Default Avatar Options – Identicons

Now you can customize how avatars show up on your blog, including some cool never-before available options.

You can find these options under Settings > Discussion.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Turn avatars on and off, which applies to their display on your blog.
  • Choose a rating, which right now only works for Gravatars but as we integrate and Gravatar avatars better will apply to both.
  • Choose a default other than blank or the mystery man.
  • Laugh manically as you contemplate your new-found power.

I would highly recommend trying out Identicons, which are a cool math-based image idea created by Don Park that’s unique to the commenter, so even if someone doesn’t have an avatar yet they have a consistent (and handsome) image next to their name when they comment.

We’re probably going to make Identicons the default for the dashboard instead of the mystery man, we just need to make a few tweaks to Gravatar infrastructure first. (The generated avatars are CPU-intensive to create, and it’s Sunday, a day of rest for the busy Gravatar servers.)

Also, don’t Identicons sound like something from Transformers?

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  1. Nemuriko

    “Also, don’t Identicons sound like something from Transformers?”

    You are a great man! :lol:

  2. museditions

    The options are very cool. I’ll be interested to see what the generated logos look like. Never liked the mystery man, particularly since 56% of bloggers are women. (No idea if that’s true, I just made it up.) Will generated image users now be eligible for front page/news departments inclusion? Thanks, all.

  3. Matt

    Right now people without uploaded avatars will still be excluded from the front page. That could change, just no plans right now.

  4. Aguair


    Nice guys!

  5. unseen

    very nice!!!
    thanx WP!!!

  6. Fredi

    They sure do.

    Identicons, attack!

  7. Cristian Giménez


  8. BookGirl

    Neat. :)

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  11. DespairsRae

    Where do I find the option?

  12. Matt

    Under Settings > Discussion.

  13. iaoj

    I always feel glad to see developments at WordPress. You guys are nice people from whom every one gets admiration. Thank you for this wonderful Identicon. WordPress deserve to come right on the top. Thank you

  14. Manuel Reis

    I saw them yesterday by evening, and I couldn’t be happier.

  15. dontbesadblog

    May is already a busy month for WordPress. Astounded at how hard you work for us. Gald I’m not stuck with an other platform.


  16. Scott Fillmer

    I love the new gravatar options, just wish my theme had integrated the code… no big deal, just added a great avatar plugin and works great. You can really see the improvement on the wordpress based blogs (wordpress hosted blogs).

  17. uemai

    Always improving with nice features.
    That’s it guys, we portuguese have a saying, which translation is something like: “Stop is to die”
    Keep going.

  18. cjwriter

    Thanks, this is a great feature. I’ve been doing it manually by replacing the email address; it’s certainly a lot less work! Is there any way it could be tweaked to set a different avatar for the comments in Akismet? I almost approved a spam comment because of it.

  19. wweadam

    Awesome! Thanks for the update. I love the Wavatars!

  20. iamthelostgirl

    Thanks for adding this fun new feature, had a right giggle looking at the monster avatars :D

  21. BriarCat


  22. pKay

    Awesome! I was getting sick of all those mystery men faces when surfing in tag surfer. At least a random generated avatars would make the blogger look more colourful!

    Looking forward to seeing that implemented on all those bloggers that dont have a image yet!!

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more features!!

  23. Dave

    Thanks for the option to turn them off without using CSS. Will there be an option to get them off the Dashboard, too?

  24. Craig Hodgkins

    Thanks again, Matt, for all of the hard work, and for keeping things fun. Most comments coming to my blog are currently “identicon-less” (or from “Mystery Man”), so I’ll see if I notice any difference. Looks like the settings will be good to experiment with, though, just to see what shows up!

  25. wallacegsmith

    Great idea! After being surprised by a few not-too-family-friendly comment avatars on my blog, I had hoped there would be a solution for filtering them somewhat without deleting the comment, itself. Thanks for the new addition!

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    very nice!
    thx Matt

  28. Queni

    I did a brief explanation on my blog (Spanish)

  29. Muslimah

    Hi Matt!

    Thanks load for this new feature as I’ve been waiting for, and finally my dream just came true.

    Keep going!

    Terima kasih! (the Indonesian for thanks)

  30. Arun Shanbhag

    Thanks Matt!
    love that Rating feature too!
    (sorry, don’t know if that was always there – just noticed it!)

    Is it possible (now or in the future, to have multiple custom avatars, which I could switch from time to time?


    PS, am switching an EE blog to WP sometime this summer – can’t wait! :-)

  31. katm

    Awesome. Now I don’t have to put in my own gravatar to get rid of the ugly shadow man.

    Thanks team!

  32. ThePearLady

    Y’all all [@WP] are just freakin’ cool, Matt. :D

  33. Moon

    I’ve already noticed…

  34. ChenZhen

    I was kind of hoping that I could upload my own default avatar, but oh well.

    For now, I am reserving the right to assign deserving commenters their avatar using my super cool Chamber emblems. lol

  35. ChenZhen

    Also, could we customize the avatar that appears for pingbacks?

  36. Viper007Bond

    Heh, glad to see my code being put to use (I wrote the defaults patch). :D

  37. legoless

    My readers were actually discussing the default avatar yesterday… Awesome ideas guys!

  38. furoshiki

    Really a very cool option. I was, too, very much unpleased with the MysteryTar Invasion. Thanks WP!

  39. coolsmurf

    this identicons is the best add-on for eons years. thanks!

  40. Dimas

    Guy’s you are so creative! Brilliant person! Well Done!

  41. Bruninho

    very good!

  42. FXSmom

    I saw this earlier and totally dug it. It makes my comment widget look so much prettier since 90% of those who comment are from elsewhere. :)

    Mucho Gracias

  43. m@q

    I don’t like the MYSTERY MAN avatar…
    So… welcome Identicons!

  44. persikoglass

    Very good WP team. I’m impressed. Keep it up!

  45. Red


  46. Chittaranjan

    We’re fast running out of ‘words-of-praise’ for WP! Nice, Cool, Awesome, Good all sound so passé now…..what with WP doling out one after another goodie!!!

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if the humans in Transformers were called ‘Identicons’? Mebbe WP/Gravatar/Automattic could have “sponsored” the Identicons :P

    I’m kinda sitting idle now….so…..

    Lexicons – Bot-followers of Lex Luthor
    Beacons – Light-emitting Bots
    Silicons – sandy Bots
    Pros n’ Cons – :|

  47. fightingwindmills

    The Identicons are very beautiful. Thanks for making that an option!

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  49. F4154LMAN

    i’ve tried that wavatar and monsterID avatar identification,
    haha.. those monsters are so funny :D
    love it

  50. loveparadox

    cool thanks!

  51. Brian

    I love how this gives all the spam comments nifty avatars too. They were so lonely before. :roll:

  52. *~{š†ΣLLªr}~*

    I did notice that. That IS a good Idea, I’ll have to check that one out for myself.

  53. Guineapig119

    I think it is a cool idea
    Next thing ya know, you guys will allow people without avatars to create there own! :mrgreen:
    Great Job!

  54. The Bagel of Everything

    I love this! Especially the ability to set a maximum rating. I had previously cropped off more of my avatar than I’d have liked, for the sake of any family blogs I may visit.

    How are the ratings set? Does each user set the rating of his/her own avatar? I looked in my profile settings, but didn’t see an option.

  55. ismailimail

    Hi, is there any trick to it? I enabled it to show identicons but they aren’t showing up on the blog.

  56. ismailimail

    I guess the icons are showing up on the individual blog posts, but they aren’t showing up on the front page next to individual’s names. It would be helpful if the icons could also show up on the front page of the blog so they may be enticing for people to click and read.

  57. winenegress

    Thanks. I think I already have an avatar.

  58. thomasarie

    Hohohohoh! Nice! Very nice!

  59. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    Great post!

    Please come to our site.

    -The Tubbo Twins

  60. Gerald Ford

    I was wondering what those colorful squarish-patterns were by guest commenters. Very cute feature. I love it.

  61. saiful


  62. legalize

    Probably the best avatar! Thanks
    May be will be interesting a linkable avatar page in WP.
    Give us a present Matt

  63. Eru

    Another surprises (there’s a lot of cool announcements today)

    Great Job!

  64. b oe d

    cool :)

  65. JavierTC


  66. QuillDancer

    Too cool. And the avatar generator, as well.

  67. ФHi

    thx, it’s great !! coz i dont like the MysteryMan ;)

  68. Freya/Buildabearvilleblog

    Awesome!! How do I get rid of the picture in my current avatar to try it out on myself?

  69. politiconews

    Excellent. Been wanting an avatar myself. will get one now.

  70. politiconews

    Thanks for the auto generated identicon .
    Can I use this in future with slight changes in colour?

  71. nurussadad

    Good job

  72. Fay


  73. vibesandstuff

    im gonna go try it now :)

  74. daeng limpo

    thanks MATT

  75. dkpresents

    Always thinking on our behalf. Brilliant…

  76. thegrip

    Can you make an avatar that looks like some dude who just smoked a bunch of sherm dust?

  77. parentingislami

    That’s nice Matt. Thanx

  78. grokcode

    Any chance of having ravatars included in the admin panel? I think its a nice addition since it allows greater customization of icons by the blog owner while still showing unique avatars for all the commenters (but then again I wrote the plugin so I’m biased.)

    I had been debating about the best way to handle the admin screens when upgrading the plugin for 2.5 until I saw this post. It seems pretty obvious that having it included alongside the other options would make the most sense. Anyway if anyone out there is interested, let me know and I can help out with the integration.

  79. udom

    VERY COOL :-D I like it.

  80. propaganda press

    this is a good thing cause am tired of that grey black square

  81. deftoned

    The Gravatars icon has sorely been needed! As awesome as it is, a lot of people still don’t know about it! Thank you for this!

  82. BKB

    I really want to use my own default image though.

  83. Nanang Suryana

    very nice!!!

  84. penyobenny


    he he,
    didnt know how many CP people there were! !!!

    you must be under 16!!!

  85. penyobenny


  86. Ale


  87. sunshineforlife


  88. Hameedullah Khan

    Very nice feature. Thanks once again!

  89. campsimplicity

    Thank you, that’s a great idea. ;)

    By the way, I’d like to have an animated avatar. Would that be possible?

  90. famoon


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  92. wuryan

    Good job and very nice

  93. harbicoil

    Awesome upadate guys!

  94. Alessio in Asia


  95. ><>narniapengi<><

    Great idea, love it!

  96. MondoFree

    Thanks a lot for this option.

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  98. Ratssafwevbn

    cool ;) thanks wordpress :P

  99. Ratssafwevbn

    i hope you dont screw it up :lol: jk jk jk cuz sometimes when u try to go to a blog it says system error it’s probaly matt’s fault :lol:

  100. Ray

    Keep it up ..and hey, it’s Tuesday already! ;)


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