keep on improving things and we’ll keep on smiling!

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  85. luna

    Thanks for the new feature…but, above all, for the tip… :D

  86. wanderlust

    wow, thanks for making this feature one click away… i got tired of going to the “summarize” link for 7/30 days and then changing the value in the URL to some high number, all to see my all-time stats.

  87. Moon

    Nice :)

  88. Around The Funny Farm

    Cheers to you! I know you realize how “stat” addicted we all are!
    :-) Beth

  89. Keith Shepard

    Hey sweet. Thanks for the tip on the “108 second” refresh rate. I’ll give my F5 key a rest. ;)

  90. Universalgeni

    Thank you guys. :mrgreen: WordPress is getting better and better all the time!

  91. typingisnotactivism

    dammit!!!! All the detailed interviewy angry researchy stuff on my blog, and one quarter of all time hits are on the picture of Christina Aguiloser hanging one breast out next to Mickey Mouse. Thanks a lot WordPressTechs…… no, srsly, thx XD

  92. Richard

    That’s why you should get free SiteMeter to complement the WordPress stats – it updates after about 30 seconds. :)

    Stats are one of the best things about WordPress – I hope you guys keep on adding new stats features like this.

  93. Milla

    Thanks a lot! Very useful :-)

  94. Jenny

    1 mississippi…2 mississippi…180!
    Thanks, guys!

  95. engtech

    I’m glad I never finished my greasemonkey script that did the same thing :)

  96. velvethammer

    That is kick ass! Thanks!

  97. Sanosuke

    Keep it up! I appreciate this.

  98. Graser103

    Adam G

  99. dish


  100. cheezdog

    refresh. refresh. refresh. !!! :) Thanks WP!


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