February Wrap-up

February is the hardest month for me to spell, and also the shortest of the year, but it seemed like as good as any to start our wrap-ups back up with:

  • 245,329 blogs were created.
  • 432,478 new users joined.
  • 1,920,593 file uploads.
  • 2,814,893 posts and 996 thousand new pages.
  • 3,813,432 logins.
  • 540,799,534 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 304,499,648 on self-hosted blogs. (845,299,182 pageviews total across blogs we know about.)
  • 726,789 active blogs in February, where “active” means they got a human visitor.

On a less exciting note, last month was the first in a long time where we had unplanned downtime caused by a criminal directing a DOS attack at us. We get these quite frequently and it’s usually no problem, but this was larger and we had to work closely with our upstream providers (Peer1/Server Beach and Layered Technologies) to get things back on track. We learned a lot in the process and should be able to better deal with attacks of this magnitude (estimates around 6 gigabits per second) in the future.

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  • Mar 3, 2008 @ 4:02 am
  • Wrapup


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  1. nikopsk

    I don’t upload things… ;)

  2. akhdian

    I’m first.
    Bravo WordPress!!

  3. Julio Fragoso

    Good numbers


    4 8 15 16 23 42 are bad numbers

  4. pikesan

    Is that all? Isn’t there like… double that in a Sunday paper?

  5. anitz

    Wow! Go WordPress Go!

    No wonder you guys earned those Blogawards not too long ago: Amazing stats for such a short month!!!

    Ich blogge auf deutsch. I blog in German.

  6. Fr Renzo di Lorenzo


  7. theorangemage

    Fact: The first sentence in the wrap-up likely caused the blood pressure of more than a few Grammar Nazis to spike.

  8. ζÔ§Η

    Awesomenessnessness! It’s been a while since you’ve had a month wrap-up, lol! Keep up the good work ;)


  9. frankherles

    Congratulations to all. The Word Press to surpassing each day. Quality, diversity, support to your Blog and other factors certainly will reserve good news for Word Press in the future.

  10. Serena

    WordPress rocks and always will. Amen.

  11. Wayward Fundamentalist Christian

    Wow, popular joint! ;-P

  12. فتحی

    oh. 845,299,182 pageviews! it is very cool. thanks for all wordpress.com services

  13. Brother John

    You certainly got to me during this month. Discovered WordPress and have really been enjoying it! Bravo! :)

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  14. Raph

    they got a human visitor? XD

  15. jonesview

    February was my first month at WordPress.com and I’m having a blast. Thanks for all of the wonderful features.

  16. Amit

    Oh my God!!! Is this for real??
    Congratulations. :)

  17. codeproject

    Congrats Matt.

    This all goes to wordpress team consistent dedication and hard work.

    Keep it up.


  18. intlxpatr

    Love all the new summarize features that we got to use in February!

  19. Lance Wiggs

    245,000 blogs created
    726,000 blogs active

    that’s quite some decay rate

  20. stelt

    please add SVG support


  21. Anuraag Sanghi

    Hey Matt.

    You guys are doing a really great job. I am amazed at how soon and quickly my blogs land up in search engines. Only one thing – some further tweaking on STATS would be a great idea. Can you parse, slice and dice and give details on most popular search terms and words. Call it a sub-analysis if you will.

    And country region details of hits. These two additions in stats will make this pure sex. Even now it is the best act in town. Believe you me.

  22. p4ndu_454kura

    Wow, it’s a great stats guys. More and more people joins on WordPress. Just keep it up!

    Anyway, can I see how many unique visitor each day in my blog stats? I just want to know how many new people visit my blog.

    Thanks before. :)

  23. Sven

    Wow, cool… :-)

  24. Jossan

    When will you release a new blogtheme?

  25. bninsider

    Why you didn’t state about the DoS attack?

  26. sugali

    woot woot..great numbers.. great work on your part

  27. muccamargo

    Thanks Matt.

  28. puffeltufflan


  29. anwin

    Awesome statistics.

  30. cronies

    Yay! Wrap up’s back! :D

  31. MoshutZu

    This is great, WordPress rules!

  32. Netty

    Well done. I find WordPress brilliant! :)

  33. Graser 10

    Nice WordPress!

  34. Sylvaron

    Sounds good for a shorter month; leap year aside.

  35. leokid

    way to go~~

  36. M

    …and a partridge on a pear tree…

  37. spaceagesage

    My blog is one of those newly created ones in Feb., and some friends started theirs at the same time. I find the WordPress.com world an amazing place. It is a fascinating way to connect with others, whether they are family and friends or people I don’t even know. I still marvel at how easy it is to set up, customize, and manage.

    Thanks for all the work you folks do in making it smooth and sweet!

  38. ~§☺Wolz14☺§~

    Yay! I’m not very popular on wordpress but I know that I am part of those numbers. Hahah.

  39. Raúl Retana

    Owe! I don´t believe the numbers. It were amazing!

  40. den Koplak

    Wow… fantastic achievement, congrat for your job, Matt

  41. MIG

    I am one of these 243,329 new bloggers..!!!!

  42. Mahogany Finish

    I was wondering whether the WP team had died en masse. The news ticker has been awfully slow lately.

  43. Aguair


    Well Done, Guys!


  44. Earth 18 AKA Earth 11 or Harriet 111

    Wow! That is a lot of stuff happened this Febuary! :!: I think this is the best warm up since wordpress started! :D

  45. G



  46. Amar De Annaba

    Its good

  47. 51andpissed

    I have some great ideas about BLOGS and Im hoping WORDPRESS can help me become famous

  48. Vigants

    Is seems like average 2 comments per post… that’s will grow! :)

  49. artseafartsea

    Thanks for the info. Awesome.

  50. Joshua Goodwin

    Regarding the relative hardness-to-spell of February, I guess that’s not particularly extreme because, well, there isn’t a month called ‘onomatopoeia’.

  51. inspirat0r

    congratulations Matt!

  52. inspirat0r

    and the whole WP team of course (my mistake) :)

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  54. Becker

    The amount of activity you guys get on a monthly basis just blows me away. Then I remember your offering a free service and I just shake my head at how you do it.

    THANKYOU WordPress. Keep up the good Great work!

  55. sabers210

    Wow, that some BIG numbers. Congrats!!!

  56. antsrule02


  57. riveroflifelisajoy


  58. ian in hamburg

    Wow, so that means that out of a total of about 2.6 million wordpress blogs, there are only 725,000 active? That’s incredible. I didn’t realis it was that low.

  59. tom

    Hi Matt,

    thanks for statistics, i am impressed! The community is growing :-)



  60. The Editor

    Wow 245,329 blogs were created but out of all the blogs only 726,789 got a human visitor, maybe there’s something wrong with the WordPress statistics, mine have been acting strange lately.

  61. thecanvasgrey

    Wow! The numbers are amazing for ONE month.

  62. bennyinny

    Simply stated… Wow!
    I will admit I am one of those new bloggers. And am really starting to feel comfortable with the site. Nice job!


  63. LifeSpy

    Hey, I am one of those stats!
    Wordpress rocks :)

  64. ლიშთოთა

    432,478 new users joined

  65. handypriest

    Pretty impressive.

  66. deigratia

    we know about? explain please….

  67. Tommy

    Awesome stats. Thanks for all the traffic!

  68. slimball2007

    OMG. WordPress is the best blog creator EVA.

  69. ovidiusuteu

    Wooohooo!! Keep up the good work :)

  70. ollka

    Impressive stats! Long time no update too, so yay for that:)

  71. oasiss

    Congrats! Keep up the awesome service! And, where do I send new theme ideas/good themes I’ve found on the internet (GPL licensed)?

  72. Keith Shepard

    Smokes! Glad I don’t have your bandwidth bill. ;) Seriously thought, nice job.

  73. Muffin

    That’s purely amazing. I wish I could make something so… amazing. Congrats WordPress Team.
    ~Adam :mrgreen:

  74. enkerli

    Interesting stats, as always. But it’d be nice to put them in context. And give us an idea of what’s to come.

  75. Matt

    I updated the post with info about the DDOS attack.

  76. Matt

    On the difference between total blogs and active, it’s pretty common for services like ours to see a 10-30% active ratio, it just no one talks about it because they want to emphasize the big numbers. Most people also don’t scrub their numbers for spam, which we do.

    We still put the totals out there, but internally we focus on activity like blogs that get traffic, posts, and logins.

  77. El Santo

    WordPress domination continues! It’s also quite interesting that some WordPress blogs have been getting national, mainstream attention, too. Kinda give me hope for my own sordid little blog.

  78. Ryan

    I can’t spell Febuary either.
    Why would someone want to hack wordpress?

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  80. thecybermiracles

    If it’s not WordPress, it’s not a blog.
    Kudos for the great work!

  81. heyru

    I know I am part of those stats! ;)

  82. nicereddy

    GOOD JOB! i contributed to the downloads or whatever i just figured out how last month! anyway good job and good luck with the criminal attck thingamabobs hopefully they don’t get to big! anyway thanks for the update and february was a great month i think!!!
    RED OUT (or bye in my language!) :lol:

  83. ThePearLady

    I remember a little downtime this last month and it freaked me out a moment, which proved [again] how much I care about being here at WP. Thanks to the entire WP / Automattic team for the awesome work you do every day! I most definitely appreciate you for that work. :)

  84. 2.0 Weblogs

    I salute you el santo and may god bless wordpress.

  85. Ankit Desai

    This is great… keep up the good work!

  86. chrishellz

    Wooo Hooo! Thats great! =)

  87. tastonerotastobianco

    Great WordPress Staff, You Mean!

  88. teky

    keep rocking….

  89. Michael

    It’s a major reason I keep my blog hosted here, you guys keep us up no matter who tries to take you down.

  90. amin888

    I joined on February :D

  91. mujra

    Awesome stats, keep up the good work!

  92. M

    AH HA! I knew there was something wrong there.
    I read somewhere today (wired? Forbes?) that 1/3 of your blogs are actually splogs, what do you have to say to that?

    By the way, since we’re on the subject of Blog Lingo, let’s make new ones. Since we already have blog, blogosphere. vlogs and splog, I suggest the following:
    1. Funny blog > Flog
    2. Good blog> Glog
    3. Bad blog> blog (damn)
    3. Tag blog> Tagalog (oops)
    4. 70s rock blog> Woodlog
    5. Toilet blogs> Clog
    6. Developers’ blog> dlog
    7. Anti-microsoft blogs> throw-a-log-at-microsoft
    8. dog blog> dolog
    Last but my favourite:
    9. Cat blogs> CATALOG!

  93. કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી

    I moved my hosted blog to wordpress.com because you people rocks!!

  94. coco724

    Having recently joined the blogging world, all the statistics are very interesting to me. In addition, I am now curious to know how long ago wordpress was a “gleam in someone’s eye” Below I see comments that started in September 2005.

  95. Ki Santri

    Am I human visitor?

  96. mangoeni

    hmmmm.. i can’t say anything words..

    amazing, matt

  97. m4cgyv3r

    WordPress RULEZZ.. Nice stats for a short month as February

  98. Robert

    Almost 250K new blogs in February alone? That’s astounding.

  99. VAJRA, South America

    Excelente trabajo y números…!


  100. yorgyb

    Congrat’s on the wrap up static…..

    Hope to see more next…….


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