Default Avatar Options – Identicons

Now you can customize how avatars show up on your blog, including some cool never-before available options.

You can find these options under Settings > Discussion.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Turn avatars on and off, which applies to their display on your blog.
  • Choose a rating, which right now only works for Gravatars but as we integrate and Gravatar avatars better will apply to both.
  • Choose a default other than blank or the mystery man.
  • Laugh manically as you contemplate your new-found power.

I would highly recommend trying out Identicons, which are a cool math-based image idea created by Don Park that’s unique to the commenter, so even if someone doesn’t have an avatar yet they have a consistent (and handsome) image next to their name when they comment.

We’re probably going to make Identicons the default for the dashboard instead of the mystery man, we just need to make a few tweaks to Gravatar infrastructure first. (The generated avatars are CPU-intensive to create, and it’s Sunday, a day of rest for the busy Gravatar servers.)

Also, don’t Identicons sound like something from Transformers?

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  1. Zihad

    ধন্যবাদ। খুব সুন্দর হয়েছে। :mrgreen:

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  3. lefunes


  4. Okta Sihotang

    how if i take the comment in blog with blogger, blogsome, (my avatar) will be displayed too ??
    it`s great feature bro.. ;)

  5. juventino


  6. llbbl

    nice job!

  7. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  8. avidfreak


  9. Nan

    Me likey!!!

    Thanks, :)

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  11. jace

    Brilliant! :D

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  13. VxJasonxV

    I’d like to choose Gravatar as the first option, and fallback to Identicons if there’s no Gravatar for the user’s address.

  14. historiamex

    These avatars are really cool. I liked specially the monster ID. Nevertheless, as my blog is of the professional, formal kind, I would stick to the old, boring Mystery Man. We are talking about personal image, a sensitive issue, guys. There is always the possibility that someone takes offense. If I may contribute with my two cents, it will be better if the USER (not the blog owner) decides to be represented as a random avatar
    Best regards,

  15. riihele

    Hiya Matt

    Keep so grand and safe.

  16. vkrippen

    I think it’s a lot nicer and colourful. It’s a lot better than the mystery man. That was grey and boring!

  17. Shakan97

    Awesome AGAIN!!!

  18. emmanuelepilia


  19. tsaari

    Love it!


  20. Finicky Penguin

    How is that mathematically generated?

  21. binx101

    Sorry I’m not sharing the joy … Liked it much better the old way. Nothing personal.

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  23. topwater28

    cool cool kewl kewl…:mrgreen:

  24. mariodan

    It this my first time checking these updates and i really liked what you have done. ;)

  25. Roger Servin


  26. qbit

    “Also, don’t Identicons sound like something from Transformers?”

    Too much imagination. :lol:

  27. cpmonster


  28. Khyri

    A suggestions – for those of us with themes where author icons are shown, how about using the same icon options for authors who haven’t uploaded their own image yet? Right now, I’m seeing nice Identicons next to my commenter names on my sidebar widget, but ugly old Mystery Man next to my author names. It’s a little jarring…

  29. joimson

    sensible upgrade as I can now call my boss a Wavatar without offending him!

  30. elhanem


  31. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    Love it–they are attractive and functional. Thanks so much.

  32. Admin

    Cooooooooool !!!

  33. Lisa Damian

    I love this feature! Thank you for adding it.

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  35. redDevil

    Cada día mola más wordpress…

  36. dljs

    Awsome! Thanks Matt!

  37. yusdi

    wow…it’s cool. thanks

  38. Stuart

    Monsters – I like it :)

  39. the floacist

    I’m really loving all the new features! This is all great.

  40. Werewolf

    The concept is right. I have to say that having a choice between pastel swirls or two kinds of cartoons is almost no choice at all. I’d suggest having at least one of the options being something a little less child-like or girly for those of us who mainly have ‘manly men’ reading and commenting on the blog. I don’t think any of my readers would be happy to be represented by the current array of default options.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.

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  42. ClapSo

    The identicons are so groovy they have me seeing trails…

    I can has lava lampz?

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  43. mariarene

    very nice…thanks dear wordpress.

  44. alhakim

    wew… i like this feature… no mystery man again :)

  45. afruj

    Hi Matt,
    WP always improving with nice features. Thanks a lot for this upgrade.

  46. Ani~

    My blog is now full of monsters.
    I’m lovin it. :D

  47. daniellekwek

    Cute new function, love it! ;)

    A suggestion though: how about letting commenters choose from a selection of available avatars (of say the Monster type), rather than auto-generate?

  48. adjy

    hy w leh gbung nggak

  49. adjy

    nggak apa2kan kalo indonesia ngadain perkumpulan music rock

  50. darynholmes

    Does it work if the blog is hosted by

    I don’t see Settings > Discussion?

    Can anyone help?

  51. muslem

    thank you

  52. hmtsuii


  53. newyorker

    nice idea matt!! ;)

  54. rachelcartwright1995

    i like da idea of this, very clever!

  55. doctoraydy2008


  56. Paulo - Bugiganga Digital

    Nice idea guys, i’d love this.

  57. goldenlatios

    AWESOME!!!I am in a good mood today…

  58. Caifan

    Great man….fantastic

  59. titov

    Howya..! :D

  60. Xaliber von Reginhild

    Nice idea. :mrgreen: Would be more great if we could upload our default avatar. :P

    Also, don’t Identicons sound like something from Transformers?

    Nice line. :mrgreen:
    But somehow the image reminds me of some kind of virus. :P J/k.

  61. vernettaluna

    Cool! I love Maths, and the pictures!

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  63. qazse

    I am so happy I don’t have to look at those ominous silhouettes anymore. Thanks!

  64. ladysilence

    Hiya!! I’m trying to be able to use the avatar.

  65. ladysilence


  66. mayooresan

    Wow.. cool!!! Hope to see such things in self hosted wordpress also :)

  67. niarane

    Hey guys, nice work! I’m liking it more !

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  69. Θεμης Λαζαριδης

    It would be better if the Identicon was generated based on the IP address rather than email. The email can be manipulated by the commenter, the IP address much less so. I say this because in my blogs some commenters pretend to be many different persons.

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  71. Sparky6464


  72. Cathy-Cate

    I love the identicons! They look like way cool fractal/quilt patterns to me, and I like the idea that they’re unique to each commenter.

    Thanks for implementing this, as well as the choices!

  73. crystalmoment

    i’m learning here hehehehe

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  75. bodge101

    well done! I lik the monster ones! :lol:

  76. moviesmusic

    So cool! I’m so sick of seeing the ‘mystery man’ on my blog, and this looks MUCH nicer! Thanks!!!

  77. judgesnineteen

    “Mystery Man”? It would have been so easy to avoid being exclusive of women…

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  79. Jane

    I like, I like.

  80. Shirley

    Way cool.

    Shirley Buxton

  81. jessica08

    um I like it ! o(∩_∩)o…

  82. অগ্নি

    I like it. thanks

  83. bkesler

    Really awesome, guys!

    Looking forward to playing around with it.

  84. daveman

    cool, math avatars :)

  85. arunchullikkal

    wow wow koollll

    most needed

  86. may3am


  87. susaneb

    I love them…very colorful and I have pushed up my comment wiget to display these new avatars on my page:::::

    Susan in Italy ;-)

  88. marsharu

    cool cool cool

  89. माझी दुनिया


  90. riveroflifelisajoy

    Hey, can we get the GAIA online avatars…where we can change their Look?!!! LOLOL!!!!

  91. dchen

    How do I change it? @_@ Seems to have been applied automatically

  92. herucr

    Thanks. Terimakasih (Indonesia). Maturnuwun (javanese)

  93. chandni

    ok I am unable to change the settings!!!

    I want my profile pic back :(

  94. anas

    Wew, sorry late for commenting
    It’s cool but at the first time it make me wrong to assumpt someone ? And it make me confious to :D

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  96. Xue Wen

    Thankx… Great idea…
    and they are cute

  97. Pandu

    So this new feature called identicon, nice one. Thanks!

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  99. suserania

    Oh So good!!

    More more…

  100. alilubis

    cool idea matt.. thanks


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