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Stuff White People Like and I Can Has Cheezburger have been topping our Blogs of the Day charts for some time. Now the New York Times reports that both of those blogs have received book deals. “Stuff” apparently got a $300k advance. The books based on their blogs are due out this Fall. Congratulations to both of them!

(PS: This is not an April Fools joke)

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Toni Schneider

  • Apr 1, 2008 @ 4:49 pm
  • Press


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  1. photoallan

    Simply amazing!!!

    And since, this is the first LOT of WordPress Blogthors (Bloggers + Authors), they’ll surely make Random House’s investment, a profitable one.

  2. Julio Fragoso

    they deserve it !

    Congrats !!!

  3. homeyra

    Congrats to the authors, and thx WP :)

  4. BriarCat

    Very cool. Can I has book deal?

  5. biellen

    Lightbread girls loves bookdeelz

  6. ta2ati2d

    Way to go! Looks like someone’s buying dinners out for a while now!!!

  7. Don

    Wow. If that true, then good for them.

  8. A Z R A E L

    wow! nice! congrats to both blogs!

  9. anitz

    That is way too cool!

    So I need to start a funky blog???

    I blog in German (ich blogge auf deutsch)
    and want to say:

    The guys at WordPress are the best, only with WordPress can you have a chance at such an awesome book deal!

  10. Nita

    I read about this. Congrats to them too. And to WordPress!

  11. Akonx

    wow! Congrats to both of them.

    I wonder when I could have the same chances :P

  12. The Bagel of Everything

    You can get the internets in hardcopy?

  13. mdking

    Very Cool. Both blogs are top notch. Publishers might keep an eye on as well.

  14. the forester

    Jealous, jealous, very jealous … ;-)

  15. Keith Shepard

    Congrats you two! That’s awesome.


  16. legoless


  17. mozey

    Yet another first, by wordpresS!.

  18. scifialiens

    Congratulations to both of them! I think every blogger’s secret dream is to ‘be discovered.’

  19. Aguair


    I knew a blog was always good for fame, but money?


  20. dissfunktional

    That’s something white people would do.

  21. The Passenger

    The moral lesson being that if you write enough posts full of cliches and lame humour you get rich. Ah, the wonders of the Internet age!

  22. lwayswright

    Congrats to them. I enjoy them both very much. I would love it, LOVE IT, if my blog became that popular, however I haven’t even reached the 2000 people veiwed point yet…maybe I should start a marketing campaign for my blog………..

    Sorry, guess I should stick to old fashioned, corney mom stories and poetry! LOL. Congrats anyways!

  23. Bob Martin

    Wonderful News, good luck to both

  24. Troy

    Great news for them. Big congrats.

  25. Israel

    Heaven knows these guys deserve their accolades. And kudos to the WordPress team too for a fantastic platform.

    Me? I have to restrain myself from wailing with laughter at the office when I log on to check my blog stats and go into Cheezburger for a dose of humour.

    Anyway, there is hope for my ‘lowly’ blogs; that is what I will say.

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  27. thomasvickers

    Cool! I enjoy them both! Congrats guys! TV’s Weblog

  28. Steve Rebooted

    That’s really cool, and yes they do deserve it! And LOL @ dissfunktional

  29. Sean

    This is simply amazing and awe inspiring. Has this ever happened before? Congratulations to everyone involved!

  30. hansennathaniel

    Very cool – congrats…there’s a glimmer of hope for the rest of us!

  31. Shirley

    Awesome! Congratulations to both of them…and thanks again to WordPress for such a great opportunity.

    Shirley Buxton

  32. blueclock

    So now we know what this years Christmas bet sellers will be.

  33. hoopscoach

    Pretty cool. I saw the article in the Times while sipping my morning ‘java’ just like they mentioned in #1…


    Come check out Container Diaries, it’s a Blog dedicated to my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

  34. Natalia

    That’s so awsome , aww I want the ” I can haz a cheeseburger ? ” one. My blog has no topic whatsoever so it’s impossible for it to become a book.. unless I become super famous.. or dosomething so stupid people will have curiosity for me…

    Well..congrats! :D

  35. blackmist100

    wow that’s awesome. congrats to them. keep up the good work guys.


  36. trollboy

    300k as an advance. nice.

  37. Will Rhodes

    Congratulations to them – I am truly envious!

  38. Ridzwan

    That’s great. Congratulations to both of them! But really, though, when are we ever getting new themes? It’s been awhile since the last one now! :(

  39. magician2magici

    great , condratulations to them :))

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  41. msfriendly

    That’s GREAT! Congrats to them both! I have both sites listed on my blogroll, so the idea certainly is plausible! I am newly motivated! :-)

  42. hellopayton

    Well it’s about time! Those two blogs HAVE to be the two most popular on WordPress, especially the ‘I can haz cheezeburger?” blog. Good job to both!

  43. James

    Congratulations to both and a thank you to W.

  44. lwayswright

    I saw that they are being sponsored by target as well. That is truly amazing for them! It is awesome what can happen with the internet and the popularity of blogs. It’s like disneyland….dreams really do come true…..dang where is prince charming anyway????LOL

  45. activistnotes

    WordPress kicks other blogging sites’ collective e-asses. You were recommended by a friend. I owe that guy a beer. I’m fairly new to blogging but you’ve made facilitating a group blog easy.

    I appreciate Stuff White People Like, though as a Canadian I find I learn more from the comments than the posts, mostly about US-America (not to generalize the commentors to the whole US population, I’m just saying). That isn’t a knock on the bloggers, they’re great.

  46. disembedded

    So lame…so, so miserably lame. Is it just too much to hope that something with at least a shred of intellectual insight and commentary will make a breakthrough, instead of looney toons crazy katzz and wonder bread??

  47. Lisa Damian

    I was at a writers’ conference last weekend, and a couple of the agents were talking about this. Congratulations!

  48. blogscapes

    Hey, great news! One small (well, not quite small) step for bloggers; one giant step for the blogosphere!

  49. blogscapes

    They should share with us how they got about getting the book deals.

  50. secondchancetolive

    Excellent. Keep on keepin on. It is the process that counts, not the destination.

  51. ShakespearesEdge

    Congrats to you guys. Now comes the hard work! Good luck!

  52. Brad

    I, the ten year old blogger, demand a book deal. NOW! :D

  53. ~m

    whatever . . .

  54. slimball2007

    Coolio! Nice idea

  55. Josh

    They can has fame!

  56. helenl

    Congratulations to them both.

  57. nathanharden

    I’m working on a book proposal right now. I hope I’m as succesful as these two.

  58. nathanharden

    Of course if I can’t learn to spell “successful”, then I probably won’t be.

  59. Poppy

    Haven’t read/seen “…White People…” but “I Can Has Cheezburger” –got attention from a publisher? That thing isn’t funny, sophisticated, witty, amusing, engender any reason whatsoever to go to it –a second time. –I got suckered –the first/only time, when it showed up on my WP Home page. WHAT was it doing there? The thing: can hardly be called “blog” –it’s dumb, vomitus; shows:
    how lonely, desperate some are for stimulation. “Book” house buying that garbage: shows how low publishers will go to make money –knowing those who didn’t bother graduating high school won’t disappoint. None involved merit congratulations. Destruction of trees, not warranted.

    The only surprising thing: How it ‘magically’ got listed on my WP Home page. I used to visit many/most of the blogs listed, but after getting suckered, I don’t even look at what’s listed. Credibility: shot.

  60. Rowjie

    oh, that is so nice! congratulations to the both of them!

  61. procesVII

    Congratulations to blogger. Very good. Congrats to WordPress:)

  62. Jenny

    Awesome! I guess blogging can be lucrative after all!

  63. Charles

    congratulations… Waiting for the other blogs follow… :D

  64. -30-

    Hope they give you WordPress guys a percentage. :)

  65. angryxtian

    Couldn’t have happened to less deserving bloggers.

  66. invasiveinfection

    These two deserve it. I’m happy for ‘em.

  67. theautodidact1

    awesome. congrats guys

  68. anizyn

    great!! congratulation! well, i also lovee to read I Can Has Cheezburger.

  69. mallorypaige

    way to go hotties!

  70. | Balu |

    a big w00t.. good going guys!

  71. markgorman

    Dear god. Does that mean we’ll have tyo suffer I can haz cheezemurder even more now?

  72. Trudi Topham

    Icanhascheezburger’s been operating as a commercial success for quite some time, so a book deal was inevitable. Stuff is just as entertaining.

    Congratulations to both blogs!

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  74. travelrat

    Hey, how do you get a deal like this?

    Do you apply for it, or wait for them to come to you?

  75. pKay

    Wow, quite interesting…. Is this the first time there has been bloggers asked to write a book? (ones that have not published books before they began blogging..?)

    Good on them!

  76. Todd Alperovitz

    Wow that’s wonderful! Those two blogs deserve a book deal [Now if Lonely Planet or another travel guide would like someone to help for their Taiwan edition I hope they look my way ;)]!

  77. Sylvaron

    Congratulations to I Can Haz Cheezburger. I’ve been “LOLing” at their images for quite some time.

  78. Brad Beaman

    OK, I’m motivated

  79. axinia

    Cogratulation to the both :)
    That is a wonderful award /reward for the hard work!
    I am sure, more WordPress bloggers will be acknowledged soon, for the Wordpess Community creates a truly great content.

  80. Amit

    Thats cool. Congratulations to both the bloggers.

  81. oasiss

    Is the buyout (from target) an april fools joke???
    If it is…lol!
    And congrats on the book deals…I’d better up my blogging ante!

  82. Johnny Scharonne

    Congrats to them, but the “top blogs”-charts are really stupid. The ones that are topping the charts will always be number 1, since people want to check out what’s COOL. Then they will get even more views and stay on #1. Some top blogs doesn’t even deserve being there – they just have many views because they make people angry. And people just can’t stop watching the things that are making them angry.
    But I really like Lolcats so I think they deserve to be #1.

  83. rebecca2007

    Just how do you get to be on the Blog of the Day Charts. How much does that cost?

  84. Janet Wilkins

    First and foremost, my congratulations to both of them!

    Now I have “fodder” when told that I’m wasting my time blogging! :D

  85. Tim

    I guess now we know who’s going to be funding the next round of server upgrades…

  86. candaceclayton100


  87. makemeadiva

    Excellent stuff

  88. julieluongo

    Are cat memes stuff white people like?
    I wish my book deal would make my blog popular.

  89. ryanlythall

    Congrats to them both.

  90. Cat

    I can haz bookdeal too?

  91. Thiago Alexandre

    Congratulations to both blogs! ;)

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  93. extraordinarymommy

    How exciting for them! Congrats to them both!

  94. Daily Prandium

    Congrats to both! Keep on writing folks… – – – …

  95. lwayswright

    I’m thinking that they can buy all us word press people a round of drinks!!!!!! Then they can introduce us all to their agents and put in a good word…hint hint!!!! LOL :)

  96. drjt



  97. Kat

    I got a book deal as well based on my site, however I did not get 300K. Congrats to them!

  98. riveroflifelisajoy

    congratulations I CAN HAZ CHEESBURGER! That blog is so cute….it makes me smile when I want to cry.




  99. vaughnd

    Somehow I don’t think that people who love lol cats buy books…

  100. urbanpixie

    Congrats to them both! It’s a spectacular sign o’ the times for us all. Blog it & they will come…


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