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Here is another feature from the “meant to fully support that a long time ago” department.

Summarized stats are now available for referrers, search terms, and clicks.


Many people find the new results to be longer and more enjoyable. Your experience may vary.

Oh, and a tip for the truly stats-obsessed: we don’t update the database more than once in every three minutes, so you should count to 180 before hitting refresh. :wink:

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Andy Skelton


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  1. saarlodri

    Thank you all for this big improvement!

    Thanks a lot!



  2. nicereddy

    hi nice job!!!

  3. ocbeejay

    very cool indeed. Thanks for the tips. My fiancee will absolutely never see me now.

  4. Una Persona

    Very cool!

  5. qbit

    Nice addition. Thanks.

    “we don’t update the database more than once in every three minutes, so you should count to 180 before hitting refresh. :wink:”

  6. wweadam

    AwEsOmE! This is going to help a lot.

  7. thebeanbag

    Ohhh, very cool!

  8. Qurratulain Akhtar

    very useful!

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  10. yojoe

    Very cool.

  11. Dedric Mauriac

    You just made my day. I forget often the links that link to me and just the current and past day were just too limiting before.

  12. puni

    “Tis like you read my mind – thanks :)

  13. Tom Scott

    This is cool – is there any chance of including the feed stats alongside this data and on the main graph (as you have on the per post graphs)?

  14. unrealbr

    Sounds cool… now all i have to do is find where it is :P

  15. Brigitte

    Heck yes!

  16. scgt

    Thanks for that great feature. Sure would like to see if you could enable a summarization feature for the “Clicks” (links that people click on). That could potentially be very informative and useful for the users.


  17. T.U. Dinesh

    uber cool statistics guys …

    wordpress rocks

  18. Sankar

    The alltime stats is something that I have been waiting for a long time… Thanks :)

  19. Muffin

    i have no idea what that is but it looks cool.

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  21. Editor

    Nice little tweak job.

    ps- Andy, I love your avatar!

  22. uemai

    Now we’ll have a more global perspective of the scenario.
    Thank you!
    I’m begining to believe you’re nice guys. :lol:

  23. Cristina

    love it!! I really asked myself when it going to happend.

  24. Guineapig119


  25. krysjez

    I love you guys.

  26. Haniey

    i like this very much. thanks!

  27. r8chel

    Finally! Thank you! :)

  28. bazaarperantau

    Just love it!!

  29. Zalul

    So excited about this!! Thanks!


  30. shem kerr

    This works real great on regional stats! [forestneedsdotcom/regional-stats]

  31. curves79lady

    hot, thanks! wonder what more goodies are in “meant to fully support that a long time ago”.

  32. Mariangeles

    Yo tampoco lo encuentro

  33. scgt


    You’ve finally done it! Great! Thank you!


  34. Froschkönigin

    178, 179, …

    Haha, Andy, I love you :D

  35. the floacist

    I love this kind of stuff, thanks.

  36. SignaVeritae


  37. smsmen


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  39. jaihyd


  40. amplifiedwisdom

    thanks this is great!!

  41. brandmaster

    Do you know that 376 out of every 10,000 people are stats obsessed?

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  43. jimmyjames91

    It’s truly fantastic to be able to slice up my low levels of traffic like that! Thanks guys!

  44. Johnny Scharonne

    Great! I’ve been looking forward to this. I <3!

  45. muccamargo

    Nice, Very Nice.
    Thank very much!

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  47. Brian

    Ooo! Shiny! Good stuff, thanks!

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  49. Viral Trivedi

    hale wordpress!

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  51. NikShikin

    Thanks for all the efforts..

  52. Farghana

    I am one those stats-obsessed person.. so it’s another great tool from you guys!! Simply love it! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)

  53. illuminato

    Excellent! Thank you very much!

  54. lwayswright

    I had no idea there were so many that were obsessed with stats. WOW! I was thrilled when I saw that one person read my blog and I realized that it wasn’t myself! Now I’m up over 100 and I’m still amazed that people actually read what I write. To my mind that makes me famous…I know…I’m a bit nuts!

  55. Bill Dollins

    Good work! I especially like the summaries of clicks and referrers.

  56. Jason Lee

    Thanks for improving the stats feature! I appreciate the upgrade.

  57. foobarph

    totally awesome!

  58. marouf

    nice hello

  59. Belinda

    not a nice valentine gift to put more rows in the header :(

  60. munggur

    a little stuff but very nice feature… thanks!

  61. moviesmusic

    cool! thanks!

  62. joederbes

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to show me which posts are the most popular all-time. Thanks.

  63. Ryan

    I love my stats even more now!

  64. vrde

    Great feature :)
    will you ever substitute the flash stats? (I’m trying and do this in my last post, if you are interested)

    Thank you!

  65. kyknoord

    Oh, this is brilliant! Seriously. The “all time” summary for search terms had me in stitches. I always knew that I was getting weird search hits, but I never realised how popular some of them were.

  66. Cross

    Cool! Thanks so much!

  67. inspirat0r

    yepo! very useful add!!!
    congrats @ WP team!!!

  68. 2.0 Weblogs


    Thanks a bundle!

  69. The Lazy Aussie

    Add most commented, and allow them to all be converted to widgets and I would be very happy.

  70. Stengel99

    Thanks, from an apparently “stats-obsessed” blogger!

  71. thebearclub

    Only joined today, but I hope to see these stats grow and grow. Seems like a good site here. Hello everyone!

  72. jd2718

    appreciate it

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  74. theinnercircle

    yeah I noticed it!! great add on.

  75. alainsanchez


  76. p4ndu_454kura

    Wow! Thanks!
    BTW, did you guys already added the mobile version of WordPress? ‘Cause while I’m write down this comment, I open a window which address is

    If so, it’s cool! Now I can create new post and manage my blog from my mobile! :mrgreen:

  77. sunshineforlife

    well, that’s cool. but i still like the old one as i can see the links where the traffic came from. :)

  78. bizwriter

    Really useful feature. Thank you.

  79. buddyboy56

    Awesome, a little stuff….but very nice features, thanks

  80. Troy

    Great stuff. Love it. WordPress is the greatest blogging site on the web; I’m proud to have been a blogger on the site for nearly a year now.

  81. Ray

    Keep up the good work.


  82. gauti

    Excellent feature! Thanks.

  83. widh2007


  84. sandrajo

    I really, really appreciate this feature! Thank you!!

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